NEW Sletrokor Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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What is it?

Sletrokor is a weight loss pill made with all natural ingredients for what’s claimed to be easy weight loss. It made the top of the list of the Best Diet Pills of 2024. Their official website also states how it can help reduce hunger, increase metabolism, improve immune function, boost serotonin, support health cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure.

They even provide a scientific explanation as to how this brand is meant to work, and what specific ingredients make it effective for weight loss. Customers testimonials are also offered that show significant weight loss benefits. People have lost 43, 38, and 26 pounds in a short amount of time. Are all these benefits truly possible? What do others have to say about this supplements effectiveness? In this Sletrokor review you’ll learn why how well this weight loss pill ranks. You can find more information on their official website

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Sletrokor Quality Of Ingredients

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One key thing to consider about this brand is that all its ingredients are all natural. There are also no stimulants or filler ingredients added either. This makes this a more suitable solution for those who have sensitivity to certain harsh ingredients.

This makes it a more wholesomeblend that won’t produce jitters, insomnia, or tolerance. Research has shown that all the ingredients used have a unique benefit.

There’s the possibility for stable blood sugar, fat burning, appetite suppression, and improved mood. Typically weight loss supplements will only offer a few benefits, and they’re often not strong enough or too heavy on stimulants for safe effects.

This formula is well balanced and this brand is also formulated in a GMP FDA certified facility. This ensures that the facilities where this is made are clean and up to date. It also reduces any chances of potential contaminations or impure ingredients. You can order Sletrokor with 70% discount here.

Sletrokor Ingredients and Side Effects

Legume Protein Concentrate Chitosan Cider Vinegar Garcinia Cambogia Gymnema Sylvestre
Cascara Sagrada Aloe Vera Gelatin Magnesium Stearate

aloe-veraAloe Vera: Plant that has been used to help treat many symptoms. It was known as a “plant of immortality” according to the Egyptians.

It’s also used to help treat wounds, skin conditions, and it’s used as a gentle laxative.  Web MD also confirmed its benefits:

“seems to help people with diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels”

“may also help to lower cholesterol”

This ingredient is known to have many all-natural benefits. It’s often added as a main ingredient to detox blends as well.

Legume Protein Concentrate: Plant based protein source that is easy to digest.  A clinical study was done to analyze this ingredient, and according to the Lavoratoire De Biochimie Des Aliments, legume protein:

“generally have a high protein content and a satisfactory amino acid composition”

This ingredient can help with appetite suppression as well.

You can find more information about Sletrokor here.

Chitosan: Sugar extracted from the outer skeleton of shellfish such as lobster, shrimp, and crab.

It’s a fiber source that helps to block both cholesterol and dietary fat.  It has been used successfully for helping prevent obesity.

Since it’s a soluble dietary source, this means it’s effective for improving digestion, as well as slowing it down. This can help with helping suppress appetite for a long time.

MedlinePlus also adds how it:

“may help lower risk of heart disease”

It’s also shown to help protect against other diseases.

cider-vinegarCider Vinegar: Fermented crushed apples mixed with bacteria and yeast. This ingredient is used to help reduce appetite, and it’s been shown to be effective for weight loss. Arizona State University confirmed this in their clinical studies:

“reduces the glucose response to a carbohydrate load”

“vinegar ingestion increases short-term satiety”

It’s been shown to be very effective for numerous health benefits. This includes a lowered risk of heart disease, reduced cholesterol, and potential anti-cancer support.

Garcinia Cambogia: Fruit found in tropical climates that provides HCA. This is also known as Hydroxycitric acid, and it’s used to help with fat burning. It helps to block lyase that turns sugars and starches into fats.

A clinical study was ran at the Georgetown University Medical Center, it showed that:

“HCA is a safe, natural supplement for weight management”

“Food intake, total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, and serum leptin levels were signicantly reduced”

“No significant adverse effects were reported”

The makers of Sletrokor especially highlight this ingredient. It’s been shown to have not just weight loss benefits, but it also has numerous positive health effects.

It has shown the ability to increase healthy cholesterol, improve mood, and it helped reduce overall fat.

