Thrive Patch Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Thrive Patch is a weight loss and general wellness patch that over an 8 week period is used to support overall mental and physical performance. 4 variations of it exist and their premium patch is meant more towards improved absorption and overall weight management.

The patches are specially formulated to improve absorption into the body, so the ingredients are easier to be metabolized as opposed to pills. It’s claimed to be the most dynamic brand of its kind since the last 20 years. A reduction of appetite, more energy, improved circulation, and overall mental acuity are targeted benefits.

Sletrokor was the top rated weight loss supplement of the year for good reason. The reviews from customers often raved about the weight loss support, and the ingredients are natural and highly touted in 3rd party studies. We’ve linked the official Sletrokor website where they have testimonials and more information of its potential weight loss effects.


The following ingredients are used:

ForsLean Green Coffee Bean Extract Garcinia Cambogia
COQ10 White Willow Bark Cosmoperine

ForsLean: Specially formulated version of Coleus Forskohlli, which is a plant used to promote fat loss, particularly more so in men than women. This is generally well-tolerated, and the patented version of this has been reviewed in clinical studies.

Studies of the standard version of this are lacking however, so it’s yet to be seen if it can be relied on for efficient fat loss support.

Maximize your weight loss results via the use of supplements; for your convenience we’ve compiled the top 10 weight loss pills.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: A popular weight loss ingredient which is a coffee bean that is unroasted, and richer in antioxidants. There are typically mild amounts of caffeine in this ingredient, and this caffeine is used to increase metabolism.

Its effects can vary wildly however, as its effects depend on whether or not the user has a tolerance to caffeine. For those that already consume caffeine it would have to be cycled, naturally the human body will build up a tolerance making its potential weight loss effects ineffective.

Side effects may result and it’s to recommend supplementing with this ingredient close to bedtime, since it may cause sleep disturbances. Symptoms which may result can include:

  • Upset stomach, vomiting, and rapid heart rate.
  • Anxiety, indigestion, and headache.

No information is provided to help users know what the total caffeine dosage strength is.

Garcinia Cambogia: Tropical fruit which increased in popularity in recent years due to its ease of use and weight loss potential. Garcinia Cambogia can help burn fat by boosting metabolism, as well as supporting the breakdown of fat tissue.

COQ10: This antioxidant is necessary for cells to function correctly. It has potent effects and is most often supplemented by the elderly. Many benefits are possible including improved heart rate, reduced fatigue, improved cholesterol, and improved heart muscles.

The human body requires it to help improve energy output, and to also support many other essential body functions.

Cosmoperine: Patented extract of black pepper that is used for the improvement of what is known as a bioavailability. This essentially means it can improve the uptake of any other surrounding ingredients.

This version is patented by the Sabinsa Corporation, and it is rigorously studied.

After several detailed reviews we’ve identified which weight loss supplements offer the best results.


There’s a heavy reliance on ingredients which have stimulant like effects. Green coffee bean may improve metabolism, but it’s insufficient in its abilities. You can replace it with a simple cup of coffee or tea.

ForsLean is possibly promising as a fat burner, but more 3rd party studies are needed to know for certain what it can do.

Garcinia Cambogia can be a potentially beneficial weight loss ingredient if the HCA content is high enough, though the makers of Thrive Patch fail to mention the total amount used.

Cosmoperine is more for the improvement of bioavailability, and white willow bark is similar to aspirin since it can reduce inflammation and pain. It’s a very limited formula in comparison to many other brands. The application on the skin may enhance the absorption, but even if this is so, there should be additional ingredients which aren’t so easily replaced.

Help determine for yourself what brand would best suit your weight loss needs; look at our top rated weight loss supplements.


They are a multi-level marketing company, and therefore they only sell their products to distributors. If you try and learn about the prices they require you to first find a promoter for more information. They do have a quoted price for the full Thrive Patch line up at $100 for 4 weeks of use however. No information is offered about the prices for only a single patch.

The problem with Thrive Patch is its use of common additives that while they may boost metabolism, are too easily replaceable with other brands.

Our review team is all too familiar with these kinds of business; they seek to establish a connection with potential buyers in order to help deliver a sales pitch. So they’ll have access to your contact details and they can be aggressive when it comes to their marketing strategies.

As you’ll learn about in the “Business of Thrive Patch” section, some customers were not pleased with how they were treated.

The most effective weight loss supplements reviewed this year have been ranked in our top 10 list.


Thrive Patch is owned by Le-Vel Brands, LLC, and a company that can be contacted via the following:

Phone Number: (888) 557-0005

Address: 9201 Warren Pkwy Suite 200

Frisco, TX 73035

Email: [email protected]

There’s an outstanding 163 complaints on the companies Better Business Bureau page listing. It’s impossible to tell why there was a reoccurring issue of people losing their credit card information, and being unknowingly charged for their products.

