Relora Review: Does it Work?

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What is it? 

Relora is a patented weight loss formula used to help reduce stress related weight gain. It claims to help restore the adrenal glands, as well as provide a calming effect on the nervous system.

There are clinical studies showing its effects against a placebo showing reduced fatigue, tension, anger, confusion, depression, and increased vigor. Hormone, temperature, sleep cycles, and weight are all meant to be targeted. Is this patented formula truly effective for safe weight loss? What do customers have to say about Relora? In this review you’ll learn the truth about this ingredient.

Relora Ingredients and Side Effects 

Since this is a patented ingredient, supplement companies are allowed to add their own amounts of this ingredient alongside other active and inactive ingredients. Here’s what Relora offers on its own:

Magnolia bark extract Phellodendron amurense bark extract.

Magnolia bark extract: This tree bark has been used to treat asthma as well as stress. It was used in Chinese medicine as a way to relax the body, and to act as a slight sedative. All studies of it have been done only in laboratories.  Web MD also mentions:

“The safety of magnolia use for more than 6 weeks is unknown” 

In one study, people taking this ingredient suffered from:

  • Heartburn.
  • Shaky hands.
  • Thyroid problems and sexual problems. also mentions:

“Drug-herb interactions are documented, and caution is advisable” 

This ingredient may interact negatively with other drugs or herbs. Therefore, it’s important to read the supplements facts label for any brand supplying Relora.

Since the longest this ingredient has been tested for is 6 weeks, it’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have long term. Caution is necessary especially when mixing this alongside other herbs and drugs. The possibility for symptoms is raised when added to other ingredients.

Phellodendron amurense bark extract: Plant extract used to help reduce inflammation and redness. It’s also used to help lower bad cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as protecting the liver from toxicity.

Web MD adds:

“the safety of phellodendron use for more than 6 weeks is unknown” 

“there is no evidence that this product reduces the stress hormone called cortisol” 

In a clinical study it also had the exact same possible side effects as magnolia bark. also adds:

“There is not too much Western research on this herb” 

“there is not enough evidence to suggest an optimal dose” 

Much more research is needed to know if taking this long-term would be safe, or if it’s truly effective. Special caution must be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, as this ingredient has been shown to be toxic when given to newborns, or when it’s transferred by the mother. Web MD adds:

“It’s UNSAFE to use phellodendron if you are pregnant” 

“can be transferred to the infant through breast milk and cause brain damage in newbies” 

Multiple possible side effects are possible through this ingredient. Like the other ingredient in Relora, phellodendron has not been tested for longer than a 6 week period. It’s unknown what kind of an effect it may have when these two ingredients are mixed together. 

Relora Quality Of Ingredients 

ReloraStudies on the safety of these two ingredients are limited. They have only been used for a 6 week period, and in these studies, there were side effects from users that included heartburn, shaking in the hands, thyroid problems, and sexual problems.

Magnolia bark extract has shown to be effective, but phellodendron lacks proof. Still, these 2 ingredients have only been tested together by the company who makes it, so there’s a potential for bias. Without more research, it’s impossible to determine what kind of long-term effect this combination might have on health.

It’s also unknown whether or not the combination would be safe to take, since they have both shown similar side effects.

Studies by the company also incredibly limited. Only 2 of the 4 studies were performed on humans, and none of these studies showed significant drops in cortisol. Since stress relief is intended to be the reason this brand helps with weight loss, its unknown how this is achieved through the minimal reduction in cortisol.

A 5th study was released by the company, but this also showed no significant changes in body fat or overall weight. As you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Relora” section, there have been many users who failed to see any benefit.

The Price and Quality of Relora 

The price of this depends on where it’s purchased from. Different manufactures provide varying strength dosages, and some add additional ingredients to their blend.

One cheap brand offering Relora sells a 40 day supply for $21.35.  Since there’s no proof that these ingredients would be safe long-term, it’s impossible to determine if this formula is safe. There’s also no guarantee of a money back return policy, as each company offers their own policy which can vary. Therefore, it’s important to do one’s own research to see if the company offering this brand is reputable.