One 8-week study showed that people lost an average of 14 pounds.

Gymnema Sylvestre: Shrub native to parts of Africa and India. It has a long tradition of use in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, where it was considered a natural cure for diabetes.

It’s used to help decrease the amount of sugar that is absorbed in the intestine, and it’s used to help control insulin.

The University of Mumbai did an analysis of this ingredient and they concluded:

“a single phytoconstituent that could be used in the treatment of (diabetes and obesity) would be a welcome addition. Gymnemic acid fulfills this criterion”

In this study the group confirmed that this ingredient could be used positively to help regulate body weight and blood sugar.

Cascara Sagrada: The dried bark of this is used as a solution to constipation.  The Native Americans also used it to help remove digestive issues, joint and muscle pain, gallstones, and dysentery.

It’s considered a gently laxative that produces healthy bowel movements.

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The Price and Quality of Sletrokor

A one-month bottle sells direct for $35.99. For the kinds of ingredients added, this brand offers a great deal.

You get not just all-natural ingredients that are free of stimulants, but they’re research backed additives that have been shown to be effective.

There are many benefits to using this supplement due to its well-rounded weight loss and health benefits.  It’s not just a weight loss formula, it also targets other important improvements.

For the price paid, this supplement is a good deal. The ingredients have a combined effect to help control weight loss from all aspects. Not just blood sugar and fat control, but also mood improvement. This can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to increase the risk for obesity.

So the combined effect is a strong weight loss formula that is made to improve health.

Business of Sletrokor

The makers of this brand are 18Nutrition, they can be found via the following:

Phone Number: (800) 614-1820

Address: 600 W 9th street, #611

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Email: [email protected]

They also offer a no questions asked money back return for up to 30 days. This comes without any hidden fees or added charges.

The manufacturers are very upfront about what they offer, and their website explains the product quite well.

No complaints have been filed about the companies return policy or the way they operate. Customers were satisfied with the way they were treated.

They also have a good standing on the Better Business Bureau website. There’s no outstanding complaints filed against them.

Customer Opinions of Sletrokor

sletrokor-photoYou can find reviews for this product online. Here are some reviews:

“I lost weight that’s the great but the plus is I didn’t put on weight and really haven’t changed the way I eat

“After two bottles I have lost 9 pounds”

“Product works well if you give it some time”

“my tummy is slowly shrinking”

No issues with side effects were mentioned, and many customers felt that the weight loss results were noticeable.

There were no issues with people having to return this product either. The customers on mentioned how they saw their weight change drastically on the scale.

The person who lost 9 pounds using just 2 bottles lost an average of 4.5 pounds in one month, which is a good average to uphold. There were also some testimonials featured on the official website which were also impressive.

One person lost 22 pounds after just 6 weeks. Click here to read more information about Sletrokor.

Conclusion – Does Sletrokor Work?

sletrokorSletrokor made the top of the list of the Best Diet Pills of 2024. It’s not only made with only all natural ingredients that are stimulant free, but it’s been shown to be effective according to customers. The great benefit of this brand is that studies show it’s actually effective. The company also makes sure to explain how this process works.

There’s a unique blend of natural herbs and plants that have been shown to produce healthy weight loss benefits. This includes ingredients like garcinia cambogia that help burn fat.

Many other health benefits have been shown in studies such as improved mood, healthy blood sugar levels, reduced bad cholesterol and blood pressure, regulated hunger, and many other benefits. This makes this a very well rounded nutritional supplement that exceeds the basic expectations for a weight loss tool.

Sletrokor is also backed by a great 30-day money back guarantee that has no hidden fees. So there’s no fear of having to invest with the fear of possibly losing out on money.

It’s for all these reasons that this pill won the top slot for the Best Diet Pills of 2024.


Update: Sletrokor has a promotion that includes a 70% OFF discount and free shipping.

Official website:

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60 Responses to NEW Sletrokor Review

Diane Bernard says:

I am having good results with Sletrokor. I’ve lost 41 pounds in 5 months. The only other change I’ve made is I’m only drinking water… no sodas, juice or sweet tea. All in all, I recommend it and will continue using this product.

