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 What is it?

Performix SST is a thermogenic weight loss diet pill made to burn body fat. The other intended benefits include increased mental focus, enhanced metabolism, and more overall energy.

It provides a blend of stimulants, fatty acids, b vitamins, and more. The claim is that 4 different phases for targeted weight loss are offered. By providing a delayed release, it’s intended to target fat loss from multiple angles. The claim is that it works deep in the cells and tricks the body to raise overall metabolism. In reviewing weight loss diet pills our review experts found Sletrokor to be the best. Customers have given it positive reviews and posted before and after photos to showcase weight loss. Learn more about Sletrokor by clicking on the link here.

Performix SST Ingredients and Side Effects
Nicotinic Acid Methylcobalamin Caffeine Anhydrous Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract Advantra Z Bitter Orange
Synephrine HCI Huperzine A Yohimbine HCI Mucuna Pruriens Extract BioPerine
Medium Chai Triglycerides Safflower Oil Gelatin Sucrose FD&C Blue #1

 Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated version of caffeine added to supplements as its preserves better. Each serving of Performix SST has a total of 200 mg of caffeine, which his roughly 2 cups of coffee.

Due to the amount of caffeine added with other stimulants, the official label states:

“Do not use this product continuously for more than 8 weeks”

It can potentially lead to many side effects that include:

  • Headaches, rapid heat rate, and irritability.
  • Mood swings, difficulty relaxing, and insomnia.
  • Difficulty breathing, ill feelings and nausea.
  • Cardiovascular issues, vertigo, and jitters.

It’s also advised to be aware of any other added stimulants, as it can potentially cause unwanted side effects. Click the link here for our expert crafted list of the best weight loss diet pills.

Advantra Z Bitter Orange: Patented version of the bitter orange stimulant. When mixed with caffeine it’s known to increase overall metabolism. Web MD has stated:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken as a supplant for a medical purpose such as weight loss”

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has also found:

“There have been case repots of health people experiencing fainting, heart attack, and stroke”

There are several other potential side effects such as:

  • Rapid heart rate, mood swing, and insomnia.
  • High blood pressure, nausea, and headaches.

Synephrine HCI: The non-patented version of bitter orange. It helps stimulate the nervous system and increase blood pressure, increases heart rate, and squeezes blood vessels.

Huperzine A: Extract taken from the Chinese club moss. It’s used to improve mental health and provide focus. Potential side effects can include:

  • Loss of appetite, twitching, and restlessness.
  • Blurred vision, sweating, and high blood pressure.
  • Slowed down heart rate, cramping, and diarrhea.

It may also interact negatively with stimulants.

Yohimbine HCI: Evergreen tree extract used to increase blood flow and it’s used as an aphrodisiac. There have been many potential side effects such as:

  • Seizure, kidney failure, and heart attack.
  • Mood swings, rapid heartbeat, and death.

FD&C Blue #1: Artificial food dyes that tints food blue. It’s poorly absorbed by the stomach, and will often make stools appear blue in color.

Some studies have shown a possibility for:

  • ADHD, headaches, and allergies.

It has no nutritional value and is only added for appearances.

Click the link cited for the list of the best weight loss diet pills.

Performix SST Quality of Ingredients

Stimulants can increase energy and promote fat loss, but it’s also not long lasting and it may lead to serious side effects. Many of these ingredients on their own can increase the risk for damaging effects.

You’re also not allowed to take this repeatedly for more than 8 weeks. This can lead to withdrawal effects and other symptoms if one is not careful.

Those with sensitivities to stimulants would be unable to supplement. You also have to be careful of not taking this with any other stimulants due to potential side effects. For the list of the best weigh toss diet pills, follow the link here.

The Price and Quality of Performix SST

Sales are offered for $49.99 per 30 day supply. This averages to $1.66 for a full day supply. Most of the ingredients are stimulants which can potentially lead to serious side effects.