Consumers were also displeased with the auto-shipment policy, since it was described as difficult to get out of, and the customer service team would not respond to calls and emails.

Continually customers said not only did they not want to partake in the auto-shipment plan, but when attempting to make a return, they were charged a 10% restocking fee, and they had to pay for shipping and handling to and from.

90 of the 163 complaints had to do with complaints against the quality of customer service support offered, and 44 customers said that they were misled into buying their brands.

Check out our exclusive top 10 list which goes over the year’s top ranked weight loss pills.


Surprisingly with all the great claims made of its benefits, there were only a handful of reviews found online:


“Really did nothing at all for me… such a let down wow”

“Good for my needs I saw an increase of energy”

Finding reviews for this is difficult and it should be highly questioned whether or not the positive reviews are legitimate. The problem with multi-level marketing companies is that because anyone can start selling their products for a share of the profit, it often results in aggressive tactics and fake reviews.

Some of these reviews can be found online as people came in to defend the products offered, stating that those who had bad experiences are biased and that if they used it as directed, it would have provided benefits.

This is a reducing problem that has made it impossible to know for certain what you can expect from Thrive Patch.

We’ve placed a lot of effort into crafting our top 10 list showcasing the best supplements for weight loss.

How Does Thrive Patch Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Thrive Patch
  • 42 /100

The kinds of ingredients used can have an impact on appetite suppression and metabolism. Whether or not it will be as effective as it’s claimed is yet to be determined. What is known for certain is that the entire formula of ingredients is commonplace and not at all unique. There are also various customer complaints against the company polices that it raises serious doubts about whether or not they can be relied on. Consumers were greatly disappointed with the automatic shipping, unreliable customer serviced team, and the unrequested automatic billing which continuously charged their credit cards without due notice.

Our select number 1 weight loss supplement of this year is an all-natural brand known as Sletrokor. The reason why our review team favored it over other supplements is because consumers saw noticeable weight loss, the ingredients are well-regarded in 3rd party reviews, no harsh of artificial ingredients are used, the company is reputable, and it is well-rounded in terms of weight loss support.

Every single ingredient in this supplement is added in proper dosage strength for improved results. More information is provided by the manufacturers of Sletrokor; review their website to look at testimonials and a detailed description of its weight loss benefits.

92 Responses to Thrive Patch Review

Anna E Smithwick says:

Rapid heart beat, sweating, anxiety, disrupted menstrual cycle. BAD!!

Mallory says:

Yes I’m having the same problems. I started this about. week ago and I swear it’s the devil! I had to go get fast anxiety medication from the doctor because of the anxiety and I kept losing my temper! This crap is not for me!

Erin says:

The thrive system did nothing for me. I felt no different and it broke out my arm not to mention the terrible residue it left.

Rashida says:

In order for Patch to work, you need to have shakes and capsules. Basically this whole system of Thrive contains shakes, capsules and patches. PATCHES WILL NEVER WORK WITHOUT THOSE OTHER TWO (CAPSULES & SHAKES). Also you will not do caffeine while you re Thriving because it cancel out each other. I hope that help.

Anony says:

I’m certain she is aware… She did state, “The thrive system”. She was only mentioning the issues she had with the patch after. So it sounds to me that “the thrive system” would mean that she did all 3 steps.
Nutrition & exercise is THE only way to go! Safest & Healthiest… Anything else is a scam. Lol!!

Brenda says:

I have been taking the Thrive pills and shakes, and using the patches for less than a month. I have experienced no difference in my appetite nor in the way I feel, but the patches, when removed, alway have a discoloration on them; have caused skin irritation; and leave a questionable residue on my skin. When positive results have been achieved from these product I will post an update.

Elizabeth says:

thrive has given me weight loss results, yes, but the negative sides are most all my muscles are now bad, tendons on both shoulders are bad, both knees are bad, n my thigh muscles are also bad. I experienced muscle cramps in the middle of the night n woke up to a painful body. Do not try this period.

Anonymous says:

Really all your muscles went bad? Give me a break!

Nikki says:

I am currently using Thrive myself, your statement I do Not believe is true. Muscles went bad? Sounds ridiculous.

Lexi N. says:

If this person was allergic to any of the ingredients, yes, this side effect IS possible. I nearly died taking glucosimine, which was widely touted as being safe. I was allergic to it & it threw my heart rhythm off wildly. It took 6 months before I could take ANY vitamins again without causing a disturbance in my heart. Don’t mock a person who has had a terrible reaction to any product, as you have no idea what effects any individual may have from any given ingredient.

Tab says:

I think what she is meaning it was bad on her muscle and joints. She may of experienced a bad reaction. So to tell her to give you a break not so nice and I could get what she was meaning. I have had similar reactions to certain weight lose things that it affects my joints and muscles with pain! So give us a break. lol. I have never tried this but understand your reaction!

