Superfruit Slim Review: Does it Work?

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What is it?

Superfruit Slim is a weight loss supplement claiming to be the #1 Superfruit formula for clinically proven weight loss. It promises to be free from side effects, and it’s said to have helped thousands lose weight.

This brand uses a combination of antioxidants fruits like acai berry for increased cardiovascular health, as well as providing steady fat burning. It also combines green tea and caffeine for an increased metabolism. The company does mention that the amount of weight you can lose depends on your current fat levels, and they offer no exact figures.

Will this brand truly provide results? What kind of value do superfruits have, if any? This comprehensive review has all the information you need to know.

Superfruit Slim Ingredients and Side Effects 
Acai Berry Extract African Mango Extract Green Tea Extract Caffeine 100 mg Panax Ginseng
CoEnzyme Q10 Black Pepper Extract Veggie Capsules Magnesium Stearate

 Acai Berry Extract: A purple antioxidant rich fruit found in Central and South America.

The registered dietician David Grotto mentions:

“there is nothing magical about the fruit to cause weight loss” 

Though this ingredient does have antioxidants, it’s unknown how many are included in this formula. Usually when processing ingredients like these, it can reduce the amount of antioxidants.

Also, acai tends to be higher in Omega 6 fatty acids than Omega 3’s. For many American’s there’s already too much Omega 6, excess intake can lead to side effects that include:

  • Inflammation.
  • Increased risk for diseases.
  • Obesity.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome and inflamed bowel disease.
  • Autoimmune diseases.

Green Tea Extract: A common tea that is used due to its antioxidants and caffeine content. Though it’s often used for weight loss, mentions:

“Any fat burning benefits are depend on being caffeine naive” 

The only reason for fat loss would be due to the caffeine, which as you’ll see from the next description, is not a long-term solution and it can be potentially damaging.

Caffeine 100 mg: This common stimulant is often added to weight loss supplements due to its cheap price. It’s a stimulant that has a slight metabolism boosting effect. However, long-term use of this ingredient makes it lose much of its benefits.

When supplementing with caffeine, much of its benefits are reduced to just sleep loss when used often.

Caffeine can also cause unwanted side effects:

  • Headaches, brain fog, and mood swings.
  • Insomnia, fatigue, and inability to relax.
  • Rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and low blood sugar.
  • Restlessness and feelings of anxiety.
  • Jitters, muscle twitching, and spasms. 

The problem with this ingredient is that it’s potentially far too damaging to keep using it repeatedly. It can also be replaced with things like coffee, tea, or chocolate.

Caffeine is not advised to be taken at certain times of the day. It can cause sleep disturbances and withdrawal symptoms. It also has to be cycled in order for it to be used by the body correctly. Otherwise, you can increase the risk for the listed side effects.

Panax Ginseng: An ancient herbal medicine originally founded in Asia. It’s used to promote mental health, and it’s claimed to increase energy.

Though according to the University of Maryland Medical Center:

“Results have been mixed” 

Taking this ingredient has been shown to cause side effects including:

  • Insomnia.
  • Hormone like effects.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Headaches dizziness, and mood changes.
  • Itching, rash, and other side effects. 

Several other issues can arise, and health groups do not recommend long-term use. This is because it can raise the risk for side effects. 

CoEnzyme Q10: Important molecule in the body that produces energy. Though extra supplementation is often not needed, since it’s made in sufficient amounts. also adds:

“There is no evidence that COQ10 improves life expectancy or is able to induce fat loss or muscle tissue growth” 

It can also lead to side effects such as:

  • Low blood sugar and low blood pressure.
  • Nausea and upset stomach.
  • Negative interactions with medications. 

The use of this ingredient is seen as unnecessary. Though it’s useful to the body in its natural form, through supplements it has no weight loss benefit.

Superfruit Slim Quality Of Ingredients 

superfruit-slimThere are useful ingredients like African Mango that have been shown to boost metabolism. Also, black pepper extract does help other ingredients absorb better.

The problem lies with the lack of weight loss benefits seen in CoEnzyme Q10, acai, and green tea. Studies have shown that neither of these ingredients have any metabolism boosting or fat burning effects. The only reason why green tea might have a slight effect is due to the caffeine.