Eronda Graham says:

Wow so did you change what you were eating

Donna says:

When do you take your sletrokor and do you take 2 at a time? I am a newby and just received mine today. Thanks so much.☺

amanda says:

I’ve been using Sletrokor for almost a month now and I’ve lost 18 pounds.

I had the issue of overeating and cravings all day. I’ve taken it in middle of my breakfast, and I didn’t feel the energy from it. I felt normal, but I didn’t have the cravings or hunger. I now take one pill in the morning right before my very first bite of my breakfast.

I’m not a fitness person and have just recently started to exercise this past month. In my first week, I dropped 5 pounds and became motivated to exercise and have been for 2 hours everyday, which is a good reason why I’m down 18 pounds this month.

As for me, I’m a 29 year old female that used to weigh 168 and now I’m 150 at 5’2″.

Three months before taking these pills, I began watching my meal portions and tried to achieve my step goal of 10,000 everyday. Looking back, I’d say not very active…at all.

My coworkers are impressed by how much I’ve lost. One coworker took one pill of mine for the day and noticed that he only ate half of his lunch because once your body becomes “full”, your body will have you feel like that next bite will be disgusting, no matter how good and delicious it started out. Definitely keeps from overeating.

I’ve even skipped a day of not taking it and I didn’t have the urge to over indulge with the food. Almost as if I had taken the pill, but once you start to eat, I did notice I was eating more than what I would have if I had taken the pill, but nothing absurd.

I plan to continue through the bottle, which is a 30 day supply, if you keep it at one a day.

sharon mcinnis says:

I want to know are you still taking the pills and if you not have your cravings to eat is back

Nancy says:

I have been taking Sletrokor for 2 to 3 months didnt think was working. But after 2 months measured my waist and had lost 4 inches in my waist by then. Am now after 3 months I have lost 10 pounds.The product does work just have to give it time not a miracle weight loss program and I didnt change my eating or exercise habits at all.

Tisha says:

I’m writing to give in my results.. I’ve been on this pill for two weeks. Before drinking it.. I made a research on if on how am I supposed to take it. What are the side effects of it.. It is important to watch what you eat. You are drinking a diet pill. I’ve kept myself on a 1500 calorie..not to exceed 2000. I drink my two pills thirty minutes before my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I work graveyard shift. It’s hard for me to exercise.. So I don’t. My results have been positive. I noticed my bowel movements have increased. My appetite has decreased to the point that I eat regular meals without eating extra. I measured my self and weighted also and I’m seeing results. It is normal to have side effects if you don’t follow through the instructions. It’s simple.. 2 pills with 8oz if water. Wait 30 minutes and then eat. DONT FORGET TO DRINK!!! IF YOU DO.. DONT DRINK THEM UNTIL YOUR NEXT MEAL!! I have more energy, look and feel lighter.. Don’t get scared.. Follow instructions and you will get results. I’m sure if it’s working for me.. It can work for you.. I purchased mine from their official website

Lolo says:

Exactly comment I was looking for, perfect time

Marcia says:

You keep saying you are “drinking it”, I thought this was a pill?? So is it a pill or a liquid you drink?? Thanks!

Mike says:

I lost seven pounds the first month and 10 pounds the second month. It’s the best weight loss product I’ve tried.

Abeer thamir says:

Hi can I ask you if there’s any side effects for this product such as fast heart rate or shortness of breath , diarrhea…any things else ..thank u

Corrie says:

I have Lupus, an auto immune disease. I have to take medications to try to keep my body from flares as much as possible. I also have degenerative disc disease and have had injections, ablations, and spinal surgeries on my neck and back and have to take medications daily for stenosis and chronic pain. I used to exercise daily, I have started walking and swimming as I can tolerate it, I work part time, am a mother of three very busy kids and have always taken pride in my appearance, after being on steroids and heavy medications for 2 years I put on 50 pounds and now weigh 192. I hate my body, I have never been this heavy. Hate the way I feel. I have fought very hard to wean myself off of a lot of medications to get down to the bottom line of what I need to stay functional and keep my body in check and my pain under control. I only take 4 medications now- and I am always scared to try a weight loss pill not knowing if it will be safe to mix with my meds, so my question is will my Dr approve this? I currently take Zeal, more for deficiency in vitamin levels and to help maintain energy to get me through my day and it does work to give me all of that, but no weight loss and does not help me feel full or cut out cravings. I have been constantly searching online for something that I can take that will be safe for me. I feel so hopeless and though excersing is painful I am working on it and drinking my water!! I just need a little help to get my body on board.