April says:

Quit being a troll. I tried it as well. It didn’t give me any magical results as you “mouth foamers” claim.

Anonymous says:


Crunch berries says:

Hahahahaha…..all your muscles went bad :):):)

Anonymous says:

If you lose too much weight too fast, your body will stop burning fat and start “burning” your muscles. It’s a pretty simple concept to grasp.

Rebecca Horner says:

I’m new to thrive I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m In so much pain when I use the patch. I’ve even bought a different patch and my muscle pain is so extreme. I have phybro myalgia I’ve asked around and heard we’ll just add move to my plan and that didn’t help in the least. So I’m happy to hear that I’m not alone. As much as I love Thrive I guess I should just give up on it. My hope is that others find health and happiness with Thrive

Arlette says:

I am so happy I saw this review I have been using Thrive for 3 months and my Muscle pain are really bad. I have Lupus and my doctor has stated he believes my Thrive patches have triggered these pain episodes.

Anonymous says:

There has been clinical testing for this product. Go to the gym and eat a few more salads and stop looking for an easy way out.

elena says:

I believe you. Same thing happened to me. When I stopped using it, it got better.

Anonymous says:

I have the same issue.. I feel like I have loss of muscle, no strength in my hands and skin feels loose… I was 140 and dropped to 123… I have been on it for 6 months and am trying to figure out if these issues are related to the Thrive system. I am 39 and in good health but worried about the permanent side effects this may have on me and my husband.

Debbie says:

I believe you Elizabeth. I have been using Thrive for about 5 weeks now. I love the concept, but am having muscle issues with it. One day I couldnt figue out what was wrong with my arm. I was icing and massaging it and the pain was awful. As I moved up my arm, massaging it, I yelped when I touched the patch area. I removed the patch and within hours my arm was fine. I went down to a half patch, moved the patches to different spots, but the muscle pain is still happening. Sometimes it’s my leg, other times the arm, shoulder. When I remove the patch, within hours, it stops. Weirdest thing and I honestly want this to work because my sugar cravings have been eliminated since taking Thrive and my energy level is a lot better. Muscle pain is a big concern though.

Anonymous says:

How did your muscles go bad with nutritional supplements?

trudy campbell says:

Really … There is something wrong with you, You are trying to blame the product and not yourself … Give me a bloody break… Stop telling lies…

Becky says:

I had similar problems. After using the three steps for a month my shoulders started aching. Then my elbows hurt so bad I could hardly use my arm. I started to feel like I was getting carpal tunnel. I immediately took off the patches. I have slowly seen an improvement. It’s been a month now, not wearing the patches, I still have some discomfort but for the most part it’s going away. I won’t try this program again!

Amanda says:

Oh i believe this .. I’m going through something that started last night with muscle spams. That just keep getting eorse.. Been on it for 4 days now.. I can’t hardly walk without screaming in pain .

Anonymous says:

I searched reviews of the thrive patch bc I was interested to know if it affected anyones muscles. I wore the patch from a sample I received from a thriver. The patch made my arm (where I wore the patch in my deltoid) feel like I received a shot in that arm. It’s been weeks since I removed it and the pain came back. I’m not a complainer at all and I that felt this was very strange. So, reading your review Elizabeth, was interesting to me.
I am an RN as well.

Leeann says:

Thrive worked great for my husband and I! We are still thriving after 2 whole years. Have gotten our products for free since month #2! We both lost 40+ pounds. We are making a nice income from thrive too. Every company has its good and bad reviews.
Always check with your doctor before trying any health plan.

Anonymous says:

Dude! 2YEARS and you only lost 40 pounds I’m guessing that could be accredited to all the running away you do from the people you have scammed in Those years lol

Steve says:

Your a liar lady

Stephanie says:

I tried the Thrive 3 step plan and did everything as it said to for 30 days and had no results. I contacted one of their sellers after she stated that if you don’t see results you can receive a full money back guarantee. She wouldn’t refund me the money because I didn’t purchase my products through her and said that I had to contact the company directly to get my money back. When I contacted LeVel they stated that they offer no money back guarantee on any of their products.I copied the message from LeVel and sent it to the seller and called her out on her false claim. She removed my post from her Facebook group and stated that my post was hurting her business. I advised her that I was only stating facts about what the company had told me. She claimed that she personally would refund any of her customers who returned their products within 30 days. The problem I had with that was that I had no products to return because I had used them all as directed for entire 30 day period. How can I return the products for a refund if I’ve used them all as directed? The whole thing seems like a scam and waste of money. It’s obviously not a good product if the company won’t even back it up with guarantee.

Cassie j says:

How can you return a product for a full refund with no product to return? Any business would do the same.. if you did not purchase the product from that particular seller she, of course, would not refund you the money. In any MLM they are individual sellers. You should have went back directly to the seller you purchased from.