The bottles label provides a statement to avoid this if you’re sensitive, and to be careful of certain side effects.

There is an effect that stimulants can have by increasing energy and metabolism, but they also fail to provide report effects and can be dangerous. This is why you’re advised to cycle Performix SST for only 8 week periods.

Business of Performix SST

The name of the manufactures is Performix, LLC. Their contact information is listed as:

Phone Number: (866) 686-1337

Address: 221 South Cherokee St.

Denver, Colorado 80223

Email: [email protected]

No information is provided on whether or not they offer a money back guarantee. This makes it unlike that their product is backed up by a warranty.

No direct sales are offered either by the official website. All purchases are offered via 3rd party distributors who also fail to provide a money back guarantee. Click the link here for the list of the top ranked weight loss diet pills.

Customer Opinions of Performix SST

Provided are select user reviews found online:

“They were OK to begin with as the gave me energy, but I didn’t lose weight”

“Sometimes you get a big burst of energy, other times it’s like nothing happens”

“Took just 2 pills and felt like I was having a heart attack. Had major chest pains and numbness”

“Anytime I tied doing some cardio it felt like I couldn’t breathe. My body began to heat up and I couldn’t work out”

Some people experienced serious damaging effects. While there were positive experiences form people who enjoyed the extra energy, there were also serious complaints.

Side effects such as rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, and other stimulant related issues were exercised.

People who made sure to take only the advised limit also mentioned that they felt much worse after supplementing. Follow the link here to see a comprehensive list of the best weight loss diet pills.

How Does Performix SST Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Performix SST
  • 39 /100
Conclusion – Does Performix SST Work?

You’re likely to have some sort of experience with Performix SST. The high amounts of stimulants are most likely going to lead to increased energy. The issue is that currently 131 users on left negative reviews due to side effects and a lack of weight loss. There’s also no money back guarantee offered, and all sales are final. Relying on stimulants is not a long term solution as the bottle states to only use it for 8 week periods. Many of the stimulants have shown the possibility for extreme side effects when taken alone.

In reviewing many kinds of weight loss diet pills, our review experts found Sletrokor to be the most effective. It’s made up of natural plant extracts free of stimulants, binders, fillers colors, or any artificial additives.

Customers have left testimonial and before and after photos to prove how they’ve lost weight. There’s also a GMP certification to ensure routine quality for every ingredient. To learn more about Sletrokor, click on the link here.

34 Responses to Performix SST Review

Brenda says:

I’ve been getting a severe rash with this medication, it worries me that it may close my airway. I get it on my elbows, knees, hands and ears, it usually lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and then dissipates. It makes me jittery, and makes me sweat. It does however, reduce my appetite And have lost about five pounds. I also feel I can’t concentrate on anything else because i am so focused on what’s happening to my body. I’ve been taking this pill for three weeks but because my rash has been getting worse I’ve decided that it is not worth my life.

Chris says:

Had a random seizure after working out. I have never had a seizure in my life.. do not use this..

Anthony says:

I also had a seizure the first day I took these. I only took ONE pill and ended up in the hospital for eight days with creatine kinase levels of 150K (normal is around 200). I am 26 years old and have taken workout supplements my whole life, but this pill did not agree with me. I was found in my bed unresponsive by my fiancé the day I took the pill. I have had a battery of tests which have all come back negative (heart, brain, liver, lungs), so the conclusion was a provoked seizure directly from Performix SST according to the neurologist. DO NOT TAKE!!!

Samy says:

I ended up in the hospital after taking one pill! I thought I was going to die. I’m a relatively health 24 year old. I have never been so sick in my life.

ruba says:

i used this for almost 3 weeks . now i have avery fast heartbeats .. cant breath as well . chest pain .. cant sleep and soo moody .. my health start being worset even i stoped taken this before 6 months .. i need help what to do to stop those effects .. im so scared .. if anyone can help me to go back as before plz tell ….

Irving says:

Hey I’ve been experiencing the same symptoms and I would like to know how you got better I’m been really scared lately too..