The makers of Relora suggest it can reduce stress by 11%, improve mood by 42%, and increase vigor by 18%. Though these studies have only been performed for short periods, and only on a few people. Larger pools of people are needed to fully determine whether or not this effect is reliable, or if it was only a placebo effect.

It has also been funded by the manufacturers, so it’s unknown if these studies can be trusted. Much more information is needed before one can decide if these ingredients are worth the cost. The possibility for side effects long-term can be potentially damaging to health. 

Business of Relora 

The company is owned by InterHealth USA.  Their contact information is listed as: 

Phone Number: (800) 783-4636 

Address: 5451 Industrial Way

Benicia, CA 94510

Email: [email protected]

The company owns 12 other patented ingredients. Relora was originally made by Next Pharmaceuticals, but they were bought out and now InterHealth USA owns it.

No returns are processed by the company, depending on which brand you choose, one has to go through each individuals company policies.

Not all brands offer a money back return policy, and for some sellers of Relora products, there is no return policy offered. So this makes all sales final even if one were to fail to see any benefits, or if one experiences unwanted side effects.

Also, Relora has only been studied in amounts of 250 mg, twice a day, with breakfast and dinner. It’s unknown if less amounts would be effective, or if more would be potentially harmful.  Therefore, it’s important to see how much Relora is added to each brand.

Customer Opinions of Relora 

Since many different brands use this ingredient in their supplement formulas, there are multiple reviews available online. Here are a select few which reveal what people have commonly experienced:

“felt quite heavily fogged and drowsy for multiple hours during the day” 

“When I stopped taking it, my blood pressure returned to normal” 

“stress hasn’t changed and I haven’t lost any weight” 

“I use it to relax my mind” 

Reviews are mixed for this brand. Some people experienced side effects such as headaches, grogginess, insomnia, irritability, nausea, mood swings, and feelings of depression.

Though some did experience positive changes in mood, there’s a possibility for this being a placebo effect. There haven’t been any significant weight loss effects listed by users. Some people actually ended up gaining weight.

There are no reliable studies not funded by the manufacturers which show Relora to be effective for weight loss or stress relief.  Judging from the several hundred negative reviews, it’s possible this patented blend of ingredients is not effective for all its claimed benefits.

How Does Relora Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Relora
  • 28 /100
Conclusion – Does Relora Work? 

When considering a brand like Relora, it’s important to look at how customers review it and whether or not there are outside clinical studies showing this ingredient is safe and effective.  No proof is available that this combination is safe or effective for stress and weight loss from any unbiased sources. There’s also been many mixed reviews about this ingredient, with some users experiencing troubling side effects. This includes headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, and many other issues.

You can try a much better option in the 2024 supplement of the year Sletrokor. This supplement beat several other brands due to its numerous positive customer reviews, all-natural stimulant free formula, and it’s clinically studied ingredients.

Customers have raved about its potent weight loss effects, which you can read about on their official website. These natural plant extracts can help improve mood, boost serotonin, reduce hunger, suppress appetite, and provide many other benefits. These ingredients have also been shown to be safe, since they’re added in specific amounts without any fillers, binders, preservatives, or harsh stimulants.

You can try Sletrokor risk free for a total of 30 days. Their money back guarantee is offered with no questions asked, if for any reason you don’t like it, you get a full return.

3 Responses to Relora Review

Octavio says:

I hate this product this company diet is a scam! My friend Theo had a terrible response to this poor pill with problems in stomach and had a chellenge delivery. Theo advised me never taking the supplement!

Ashley says:

My friend Kaylee had a horrible reaction with Diets in through experiencing upset stomach and problems with the shipment!

Jeff says:

I take it everyday and it’s been wonderful for me. For anyone suffering from anxiety, this helped that feeling I get that the world could come crashing down on me at any second and the constant worrying. This takes that edge off and makes me feel like everything will be okay. I highly recommend Relora.

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