Lydia, RN says:

I am an RN and I have been THRIVING for 15 months. This is advertised as an 8-week experience because, depending on the individuals nutritional deficits, it may take up to 8 weeks to truly THRIVE! I had a GI condition for over 20 years which would not allow me to consume fresh fruits and vegetables due to the fiber content. I knew that I was nutrient deficient …. we all need fiber but my body would reject it and it would make me very very sick.
I did not see a change until week 6 …. at which time I began really craving the fresh vegetables and fruit. I began to try them and, amazingly, I did not get sick! As I continued to crave and was able to eat a more healthy diet, I began to feel absolutely amazing. I was giving my body what it wanted …. in a form that it recognized and was able to use – natural and plant based. Everyone’s needs are different and some may experience results immediately while it may take others longer… being healthy is not magic …. supplements are meant to be just that, a supplement. We have to listen to our bodies and make positive healthy changes to support the good nutrition we are putting in.

Reality check says:

It’s an 8 week experience. Depending on your body it could potentially take that long to begin to see results. I’ve been Thriving a year and have seen it take up to that long to work in others. This is also a 3 step product. You cannot put the patch on and it work without the other 2 steps. When reading things like this look to see if there is a slanted opinion.

Anonymous says:

I think thrive is a money maker that does nothing for you.

Casey Bradford says:

Terrible. What a waste of money!

Beatrice Davis says:

THRIVE is made up many synthetic vitamins. Many people will try promoting it as if there trying to help you live a better life and that you should spend your money on something that is good for you. But they are just trying to get a car out of it , a free trip and/ or a nice payout. I did consult my doctor on THRIVE and she said”Sure take it” but the truth is doctors rarely know anything about nutrition there all about medicine. Instead I consulted a nutritionist and was told the ingredients are synthetic and contain alot of caffeine and that I should not use it. She mentioned in the long run the probability of developing high blood pressure and liver damage may be the outcome. Do yourself a favor and don’t make others rich off of your own hard earned money.

Anonymous says:


Lydia, RN says:

I am RN …. I did my own research on the ingredients. This product was created by a naturopathic doctor from PLANT BASED nutrients. NOT synthetics. Do your research before you slam a quality product. The quality of the product is amazing and I’ve had unbelievable healthy benefits because of the quality of this product.
The truth is – when questioned, most customers do not take the product correctly as directed, they don’t drink enough water and don’t make good healthy food choices to enhance the weight loss. This is pure NUTRITION – not a magic weight loss potion. Good nutrition leads to helping build lean muscle, weight management support, and many other health benefits but we tend to continue to make bad health choices, negating the positive things that the nutrition is trying to do for us.


First of all there are NO synthetics in our product.
SECOND – The two capsules AND the full Lifestyle Mix contain less Caffeine (80mg) than a cup of coffee –
Do YOURSELF a favor – Invest in your HEALTH period
My husband and I BOTH have been thriving for FIVE years – couldn’t be in anymore perfect health – PER our doctors.
My ADVICE for anyone, do YOUR OWN research, CONSULT your OWN Doctor, and INVEST in your Health. You and your Family are worth it

Sammy H says:

Thrive is an obvious con with very poor product quality. Look at the ingredients! Its a joke. They are selling a stimulant. A stimulant is an appetite suppressant. Welcome. You’re not a drug user. Caffeine is terrible for your body (diuretic) and mind (ever tried to talk to a coffee drinker before their 1st cup of coffee?). As you said the synthetic ingredients are a dead giveaway. If you needed a mineral would you choose to extract it from food or sand? One is real, one is synthetic. You choose.

Chantel says:

Gave me horrid anxiety at night. And that was just taking pills abs shakes I’d probably be in ER if I’d taken patch too. I tried pills and shake in 2 different occasions weeks apart just to see. The shakes are also very gritty but a good flavor.

Donna says:

My daughter and I both tried at the same time and started on same day. Both of us got dizziness felt sick to our stomach within 30 minutes. Both had to lay down until it was out of our system… there is only one healthy way to lose weight and that is to watch what you EAT and EXCERCISE!!!!!!!

Nichole says:

Thrive is not for everyone, especially if you have certain medical issues or take certain medications which can be interfered or altered by Thrive ingredients. I tried Thrive with high hopes. I did everything as told and saw little results. The pills are packed with lots of good stuff so I give the, a 10/10. The shakes about a 5/10 since there’s not really much nutrients to offer the body. And the patch 0/10. Although they look cute, they are irritating to wear, leave a square mark for days, and can actually leave a mark on your skin for days, I do not believe I got any nutrients out of the patch. I am a big fan of science & being able to break things down & figure out how they work. Well…there’s no explanation and no research to back up what these patches actually do to the body, So with no evidence & no results, I think the patches & shakes are a waste of time & money. If you take a good multivitamin, find a good shake with added benefits & regularly exercise then you will see good results! Dont be brainwashed by false promises, dont be robbed by a company that makes false promises, apply yourself and do research.

elena says:

I got a horrible migraine/headache every time I used the black label patch, so I returned it. I also noticed that I got arthritic like pain I never had before in my wrists and my elbows. All of a sudden I became allergic to pollen (never happened before). I am not sure what caused the arthritis like pain and the allergies – the shake, the pills or the patch, but since I already eliminated the patch, I’ll have to stop taking the pills or the shakes to figure it out. I know I wasted my money, but it worked on suppressing my appetite and giving me more energy when I used the samples.

