Instant Knockout Review: Does it Work?

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What is it?

Instant Knockout is a weight loss diet pill made for athletes to help burn fat while still keeping energy high. It’s claimed to have cutting edge fat burning additives that come from pure ingredients.

It’s also said to help burn fat while preventing lean muscle loss or causing hunger. They also say it’s safe to use and is only made with pure natural ingredients. There’s a commercial offered online which shows people working out. It’s also said to have been created especially for MMA fighters to help them cut weight. By reviewing many different weight loss diet pills our experts found the best was Sletrokor. It has only natural plant extracts with no added stimulants or artificial additives. You can learn more information about the benefits of Sletrokor in the link provided here.

Instant Knockout Ingredients and Side Effects

Here are the full ingredients listing for Instant Knockout:

Pyridoxine HCI Cyanocobalamin Zinc Oxide Chromium Picolinate
Green Tea Extract Leaf Green Coffee Extract Cayenne Powder Glucomannan Konjac Root
Caffeine Anhydrous Black Pepper Extract Silicon Dioxide HPMC
Magnesium Stearate FD&C Red 40

Green Tea Extract Leaf: Antioxidant rich extract taken fromthe camelia sinensis plant. It’s used to reduce inflammation, improve immune function, and increase mental focus. Web MD adds:

“Green Tea us POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth log-term or in high-doses”

“side effects can range from mild top serious and include headache, nervousness, sleep problems, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, irregular heartbeat, tremors, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in the ears, convulsions and confusion”

There have also been issues having to do with an increased risk for heart attacks with the use of green tea extracts in diet pills.

Green Coffee Extract: Unroasted coffee beans which are high in antioxidants. It can potentially cause side effects that range from:

  • Upset stomach, anxiety, and agitation.
  • Increased heart rate, nervousness and headaches.
  • Ringing in the ears, vomiting, and vomiting.
  • Restlessness, mood swings, and depression.

There are claims this ingredient can help with weight loss, but it’s suggested the only reason for this is due to the added caffeine .This additive can lead to tolerance issues which reduced any of the metabolism boosting effects of caffeine.

Glucomannan Konjac Root:Thickener and gelling agent taken from the konjac plant. It’s often advised to drink large amounts of water to prevent digestive issues. Web MD also adds:

“These can sometimes cause blockages of the throat or intestines”

It’s used to help suppress appetite and provide weight loss benefits. However, there have been mixed reviews on this effect.

Caffeine Anhydrous: There’s a total of 350 mg per serving of this ingredient. This common stimulant is known to increase mental focus, raise metabolism and boos energy. At 350 mg it almost meets the standard advised limit for health effects.

It’s advised to limit oneself to 400 mg maximum in order to prevent side effects. Because of this high amount of caffeine it’s advised to not take Instant Knockout within 5 hours of bedtime.

This ingredient can also promote side effects that include:

  • Nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea.
  • Headaches, mood swings, and feelings of depression.
  • Rapid heart rate, insomnia, and feelings of anxiety.
  • Cardiovascular symptoms, feelings of terror, and difficulty concentrating.

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Caffeine is known to cause issues in certain people who are sensitive. It’s also not advised to take caffeine in any other sources, as this can increase the likelihood of experiencing unwanted symptoms. Sources such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and others are advised to be limited or entirely avoided.

FD&C Red 40:Artificial food coloring made to help provide a red tint. It was once banned by countries in parts of Europe including France, Belgium, Denmark, and Switzerland due to health concerns.

A US based organization has tried banning this additive due to clams it can produce unwanted side effects. It’s also said to lead to effects such as ADHD, increased risk for cancer, and hyperactivity.

Instant Knockout Quality of Ingredients

instant-knockoutThe additives found within are commonly added to other diet pills. These additives are known to potentially cause side effects, and the good minerals can also be easily replaced with whole foods.

Due to high amounts of caffeine it makes it a potentially unsafe diet pill. There are many potential issues which may arise due to the use of these additives. It’s also not a guaranteed weight loss solution, as the body creates a tolerance to caffeine on a short period. No amount of added caffeine can help boost the effects.

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The Price and Quality of Instant Knockout

A one month supply sells for $59. Sales are offered direct from the official website.