Kim says:

Corrie I feel bad for you! I’m looking into trying this too. Talk to your doctor but this looks encouraging. Don’t give up – keep trying!

Grace says:

Hi Corrie, please reach out to me. I may be able to help guide you in the right direction.

Stephanie says:

Corrine. The swimming and walking will do miracles. All the best. Keep it up☺

Jennifer Manusr says:

Also try acupuncture. It was a life changer for me. I’m survivor for 23 years now.

Taressa says:

Ditto, to almost everything you said. I have lupus sle among so many other things. I’m wondering about this pill also!

Nataie says:

Try going gluten free, my husband suffered many years and since going gluten and dairy free his flare ups last half as long and happen a lot less

Brenda says:

Boy does this sound just like me. My weight makes me more depressed and I am on depression pills. I have gained about 65lbs and hate it. I have never been this big. I hope you get an answer about these pills so maybe we both could try them. Good luck to you.

Sarah says:

Did you or anyone else try it? I have lupus, 20 years now, and need to lose 100 pounds

Annie says:

I have RA negative. I’m planning to take this pills to reduce my weight. My weight is 70. I hope this will help me.

Chum says:

Where to buy Sletrokor here in the Philippines?

Aaron J says:

Process and ship all international orders only from their official eBay store.

Peter Vallo says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am a Master Herbalist and do you know how many different dietary lifestyle changes have I tried? Too many to count. GAPS, Paleo, Vegan, Raw, Juicing, etc…! I’ve lost over 10 pounds in a month with Sletrokor. While this is not the norm for everyone, I know that in 6 months I will feel better than I do now. My clothes fit better and my sleep is better. I am very sure to drink plenty of water and I do exercise moderately 3x/week.
The key is health. To balance blood sugar and get rid of excess yeast and restore gut health is the FOUNDATION to a healthy lifestyle. God created our bodies with an incredible propensity to heal. We just need to give it what it needs to thrive. Sletrokor is helping me and thousands of others! The only way to know if it works for you is to give it a try. 🙂

Jae says:

Thank you for your opinion. I absolutely love your drive to optimal health. I too live a very healthy life style, making my own (high) probiotic yogurt. I rather healthy natural foods than processed junk foods, and always am tuned into what makes my heath feel the best.
I now have a small level, but disturbing threat, of fatty liver disease caused from a previous chemotherapy that wrecked havoc on my body.

It is critical for me to lose the weight. I am avid exerciser, and a overall healthy eater. I need help beyond the basic…

Katia says:

I want to know if it would work for me? I have hypothyroidism and it’s extremely difficult for me to loose weight.

Caroline says:

Wondering the same. I have hashimotos. Did you ever find out?

Annalie says:

Hi there, did anyone with Hasimotos and adrenal fatique loose weight with these pills?

Natasha says:

Looking for a follow up, did you ever find out if this works?? I too have hyperthyrodism and have difficulty losing weight.

Aaron J says:

They always recomend to consult your doctor before purchasing any supplement.

Anna S says:

I have been taking Sletrokor on and off since 2013 when I first started I was 178lbs I’m now down to 121lbs. Before I started taking it I was told by my doctor that I had high cholesterol. I took a bottle of ace in yo my doctor she read it over and told me it was fine for me to take just watch my caffeine intake. Fast forward to now and my doctor told me whatever I was doing to keep doing it cause I’m the healthiest patient she has seen. With any thing check with your doctor before starting new things. For me ace not only works but I love the energy without the crash.

BrendaF says:

What is “ace”?

Tita says:

I have glaucoma issues and was told to watch witch pills to take. I was wondering if this will affect my situation.