Tina says:

I wanted to try it when a friend recommended it. I was initially excited, but became skeptical when she began sounding like a sales rep. To be honest, after that…the price, and her strong advertising scared me off. Then she offered me samples. I took the capsules, the shake, and the patch. Felt a HUGE difference at the end of day one. Now, I’m hooked. I feel literally 10 years younger. I feel that it also helped me quit smoking after one week. I have more energy, sleep better, and lost 4lbs in one week…no other diet or exercise. I swear! I’m definitely hooked.

Tina Jones says:

I wanted to try it when a friend recommended it. I was initially excited, but became skeptical when she began sounding like a sales rep. To be honest, after that…the price, and her strong advertising scared me off. Then she offered me samples. I took the capsules, the shake, and the patch. Felt a HUGE difference at the end of day one. Now, I’m hooked. I feel literally 10 years younger. I feel that it also helped me quit smoking after one week. I have more energy, sleep better, and lost 4lbs in one week…no other diet or exercise. Real deal.

Amanda Nicole says:

Who takes the capsules before bed? Why would you do that? It’s very specific in the instructions on how it should be taken, in which order, and timing. When taken as directed, results can be seen. I am a current Thriver and very pleased with the system.

Willa says:

In the beginning of taking Thrive I had energy but in short time it made me very dizzy weak & lifeless.

Virginia Ellifritz says:

I have just started thrive feel great more energy waiting to weigh myself next month sometimes it can depend on your body chemistry if something works or not

Anonymous says:

Well I started it 3 days ago and I had hallucinations last night thought I was goi g to have a heart attack im not doing this anymore

LISA says:

I tried Thrive because it was helping people feel so wonderful. I am very sensitive to caffeine, I had stomach pain, rapid heart rate, and anxiety right away. I didn’t think I wanted to pay a lot of money to feel like that. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Penelope says:

As an ex Level rep I have to honestly say that the products are terrible. I was told to say this and that and basically just lie and yes I did which I now wholeheartedly regret. There is no support and yes we are told to talk about a money back guarantee which does not exist. The products DO NOT WORK period. The patches leave a residue and I had many people complain that they felt ill, again I was told to lie and say this was rare. It was NOT rare. I am ashamed of my time with that company.

Emma says:

Expensive waste of time that messes with the natural chemicals in your body. If you want to throw your money to a product that helps you cheat your way through weight loss, that’s up to you. LAZYYYYYYYYY!!!

Jade says:

Biggest scam out there today. Vitamins and minerals cannot absorb through the skin and the shakes and capsules etc are just a bunch of junk too. Promoters all say that they just want you to feel as good as they do..BS! They just want free product and trips etc. Don’t be a fool, do your research first and you will see what a scam this all is.

Anonymous says:

I been taking thrive patches and capsules and shakes for 5 months now and for the first 2 months I loved the energy and being very alert but the last 3 months I been having breathing problems that I never had before using these products so unfortunately I will Stop using these sorry thrive

Teena says:

The Thrive 3 part system made me horrifically sick after only two days of use. The ingredients in it are horrible and dangerous for your liver. I was severely ill for a week after only two days of taking a half dose of the pills and drinking a half shake and using the patch. I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I would have used the full dose. If you have any issues of any kind with your liver do not take this. I found out the hard way!!

Corinne McGrady says:

This company is a joke and a scam. I met a promoter and I was genuinely interested in trying the products so she took my order which also included me paying by credit card. She signed me up for autoship without my consent. Fast forward one month and I get an email letting me know my second order was being processed. There is no customer service number but within minutes I had sent a message to them through their customer service page asking to cancel my order and remove me from autoship since I never consented to that. They responded by saying that they can’t cancel my order once it’s started processing but I can return the product once it arrives and incur a 10% restocking fee. Of course, return shipping would be at my cost.

After going back and forth with them on this matter to no avail, I resolve to file a BBB complaint and pay the $20 to have it shipped back knowing that I would also have the restocking fee. Note, my BBB complaint primarily explained that I did not sign up for autoship and when a promoter does so without permission then they themselves should be responsible for the fees and I asked for a refund of my shipping costs and waiver of the restocking fee.

