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What is it?

Plexus Block is a weight loss diet pill made with clinically studied ingredients for blocking carbohydrates and sugars. It’s said to have a reduced effect of carbohydrates and sugar absorption by up to 48%.

The intended benefits include reduced sugar intake without a blocking of nutrients, regulated blood sugar control, and managed weight when combined with diet and exercise. Our review experts analyze countless weight loss diet pills and they found the most effective to be Sletrokor. Within it are natural plant extracts shown to help promote weight loss. Customers have also given it glowing reviews and left before and after photos to showcase weight loss. Learn more about the benefits of Sletrokor by clicking on the link here.

Plexus Block Ingredients and Side Effects
Chromium Picolinate Ascophyllum Nodosum Fucus Vesiculosus White Kidney Bean 10:1 Extract
Hypromellose Microcrystalline Cellulose Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide

 Chromium Picolinate: Essential mineral that is needed for the body to function normally. It’s often found in many common foods and does not require supplementation in most healthy people.

When supplemented for long periods or in high doses it can potentially cause side effects that include:

  • Headaches, mood changes, and impaired thinking.
  • Dizziness, nausea, and skin irritations.
  • Liver or kidney damage, blood disorders and organ damage.

There isn’t any need to supplement with this mineral for the majority of people.

Our review experts have crafted a list of the best weight loss diet pills.

Ascophyllum Nodosum: A kind of seaweed also known as kelp. It’s used to help stop starches from being absorbed as well as reduce inflammation. has added however:

“very unreliable, to the point where two human studies investigating carbohydrate absorption reported two opposite effects”

Therefore it’s unlikely to be effective for its intended purpose. Controversy also exists as it is being extracted at a high rate, causing other marine life that relies on it to not have access to food.

Fucus Vesiculosus: Another name for bladder wrack, a kind of seaweed strain. It is used due to its iodine content, which is needed for a healthy thyroid.

Due to the unknown levels of iodine, it might have a negative effect which can actually damage the thyroid and cause weight gain.

Depending on where it is extracted from, it may also have a high amount of lead and other similar heavy metals. Web MD has also stated:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth”

“can concentrate toxic heavy metals, such as arsenic”

They also add how it can potentially contribute to thyroid cancer.

Hypromellose: A thickener and emulsifier which is found in things like adhesives, cosmetic, and paints.

For the list of the highest rated weight loss diet pills, click on the link here.

Plexus Block Quality of Ingredients

There are 2 forms of seaweed added, one of which can be potentially dangerous and the other which has not been proven to have any effect at all.

There’s also chromium added which is an essential mineral, but it’s already found naturally in many whole foods and often does not require supplementation.

The only truly effective and proven safe ingredient is the White Bean Extract, which can help reduce carbohydrate intake.  For a comprehensive list of the top ranked weight loss diet pills, click on the link provided.

They do mention that there is no GMO’S, it’s completely vegetarian, and is free of any artificial additives which is a sign of a quality product.

Unfortunately the majority of the ingredients added have issues as they’re either not wholesome or they fail to provide any unique benefits.

The Price and Quality of Plexus Block

Direct sales from the official website sell for $39.95. At the maximum dose of 4 pills a day, each bottle has a 7.5 day serving. This averages to $5.32 per daily serving.

There’s no need to supplement with extra chromium, and the 2 seaweed blend has been shown to have issues. One of the ingredients fails to produce any benefits and the other is potentially dangerous.

Due to this lack of quality, it makes this a poor combination of ingredients. Discover which weight loss diet pills were rated as the best overall by following this link.

The FAQ section does mention that there are levels of iodine in their seaweed blend. Without knowing the exact amount, it’s impossible to determine whether or not it would be safe to take.