Anna B says:

I started taking Sletrokor March 17, 2018. Today is April 8, 2018. I lost 10 lbs. while taking Sletrokor in combination with 18 Shake. Here is my honest review: I am 5′ 2″ 50 year old woman not experiencing very many menopause symptoms (have maybe had 4 hot flashes in a year). My starting weight was 234 (too much for being as short as I am). I did a lot of research on weight loss & supplements and up until now, have tried every diet known to man with zero results. I have PCOS, which makes my body want to turn everything I eat into sugar (borderline insulin resistance to moderate insulin resistance – it varies, depending on me eating like a saint or not). I also have dangerously low blood pressure (it runs in my family), and therefore, my doctor recommended that I try to lose as much weight as I can with diet alone before beginning an exercise program (the reason: Diet + Exercise lowers blood pressure). For me, to lower my already lower blood pressure would make me faint and could stop my heart (and this has happened to me in the past, so I really need to be careful). So, what is a person to do in my situation, when you are fighting the fat gene, age, hormones, and low blood pressure? It is extremely difficult for me to lose any weight even if I eat healthy. The only time I have ever lost weight is severely restricting my calories and that always leaves me hungry. So I came here looking for a supplement to help with hunger and cravings. Like I said, I bought Sletrokor (2 bottles) and took them diligently until they ran out. I noticed at first, when I took 2 pills once a day, I did not feel as hungry as I did before buying them. After the 2nd week, I increased my dosage to 2 pills twice per day and noticed (weighing myself each morning) that I lost more weight when I took the pills twice per day. I did not notice increased bowel movements, but I did notice that when I did go, which was every other day not every day like before, stools were very runny, so then I had to take an anti-diarreah pill (probably why I started going every other day now). But after my body got used to the Sletrokor, after about 3 weeks, my bowel movements began to normalize and now everything is fine. I ran out of the Sletrokor pills 3 days ago, which is what brought me back here to this site. I thought I should share my experience, and am trying to be as detailed as possible for other readers who have not yet tried this. I tried to find a cheaper supplement with the same ingredients but I can’t, and I’m very good at online research. I have noticed since being out of the Sletrokor for only 3 days, I am wicked hungry and willing to buy 2 more bottles and take them twice a day again and see if this is the reason why. I want to lose 80 lbs this year so I don’t mind taking them for quite a long time if they are really the reason I am so hungry without them. I think I should mention here that I did an interesting experiment: I took Sletrokor in combination with 18 Shake (made by the same company), and I like the shake too, very much. Unfortunately the shake is VERY expensive and even on my $60k/year salary I cannot afford it. The shake mix only lasted me 10 days when drinking 2 shakes per day (very disappointing) but it tasted wonderful and helped me so much on days I was at work and couldn’t take a meal break. I wish so badly I could afford to buy 10 bags of that stuff. However, my review here is for Sletrokor, which I feel was the main factor in my weight loss. I did also use a calorie-counting app on my phone, which could be a large factor in my 10 lb weight loss which I feel is significant. However, I have noticed since being out of the Sletrokor I have gone over my calorie limit 3 days in a row (like I said, from being extremely hungry). The last thing I can say is: While I was steadily losing weight taking Sletrokor and drinking the shake, which felt just wonderful! At no time on this diet did I ever feel “satiated”. I was full, not hungry, and not craving anything naughty (like cake), but I definitely didn’t feel any satiety (like the kind you get after eating Thanksgiving dinner or eating a bacon-swiss-mushroom burger with grilled onions from the drive-thru). Definitely none of that. So, that bothered me, but I’m happy to trade it for 10 lbs of fat gone forever from my body. People at work have noticed my weight loss and have commented about it. They are all asking me “what are you taking” and have an interest in buying these products also. So today, I’m going to order the 2 more bottles and either update or post a new review in a few weeks. I would say to anyone considering buying Sletrokor to go ahead and give it a try for yourself. We all have different biochemistry, so perhaps you will even experience a greater weight loss effect than I did. I am convinced this product helped me, even if just slightly. I’m buying another 2 bottles today happily, knowing that for sure I won’t feel these deep hunger pains once I get this product back into my body. So there you have it, what you can believe as a real honest review from a mom in Washington, who works in an office and could not be more busy.

