Deravera Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Deravera Eye Cream is an eye cream used to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. Its secondary use is to combat puffiness.

Deravera Eye Cream is made with the proprietary ingredient, Hexa-Bright-3, along with aloe vera and glycerin. The formula brings a brightening and hydrating effect to the table—providing a more awake, youthful appearance with repeated use.

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Deravera Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Deravera Eye Cream doesn’t appear to have an official website. We found a description of the active components on a blog post review; so we don’t know the full extent of what customers are getting when they use this product. That said, here is a quick look at the ingredients we believe to be featured in this blend:

HexaBright-3 Aloe Vera
Hydrolized Wheat

HexaBright-3: HexaBright-3 is an ingredient used to brighten the skin under the eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles with use. Additionally, this ingredient may have some anti-aging elements.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is used to soothe irritated skin, reduce the severity of a sunburn, and speed wound healing. Aloe is used for its high nutrient content—it features amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, all critical for the skin’s overall health. Some people believe that aloe vera may be used to tighten the skin—but the affect is likely temporary.

Hydrolized Wheat: This ingredient is used to counteract damage like wrinkles and fine lines caused by UV damage.

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Deravera Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Deravera Eye Cream does not have much information available backing up its claims. We’re not actually sure where you can buy this product.

The ingredients listed above work to protect the skin against aging by firming and lifting the area around the eye and stimulating new cell growth—or so says the product description we came across.

In general, the formula looks pretty basic—there are a few elements that provide some key benefits to the skin, but there’s nothing there that makes us believe this product is worth seeking out over any competing products.

For one, we don’t actually know if the ingredient list outlined above is actually correct. And if it is—it’s missing a few elements necessary for making this product a reliable anti-aging tool. It doesn’t contain retinol or peptides—which are staples in anti-aging—plus we couldn’t find any information on HexaBright-3—a component the makers of this product claim is a patented ingredient used for dark circles.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Deravera Eye Cream

Deravera Eye Cream does not appear to be sold anywhere at this time. According to some reports, this ingredient was sold for $69.95 per unit—but it looks like this may have been discontinued.

There is so little information about this product available at this time, it may well not exist—so clearly there’s no real way for consumers to buy this item and give it a try for themselves.

At $69.95, Deravera falls on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, if the websites we’ve encountered are to be believed. There’s nothing in the formula that justifies the price—things like green tea and aloe are great ingredients, but they don’t drive prices up in the way that sea minerals or high quality retinol do.

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Business of Deravera Eye Cream

Deravera Eye Cream’s manufacturer is not known. Because there is no website and the product isn’t sold through channels like Amazon or Sephora—there’s no trace of the people responsible for the eye cream.

As you’ll see below—DFLK sometimes intercepts Amazon’s visitors by asking them to take a survey—incentivized with a free gift. Users must pay for shipping and handling to take advantage of the offer—and DFLK takes this information and charges shoppers every month for the product.

As per the BBB’s complaints:

“I’m disappointed with how this company chooses to do business. They advertise a free trial, then 10 days later charge you for the product. You can’t return open product, so I don’t understand how you can try it.”

“I got an email about a Costco survey, saying if I answered the questions, I’d be able to get a free gift set. Now they keep sending me products and charging my card. This is crazy.”

The complaints go on for pages and pages. The information all strikes a familiar tone—consumers were taken advantage of either by voluntarily signing up for a free trial program on the website or by getting tricked by one of the survey scams.

Aside from the offensive customer service practices, this company doesn’t provide website visitors with any information about the product or tell them how much it costs. Rather, they just bank on the fact that people want to get something for nothing—which, is understandably true for most of us.

What’s a little scary about Deravera Eye Cream is, DFLK intercepts users by posing as trusted stores—Costo, Amazon, Walgreens. Never give your information through a pop-up survey like the ones employed by DFLK—the stores we just mentioned, they don’t do this.

Customer Opinions of Deravera Eye Cream

Deravera Eye Cream has very few reviews associated with its use. Amazon has a couple of accounts recorded on the website, and there’s little talk of this product elsewhere.

Unfortunately, that makes evaluating this product a bit more challenging—we don’t know the ratios of any of the ingredients in the mix—it could be mostly water or it could be potent. With that in mind, here are the couple of opinions we were able to uncover during our search:

“I thought I bought this through Amazon—but found I was duped by a scam stating I’d receive a free gift for filling out a survey. All I had to do was pay shipping. Well, now I’m on the hook for $164 a month.”

“As far as the product is concerned, it worked a little—but caused some redness around my eyes as well. Obviously, the small reduction in fine lines is not worth the irritation. Not a good deal.”

“I was allergic to this cream, so I returned it. Followed the directions, yet no refund. After about a month, I contacted the company—and was told my order was closed. There was nothing they could do.”

Most of the comments associated with this product refer to their deceptive business practices. We don’t really know whether this product is any good, but we did see that at least two past users experienced a reaction with use.

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Conclusion – Does Deravera Eye Cream Work?

In the end, we determined that Deravera Eye Cream may as well not exist. We get little hints of this product here and there, but it’s clear that this product hasn’t been in circulation for the past few years.

Should someone be able to track down Deravera Eye Cream, they’ll likely be getting something expired—the last mention we’ve seen from an actual customer was on a forum dating back to 2024. And then, there’s the issue of HexaBright-3. We couldn’t find anything about this ingredient posted online—aside from a few mentions in various blogs. There is nothing from the people behind Deravera themselves, nor the manufacturer of that ingredient.

What’s strange is—it seems like HexaBright-3 is something akin to things like Eyeseryl or Haloxyl—patented elements made by a third-party.

We cannot recommend a product with no website and no alternative place to buy. There are also no reviews and we only know about the ingredients from a handful of bog post reviews outlining the product.

Deravera Eye Cream hasn’t been around for a while. It’s best to seek out products that currently have a good reputation and can easily be found and returned if anything goes wrong. In the case of Deravera—some things are better left in the past.

Kremovage is guaranteed to give consumers the results they expect from an eye cream. Just ask our experts. This product seeks to lift and hydrate, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and protect the skin from incoming damage. Active ingredients include Matrixyl 3000, aloe vera, plant stem cells, retinol, and jojoba oil.

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This product gave me a significant rash under my eyes and the company would do nothing to resolve the issue with a refund. They told me it could be a combination of other creams but I’m a male and don’t wear makeup so that’s b*******.

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