Hylexin Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Hylexin is a clinical strength dark circle eraser. This product was designed to primarily address darkness beneath the eyes, though it also claims to firm and tone the skin.

Hylexin is made with peptides and plant extracts and claims to affect hereditary dark circles, not just those caused by lack of sleep. Some testers reported a strong floral scent with application.

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Hylexin Ingredients and Side Effects

We found the ingredient list for Hylexin posted on a blog, so keep in mind that this list may not be entirely accurate. While it would be nice to get a full ingredient label from the company themselves, here’s a look at what we believe is present in this particular blend:

Soybean Extract Castor Oil Barley Extract Peptides
Alfalfa Seed Extract Chrysin Olive Fruit Extract

Soybean Extract: Soybeans are rich in antioxidants and have a soothing effect on the skin. This ingredient might help even out the skin tone and reduce visible signs of aging with use.

Peptides Peptides are small combinations of amino acids that work to smooth and firm the skin.

Alfalfa Seed Extract: Alfalfa contains vitamin A and chlorophyll, which

Olive Fruit Extract: An antioxidant-rich extract that moisturizes dehydrated skin cells, this ingredient is used to protect the skin from damage and prevent wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is rich in fatty acids, which both promote hydration and stimulate the production of essential proteins like elastin and collagen. This ingredient is used to create a youthful appearance.

Chrysin: Chrysin is a flavonoid that comes from plants—it works to increase an enzyme that reduces blood leakage, thereby reducing the appearance of dark circles caused by blood pigments. Additionally, it may help protect the skin against free radical damage.

Barley Extract: Rich in phenols, barley extract works to protect skin against oxidative stress responsible for visible signs of aging.

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Hylexin Quality of Ingredients

Hylexin looks like it has some potential. First of all, we have to applaud the makers of this product for creating a formulation that doesn’t rely on too many filler ingredients. Second—there are several high-quality components in the mix—multiple types of peptides, soy, barley and olive extracts and more.

That said, any product that aims to take on “serious dark circles” might not be worth the hype. While chrysin and hesperidin are thought to affect dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation, these ingredients might not do the trick for long-standing dark circles caused by other circumstances.

It’s interesting that this product doesn’t contain caffeine, as it’s known for both reducing puffiness and reducing the amount of blood pigments settling under the eye.

We found that results were mixed—people thought this was drying despite claims by the company that this is a hydrating product. Other people felt that this irritated skin or dried out the area below the eyes.

Then there’s the issue of the scent—this product contains iris essential oils and sandalwood, both of which have strong odors—something many users aren’t exactly looking for in an eye cream.

With the ingredients in mind, it’s worth mentioning that most products made for treating dark under eye circles don’t work consistently—so it may be worth trying to hunt down a sample of this stuff before buying a full-size supply.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Hylexin

Hylexin costs $59 nearly everywhere it is sold. Users can buy this product from the official website, bremennclinical.com or through Kohl’s, Walmart, the Derm Store, and Amazon.

Amazon is currently offering this product at a reduced price of $31.88, so that may be the best option for those unsure of committing nearly $60 to this product.

Based on the reviews we’ve seen online—from end consumers, publications and bloggers—feelings about this product are decidedly mixed. Some people did not feel that this worked or that it was at all worth the price.

Dark circles are caused by a few different things—exhaustion, poor circulation, hyperpigmentation, and genetics—so a dark circle product either needs to attempt to address all of these issues or be more specific.

Consumers who don’t know why they have dark circles may have trouble finding a product that works for their unique situation, which may be the reason this doesn’t have great reviews.

Dark circles aside, there were some other problems associated with this product—so it may not be a great value, even if dark circles are slightly reduced.

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Business of Hylexin

Hylexin is made by Bremenn Clinical. Here is the contact information, as per their official website:

Phone: 800-913-8415

Address: 5742 Harold Gatty Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Email: [email protected]

Hylexin was created by a company known as Bremenn Clinical. This company makes a handful of products—most dedicated to specific skin concerns like rosacea, acne or dark circles, but they also dabble in producing weight loss products. They also make something called “Butt Lift in a Box,” a product that promises a perkier rear end through the use of a pair of creams.

Overall, the site feels a bit sparse, and many of the products feel gimmicky. Coupled with a sizable percentage of poor reviews, we’re not sure we’re 100% behind Bremenn’s line of goods.

Bremenn Clinical doesn’t offer a ton of information about who they are as a company, but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Based on our look at the business, we’re still not sure if we would recommend Hylexin. We like that Bremenn Clinical has posted a list of the ingredients, but we wish they took a deeper dive into how the key ingredients work to get rid of dark circles, as well as what types of dark circles this does and doesn’t treat.

Customer Opinions of Hylexin

Hylexin does not have the best reviews. Commenters cited a slew of issues—including strong odor, dried out skin and even that the product slid off shortly after application.

Here are some of the comments past users shared in regards to their experience with the product:

“If you have dark circles because you are tired, this is not the product for you. If you want to avoid wrinkles and fine lines, look for something else. It does help me with my dark circles, but it doesn’t erase them.”

“I have very dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. This product is useless. I used the entire tube and saw no changes—save your money.”

“After using this twice a day for three weeks, it’s clear this isn’t for me. I saw no changes in my dark circles. Not sure if it takes longer than this, but I am thus far not impressed.”

“Totally dried out the skin under my eyes and now my circles look worse. Before they were redder, now they’re a blackish dark gray—way harder to cover up.”

It’s clear this product isn’t for everyone, but it’s not particularly evident who, exactly, can benefit from using it. Several people mentioned that dark circles caused by lack of sleep are unlikely to go away from using Hylexin, but some users with hereditary dark circles had issues with the product, too.

Despite the fact that there are some antiaging components in this formula, there’s little evidence suggesting that this did anything to firm skin and smooth fine lines, as advertised. Sure, these are secondary benefits, but for $60 a tube, we’d like to see more from Hylexin.

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Conclusion – Does Hylexin Work?

Based on our look at the product, we wouldn’t recommend this to users. Most reviewers felt that this wasn’t all that useful for dark circles and even less so for other signs of aging or concern affecting the eye.

Hylexin’s formula looked promising at first, but it’s possible there are low concentrations of things like peptides—proven to tighten skin and create a younger appearance.

We felt that the ingredient profile looked good, in general. There are few filler ingredients present, and it primarily features plant extracts. Yet, many people felt the smell was far too strong and that the formula was lacking in moisture—some users reported their skin had dried out from use.

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5 Responses to Hylexin Review

Patricia Sterling says:

I need it for the purple marks on my arms etc. Used it for years till they stopped making it. Very disappointed. The marks come with age.

Joseli says:

I have been using this eye cream for 20 years and it dies work. As the bottle ages the cream works. I am 50yrs now and do not have bags under my eyes and do not have heavy dark circles because I use Hylexin once in a while. I first put my face cream on then over it I put my Hylexin regardless of smell its expected. I refuse to use any thing else.

PATRICIA Sterling says:

I use it on my bruises I get on my arms and legs. Love it.

Donna Jennings says:

where can i get this cream?used it for 15 years and had less lines than my youngest dsughter, after after 2019 can not find it. please tell me where i can buy it or a cream that is close to the ingredients

David G says:

I tried Hylexin for a few months many years ago for the dark spots around my eyes. It did absolutely nothing. My only options were to NOT rub my eyes too much and just wear make-up.

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