Nicole says:

Thank you for the detailed honest review. Definitely needed it.

penney says:

loved your review. I am in a similar situation and it is so crappy when you do everything you can and not loose anything.. Congrats on your progress! I will def. be looking into this and seeing if my dr agrees with me on trying this. I was looking for a prescription, but the side affects are unreal esp. if you have to go in every month just for a BP check and every few months to make sure your heart is ok. Have you had any more progress or symptoms that came on?

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Delaina says:

Thank for info going to try it

Anonymous says:

That for such an detailed review. It was very help.

Nicole says:

Thank you for your detailed honest review of this product. it was very helpful

Mike says:

I am avid exerciser, and a overall healthy eater. I need help beyond the basic

Russ says:

I really want to try this but I’m very skeptical. I’ve been on WW, Jenny Craig, nutrasystem, you name it. I’m over 300lbs and weak. I have autoimmune issues. Ineed to lose weight fast. Will this do it? I’m desperate. I don’t know if I should try it

Audra says:

I am 49 years old and disabled i take pain meds and anti depressants i am 5′ 1″ and i am now 125 i was 105 and i need to loose the 20pds i walk with a cane and cannot exercise much the weight gain has affected my joints and my back which i had a major back operation on. I have low blood pressure and i am just making sure i can take it

Jessica Britton says:

I would like to after you reach your goal weight, do you keep taking it, or stop. If you stop how much likely are you to gain weight back?

Aaron J says:

Once you reach your goal you can stop taking Sletrokor. You can always resume the course with this product. While using Sletrokor they recommend taking a lot of water and sticking to a certain diet plan (staying low on carbs, going to the gym) so you can maintain the level of gained results after you stop taking pour products.

Judy says:

How long does it take affect? Bought Sooo many diet pills nothing works. I need something that works fast curbs my appetite. I work a lot no time to exercise.

Aaron J says:

You need to take into consideration that organic pills have slower effect just because they simply don’t contain chemicals. They recommend boosting results by increasing the dose up to two pills a day only for a couple of weeks so your body could adapt to the product faster. This way the product will click in faster and you will be able to see significant changes within 2-s weeks top! They have immobile customers who can’t exercise due to different medical conditions and they still see effect with their products.

Pamela says:

I am curious if anyone has been taking this product for 3 months or more.
The one ingredient I wasn’t familiar with was Cascara Sagrada, therefore I started to research it a bit. With everything I’ve read I am curious to hear about people who have taken this product daily for 90 days or longer. I am curious about your water intake/dehydration and bowel movement

Anonymous says:

Is there available in pakistan?

Aaron J says:

No. You can buy only from their eBay store.

Tash says:

Could anyone tell me how this Sletrokor pills work on people with heart problems and reducted work of thyrioid gland? Thank you.

Aaron J says:

Their products don’t clash with any medication that people possibly might be taking. If you have any doubts about your condition or please consult your doctor.

Ridzuan says:

Does it ship to Malaysia. I’m so dying to purchase

Aaron J says:

Unfortunately they do not ship to Malaysia.

Nancy says:

Can someone tell me if this product has side effects. Also I am a big diet pop drinker, I want to cut down on this and drink water but can’t totally cut if off the pop is this going to be a problem with this diet?

Aaron J says:

Since Sletrokor contains only natural ingredients, it’s formulated to work with your body and not cause any negative reactions. While no supplement can be guaranteed to be completely without side effects for all users, they can say that customers haven’t reported any side effects for Sletrokor as of yet.

Plisss says:

Is it possible to get it in Italy? Thanks

Aaron J says:

Process and ship all international orders only from their official eBay store.

lisa says:

I just ordered a bottle today. I have 10 lbs to lose I’ve tried all kinds of diet pills nothing works. I have increased my workouts to twice a day 5 times a week and still nothing very discouraged hoping this will help

John Cummins says:

What about type 2 diabetes, does it help?

Aaron J says:

Sletrokor has the potential to help people with diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.
Results are individual and may vary. They can not guarantee the same experience for every consumer.
They always recomend to consult your doctor before purchasing any supplement.

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