Eyesential Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Eyesential is a product that works to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s not exactly an eye cream or serum, rather, an under-eye solution that fills in lines.

Eyesential was designed to last up to 10 hours—and may be worn under makeup. The makers of this product claim this is an anti-aging secret used by a number of famous actors and actresses.

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Eyesential Ingredients and Side Effects

According to the Eyesential description we found on Amazon, as well as some smaller channels, this product was designed to function as a concealer for wrinkles.

The product also addresses puffy, tired-looking eyes, but we’re a little confused as to what this so-called “miracle in a bottle” can accomplish.

It’s not quite an eye cream, not quite a makeup product—but there’s no published list of ingredients, making it difficult for us to fairly evaluate this product. Or really, to understand how to look at this product.

We were unable to find much information about the formula. However, a few websites that covered this product mentioned that it contained parabens, iron oxides, water, and a few other elements.

There’s no evidence that this item contains any elements known for their ability to improve the quality of the skin, overall.

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Eyesential Quality of Ingredients

Eyesential is made by a company that has failed to provide consumers with any information about how this product works and what’s inside.

Eyesential doesn’t seem like a traditional eye cream. It’s marketed as a way to fill in wrinkles and fine lines temporarily, like a type of makeup, but it might also be used to combat puffiness and tired eyes.

The usage feels a little confusing, and we don’t know why there’s not more education on the part of the company making this product—we really don’t know how it works, if it’s safe or anything else.

Some consumers reported that this product irritated their skin, but without an ingredient list, we don’t know what caused this to happen. Labels are there for a reason—they help inform customers what they’re getting and can alert them to any possible allergens or elements that might trigger a reaction from more sensitive skin.

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The Price and Quality of Eyesential

Eyesential is sold through a handful of third-party websites. Amazon offers this product for $67, while another site, Feel Unique, sells it for $53.

There are a few other e-commerce sites that offer the product within the $50-70 price range, but none seem to be able to produce more information about the ingredients or what this product can actually do.

At any of the recorded price points, it’s hard to say whether or not this product is worth the money. There’s no scientific evidence supporting the claims made on Amazon and beyond, and there’s no website that seeks to educate the potential pool of users.

Overall, we just weren’t all that impressed. At around $60, shoppers probably need a little more information before plunking down the cash.

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Business of Eyesential

Eyesential appears to be made by a company that goes by the same name. There’s no contact information or a website (at least that we could find) for customers to direct their questions and comments.

Eyesential is made by a company that touts its supposed affiliation with the “stars,” rather than the ingredients used to provide key benefits. The short description listed online mentions that this product is a secret weapon of celebrities like Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford, George Clooney, and Madonna.

But, we’re not sure how accurate these claims are. Unlike other big name celebrity makeup artists and dermatologists, we can’t find any details on this company and the science behind their products.

The lack of information combined with the fact that Eyesential seems to expect its consumers to take their word for everything—from efficacy to affiliations makes us doubt their credibility.

There’s also no official website. How are we supposed to learn more about Eyesential, its ingredients, or its products and testing procedures?

In all, we’re a little disappointed in the lack of web presence. Customers deserve to know what exactly they are paying $60 or $70 bucks for. Is it the clearly fake celebrity endorsements? We’re not sure, but overall, this product doesn’t seem like it’s a great solution.

Customer Opinions of Eyesential

Eyesential had some mixed reviews, but not many people have recorded their experience with this product. Some customers reported that the product worked as advertised, while others stated that this eye cream caused some irritation or wasn’t especially effective.

Here are some of the comments we came across while researching this eye solution:

“It’s an okay product. I’ve been using this pretty religiously since the day I got it—so a few weeks now. I wish the cream was thicker, but I have noticed a reduction in lines and wrinkles, so that’s a plus.”

“This product is really good for hydrating under the eyes. I’ve seen a reduction in fine lines, but no changes in dark circles or puffiness under the eyes. I’ll give this a little more time, but I’m not super impressed.”

