PGX Daily Review: Does it Work?

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What is it?

PGX Daily is a weight loss diet pill made to reduce appetite, promote fullness, and regulate blood sugar. It’s made up of a proprietary ingredient and an extract of coconut oil.

There are no added stimulants, and it’s used to help reduce 60% of the glycemic response when taken with meals. The intended effect is a slow absorption of water in the stomach to promote fullness. The capsules are called “Ultra Matrix”, and they’re made to provide fast and long lasting effects. This review will highlight customer reviews, the kinds of possible side effects, and whether or not it truly has a weight loss effect. To see which diet pills were ranked in the top 10 list, click here.

PGX Daily Ingredients and Side Effects
PGX (PolyGlycopleX)  Konjac-mannan (root), Sodium Alginate, Xanthan Gum Medium Chain Triglycerides (from purified coconut oil) Gelatin Glycerin
Purified Water Annatto Carob Yellow Beeswax
Soy Lecithin.

PGX (PolyGlycopleX) Konjac-mannan (root), Sodium Alginate, and Xanthan Gum:A patented blend of 3 ingredients meant to slow digestion, promote satiety, and control blood sugar.

Xanthan gum is a common thickener found in processed foods. With a bit of water, it expands to a much greater size. It can be extracted from common allergens such as soy, wheat, dairy, and corn. It’s unknown where the makers of PGX Daily source their Xanthan Gum from.  It can lead to side effects including:

  • Bloating, gas, and indigestion.
  • Stomach cramps, diarrhea, and loose stools.

Sodium Alginate is an extract from brown seaweed used to bind and thicken ingredients. It is also added to help lower cholesterol.  Web MD has questioned its safety:

“the safety of larger medical amounts is not known”

The final ingredient is Konjac-mannan, a plant which has extracts in it that are used to thicken and gel ingredients, as well as provide a fiber source to treat constipation. Web MD mentions:

“can sometimes cause blockages of the throat or intestines”

It’s often advised to make sure to drink enough water with this, in order to help aid digestion and prevent choking. Other possible side effects may include:

  • Flatulence, loose stools, and diarrhea.
  • Bloating, low blood sugar, and stomach cramps. also adds:

“has been investigated for its effects on weight reduction…cholesterol… there is a lack ofadequately sized clinical trials to support these uses”

A study by the Rush University Medical Center showed:

“did not promote weight loss in overweight and moderately obese individuals”

A meta-analysis on this ingredient showed it did not promote any statistically significant weight loss. This kind of review is considered one of the most up to date scientific trials.

The FTC has also warned companies who make false weight loss claims about this ingredient. Both the FDA and FTC conclude that there is no evidence that this ingredient can help with weight loss. Health Canada also adds:

“a potential for harm if taken without at least 250 ml or 8 ounces of water or other fluid”

This is why the makers of PGX Daily advise to get enough fluids when supplementing.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (from purified coconut oil):  Fats extracted from coconut oils meant to decrease body fat while retaining lean muscle mass. It can promote:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and stomach issues.
  • Gas, essential fatty acid loss, and diarrhea.

Many other possible side effects may result. It often makes people need to use the bathroom immediately after ingestion.

Though it is used for weight loss, studies on this have been mixed.The list provided here has the top 10 ranked diet pills that have effective weight loss ingredients.

 PGX Daily Quality of Ingredients

PGX DailyThe proprietary ingredient is made up of cheap ingredients that are either added to processed foods as a cheap thickener, or they are often found in other weight loss diet pills.

The key active ingredient for weight loss is Konjac-mannan, which is a fiber source that requires a lot of water. It’s not yet proven to help with weight loss according to clinical studies. It may also lead to side effects. The website for PGX Daily adds:

“As your body acclimates to PGX, it’s possible to experience some intestinal discomfort”

This was a common concern for users, as many customers have had to deal with side effects. There’s also no money back guarantee offered for PGX Daily. The quality of ingredients is poor as it’s mostly a blend of common additives which may cause unwanted side effects.  Unbiased studies into the ingredients have now shown any weight loss benefits. Discover which diet pills made it to the top 10 list by clicking the link here.

The Price and Quality of PGX Daily

No sales are offered from the official website, though they offer a map which shows the nearest retail locations. A 120 count bottle sells for $29.96 on At the advised up to 6 pills per meal, 18 pills total can be used a day. This means each bottle lasts 3.3 days, and can be broken down to a daily cost of $8.99.

This is a much higher than average dosing amount than any other diet pill supplements. It’s also expensive to use, considering there’s only 2 active ingredients, a proprietary blend and fatty acids. These additives can be sourced for cheaper elsewhere, though since it’s not proven effective for weight loss; it’s not a very good quality blend.

None of these ingredients have been considered effective for weight loss according to studies by Web MD and other health organizations. The consensus is that it’s either possible to produce side effects, or that it’s yet to be proven to promote weight loss. For the ingredients used the price for this is high.

Nothing in this formula has been shown to be significant. It’s essentially a blend of fiber sources with an added extracted fat ingredient.  There’s a potentially harmful choking and blockage effect which may result in the intestines and throat.

The top 10 list has the top ranked diet pill supplements.