Business of Plexus Block

The official company name is Plexus Worldwide LLC and their contact information is:

Phone Number: (480) 998-3490

Address: 9145 E Pima Center Pkwy

Scottsdale, Arizona 86258 

Email: [email protected]

The company has a pending issue with the FDA. According to their letter:

“in violation of FDA regulations prohibiting the business from misbranding and incorrect marketing language”

This means the company has made false claims about the benefits of their products.  They also have high 693 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page due to the following:

aggressively use their marketing techniques and provides sales pitches you cannot escape from”

“they stole my credit card number and I have receive some fraudulent charges on my bank account”

“they claim to offer a 60 day refund but they don’t allow it”

“they used my debit card without me first authorizing it. They refuse to let me cancel”

The company operates what’s known as a multilevel marketing strategy, which means they allow regular people to sell and market their products.

Many complaints exist of people claiming to have been defrauded, and not allowed to return their products. These serious allegations also are in the hundreds.

Discover which weight loss diet pills were rated as the most effective by following this link.

Customer Opinions of Plexus Block

Featured below are select reviews from users:

“I really don’t think this could work”

“I guess this product does nothing”

“had diarrhea and hemorrhoids so bad”

“my hands were swelling and  palms were red”

Very few reviews were available online, but those that were available were often negative. There were some positive experiences, but it’s unclear if this was from actual buyers, and not just multilevel marketing employees.

Many failed to notice any changes at all even with routine intake at meals.

How Does Plexus Block Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Plexus Block
  • 29 /100
Conclusion – Does Plexus Block Work?

Plexus Block does contain a great ingredient in White Kidney Bean, the issues is that they fail to back it up with other potent additives. The seaweed blend has been shown to be flawed and potentially harmful, and the chromium is not needed as it’s in common foods. There is also a current FDA investigation that is looking at the company’s marketing claims. There have also been hundreds of negative reviews from many users on the company’s policies.

Our review experts have rated many weight loss diet pills, and they’ve concluded the best overall is Sletrokor. It has no added stimulants, binders, colors, preservatives, or artificial additives. With its plant extract it helps to increase metabolism, aid digestion, boost mood, and provide many other weight loss benefits.

Users have left glowing before and after photos to showcase their weight loss results. Every ingredient is also made in a GMP certified facility to ensure routine quality. Discover more about Sletrokor by clicking on the link here.

8 Responses to Plexus Block Review

Rolf says:

My friend hate it wife hate it.

Wendy says:

What everyone should be reading are the labels on the processed foods available to consumers. That is what is killing us and also being over medicated with prescriptions drugs. They say that seeing is believing…I am completely off all prescription drugs thanks to Plexus. It’s not just about taking the Products, it’s about educating ourselves on how our bodies function and what it needs to be healthy. If you are taking prescription drugs…check out their side-effects and the damage that they can be doing to your digestive system. Tylenol itself can be fatal! These Products are safe…and granted they may not be for everyone. However, it has worked for my husband who was diagnosed with diabetes Type 1…and watching his health decline through the years along with my own health, was heartbreaking for us. We took a leap of faith, and yes we were skeptic, but we give GOD all praise and glory that we did try it because we are no longer on prescription drugs…we both have lost weight, no longer crave or desire the unhealthy foods we use to eat; the energy and happiness we feel is truly incredible. So, yes I can see how there will be people who will be negative towards this product…some perhaps expected a magical transformation over night…it does not work that way. It takes time and learn all that you are possible to learn on how our digestive system works; and the research that has been done on our 2nd brain; our gut.

Jillian Powell says:

If your husband is a type 1 diabetic there is no way he is off prescription medications. Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with weight loss or healthy eating. It is an autoimmune disease where the immune system kills off the cells of the pancreas. It is not reversible and has nothing to do with lifestyle behaviors. Your statements are untrue and could be highly dangerous.

Ln says:

Agreed, type 1 they will make no insulim, meaning they will need supplemental insulin inorder for glucose to enter the cell and decrease the blood glucose levels. Maybe they had the types wrong?

Pat Condine says:

Does not work as advertised.

Robin says:

Curious as to what I could get myself into.especially when type 1 diabetes is mentioned above. I think I will stick to my exercise and lower calories. The old fashioned way

Sheryl cuddyer says:

Autoimmune disease can be reversed. It is gutt issues and studies are showing that you can reverse them.

Cindy Vien says:


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