“I’ve been using this product for a while and have yet to see any difference around the eyes. I have loose skin on my eyelids and deep wrinkles—not sure if there’s anything that will help.”

“Was really surprised with this product—not in a good way. It had great reviews, but it’s just not the right thing for my skin. For the price, I can’t justify continuing to purchase this product.”

Like the brand itself, the customer reaction was a little disappointing and detailed reviews were few and far between. The fact that some people had a reaction to this product gives us pause—there’s no ingredient list, so you can’t narrow the problem down to a specific allergen or a harsh ingredient.

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Conclusion – Does Eyesential Work?

After looking more closely about the formula behind Eyesential, we found that people gave this product pretty high marks. But, as a temporary fix, it’s hard to say whether this is a good deal, or if it’s better to find something that can actually repair damaged skin and lift the area surrounding the eye.

The price is pushing up against $70 per unit, which is a lot, if you consider that the results are temporary—thinking of this as more of a cosmetic than a skincare product makes it hard to justify the price point.

And then, there’s the issue that some Eyesential users have found that this product was irritating. In some cases, people reported that their skin was burnt.

Additionally, the product is tinted. It’s a very light Caucasian skin tone and there don’t appear to be any other colors available for sale. While its likely very lightweight, we don’t expect Eyesential to be a practical product for people of all skin tones.

There’s also the issue that, it’s difficult to track down any information about the company that makes this product. Shoppers might like the sales pitch, but we felt it was really hard to find any definitive info about the product itself—and with the instances of irritation, how can customers rest assured that they will be able to safely use this item?

Finally, we’re wary of the celebrity name dropping this company uses. There aren’t any pictures of Cindy Crawford or whomever using this product, nor have any of them posted a testimonial.

In the end, something seems a bit off about this product and the lack of online presence this company has. We’d suggest looking for a product that stands to actually repair the skin, not fill in wrinkles for 10 hours at a time.

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6 Responses to Eyesential Review

Pauline says:

I have puffy eyes and fine lines. I bought the product for my daughters wedding. I found that when the product is applied and dried it works really well, that is, until you laugh or smile!! at which time the area where it has been applied looks a million times worse than before I applied it!! The only way I can describe it, is when skin forms on hot milk that has been left it to stand for a while, then you drag a spoon across making the skin crease! Absolutely awful!! If I went around with a straight face all day long, it would be an amazing product! But that’s not reality. I may as well go out and pay for eye surgery, which I have no intention of doing! That’s the worst £35 I have ever spent!! The TV promotion really sells it well, it’s really convincing! Out of curiosity, I would love to see them apply makeup on someone who is wearing this product!! I’m very disappointed and would love to read more reviews on this product to see if anyone else has had the same experience. My daughters wedding is next week, 14 April 2018. I will not be wearing Eyesential.

Anonymous says:

I’ve used eyesential for years, it’s brilliant, a little cream before applying and don’t use too much and it works a treat, I highly recommend this product

Michelle says:

I have used this product for probably 8 years. I apply it on top of my foundation not under. Just use a tiny dot on your finger and spread. It is purely cosmetic. The best money I have ever spent. Fine lines disappear.

Anonymous says:

Totally crap product, it looks like you have dried up sleep under your eyes as it cracks up after smiling etc, wish I could get my money back! It should not be advertised on tv for all the vulnerable women like me who think they are telling the truth! Very misleading!!!

Sharon says:

This product is the only effective cream that removes the puffiness and sagging around the eyes. I am really dissappointed that they appear to have stopped making it. Probably because of your adverse comments about itm they are probably terrified of being sued.

Louisa Carpenter says:

I have used Eyesential for many many years, I’m 70 now and would say it’s the ‘must have’ item for my cosmetic bag. The product must be shaken vigorously before use and the smallest amount used in one delicate stroke under the eye, not above!
I would say it’s effects last about half a day and easily removed with tap water.
I have over the years recommended Eyesential to friends, who have like me been delighted with it.
I think it’s a big factor is as to how one applies it and of course their skin type.
For me personally it’s a big thumbs up.

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