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 What is it?

Plexus Boost is a weight loss diet pill made to suppress hunger with its all natural ingredients. It also includes tea extracts which can help boost metabolism.

The official website does not explain Plexus Boost much, but it does offer a full ingredients list with dosage strengths. They also include vitamins and minerals. In reviewing many weight loss diet pills our review experts found Sletrokor to be the most effective.  In it are plant based extracts shown to help increase metabolism and support overall mood. Learn more about Sletrokor by visiting the link provided here.

Plexus Boost Ingredients and Side Effects
Niacinamide Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Folic Acid Methylcobalamin Calcium Glycinate
Chromium Picolinate Higenamine Lotus Seed Yerba Mate Extract Caralluma Fimbriata Extract
Green Tea Extract Hypromellose Rice Flour Magnesium Stearate Titanium Dioxide

 Niacinamide: A kind of niacin or vitamin B3 which is supplemented only in people with poor diets. Possible side effects can include:

  • Diarrhea, stomach issues, and flushing skin.
  • Flushing skin, redness, and tongue swelling.
  • Stomach pain, confusion, and peeling skin.

Our review experts have crafted a list of the top ranked weight loss diet pills.

Higenamine: Extract of the nandina plant which is used to help burn fat. has found:

“limited evidence on these claims”

There has also been a lack of human studies to verify its safety and potency.  Web MD has found:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth”

Possible symptoms may include:

  • Heart damage, heart complications, and death.

Yerba Mate Extract: Often brewed as a tea and used due to its stimulants. It increases blood blow and stimulates the central nervous system.  Due to its stimulants it can promote side effects such as:

  • Rapid heart rate, mood swings, and irritability.
  • Headaches, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Stomach cramps, fainting, and insomnia.
  • High blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and irregular heartbeat.

Web MD has also issued a warning:

“increases the risk of mouth, esophageal, laryngeal, kidney, bladder, and lung cancer”

Many serious symptoms may result from this tea extract.

Caralluma Fimbriata Extract: A cactus found in India which is used to suppress appetite. There’s a lack of proof to help show if this is truly possible. Potential side effects can include:

  • Indigestion, stomach pain, and nausea.
  • Gas, constipation, and upset stomach.

Green Tea Extract: Popular antioxidant rich tea that is used to improve immune function and boost metabolism.  Possible side effects are many and they can include:

  • Ringing in the ears, heartburn, and tremors.
  • Nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Vomiting, convulsions and confusion.

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Plexus Boost Quality of Ingredients

It’s impossible to determine the full quality without first knowing how much caffeine is added.

Ingredients like green tea and yerba mate can contain high amounts of stimulants. There’s also many additives which have either been not been proven to work, or some of which have shown the possibility for side effects.

The main advertised ingredient meant to suppress appetite is Caralluma Fimbriata. Studies have been inconclusive and it’s been shown to potentially cause unwanted digestive issues. For a list of the best weigh loss diet pills, click on the link here.

The Price and Quality of Plexus Boost

Each bottle costs $39.95 and lasts 15 days. Without first knowing the full caffeine content it’s impossible to determine the quality.

Many cheap ingredients are added to this which can be replaced with things like coffee or tea.

Due to the 3 added stimulants there’s a possibility for extreme side effects. There’s unnecessary ingredients already found in food, some additives which are potentially unsafe, and some which have not been proven to effect weight loss.

Business of Plexus Boost

The company is known as Plexus Worldwide and they are a multilevel marketing company. Their contact information is listed as:

Phone Number: (480) 998-3490

Address: 9145 E Pima Center Pkwy

Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Email: [email protected]

They currently have a pending FDA investigation over claims they made false marketing claims.  According to the Better Business Bureau:

“alleges the business is in violation of FDA regulations, prohibiting the business form misleading and incorrect marketing language without approval”

Since it’s currently pending, it’s unknown whether or not they have truly made false claims about the benefits of their supplements.

They also have a total of 694 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. The majority of issue has to do with problems related to both service and the product. There were also 193 customers who had billing problems.

Here are some select reviews from those who left complaints:

“tried returning it but they would not give ma refund”

“Called to cancel over a month ago and was resent products and charged”

“they enacted an auto enrolment without asking me beforehand”

“they charged me a lot of money which was a fraudulent charge”

There were many serious allegations of people being charged and treated unfairly by the customer support staff.

Because the company runs a multilevel marketing approach, this makes it so anyone can sell and market these supplements. Its possible many issues arise from having to deal with people who have their own way of operating.

Click on the link provided to see a list of the highs rated weight loss diet pills.

Customer Opinions of Plexus Boost

Here are some select customer reviews found online:

“Made my heart race fast and it gave me the jitters”

“Not only does it cause my heart to race but it did very little”

“It does increase my heart rate within a few minutes of taking it”

“I recommend you just diet and exercise, this did nothing for me”

Though there weren’t many reviews online, the few who left comments added how it gave them extreme side effects.

People added how they experienced nausea, heart conditions, and many serious stimulant related issues. There wasn’t any notice on whether or not it actually did help to promote weight loss.

The few reviews showed that it failed to suppress appetite or create any metabolism boosting effects. Discover which weight loss diet pills were rated as the best by clicking this link.

How Does Plexus Boost Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Plexus Boost
  • 34 /100
Conclusion – Does Plexus Boost Work?

Plexus Boost is made with many ingredients, some of which found naturally in foods and others which are known to cause stimulant like effects. There’s no mention to the caffeine content, and it’s known to contain higenamine which has the potential for heart related issues. The few customers who left reviews mentioned how it caused them issues in the form of uncomfortable heart rate increase. There is also a pending FDA investigation over the claims the company has made many false marketing and advertising claims.

In reviewing many kinds of weight loss diet pills, our review experts found Sletrokor is the most effective. It’s made with natural plant based extracts which can boost metabolism and support fat loss.  Customers have left glowing reviews and positive testimonials to showcase their own weight loss.

Only natural ingredients are added without stimulants, binders, colors, preservatives, or any artificial additives. They also manufacture this diet pill in a GMP certified, FDA approved facility. Learn more about Sletrokor by clicking on the link cited here.

3 Responses to Plexus Boost Review

Aracely says:

I have been trying Diets in for fifty four weeks also I eating low calorie dinner, doing cardio at gym, working out every day at school, doing meditation. I gaining, get extra 23 . in ten weeks according to my new notes. I use to weigh one hundred twelve pounds and now i am one hundred thirty nine lbs.

Clemmie says:

Greate blog. My doctor don’t like it their method of customer support is worthless! My friend had a disgusting effect to this cheesy product with upset stomach and had a chellenge getting money back!Do not take this product unless your medico prescribe Diets in.

phil goddard says:

I took plexus boost yesterday and wound up in the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. Turned to be a racing heart and extremely low blood pressure. DO NOT TAKE BOOST

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