Also, caffeine is only a short-term fix that can cause side effects. So 5 out of the 7 active ingredients are either not beneficial, or they can cause side effects.

The Price and Quality of Superfruit Slim 

One bottle promising 3 to 10 pounds of weight loss sells for $64.99 for a month long supply with shipping and handling.

The company offers a return if you contact them within 30 days. Though this is only if you provide all the information:

  • Return only one opened bottle.
  • Pay a “small handling fee”. Though it’s unknown how much this would be in total.

Overall, since 5 out of 7 of the ingredients have not been proven to provide real sustained weight loss, it’s not the best quality.

It’s good that the company adds African mango since it’s one of the true beneficial ingredients that can provide sustained results. But for the price, you’d be better off finding a cheaper and more well rounded supplement.

Business of Superfruit Slim 

The owners are Optimum Nutra Inc, and on their official website they offer the following contact details:

Email: [email protected]

They also provide a contact form where you can send messages, and they claim to have a 24-hour support desk. Though they fail to offer their address or phone number.

The company has an official website for this brand and their own company, but there weren’t any reviews about how the company works. No information is available on if their money back return is any good, or if they are fair to customers.

This isn’t a good sign, as it’s important to make sure the company you’re dealing with has been rated.

Featured on the official website is:

“Science Behind Superfruit Slim” 

They add 3 studies for acai, green tea and caffeine mixed, and African mango. Though they never publish who ran these studies, or where one could view the full results. They also fail to mention what they used as a placebo. This makes it impossible to judge whether or not these are unbiased clinical studies.

Not much can be discovered about this company at all. They are hidden about the information they release, and there isn’t much discussion about how well they handle their customer service.

Customer Opinions of Superfruit Slim 

There’s very few reviews featured online. One blog was available that gave this a favorable review, but the person reviewing it admitted they were paid to feature this supplement.

Only one website actually had unbiased reviews, here’s what customers had to say:

“it actually increased my cravings and made me agitated” 

“There is no energy boost or focus boost” 

“Don’t waste your money… not lost so much as a pound” 

“Really wish I could get a refund” 

Though there are only a few real reviews available, they’re all extremely negative. There’s no mention as to whether or not these people could secure a refund either. The small amount of people who tried Superfruit Slim didn’t find it to be effective at all. No one remarked on how they lost any weight.

The lack of reviews online is not a good sign. It’s important to make sure several other people have benefited and not experienced side effects. Otherwise you’d be using an unknown supplement.

Judging from the 5 reviews available online however, this supplement has not performed well.

How Does Superfruit Slim Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Superfruit Slim
  • 26 /100
Conclusion – Does Superfruit Slim Work? 

Before considering Superfruit Slim keep in mind some important facts. The company fails to provide an address or phone number, and the few customer reviews available are extremely negative.

It does have a great website and they do have some unique ingredients that make it stand out. However, due to the lack of positive customer reviews, and the use of the unnecessary stimulant caffeine, it’s not the very best weight loss supplement.

If your goal is to lose weight safely and quickly, then you’ll find great success from using a supplement backed by clinically studied ingredients. One of the best supplements we’ve seen in 2024 is Sletrokor.
Their proprietary formula is not only made with all natural ingredients, but these ingredients have been shown through scientific research to be effective. That’s why so many customers have given it rave reviews. Best of all, there’s no unwanted filler additives that can be damaging or ineffective towards weight loss.

The makers of Sletrokor are certain their product works, and that’s why it’s backed by a great money back guarantee.

32 Responses to Superfruit Slim Review

Francis B. says:

Don’t waste your money. Superfruit Slim does not work as advertized

Lexxie says:

With too many useless and false slimming products out there, It’s easy to be skeptical, but Superfruit Slim isn’t one of them. It works as advertised. I can’t wait to flaunt my new curvy looks on my social media page in a few weeks’ time.

Simpson W says:

I do not like to be scammed!!! Superfruit Slim is a fake!

Victor says:

What would you expect from a pill that makes you go the extra mile during exercises? No comment.