Fast forward another month and I do not have a refund yet and I finally get a response to my BBB complaint. Their complaint response is simply that I initially enrolled for autoship and I am not enrolled in autoship and they’d appreciate if I would mark my complaint resolved (of course, I refuse). I again submitted another customer service ticket and informed them that my return had not yet been processed by August 2nd even though, according to FedEx, they received my return on July 10th. They did get back to me promptly to tell me that they will process my return minus the 10% restocking fee AND MINUS THEIR SHIPPING COSTS TO GET THE PRODUCT THAT I DID NOT ORDER TO ME. Total dollars I’ve lost on this transaction= $50.05. That’s not counting the first order that I genuinely ordered that cost $176 and didn’t do a thing….worthless.

F’ing joke. I know I won’t see a dime from them so instead I’ll just let anyone who wants to know how crappy the company and product is.

Meghan says:

I was a day one thriver! You have to stop drinking all caffeine for it to work properly! To me it’s an excellent product.. I do not sell it or promote it. It’s helped me lose 35 lbs in 3 1/2 months my additude has become more positive, I do have more energy I just feel like I am a all around better person now! Everyone reacts differently on thrive. some are day one thrivers,others are not and take longer. some lose weight, some gain muscle ,
tone,or helps with Achiness of the joints and some with mental clarity,and if your lucky hey you get all of the above it does different for everyone . I love my thrive . And I am so happy I found it when I found it. And yes u have to take all three steps the pills the shake and the patch for it to work properly! But like ever product that’s ever been made there is good and bad reviews . My experience ——>I am now A thriver 4 life ❤️.

Alice Harrison says:

I haven’t tried the system and what i must say to some of you people is why would you take something without consulting your doctor? Not all doctors are about medicine and blah blah, a lot are well trained in all of this. First your doctor is going to find what the ingredients and lets say you are on a stimulant such and adderral or ritalin, will doing thrive with all that caffiene going to be a smart idea? Probably not but thats common sense right there because if you react to caffiene as in hyper then its going to probably make you feel funny while on the stimulant.. If you have any type of medical condtion or on any type of medications talk to your doctor before using. Even if you aren’t i mean come on its common sense on your guys part! I checked with my dr before i took cbd oils, before i tried my it works products! Think before you just take!
Also yes some people it just wont work for but that doesn’t mean the product isnt good because some may have positive results, no different than if you are putting foundation on or any type of skin care some people react differently.

As with any weightloss system, wearing a patch, drinking shakes, and taking pills but not eating a right diet or have exercise in your life is going to make a product not work. If you are sitting around on your computer all day or laying on the couch but eating greasy foods and such then its not going to work lol.. You actually need to get out go for walks and such.

To the lady that was told a 30 day money back, it was not that girls problem that is something she may offer, not every company has a money back guarntee. Check with who you buy from before buying and im sure more than likely it didn’t work because of certain reasons as stated above but to post stuff on a girls facebook group who you didnt buy from is petty. You think of it this way like for example rodan and fields which is a huge skin care company that is owned by the makers of proactive they have a 60 day money back empty bottle but these two ladies can afford that so its like everyone that buys this product could ask for their money back, so not all companies can afford that.

Just food for thought talk to your doctor and don’t expect results if you are not doing anything

Anonymous says:

Is Thrive safe to use while pregnant….thank you!

Davina says:

I used the burn patches and vitamins for 2 weeks. I changed the locations of my patches daily as the directions said. I jow have a permanent scar on my right arm in the shape of a patch from one I had on for only a few hours. I do not know why this happened but I stopped using the product 3 weeks ago and the scar hasn’t even faded

Hoodoo Chef says:

Different strokes for different folks. I have been THRIVING now for a month and have done EVERYTHING by the book…19.4 pounds down! Oh one more thing you cant justdo the program and sit on your ass. YOU have to to be motivated. You have to have the desire to change. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MIRACLE PILL that just makes ya hot and sexy. YOU GOTTA WANT IT!

Lee Ann says:

You people kill me, most of you are just a bunch of hypochondriacs, I’m a nurse and looked at what ingredients Thrive has in them, it’s nothing but a bunch of vitamins, if vitamins are doing all this stuff to you then you need to stop eating because food has vitamins too. Having said that the one lady is right the only real way to lose weight is eating less and excercise

Michelle says:

Was this product overused and the Watts guy in Colorado went out of his mind as the result of this Thrive?

Anonymous says:

I was wondering the same thing.

Lexiii says:

It’s just a soul sucking pyramid scheme.

Georgia Denny says:

I take it all products because im seventy years old and they just make me feelGOOD and give me energy…

Joe says:

Waste of money… did not work. Diet and lifestyle is the real way to get healthier.

Bentley Windsor says:

Do research before using this product many women that used this after having children experienced extreme increase in postpartum depression and several deaths linked to the product. The whole company seems to be a pyramid scheme And under investigation by FDA.