The major issue with the ingredients is that there is a significant amount of caffeine. There are also common ingredients which hare used in many other diet pills. It’s not unique in what it adds. There’s fiber, stimulants, antioxidant extracts, minerals, and chili extract.

The overall quality is poor due to the common ingredients which can be sourced for cheaper. Much of what is offered can be replaced by whole foods such as green tea and minerals taken from whole foods.

You’ll also see in the “Business of Instant Knockout” that there have been issues with the lack of a money back return policy.

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Business of  Instant Knockout

The creator of the diet is Roar Ambition;their contact information is listed as:

Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street

London, WC1N 3AX, UK

People have also given the company bad reviews, here are some customer service reviews:

“customer service from their parent company is terrible”

“After several months of emailing and trying to get them to honor their 90 day money back guarantee, I was offered a refund for one bottle”

“The lied and didn’t honor what they said they would”

“I can’t get my money back”

There is a claimed 90 day money back guarantee, but users mention that this was not allowed. Many complained that the company does not honor this, and that they are difficult to deal with. For a comprehensive top 10 ranked diet pills list, follow the link here.

People who attempted to make a return often mention that they followed the return policy standards, but that they are impossible to reach. Those who emailed and called for month’s mention that they fail to provide any support. Even with repeat messages, some have said they have been ignored.

Customer Opinions of Instant Knockout

Here are some quotes taken from customer reviews:

“Don’t waste your time! I tried Instant Knockout for a week and because of its extreme amount of caffeine, I felt continuously dizzy and lightheaded”

“Complete rip off, No added benefits other than having to pee 10 times a day”

“I am totally dissatisfied with the product… NO RESULTS except the feeling that I was eating cleaner”

“I saw no energy boost what so ever and my appetite is exactly the same… trust me don’t waste your money”

Overwhelmingly people experienced side effects and a lack of weight loss. People also mentioned how they experienced major side effects such as fatigue, light headedness, feelings of anxiety, insomnia, lack of sleep, and ill feelings. These are the same symptoms that one can experience with high amounts of caffeine.

People found it extremely uncomfortable and they had to stop taking them.

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How Does Instant Knockout Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Instant Knockout
  • 39 /100
Conclusion – Does Instant Knockout Work?

Instant Knockout has many common additives including fiber, pepper extract, green tea, cayenne, minerals, and high amounts of potentially harmful caffeine. This can promote many unwanted side effects, and customers mention it’s an ineffective mixture. Most of the complaints have to do with the lack of weight loss and rate of symptoms. People have also claimed that it is not backed by a full 90 day guarantee as what’s claimed. There have been issues with customer service and a lack of weight loss benefits. The additives added are also cheap and commonly found in many other diet pills. This is the reason why there are a majority of negative reviews.

Our experts have rated diet pills and concluded the best overall solution for weight loss is Sletrokor. This all natural stimulant free plant based extract is a potent blend of ingredients made to improve mood, increase metabolism, burn calories, and provide well rounded weight loss benefits. Testimonials and customer reviews are also featured on the official website, people mention it’s a potent solution to help promote weight loss.

Sletrokor is also fully supported by a 30 day money back return policy. This allows for a risk free return with no questions asked for the entire 30 days. You can learn more about the benefits of Sletrokor when you click the link here.

4 Responses to Instant Knockout Review

Keven says:

My friend had a bad reaction
through upset stomach and problems with the money back guarantee!

Jim says:

Just started taking these tablets , I’m experiencing constant indigestion, I’m also feeling more fatigued . I would hate to think how I would feel if i was taking the 4 tablets a day they recommend.

Jaime says:

I took the pills for one day and suffered a debilitating migraine the same evening. I’ve been afraid to try them again even in a lower dosage (2 pills instead of 4) to see if I can tolerate them.

J says:

I had take it properly for one day, JUST ONE DAY! .. I felt tired, extremely tired in the evening.. went to bed and I had nightmares all night.. I woke up like I was ready to run a marathon my heart was racing so fast and my left arm was thingling and heavy.. NEVER AGAIN! … I don’t know who finds this useful but I do not recommend this to anyone!

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