Evelladerm Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Evelladerm Eye Serum is a rejuvenating eye cream used to reduce the visible signs of aging. According to the website, this product is made from a clinically-proven formula designed to treat sagging and dry skin, crow’s feet, and more.

Evelladerm Eye Serum reportedly features a peptide-rich formula. According to the website, the product is also an active tool for reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, too.

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Evelladerm Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

Evelladerm Eye Serum does not have a documented list of the ingredients used to make this product. Unfortunately, this makes it a bit of a challenge to figure out whether or not this product is useful in providing the benefits advertised on the website.

According to the official Evelladerm Eye Serum product pages, this product contains a single active ingredient, peptides. Here’s a little more about what peptides can do for the skin:


Peptides: Peptides are small groups of amino acids that join together to make proteins like collagen and elastin—which give the skin its structure. We lose peptides as we age, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, and a change in texture.

Peptides are used in many anti-aging products for their ability to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, firm sagging skin and restore a suppler look and feel.

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Evelladerm Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Evelladerm Eye Serum might contain peptides, but it’s not clear what the full content of this formula is. The makers of Evelladerm Eye Serum never post the label for their product, which is a disservice to consumers.

Most people like to have a look at an eye cream before they make a buying decision, as everyone has different skin types or expectations for a product. Whoever is responsible for the marketing language used to sell this product doesn’t take this into account.

The information on the website—which, by the way, is just a landing page used to capture contact information for free trial subscription orders—attempts to explain the many benefits associated with use. But, there’s no deep dive into the key ingredients used to make this item, nor is there a look at the science behind the formula.

Because the makers of Evelladerm expect consumers to simply take their word for it—there’s no way to know if the formula is safe for all users—does it contain any harmful additives? Are there other active ingredients in the mix? An awful lot of questions go unanswered here, which sets off some alarm bells.

We believe this product was created to take advantage of consumers—it wasn’t made to be this solution for common skin concerns like collagen loss, sun spots, or wrinkles.

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The Price and Quality of Evelladerm Eye Serum

Evelladerm Eye Serum appears to be available exclusively through a free trial form available on the company’s multiple web pages. In order to receive the sample, users must enter their contact information and billing details, as upon signing up, they’ve agreed to participate in a monthly subscription. There’s nothing posted showing how much this item costs.

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward buying process for Evelladerm Eye Serum. It’s not listed on Amazon or stocked by any known retailers. Users are required to sign up for a free trial—they’ll get a 30-day supply—but they must alert customer service if they wish to opt out of receiving future shipments.

We don’t know for certain how much this item costs. But, we’re going to assume that this product likely runs about $80-90 on a monthly basis. These free trial marketing schemes are relatively commonplace—and seem to use the same model and the same pricing.

We can’t imagine paying $90 for a product with no ingredient list and no clearly printed pricing information. Consumers don’t have any way of knowing whether this item causes irritation, allergic reactions, or if it’s essentially an anti-aging placebo.

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Business of Evelladerm Eye Serum

Evelladerm Eye Serum was created by a company with no contact details. This comes as no surprise, as there’s no documented price or ingredient label posted on any of the websites used to sell this item.

There are a number of products sold through this same scheme. Users sign up for a free trial, and from there, are unaware that they need to cancel a contract they’ve unknowingly signed just by asking for a free sample.

After evaluating the full scope of the business behind Evelladerm Eye Serum, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit associated with ordering this product. Consumers should be aware that a product that doesn’t come with pricing, ingredients, or contact information likely won’t yield any meaningful results.

Even if this company is being honest about the formula—that the only active item in the blend is peptides—the results likely won’t be all that impressive. Peptides need supportive ingredients like vitamins or retinol to do their best work. The fact that this company doesn’t seem to know this suggests that the manufacturers are not skincare professionals.

We feel that this entire operation is deceptive. The charts posted on the website don’t link to any free trials. There’s a lot of claims listed on the site, but no information about how this item works. There are no reviews posted anywhere on the web, solidifying our belief that this product is likely not worth the effort.

Customer Opinions of Evelladerm Eye Serum

Evelladerm Eye Serum has no recorded reviews—at least from sites with any credibility. It seems this company has made an effort to create a lot of pages—Pinterest, multiple blog post-reviews, but there’s nothing at all about the quality of the eye cream, the customer service experience—nothing.

Most products that follow this purchasing model at the very least come with a slew of complaints posted on RipOff Report, the Better Business Bureau site and more. In this case, it’s as if all the content created was put out by whoever is responsible for the product.

With that in mind, we’d suggest avoiding this product. There’s no evidence that it works—neither on the scientific side nor by anecdotal word of mouth. Any product lacking in reviews should be approached with caution.

All signs point toward this product being a scam anyway—with no information about the formula, the price, the quality, or the company, this product may well be made entirely from filler ingredients.

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Conclusion – Does Evelladerm Eye Serum Work?

Evelladerm Eye Serum has no compelling evidence pointing to this being a quality product that consumers can trust. The company makes no effort to put potential consumers at ease—they make claims and fail to back them up with science, testimonials, or clinical studies.

They fail to include any information about the formula or any details about the somewhat confusing free trial scheme. There is supposedly a fine print contract involved, but this does not come up until the consumer has already provided their payment information.

As per many of the other products we’ve reviewed, these free trial offers are often perceived as deceptive. It’s safe to say; these arrangements are scams that end up costing the consumer hundreds of dollars and many customer-service related headaches.

Evelladerm Eye Serum was very obviously created to deceive shoppers into spending money—rather than as a high-quality solution that customers would pay for intentionally. It’s safe to say, that any product that must be sold through some sort of hidden contract loophole is one that wouldn’t sell in a traditional e-commerce setting.

In the end, we can say with great certainty that Evelladerm Eye Serum is not worth trying. We’d advise looking for a product that has reviews from past users, a compelling formula, and is offered either in person or through a secure website with transparent pricing.

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4 Responses to Evelladerm Eye Serum Review

fred adler says:

hi……got scammed by them ordering two products I didn’t order…..can’t seem to find a phone number can you please help.

Shari Carnevale says:

Hey Fred– this so-called company stole from me also. I got their phone numbers from my bank. When I called it was horrible–the person I spoke to was a condescending jack-ass. Anyway I will keep trying to get my money back. 1-877-252-1343 &. 1-877-252-9506. Good luck! Shari

Shari Carnevale says:

I’M sure this company has ripped off a lot of people. I can’t believe I got ripped off by these thieves–others please contact me to try and get our money back!!!! Thanx Shari

Anonymous says:

the same story, but what is sad that the Shark Tank is behind this scam!

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