Amber says:

Been on thrive now for 6 month pills, shakes, and patches I love it I have lost weight my body is toning up. Honestly I feel better than what I did at 20 thrive is not a miracle worker it’s a life change and change of how you eat how to choose to live your life it’s there to fill in nutritional gaps you miss. Bottom line if you don’t put effort into changing a magic pill is not going to do it for ya hate to tell ya that. Thrive is meant to help u maintain or loose weight if you don’t help yourself don’t expect it to help you….

J.m. says:

Been taking thrive for almost 3 years it’s an AMAZING company and product. I feel amazing off of it. It’s super simple. Way easier than many other nutritional products I had taken previously. I love my thrive.

Bjorngl says:

Tasted good but my husband killed me

Crystal says:

Just started today , so far extreme surge of good energy , literally was dancing around getting stuff done drank the shake and applied patch . I’m not sick and I feel great !

Meg says:

Just as a fair review i am a customer not a promoter. I’m on day 3 and really have noticed my eyes not feeling tired and i am ALWAYS tired with 2 small children. The shake is yummy mixed with milk. The person i bought from recommended taking only 1 pill and half a shake per day. Which is what I’ve been doing. She says after 2 years she still does it this way. It makes it last longer and also perhaps some of those whivhad diziness etc were taking the full 2 caps and full pkg of shake? Maybe too much for their body to handle. I know i have a sensitive stomach so i am starting slow. I can update after my month is over. The half of shake fills me up a lot ao i am fone with only half a shake. I might try doing half in the morning and half in mid afternoon if i need a pick me up? Day 1 on my patch today i waited 2 days i.ln to ease my body into things. So far so good:) the fact that im bot exhausted is enough for me i will stixk it out for sure the 1 month and probably try at least a 2nd month to give a fair shot!

Rachel says:

Wasted money horrible stuff. No energy increase

Kalea says:

I love the patches. If you clean area before and after it will not break you out. Wearing it on your foot or back of your leg.

Amber says:

I tried thrice for 2 months and it actually improved a lot of me. I only took the capsules and put the patch on (the shakes tasted to horrible). I never had any problems with any of it or any side affects. It made me feel better n happier (I have severe depression). It helped me get out of bed and I actually looked forward to getting up early. I never changed anything with my diet n ate what I normally do just a lot less bc it helped with my appetite. I ended up losing 10lbs in those 2 months. The only problem with them is that they cost to much .

Arin says:

Patches cause heart rate to increase. Bad Stuff!

Anonymous says:

I’m Thriven for life!! wow oh wow!! I was at Wal-Mart the other day and the car parked really close next to me. But the help of my Thrive’s 3 simple steps I took that morning, I lifted the car up and position correctly between the lines. No joke.You guys, this stuff is legit! Come Thrive with me!

Tina Marie Marx says:

What happened to healthy eating and exercising ? I am so
Aggravated seeing these posts everyday trying to take my money .

Stefanee Sorgenfrei says:

So far my THRIVE experience has been fantastic!!
I’m buying it for myself and not trying to sell it.
I have 2 neurological disorders that have been very difficult to handle lately. I tried THRIVE to see if I could get some energy back. I had close friends using the product and the were seeing great results.
So, each person is different. I’d say give it a try, if it’s not for you, you try something else.

Samantha says:

I’ve been using the entire Thrive system (capsule, shake, patch) for almost one month. I have never felt better in my adult life. I have more energy throughout every busy work or school (or both!) day, and on my days off I wake up with a drive to get moving. The only other thing about my routine that I have changed is increasing my water intake. I have not experienced a single negative side effect. What I have experienced is weight loss(down about 8 pounds so far), reduction in appetite and mindless snacking, mental clarity, clean energy, and better, more restful sleep. I felt the energy the first day. I have been off every other source of caffeine for almost 2 weeks (I was a full-pot-a-day coffee drinker) and I do not miss it! I started using the products because my cousin was a customer and has lost 65 pounds in the last 9 months, doing nothing more than using the products, drinking enough water, and walking. This ish works, bottom line.

Anonymous says:

I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to actually use Thrive products!

Pattie Shirley says:

No matter the product , everyone’s body is different as well as the overall effects, with this said I will share my experience with Le-vel’s thrive!
I started the 3 step Thrive experience being very cautious, however on my first day I was feeling some energy and not a fan of the shakes. By the first week I was sleeping and waking without aches and pains, no crashing mid day, my appetite was definitely changing – I was not snacking all day long, my brain fog disappeared and I was really feeling healthier. By the end of my first month and looking back , WOW! It is amazing how much better my body, mind and spirit were doing. I didn’t start this experience excepting great weight loss, however within the first month I have lost 2 and half inches in my waist line!!!!! My overall review for these products is positive! My whole family is now using Thrive! My only negative thought is the auto shipping and Price ! Le-vel should consider making the products more affordable , being healthier and thriving shouldn’t cost this much.