Paul says:

Placebo!!! That’s all these folks sell, and Superfruit Slim just happens to be one of them. Paul

T. T says:

Worst weight-loss experience ever. I can’t believe that I’ve been scammed again!

Kelly says:

The product did not work as expected, totally not worth it. Not Recommended!!

Ronald W says:

No weight loss! I practically wasted my time and money.

Lara says:

All I can say is that Superfruit Slim is effective, and there are no side effects.

Melissa says:

Complete waste of time and money! Made no difference; no increased levels of energy, no weight loss. Your money is better off in your wallet.

Dan says:

Tried it and even exercised and dieted, yet it seemed to not have any effect. Waste of money

Wilson says:

I did not notice any change. Maybe I’m way too oversized for it to work.

Jane D says:

No magic pill, but that’s what it would take, I suppose because I don’t take pills as directed.

Loreta P. says:

I think the efficacy of these pills all depends on you is taking what. Superfruit Slim worked pretty well for me, but wasn’t quite as effective for my sisters.

Maria says:

I use Superfruit Slim along with another one. The blend is amazing! No jitters or restlessness.

Fisk says:

Too bad it didn’t work for me as hoped, but I did feel great with energy.

Teresa says:

Not as expected, totally not worth it. It made me feel unnecessarily alert

Franklin T says:

Superfruit Slim does is not as effective, and is a total waste of money!

F. Oliver says:

I wonder if any other person is adding something else to their usage. It’s been two weeks already I’m yet to lose the second pound. Now I’m beginning to wonder whether I had really lost a pound in the first place; maybe it was just a defect from the scale or something.

Solomon D. says:

Does not work! I exercise every single day of the week and try to cut down on my calorie intake; still waiting for the first pound to come off. I’ve been at it for about a month now.

Terry says:

I’ve taken it for 2 weeks and still want to eat. It also did nothing to make me energized. I’ll keep taking them and if I feel differently, I’ll re-post, but, right now, I feel Superfruit Slim was a waste of money.

Wisdom says:

Due to my health condition, my doctor put me on a 1000 calorie diet a day, and I’ve been exercising thrice a week. I feel frustrated because I’ve only lost 3 lbs after two weeks. I bought Superfruit Slim thinking it would help, rather, it did nothing for me and I will not be buying more

M. K says:

I dieted pretty hard while using these pills, and didn’t really see any true benefit of this product; It neither reduced my food cravings nor ramp up my metabolism.

Loressa G says:

Didn’t lose one pound, didn’t see any changes in my body. Didn’t work for me, so I have to look for something else..

Majid says:

The first day, I noticed an increase in energy after feeling lethargic for weeks. It helps with appetite suppression. Just started using so I have not noticed any weight loss. Works great for energy. Will purchase again.

J. J says:

Obviously everybody is different, but this product did virtually nothing for me. I hope it works for others, but as for me, that just wasn’t the case

Alex Cole says:

No weight-loss observed! Such products should not be allowed to remain in the market. Pure lies!

Peterson says:

Superfruit Slim makes you feel agitated and restless. The product does not work as advertised.

Valeri says:

My duration of workouts significantly increased while using this product. I also experienced reduced/control cravings for food. What stunned me the most was the gradual manner the weight dissipated; 3 lbs the first week, 4 lbs the second, and before I knew it I had lost 21 lbs within the space of two months! I strongly recommend this product.

Coleman P says:

I mean no offense, but I wonder what other kind of weight loss pills would work for anyone who claims that Superfruit Slim is either a fake or its noneffective. Perhaps, it’s the body system that’s refusing to comply with such an outstanding weight loss product. It worked wonders in my mom; now she looks smarter and less flabby. Superfruit Slim works as advertised. Highly recommended!

E .T says:

Keep your eyes open and don’t get tricked into believing a lie! All it does is to reduce your appetite and raise your energy levels. You don’t need a Superfruit Slim to accomplish that.

Mary S. T says:

A friend was scheduled for surgery but needed to shed off some weight for precautionary reasons. Superfruit Slim worked the miracle; helping to shed 16 lbs in less than a month! Great product!!

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