 Business of PGX Daily

The owners are InovoBiologic Inc. They can be contacted via the following:

Phone Number: (800) 916-1650

Email: [email protected]

They did run studies on the key active ingredient, however, the official report states:

“All authors havea financial relationship with the sponsor of the study, InovoBiologic, Inc.”

Therefore, it’s a biased study which may not be accurate.  There’s also no money back return policy offered. The official website for PGX Daily only offered an email as well. The contact information had to be found on another website. Featured via the link here is  the top ranking diet pills out now.

Customer Opinions of PGX Daily

A total of 66 negative reviews are available on their page. Here are some direct quotes from users:

“It upsets my stomach so much… and it is just not doing anything for me”

“I get this horrible stomach pain that lasts about 24 hours. It’s too painful. I can’t take these”

“This didn’t do anything for my appetite but just made me go to the bathroom and my stomach cramp”

“stomach pain persisted for five days until I finallyended up in the emergency room where I was admitted with an ileus, an intestinal obstruction”

Not only did many users fail to see any weight loss benefit or appetite reduction, but there were also issues with severe side effects. One person was hospitalized, and others mention there were extreme symptoms.

The kinds of side effects experienced include nausea, bloating, diarrhea, frequent bathroom usage, stomach pain, dehydration, and stomach cramping.

Those who didn’t lose weight often mention they included diet and exercise, and took the pills according to the suggested usage. Customers commonly either had no change at all, or they had to deal with symptoms that made it impossible to function.

One common complaint was of stomach related symptoms such as increased bathroom usage. People also felt that it was extremely difficult to have to take upwards of 6 pills per meal. Issues were also had with the size of each capsule, some hard trouble swallowing.

The top 10 list features the best diet pill supplements available now.

How Does PGX Daily Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • PGX Daily
  • 45 /100
Conclusion – Does PGX Daily Work?

Before considering PGX Daily it’s important to look at customer reviews, the kinds of ingredients added, and the company policies. Additives like xanthan gum, sodium alginate, and Konjac-mannan are found in many other diet pills. These ingredients are cheap to add, and they may lead to side effects. No money back return is offered, and there have been many customers who experienced harsh side effects. One person was even hospitalized due to blockages caused by this heavy fiber blend. PGX Daily also requires up to 18 pills a day for it to be effective, though results are not guaranteed.

The 2024 top ranking diet pill of the year is called Sletrokor. It has only plant based extracts with no added fillers, stimulants, binders, or preservatives. The intended effects are appetite suppression, improved mood, metabolism boosting, increased calorie burning, better digestion, and other benefits. Customers have left great testimonials showing potent weight loss benefits.

You can try Sletrokor risk free for a total of 30 days. Their money back return policy is offered with no questions asked. To learn even more about Sletrokor, click the link here.

8 Responses to PGX Daily Review

Altha K. says:

My friend don’t like this product, their pill is shady! I had an awful effect to this shady pill with upset digestive system and had a chellenge getting money back.

mikemotorbike says:

it was alright for me, i used the shake. follow the directions/have enough water! maybe the emergency woman was dehydrated, trying to loose weight to fit into that dress for the big date! I’m a man, so no worries there(so far ;-). PGX might work for you. if it does, great. Give it a try!

btw, men like women with a little meat on their bones.

Stacey says:

who says women are losing weight for men???

Kay says:

This pill had me in a mess! I was almost hospitalized. I will not take another one ever. I was puking and had diarrhea at the same time. I don’t know if my digestive system is permanently damage or not.

Kay says:

Thank you

Tyler Bowman says:

Do not take this supplement! I had been taking PGX for almost a year with little problems and because I understood the connection between insulin levels and weight management saw the supplement as something beneficial. I had been buying the pills from Costco and one day while at the pharmacy picked up the powdered packages which I would slip into my smoothie after the gym. One day after a couple occasions taking this version I felt an extreme pang of pain in my abdominals and thought nothing much of it until the next morning when I woke up and had to go to the emergency room. I was immediately put on fentynal after the doctor saw that I had an obstruction in my bowel (it had looped up similar to a pretzel). Later on that evening I went in for an emergency surgery and spent 5 days in the hospital! It was a nightmare and now 9 months after I am now in need of Plastic Surgery to correct the scaring disfigurement on my abdominal region. I reached out to Heath Canada and heard very little back. I am dealing with the after effects which have caused permanent damage from taking PGX. My only choice is now to try and file a lawsuit in hopes that I can eventually pay for the 10 000$ corrective surgery required to repair my stomach and abdominal area.

Tyler Bowmam says:

I suffered Colon Blockage from using this product. It required both an emergency surgery and 4 days of hospitalization. Now a year after, I have seen a surgeon who advised me that I require further surgery to correct the scaring which occurred from the initial surgery. I followed the indications of the requirements of water consumption and even more. Best to avoid this product.

Victoria says:

This product is horrible for those of us who rely on daily hydrocortisone to live (Addison’s disease/Adrenal insufficiency). For starters it interferes with the adsorption of hydrocortisone, as we are required to take it multiple times a day and secondly you can’t drink enough water to stay hydrated, maybe with huge quantities of salt added to the diet. I was heading into adrenal crisis, because of this stuff, and I will not end up dying by a so called off the shelf, benign weight management pill. This is not a safe product for those of us with a rare condition. Very nasty!

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