Chloe says:

I’ve been using this for one week and I’m actually heading to GNC tomorrow to return it. The labeling is nice and the pills themselves looks fancy but I have been severely sick (upset stomach) morning and night for the last week since I started taking the recommended dose of 2 pills in the am on an empty stomach. I had a weird episode yesterday too where I felt numb and couldn’t breath.. I think A LOT more testing needs to be done with these to prove their effectiveness and safenss. I wouldn’t recommend this product. No thank you.

Jeannie b says:

Agreed false advertisement it really doesn’t work as.i was told by a GNC employee and makes your heart feel like it is going to explode not a good feeling at all in fact it is very frightening experience really doesn’t help with weight loss either it is just mind over matter makes you believe your losing weight but you don’t does help gives you energy

Ella says:

These are awful. The mood swings and tightness in my chest were like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Do not use these.

Brittany says:

I started using this product about 6 weeks ago, and since then, I’ve had a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, cramping, and my appetite is now completely gone and haven’t been able to eat in days. I will not be using this product anymore. They need to make some serious adjustments to this supplement!

Loree says:

My bf ha sheen using these pills for about 2.5 weeks, and he has lost his sex drive. Has anyone else experienced this before?

Kate says:

My husband, he’s been cycling these for years. He does have a decrease in libido AND in penis size especially with their super charged version. I have never even seen any benefits, I think it’s a mental thing due to the addiction to the stims. When he stops everything normalizes and his sexual appetite is back. His mood on the SST’s creates a nervous environment so lots of unnecessary arguments that could be what’s causing the lack of libido? People don’t generally feel like getting it on when they’re agitated. It’s not just sex, basic affection disappears. On top of that he gets severe agitation and slight paranoia. At times he recognizes it and will stop taking for a while, but then his mood gets low and he starts again. At least with the low mood he’s his typical controlled and kind self though. On these and all the other sst I never know one minute to the next what will set him off. And when he adds energy drinks or allergy D meds it’s like dealing with a mad man. There is no reason.

Lori says:

I’ve taken this a few times. The most recent left me so hyper I thought I’d jump out of my skin. Couldn’t focus AT ALL. Only to “crash” the next day feeling depressed. I highly recommend STAYING AWAY from this product.

Elisa says:

Took one dose this morning on empty stomach and I feel,like,I’m going to die…chest pain, can’t catch my breath, can’t stop moving jerking, nausea ,vomitin, diarrhea, heart feels like coming out of my chest, itching from head to toe like fire ants on me, blood pressure shot thru the roof 190’s/90’s, dizziness, hands shaking uncontrollable, can’t think or focus … Had to have my husband pick me up from work never again no one should take this product!! If not get better will go to the ER wish I would never of taken it.

Hope says:

My boyfriend actually bought these and took them on and off before, i tried taking just one, (not even the reccomended dose) and after about 15 mon i was EXTREMLY jittery, sweating profusly, felt like i couldnt catch my breath, my heart was racing and i almost vomited twice because i was so sick to my stomach. Also had the worst headache that never really went away, ove had it for 2 days now! This is extremly unsafe and i dont even know how they are able to sale this product!

Anonymous says:

I’ve had to stop taking it. On the bright side I lost almost 20 lbs. Bad news it that was in a span of like 2 weeks and was due to the fact that I couldn’t eat and even water made me sick. At first I thought it was just reacting negatively with another medication I was taking but I am now off that medication and when I started taking SST again by the second day I am sick again. Be careful

Michael Eugene Lorentzen says:

I’ve taken the product and I have jitters like crazy and my heart beats fast are these side effects gonna go away ? When are they ? Does anyone remember the time span it took before they went away I’ve taken the product longer then I should.

Anonymous says:

I also tried this and i am used to using pre work outs etc. I took two capsuals on an empty stomach at around 7am only half an hour later i was sick to my stomach. When i started to run i felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. When i drunk water i vomited it straight back up and felt very sick all day. I WOULD NOT recommend to take this product!!!

