YS Cream Eye Complex Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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YS Cream Eye Complex is a product designed to improve the appearance of the skin surrounding the eye. The product claims to be a more affordable alternative to cosmetic treatments such as Botox.

YS Cream Eye Complex claims to provide gentle, but potent antiaging benefits and is easily absorbed into the skin. While we don’t have ingredient information directly from the manufacturer, this product is thought to contain a blend of peptides aimed at stimulating collagen production.

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YS Cream Eye Complex Ingredients and Side Effects

YS Cream Eye Complex does not come equipped with any ingredient label for consumers to take a look at before they decide to make a purchase.

According to a few third-party sites we’ve encountered, YS Cream Eye Complex is made from a peptide blend that does the bulk of the lifting, so to speak, for this product.

Peptides, are small chains of amino acids. They are used for a number of reasons—but in many eye creams, their primary purpose is to boost collagen production, firm skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Peptides, do however, need some additional elements to ensure that they work as promised. Ingredients like vitamin C, or other antioxidants help penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, making sure that the peptides can do their job. Without any supportive ingredients, this formula likely falls flat.

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YS Cream Eye Complex Quality of Ingredients

YS Cream Eye Complex comes with a long list of advertised benefits. The product aims to fight aging through the use of peptides alone. It reportedly helps treat skin conditions like eczema, fights free radical damage, and improve the skin’s tone and texture.

The cream is supposed to be lightweight—perfect for layering under makeup—and is free from additives like parabens and fillers.

The thing is, if this product only contains peptides, the rest if the ingredients—the binding agents that make this a cream, are going to be fillers—alcohols, preservatives, glycerin, etc.

We don’t know if any active ingredients are present that haven’t been accounted for, or if the rest of the formula has the potential to cause an allergic reaction with use.

Basically, we could be reviewing anything—YS Cream Eye Complex doesn’t come with the level of information we’ve come to expect from an eye cream or any other skincare product.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of YS Cream Eye Complex

YS Cream Eye Complex is not sold through any traditional e-commerce platforms, nor can it be found in any stores. This product may be obtained almost exclusively through signing up to receive a free sample.

Users pay a small shipping and handling fee in exchange for a free 30-day supply of YS Cream Eye Complex, and if they are not satisfied, expected to notify the company, returning any excess product.

If you do not cancel within two weeks of placing an order, you’ll be enrolled in an automatic shipment program.  A new container of this product will ship each month, costing $89 a unit.

Unfortunately, we know this payment arrangement all too well. The people behind YS Cream Eye Complex are participating in a widespread marketing scam that prey on people who may want to try a free sample of a product.

The offer is too good to be true, and many people find that it is very difficult to get out of these scams. Deceptive manufacturers are protected by fine print loopholes where shoppers waive their right to participate in class action lawsuits.

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Business of YS Cream Eye Complex

YS Cream Eye Complex does not provide any information to consumers that could be considered helpful or accurate. The official websites (yes, there are several) doesn’t highlight any ingredients—excepting peptides—nor does it provide pricing information for their monthly auto-ship program.

The web copy entices consumers with so many selling points. The product aims to lift sagging skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, age spots, and more.

According to the website, peptides, and peptides alone, can provide all these benefits. They’ve even included a graphic that doesn’t exactly link to anything meaningful. No data points for consumers to evaluate, just a half-hearted attempt at looking legitimate.

Customer Opinions of YS Cream Eye Complex

YS Cream Eye Complex has very few reviews documenting its use. We had to look toward RipOff Report for any information from people who had gotten involved with the company, and unfortunately, most of the comments were created to highlight the poor customer service and morally objectionable business practices this company has been engaging in.

Regardless, we did see some passing mentions about the quality of YS Cream Eye Complex. Most people found it to be subpar and certainly not worth $90 a month. Here is some of the feedback:

“The ad says you’ll get a free sample for $4.95 in shipping, but the stuff is terrible. It doesn’t work, but they keep charging you forever until you manage to cancel. I had to get a new credit card to shake them.”

“Just a scam. I found this cream was really harsh on my skin. Gave me a rash under my eyes—yes, it’s an eye cream that makes you look worse. This product is really, truly awful.”

“This product is awful, but the customer service is even worse. The free offer turns into an ongoing headache of a scam. I can’t believe I fell for this crap, stay far, far away.”

“Really watery and ineffective. This product is just some sort of filler in a jar—there’s clearly no benefit to putting this mystery cream on your face. The company won’t tell you what’s in it—I’m guessing nothing.”

Most people who ordered YS Cream Eye Complex were incredibly unhappy with the results. We’re not sure what the demographic of shoppers was, but it doesn’t seem to have any positive comments associated with its use.

Because it’s a free trial scheme, people are far more focused on the fact that they may be out of hundreds of dollars and dealing with a company that will not give refunds. But, as compared to most of the creams in this vein, it was notable so many people shared their negative reaction.

In the end, we found exactly zero past consumes who were satisfied with the product or the experience of dealing with this company. We strongly suggest staying away from this one.

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Conclusion – Does YS Cream Eye Complex Work?

After our look at YS Cream Eye Complex, there is no reason to get involved with the company who makes this product. The first major problem is, they will not reveal what this product is made from. Users can’t look at the ingredient list to determine if this product is right for them or not—there’s no telling whether there are harmful ingredients in the blend, if there are known irritants or if the product is comprised almost entirely of filler ingredients.

Long story short, YS Cream Eye Complex is a scam designed to prey on people who may not readily identify a free trial trap. The makers of this product sell through multiple channels—which is helpful in case there are too many complaints associated with one—they can just pivot to another.

Aside from the lack of information about the ingredients used to make YS Cream Eye Complex, we don’t know who makes it. The company responsible has gone out of their way to obscure their identity, making it very challenging for anyone to get in touch demanding a refund or taking more serious action.

It’s too bad, but there is no way we can recommend a product with no positive information linked to its use. Users are better off with just about any eye cream available at a drug or department store, regardless of price or contents.

Kremovage is our top choice when it comes to eye creams. Its clean formula boasts a solid lineup of antiaging ingredients—peptides, fruit extracts, retinol and more. This product works to lift and firm skin that’s lost its elasticity and smooths away unwanted lines beneath the eye.

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2 Responses to YS Cream Eye Complex Review

Lois says:

I got scammed and disputed the claim on credit card.. the claim was denied cause I didn’t read the small print … had to delete credit card…. between purest skin care and y&s eye cream I lost $190. I’m in my mid 60’s and am still learning lessons

Maurene Ezell says:

I’ve used YS for a year and I really like it. I agree that they send you the introductory product and then start charging you but I called and got that reversed. I bought more on eBay but it’s too expensive on there right now.

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