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MealEnders is a weight loss nutritional supplement made to sustain hunger after one finishes a meal. It’s provided as a lozenge that targets a response in the body to trick it into thinking enough food has been consumed.

It was popularized by the reality TV show Shark Tank where it was favorited for being a marketable idea. By working with the body to change how your mind perceives fullness, you can limit the amount of calories you ingest. This can prevent mindless snacking and overeating. It provides a cooling sensation which stimulates nerves to signal the end of a meal, and it prides a sweet taste similar to dessert for the same kind of effect.

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Different flavors are offered including citrus, chocolate mint, mocha, and cinnamon. There’s a slight difference in the ingredients but they all offer 15 calories. 2 grams of carbohydrates from sugar, and 5 calories derived from fat.  No vitamins or minerals are added.

The cinnamon flavor has the following ingredients:

Sugar Palm Kernel Oil Nonfat Dry Milk Solids Whole Milk Solids Ground Cinnamon
Soy Lecithin Salt Corn Syrup Artificial Flavors Citric Acid
Natural Flavors

Palm Kernel Oil: A vegetable oil which is rich in saturated fats. This has a high rate of fatty acids; it’s stable and likely to keep from spoiling. You’ll often find it in place of other oils since it is likely to remain stable and it has a long shelf life.

There has been controversy over the use of this as it is often extracted in environmentally unfriendly ways.

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Nonfat Dry Milk Solids: A processed form of milk which is stripped of most of its moisture and fat. It preserves well and can be added to foods to give it a slightly sweet taste. This is likely to remain unspoiled since it is heavily processed and stripped of many of its compounds.

Corn Syrup: A cheap and common sweetener made from refined corn. It is a thick molasses like sweetener that can retain moisture and preserve the freshness of whatever it is encased in.

It is 100% glucose, an easy to absorb form of sugar which the body can use as a fast acting fuel. Excess amounts of glucose can promote metabolism disorders and weight gain. It can also lead to tooth decay especially when one chews on food that has corn syrup in it.

Artificial Flavors: This can come from many different sources, and it’s used in place of natural flavors in order so that it does not change over time. It can consistently give a unique flavor. The FDA does not require companies to mention where they source this from, though it can be extracted from common allergens.

Sugar: Standard table sugar which is cheap to source and refined in order to strip it of most of its vitamins and minerals. This process allows it to be shelf stable so it does not spoil. Sugar has zero nutritional value and it is often not recommended for anyone looking to lose weight.

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The most shocking thing about these lozenges is the fact that they use many processed ingredients which are not recommended as part of a healthy diet.  Sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors, and stabilizers are added. This can be pleasant to taste but it’s not going to help burn fat, improve metabolism, or effect weight loss like a true supplement will. Triggering the taste buds with sugar can sometimes increase hunger instead of preventing it.

It’s unclear why the company says otherwise, it may trick one into thinking you’re getting a dessert, but as many consumers know, this may stimulate one to want to eat even more food. Sugar has no nutritional value and when overconsumed it can cause metabolic disorders and heart complications.

Even though it’s only 2 grams of sugar per serving, it’s still questionable as to why one should be eating these kinds of ingredients. You’d be hard pressed to find a dietician that would recommend one eat some of these additives for its claimed weight loss support.

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When purchased direct a solo pack offers 25 pieces for $16.95. Because MealEnders relies on so many cheap additives have never been used for weight loss support, it’s surprising to see how the marketing claims it can prevent hunger.

Sugar is best avoided on a diet, and this formula relies on a blend of processed sweeteners. It’s best to avoid artificial flavors as well since they can be sourced from many common allergens.

The rest of the ingredients are either stabilizers or they provide a unique taste to these lozenges.  It’s rare that any weight loss brand will be primarily for flavor and sweetness, as opposed to any targeted fat loss. These may be tasty and good after a meal, but the science is lacking on whether or not it would actually lead to appetite suppression.

The claimed psychological trick that happens after using this sounds impressive and science based, but sugar can actually increase hunger instead of suppressing it.  The FAQ section says that there is science to support this and while they explain it in simple terms, no actual studies are provided.

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MealEnders is a product of the Willpower Labs, Inc. company. To contact them direct you can use the following:

Phone Number: 1-866-449-9679

Address: 38 Keyes Ave Suite 116

San Francisco, CA 94129

Email: [email protected]

Returns are offered for a 30 day period as long as one returns the unused portions back. At this time there is limited information on the company. No complaints have been mentioned about their practices, so at this time they appear to be reputable.

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The vast majority of reviews were negative due to the lack of weight loss support. Several customers were underwhelmed, and it was commonly described as a simple sugary treat:

“Not a fan of the taste and it did nothing t prevent hunger”

“I enjoyed it but it didn’t do anything for me”

“No dulling of my appetite, in fact it actually made me a lot hungrier”

“I liked the tingling but the taste of the chocolate was so bad I could not eat it. Kind of tasted like burn herbs or something… Too expensive as well”

The majority consensus was negative with 223 reviews on that complained about its taste and lack of benefits. One reoccurring issue which our review team saw was the sudden increase of hunger, since it does rely on sugar.

The cooling effect that is claimed to prevent appetite was also seen as a negative by some consumers. It caused an uncomfortable sensation on the roof of some user’s mouths, which forced some to stop supplementation.

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How Does MealEnders Compare?
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  • Contains No Coffee
  • MealEnders
  • 38 /100

This nutritional aid is questionable due to its additives. If you were unaware as to what it was intended for, you would think it’s a run of the mill candy. There are no ingredients in this which have shown the ability to increase metabolism, burn fat, or suppress appetite. Yet the official websites claims it can promote satiety, and that you’ll be able to eat less from it. Consumers would do better by avoiding the cheap additives used in this, and for the cost value offered, it’s quite expensive. Most users said that they failed to notice any improvement in weight loss as well.

Our pick for the best weight loss supplement of the year was easily awarded to Sletrokor. It fit all the essential criteria for what a well-rounded weight loss pill should offer. There are many ingredients added to it and when combined it helps to reduce appetite, burn fat, increase metabolism, and all without the use of cheap additives.

Consumers were also pleased with their consistent weight loss results they saw on the scales. We also found that the company was reliable and they even make it in a FDA approved facility. Read more on what Sletrokor can offer for weight loss support by looking at their official website provided in this link.

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Phyllis Brannagan says:

Question: did anyone experience intestinal distress? I used one lozenge after dinner and one before bed, woke up with diarrhea. Any connection?

Jodi Smith says:

I’ve been using MealEnders for about a week(Chocolate Mint flavor).. And I have lost 9 lbs. with it. When the bag is gone, I plan on purchasing it again.

Carmen says:

What are the side effects?

Edward says:

It’s good for stopping you from becoming a fat ass

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