Cynthia Horace says:

I have been using for a week now and it does what it said it will do. I have not experienced any side effects, actually I feel great.

Maty says:

Has anyone noticed hair loss?

Anonymous says:


No name says:

I took one pill and it made me feel aweful and made me throw up. My heart was racing, I was dizzy and just felt aweful.

A says:

18 yrs old. Lost almost 20lbs in the span of 2 and a half weeks. Only been taking the pills for a week. It does what it says but i never take it on an empty stomach ive been taking it around 5pm in the evening half an hour before working out. Works good only complaint is towards the end of the week i cant sleep and i feel like ima throw up.this morning i felt like i was going to throw up until i finally ate something, but even then the lack of sleep gets to me. Only slept 2 hours last night. Stomach only mildly upset

Nah Fam says:

Cystic acne flare-ups, hair loss, stomach aches, sweating profusely, heart palpitations. Don’t even try to move anything in the gym. I got light-headed and almost passed out after an hour.

Anyone taking this, please do your research to find a healthier alternative.

Ja says:

Felt like I was having a panic attack.

Chris says:

I’ve taken this pill 3 times I have noticeable shrinkage in my genitals and have zero sex drive now. I’m waiting a few weeks to see if I return to normal. Do Not Use

Freshyhvacado says:

Yeah just took some creatine last night and popped two this morning lets see what happens

Anonymous says:

Has anyone experienced kidney stones from using this product?

Bayley says:

I’ve been taking this for about 5 days, and on the 5th day, about 30 mins after taking it my face and ears felt warm so I looked at myself in the mirror and my entire body was bright red, itchy, burning, and had hives. I haven’t ate much at all in 5 days or drank water, it would make me feel sick. Can’t sleep on these either, no matter how hard I try. My heart rate was off the charts when it kicked in and made me want to get sick or have a heart attack. Super shaky, and my skin feels like leather and so dehydrated due to not drinking enough water. Would NOT recommend this supplement to anyone. Took some Benadryl about 30 mins ago and it just had made me drowsy but still red skin, hives, burns, itches and shaky.

jose says:

I’ve taking 3 pills at a time, not once a week, sometimes once every 2 weeks and this are some nasty feelings, restlessness, twitching, blurred vision, high blood pressure, can sleep, breathing issues, headaches, irritability, mood swings, difficulty relaxing, jitters. I went back to GNC and the guy there said that it was coffee, take 4 early in the morning and so on. I’m like hell no, stop using this shit.

Jose says:

I worked out 2 hours and still felt wired, with just about all symptoms mentioned above, but i drank lots of water, decaff green tea and vitamin C to wear off the effect and after i had the vitamin C i immediately started to calm down a bit. This is some weird shit, won’t do it again

Brittany says:

They make me feel so confused and can’t focuse. I lose my thought and feel depressed, also I felt like I couldn’t have a normal conversation. There’s something not right with these pills!

Eric says:

I’m so disappointed to see all of these bad reviews. It actually gave a morning boost when I needed it.
However, I do have some concerns that the label advising not to use after 8 weeks. I also have concerns about the possible side effects.
I now think that a product that is only good to use for 8 weeks should not be on the shelf but it should require a prescription.

An upset wife says:

My hubby bought these almost 2 weeks ago and has been taking them. Lately he’s been so moody and says it feels like the muscles around his lungs and chest are cramping. His blood pressure is up and down. We got into a small disagreement about something stupid and he flew off the hinges! He reminds me of someone having “roid rage”. I took one the other day cause he 2qnted me to try it, shortly after I was sweating profusely, diarrhea the rest of the day, couldn’t sleep, jittery all over, ny body temp was hot. I finally looked at the box today, it has b12 and blue dye #1 in it, something people who have ADD/ADHD should avoid. My hubby has ADHD. I’m telling him to stop taking it asap!

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