Aquavo Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Aquavo Eye Serum is an anti-aging eye solution made to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. This product was meant to be used on a daily basis and may help increase the skin’s elasticity with use.

Aquavo Eye Serum markets itself as a surgery-free solution to aging—claiming that in four weeks, you’ll be wrinkle free, with supple, youthful skin. Though we don’t know what’s included in the ingredient blend, the product focuses on bringing more collagen to the area for a smoother look.

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Aquavo Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

Unfortunately, there is no ingredient list available for Aquavo Eye Serum. This product has a landing page that lists all the many benefits this product aims to provide, but fails to offer anything more than baseless claims.

The web copy mentions the product works to treat and prevent inflammation, erase wrinkles and function as a stand-in for plastic surgery or Botox injections, without stating how, exactly this product accomplishes these goals.

The website offers users a video that explains the effects of aging on the skin, and reiterates countless times that Aquavo will make you look younger in 4 weeks.

The only ingredient present is “whole collagen molecules.” We’re not entirely sure this is, in fact true, as collagen molecules are quite large and cannot penetrate deep into the skin.

Instead, many products seek to stimulate collagen production—whether through peptides or vitamin C, or other antioxidant-rich ingredients. These ingredients can really get into the deeper layers for some more meaningful results.

Applying collagen to the face is known to be a fruitless effort and more marketing scheme than active ingredient. Plus, there’s not enough information available regarding any other items included in this blend.

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Aquavo Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Aquavo Eye Serum could be made from anything. As we’ve stated in the above section, the only evidence of an active ingredient was the passing mention of whole collagen molecules in the web copy.

Again, whole collagen molecules are huge—the website says this is a benefit, but it’s really not. With collagen, it’s better to use prevention methods like sun protection and the right creams and serums. Collagen supplements might help, but it’s long been known that topical application is kind of a waste of money and sounds better than it actually is.

Our recommendation is to seek out a collagen-boosting eye cream. Peptides are known for their ability to stimulate collagen production, as are antioxidants—smaller molecules can more readily get into the skin and help reverse some of the signs of aging.

The lack of ingredients posted on the site feels like a red flag to us. It’s hard to trust a product that isn’t advertised alongside an ingredient label, or at the very least, a

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The Price and Quality of Aquavo Eye Serum

Aquavo Eye Serum is not available for sale through the official websites, nor is it offered on any of the major platforms like Sephora, Ulta, or Amazon.

Instead, users are invited through YouTube videos and Facebook ads to visit one of several landing pages, where you can sign up for a free trial offer.

The free trial requires that you pay a small shipping fee in exchange for a 30-day supply of the serum, and from there, are automatically enrolled in a monthly billing cycle that is quite hard to get out of.

What more is, these types of schemes generally cost consumers about $90 a month—a sum not unheard of for certain eye creams, but somewhat unreasonable for a product with no brand, no ingredient list, and no customer loyalty.

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Business of Aquavo Eye Serum

Aquavo Eye Serum is made by a company that clearly does not want to be found. The makers of this product have set up a few different landing pages designed to capture credit card and shipping information from users that sign up for a free trial offer.

Aquavo Eye Serum has few reviews listed anywhere on the web. The product is not available through Amazon or Sephora—good resources for people who like reading reviews before they buy—and the makers of this product have failed to set up a proper e-commerce channel that builds trust with consumers.

As mentioned above, the site fails to offer an ingredient list or a pricing structure, instead inviting users to sign up for a risk free trial. Upon entering shipping and billing information, users may be able to read the fine print, which lays out the terms of the autopay agreement. Most people fail to notice this and get caught up in an ongoing billing cycle they don’t remember authorizing.

Overall, it seems this company has failed to provide a straightforward selling system for potential shoppers, instead, opting to take the easy way out—tricking people into buying a product rather than making a high quality cream users feel comfortable investing in.

Customer Opinions of Aquavo Eye Serum

Aquavo Eye Serum does not have any reviews cataloging its use as an anti-aging product. This eye serum is made by a company that has provided very little information to prospective consumers, and unsurprisingly has not provided a platform where previous buyers can share their thoughts about this product.

This product is market through a few different YouTube videos—though they don’t have many views. Unfortunately, no one has left comments about the product—much less left a comment that touches on whether or not this product works as directed.

The YouTube videos used to market this product are really strange. One consists of a slide show with an oddly robotic voice delivering the Aquavo talking points—“it’s an alternative to surgery,” “no needles required,” “visible and positive results,” and so on.

Based on our look at the marketing materials, as well as the fact that literally no end consumers have shared their opinions on the quality of the product, there is no way we feel comfortable recommending this product to our readers.

Between the pricing, the mystery ingredients and the complete lack of reviews, this product is rife with bad signs. We cannot stress this enough—avoid Aquavo Eye Serum—the potential free trial is not worth the headache of dealing with absent customer service reps and unexpected credit card charges.

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Conclusion – Does Aquavo Eye Serum Work?

Aquavo Eye Serum, unfortunately, follows the same template of several other free trial schemes—there’s the landing page, the missing information, as well as hard-to-find fine print that puts you on the hook for monthly payments of almost $100 per product.

Obviously, this business model is just a form of abuse. Companies get around the legalities of this type of business practice due to arbitration agreements that require minimal fine print informing the consumer that they’re on the hook for a lot more than shipping and handling.

Though it seems like we see this kind of deception all the time, it’s still worth mentioning that Aquavo Eye Serum is made by a company that fails to take consumer best interests to heart. These scams may be legal through some loop hole, but at their very core, they take advantage of people expecting to receive something for free.

And, even without taking this fraudulent behavior into consideration, we still don’t know what this product is actually made from. It could be loaded with filler ingredients, harmful preservatives, we have no idea.

We simply cannot recommend this product to anyone looking for a skin care solution. Most reputable products come with a long list of reviews, as well as a guide to the ingredients and an idea of who the product is designed for.

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