Bisou Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Bisou Eye Serum is a moisturizing eye cream that claims to reduce bags and dark circles with use. The official page claims the product works to enhance elasticity and firm up loose skin.

Bisou Eye Serum is formulated with vitamin C and collagen—though we don’t know the full ingredient list. According to the website, these ingredients work together to fight free radical damage and restore structure to the area.

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Bisou Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

The makers of Bisou Eye Serum have not opted not to include an official ingredient label anywhere on their webpage, nor anywhere else on the web.:

Vitamin C Collagen

 Vitamin C: Vitamin C, when used topically may help reduce damage caused by sun, free radicals and other environmental stressors. It’s a potent antiaging ingredient that works to stimulate collagen production and support elastin.

While vitamin C is also an essential ingredient for inside the body, much of what we eat doesn’t actually make it to the skin.

Collagen: Collagen is a type of protein found in the body that supports the structure and firmness of joints, cartilage, organs and skin. We start to lose collagen as we age, but can supplement this loss by with topical application.

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Bisou Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Bisou Eye Serum, unfortunately appears to be made by a company that has set up a website in order to trap users in a free trial scam.

The ingredients we outlined above correspond with what was mentioned in the web copy on the official website for this product. Unfortunately, based on the site content, broken links and the similarities this product shares with several others labeled as scams, we can’t be sure this Bisou Eye Serum has accurately represented the ingredients.

If the formula is accurate, it’s missing a few things needed to make this a truly effective eye cream. Collagen and vitamin C both do their part to provide key antiaging benefits, but there’s no hydrating ingredients in the mix that make this product worthwhile—i.e. things like hyaluronic acid, jojoba or rose hip seed oil, and so on.

Additionally, we don’t know if this product contains any dyes, common allergens, ingredients like parabens or sulfates or if collagen and vitamin C are even present in the blend.

We don’t recommend buying from any company that fails to disclose their ingredient profile, pricing or other vital pieces of information.

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The Price and Quality of Bisou Eye Serum

Bisou Eye Serum does not showcase any pricing information on their website, a major red flag when it comes to making purchases online.

Instead, users are invited to enter their contact details and credit card information, to pay for a nominal shipping charge linked to a free trial offer.

We don’t know for sure how much this item typically sells for, but we’ve come across a few blog entries stating the company charges somewhere around $89 every 30 days for their automatic shipment subscription.

Bisou Eye Serum is rather expensive, even at the current Amazon price. But, it’s worth noting that it contains some effective active ingredients and consumers do really seem to love this product.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

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Business of Bisou Eye Serum

Bisou Eye Serum is made by a company who does not disclose any information about where they are located, how to get in touch with someone or even the name of the business.

We do know that whomever is behind this scheme has made a series of identical pages for similar products—Avalure, Amore, Sereno and more—all using the same web copy and calls to action.

Bisou Eye Serum has its own webpage, but it looks like it’s a bit outdated and is certainly not secured—meaning, this business is not legally equipped to function as an e-commerce platform. Buyers should never provide credit card information through an unsecured channel.

The website mentions that the product has undergone a series of studies, complete with graphics and bogus data that doesn’t link to any legitimate research.

These so-called studies are cited on the other copycat sites, without changing the falsified data.

We could go on and on about the lack of detail provided by the company responsible for Bisou Eye Serum. The bottom line is, there are countless products available both at this price point and far below, made by legitimate companies with functional websites and transparent business practices.

Stay far away from this company, or any other skincare free trial offer that fails to provide basic information.

Customer Opinions of Bisou Eye Serum

While it’s unclear where one can actually purchase this product, we were able to track down many women who had tried Bisou Eye Cream.

Unfortunately, the fact that this company engages in shady business practices overshadows much of the conversation about the efficacy of the product and whether or not it is safe for use.

Here are some of the comments we found:

“I feel like a sucker. I ordered samples of Bisou Eye Serum and the Skin Cream and was immediately charged $95 the items—they don’t moisturize at all, much less tackle wrinkles and fine lines. Garbage.”

“I got sucked into this scam after claiming a free gift from Kohl’s in exchange for completing a survey. All I had to do was pay for shipping. I selected the Bisou item and was subsequently billed for $95.”

“It actually works. I’ve had a yeast infection for nearly three years and I was skeptical that I would ever be rid of this terrible fate. I will continue to buy this product for the foreseeable future.”

“Ordered the free trial like everyone else and immediately tried to cancel the order. The product seemed to be of poor quality. When I spoke with the rep, I was told too bad, can’t help with the charge.”

All the reviews we came across mentioned that this product was a scam, through and through. Nearly all past consumers gave this product a one-star rating, claiming it didn’t work, and that they were tricked into recurring charges for the serum.

Beyond the fact that the website has lured people into this scam, it seems they are intercepting customers en route to other websites like Kohl’s and Walmart—claiming they can receive a free product in exchange for completing a quick survey. All that is required is a $3-4 shipping and handling charge.

Based on the reviews, it’s clear that Bisou Eye Serum doesn’t do anything to treat crow’s feet, wrinkles or even provide moisture.

Our recommendation is to avoid this product at all costs.

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Conclusion – Does Bisou Eye Serum Work?

Bisou Eye Serum is simply the latest entry in a line of sham-beauty product offers. We don’t know what this product is made from, if it contains harmful additives, or if any active ingredients are present in the blend.

The website is barely functional and is copied and pasted from several other skin cream sites offering free samples in exchange for credit card information.

Even worse, there were reports from people who were tricked into paying for shipping on a “free gift” after taking a survey for the department store, Kohl’s.

Bisou Eye Serum was created simply to take advantage of people. There are easily dozens of similar products out there designed for the purpose of scamming people out of $89 a month, until they manage to either cancel their credit card or get in touch with this elusive company.

There’s no reason for anyone to purchase this product, as those seeking a product containing collagen and vitamin C have a whole range of products at their disposal — everywhere from the drug store to higher end skin care brands.

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2 Responses to Bisou Eye Serum Review

monika max says:

this company charge me 2x 400$ from my credit cards

DeAnn says:

I have used Bisou eye serum. On the add or free gift it is written that you should use it along with the Bisou moisturizer to get full or the best results.
It is made to be a two step process. That is where you get the moisturizer.
I agree they send you a free one time use product then automatically sign you up for the next month. You can cancel but you are stuck with that original payment.
When you call in to reorder it is like a call center. They are representing many companies and you have to tell them which one you want. When you ask to cancel they offer you a percentage off. I have gotten as low as 60% off.
I have liked the product. I use it along with the moisturizer. You article has made me wonder though, is it a scam? It sounds like it the way you represented it. Ummmm

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