Michelle willis says:

I have used Thrive for 2 months now and I skipped a day because I did not have anymore product waiting for it to arrive the next day and I could tell a difference. It gives me energy, weight management and helps with getting a better sleep at night. I have not had any side effects. Medicine reacts different to each person but I love Thrive myself.

Laurie says:

Tried all 3 parts for about 3 weeks. Could not tolerate but one pill per day and 1/2 a patch. It did not increase my energy, as I am naturally a high energy person. It did though increase my anxiety level throughout the day. By 3 pm I was so tired, I was falling asleep at my desk, and I am not normally a tired, sleepy, or need a nap person. The thing that finally made me open my eyes was the severe back and neck pains gradually progressed to the point that I could not get rid of it. I woke with pain and by 3 pm the pains had worsened. It seemed as if my body was in a constant state of inflammation, hives, itching anxiety and pain. As soon as I stopped taking the regimen, my pain stopped, my fatigue stopped and I felt “normal” again. I started the regimen for the nutritional value of the “vitamins”. I believe whatever else is in there completely deregulated my system. This was not for me.

Linda says:

I have been using Thrive for 5 years. My aches are all gone…a lot of people take full strength and they should not much for their body..all you have to door dial it down for yourself. (1 capsule half a shake ) a lot of people dont listen to instruction and they think more is good for you…its not. My husband has unbalanced sugars and this has helped him an emensley. He was super cold all the time and now hes not, especially in his feet. I would not go without this product. It’s been such a blessing to both of us…

Skye C says:

I love the Thrive system. If someone is just using one part on the 3 very easy simple steps then they will not get the best results, I have had significant weight loss, energy to spare, I went from 8 cans of Pepsi a day to NONE, no more coffee or energy drinks needed. At 46 I feel 20. My health is 100% better as I am no longer pre-diabetic after being so for 29 years thanks for the help in no more soda and no more snacking, I don’t have to take high blood pressure meds anymore as well. I have a better joint function and aches and pains are gone. Like anything, if you do not take it correctly you will have issues, but in reviews, handpicked for this advertisement for Sletrokor, (the one they linked), they will talk badly, but I look for REAL people and there is a Facebook page with thousands of reviews, and the 2 billion in sales in under 7 yearsis amazing. LOST CREDIT CARD Information is a lie since none are required to sign up nor did any promotor ever need mine, and the autoship, I turn mine on and off, swap it up but if I neglected to stop or pause it I will be charged LIKE ANY SUBSCRIPTION! If you are going to do an advertisement for a pill that stops working after a week or two telling them to stock up for months at least know what you are talking about, and for those who say that it did not work (if they even took it right) then they should have taken advantage of the 100% money-back guarantee!

Brenda Stuck says:

I am posting on very Thrive website I can find to make people aware of what happened to me. I purchased 15 boxes of ProBars [myself and 3 others). After I had tried 2 of the bars, which were hard and chewing, I thought to look at expiration date. All 15 boxes were expired by 3 months. I filled out a support ticket and this was their reply. “We have done a viability study that has passed the test ensuring the quality and ingredients are still 100% effective. Per this study the expiration date of the ProBars has been extended a year”. No where on the website does it mention this viability study and them sending you expired food. Also, you have to pay shopping to return items and the shipping to purchase is non refundable.

Rose ashmore says:

The side effects for me were not good. At first I thought I was coming down with something and went right to bed after work. I was dizzy and anxious about nothing and had a general feeling of malaise . I was doing the three step program. I stopped and felt myself again. It might be okay for some people just not me

Mary Schildwachter says:

The first time I used Thrive, I loved it. I had to stop because of finances. It is so expensive. They want you to promote their products so I think they make it that way. If you get two auto-ship customers, you Thrive for free. I didn’t like that because I don’t have time to promote and the products are $174/mo if you don’t promote. Anyway, I tried to go back on it because my experience was good the first time but I did not get the same results. Also, they put out a 10 day detox program that I tried. I had incredible gastrointestinal problems at day 6. I posted about it asking for advice in their Facebook group. The moderator would not approve my post so I became suspicious at that point. They didn’t decline the post either like most groups will and then give an explanation as to why it was not appropriate for the group or what rule was broken. I posted another post that never got approved and so I was done. I sent them a final post stating that if the products were not able to stand up to honest questions, I did not want to put them in my body anymore. I left the group and cancelled my auto-ship. I feel that there is something dishonest about the whole Thrive thing, like their promoters are taught what to say, what not to say, even what to allow on their Facebook page and what not to allow. Aside from that, there was a time when I never received my autoship order. I contacted them and after several attempts and explanations they investigated (which took 3 weeks) and said it was a post office issue. They had my $174 for two months and I had no products. Finally, they refunded the cost of the product but they did not refund the $12 in shipping that I paid. I paid $12 for their mistake. That’s bad business. I don’t trust them or their products.

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