Pure Biology Total Eye Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Pure Biology Total Eye is an anti-aging solution that moisturizes, brightens, lifts, and restores the skin surrounding the eye. This comprehensive eye cream claims to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, bags, and dark circles with daily use.

Pure Biology Total Eye features a soothing lineup of ingredients such as baobab tree extract, proteins, and polysaccharides. The maker of this product says it goes on like a lightweight serum, but hydrates like a thicker cream, making it the ideal solution for wearing under makeup.

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Pure Biology Total Eye Ingredients and Side Effects

Pure Biology Total Eye doesn’t come with a clear picture of what is used to make this product. We can’t find an official website for Pure Biology, and Amazon doesn’t publish a label—only a handful of ingredients—baobab bark being the key element in this formulation. Regardless, here’s our evaluation of this product and what you can expect in terms of results:

Baobab Bark Extract:


Hyaluronic Acid:



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Pure Biology Total Eye Quality of Ingredients

Again, because we never see any information regarding the contents of what’s inside Pure Biology Total Eye, it’s a real challenge to evaluate this product the same way you would a typical skincare product.

In looking at the items mentioned in the bullet points of the Amazon listing, users stand to see some major benefits. Baobab is rich in vitamins and soothes the skin without clogging pores. Its high antioxidant content makes this a potent defense against aging—protecting from environmental damage, and minimizing existing signs of aging.

On top of the baobab, users get a dose of hyaluronic acid for moisture, as well as the anti-aging powerhouse, retinol, and the proteins and polysaccharides mentioned in the ad. The latter items don’t get much more than a passing mention, which is too bad, as we don’t know much about these ingredients—the language is too vague to give us any meaningful information.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

Price and Quality of Pure Biology Total Eye

Pure Biology Total Eye appears to be sold exclusively through Amazon. We did a quick webs search, and Pure Biology doesn’t appear to have an official website. The regular price for this item is $39.99, but Amazon has reduced the price to $23.95 with Prime shipping.  No word on how long the product will be offered at this price point.

Given the report ingredient profile, this product seems like it’s a pretty good deal. It’s within an affordable price range for most consumers, and seems to have pretty good reviews.

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Business of Pure Biology Total Eye

Pure Biology Total Eye is made by a company also known as Pure Biology. We don’t know a whole lot about this company, as they don’t seem to have their own website. Aside from a poorly maintained Facebook page, this company’s online presence is almost exclusively limited to Amazon.

Now, the product itself has pretty good reviews, so it could be that they’ve decided to keep their marketing and sales efforts limited to the massive online platform. For smaller companies, dealing with Amazon can take a considerable amount of time and resources.

But the problem here is, we don’t know what the full ingredient list looks like. The product could certainly be made with these great ingredients posted on the Amazon page—we don’t doubt it—but there could also be a number of other components that make up this formula.

Additionally, it seems a little strange that this company doesn’t have a basic product portfolio that redirects consumers to Amazon for purchase—it makes us feel as though we’re missing some information—some proof that this product is clear of any harsh ingredients or is proven to be effective in clinical trials.

Customer Opinions of Pure Biology Total Eye

Pure Biology Total Eye has received mostly positive feedback on Amazon. The eye cream is lightweight and free from perfumes—which seems to have gone a long way with consumers. But, after a little digging we have reason to believe some of the reviews listed are fake.

The company has almost no web presence, and says items are made in the US. But, the baobab and retinol blend are sourced from factories in India.

Here are some of the reviews we found—we can’t guarantee these are real, so take that into account if you’re thinking about trying this product.

“After reading such glowing reviews, I was surprised at how little this product did for my skin. This product has been called out on Fakespot for putting fake reviews on Amazon. I give this one an ‘F.’”

“Bought this product for my mom who has very sensitive skin. She says its help here restore some of the firmness lost with age, as well as reducing the appearance of crow’s feet surrounding the eye.”

“I’ve only been using this product for a couple weeks, but it’s helped moisturize my dry skin, especially during these winter months. I have sensitive skin, and this product hasn’t been irritating at all.”

“Great product. Wish I had taken before and after shots, as I’m seeing some major changes in my wrinkles and fine lines. I like the whipped texture and lack of fragrance, too. This stuff rules.”

Most reviews for Pure Biology Total Eye suggested that the product was a decent eye cream. Most users mentioned this worked best at night, but the formula wasn’t especially greasy or oily.

But, it may be worth pointing out that while this product has good reviews on Amazon, there are almost no mentions of this product from bloggers or on other channels.

This product could very well be a decent solution to a number of aging concerns, but we don’t know the formula, and the fact that this company has almost no internet presence leads us to believe that some of the reviews may have been paid. There are a lot of five-star reviews and no three or four star ratings—which is a little unusual.

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Conclusion – Does Pure Biology Total Eye Work?

Pure Biology Total Eye has a lot going for it. It’s got great reviews on Amazon, and according to the product description it contains some potent ingredients. The formula is reportedly paraben and GMO-free and is not tested on animals.

In looking at the formula, we like that it utilizes baobab, along with more common antiaging ingredients—this makes this product seem relatively credible, while standing out with a lesser known (though pretty great) key ingredient.

What we didn’t love about this formulation was the fact that we never see an ingredient label. Just because this product doesn’t contain a handful of harmful or controversial ingredients doesn’t mean its bursting with nutrients. It could mean the product contains a lot of water or glycerin—ingredients that might provide some moisture, but otherwise take up space that could be dedicated to more potent items.

Pure Biology Total Eye is made by a company with few details attached to their products. While we understand using Amazon as the primary source of revenue and marketing, most companies that do this have a basic webpage where shoppers can learn more about the background.

Kremovage, according to our team of reviewers, is one of the top-performing eye creams we’ve seen in a while. This product aims to treat dry, damaged cells by using botanicals like aloe, green tea, and antioxidant-rich fruit extracts. Ocean-based retinol and peptides bring a little more potency to the table, firming skin and reducing wrinkles with use.

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