Julo Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Julo Eye Cream is an eye cream designed to give users a younger, more refreshed appearance with use. The makers of this product state this product provides a safer alternative to injections or plastic surgery.

Julo Eye Cream is reportedly made from a formula that features peptides at its core–an active component in helping rebuild the structure of the skin. We’re not sure what else is used in this blend.

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Julo Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Julo Eye Cream doesn’t seem to come with an official ingredient label, only a passing mention of one, single key ingredient–peptides.

Based on the information provided online, it seems that Julo Eye Cream could really contain anything. Peptides do need some help providing the benefits they are known for–and for that reason, are typically combined with vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Peptides: Small chains of amino acids that combine to create proteins like collagen and elastin, peptides are found in countless anti-aging-focused products. They are known for their ability to help rebuild lost collagen and elastin, which in turn, gives the skin a lifted appearance and improved texture, tone, and structure.

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Julo Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Julo Eye Cream is something of a mystery, at least regarding the active ingredients used to make this formula. While other products highlight the use of nourishing plant extracts and oils, sea minerals, and more, the makers of Julo Eye Cream instead spend their time focusing on listing out the key benefits of the product–from the emotional to the more practical.

What’s interesting about this product, as compared to a more “legitimate” product, is there’s a whole paragraph on the website dedicated to talking about harsh or irritating ingredients found in the “top eye creams” on today’s market. They never go into what makes this product different than the competition–nor do they give users a heads-up on which ingredients they should be watching out for.

Whoever made Julo Eye Cream has not made a product that consumers can trust. And for that reason, it almost doesn’t matter what is inside this product.

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The Price and Quality of Julo Eye Cream

Julo Eye Cream is one of many products that require consumers to buy the item by first enrolling in a free trial program—where they’ll receive a free 30-day product—and “purchase” the product by deciding whether or not they want to keep the sample.

Unfortunately, the price information is not made available unless the consumer does not cancel their membership within 14 days and send the unused portion back to the company.

This part of the agreement is posted on the site fine print—provided after the consumer provides their credit card information and places their order.

Customers who have signed up for this program have mentioned the free trial can turn into quite an expensive ordeal—reporting the product costs about $90 on a monthly basis.

Because the makers of this product fail to provide any evidence that the claims made on the many websites they use are actually valid—it’s hard to imagine why anyone would voluntarily pay this amount—especially on an ongoing basis.

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Business of Julo Eye Cream

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the company that is responsible for Julo Eye Cream. Though they’ve set up multiple websites where one can sign up for a free trial offer, there’s no typical e-commerce platform—and no contact information.

While we’ve seen countless instances of this type of arrangement, time and time again, people are falling for these schemes—despite the fact that the companies responsible do not provide basic information like how much the item costs or detail the payment arrangement before it’s too late.

After evaluating the full scope of the business behind Julo Eye Cream, it’s clear something is amiss. Here is a brief look at some of the experiences of those who dealt with this company in the past:

“I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford the nearly $200 monthly charge of Julo and the Jaanu skin cream. These products don’t work—this is a scam—shame on this company for stealing from people.”

“This company has falsely represented their free trial offer. They offer a 14-day free trial without mentioning you need to cancel the trial period. Instead, they charge you without mention.”

Even if this company is being honest about the formula—that the only active item in the blend is peptides—the results likely won’t be all that impressive. Peptides need supportive ingredients like vitamins or retinol to do their best work. The fact that this company doesn’t seem to know this suggests that this wasn’t formulated by a team of expert-level skincare professionals.

We feel that this entire operation is deceptive. The charts posted on the website don’t link to any free trials. There’s a lot of claims listed on the site, but no information about how this item works. There are no reviews posted anywhere on the web, solidifying our belief that this product is likely not worth the effort.

Customer Opinions of Julo Eye Cream

Unfortunately, the reviews associated with Julo Eye Cream were primarily in response to the company’s problematic business practices, not so much the quality of the actual formula.

Given that the only mention of ingredients have been very generic—we feel that it’s safe to say users can expect a subpar product. Collagen molecules, as we’ve mentioned above, are too large to penetrate deeper into the skin.

There also have been some mentions on the web suggesting this product may cause an allergic reaction with use, as well as the potential to darken lighter colored eyes if the product makes contact with the iris. That said, the origin of this claim also isn’t clear. But, it does highlight the fact that again, we know far too little about the formula—meaning it’s likely better to avoid using this product altogether.

In all, this doesn’t look good for Julo Eye Cream. The product seems to be linked to only negative comments—people claim they’ve been scammed by the company and that they had a hard time getting out of the auto-payment cycle after it had started.

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Conclusion – Does Julo Eye Cream Work?

Julo Eye Cream has very few things going for it. For one, it is made by a company with no contact information posted anywhere that customers have access to.

There’s also the issue we don’t know what the product is made from. The site makes a big fuss about how other eye creams can irritate the skin, without any proof that this particular solution won’t just do more of the same.

The website is essentially a long list of claim after claim, taking advantage of people lured in by the promise of receiving a product for free—one that may also improve the appearance of their skin. It plays into the emotional benefits of looking better, along with the promise of getting something in exchange for almost nothing (you do have to pay for shipping, after all).

We’ve seen these free trial schemes on numerous occasions. People stand to lose hundreds of dollars and are presented with ridiculous solutions when attempting to cancel their membership. On RipOff Report, we found many people had reported customer service reps offered a mere 30% refund, despite the fact that the customer didn’t want the product to begin with.

It’s safe to say that Julo Eye Cream is not a reliable solution for people attempting to look younger by stepping up their skin-care regimen. There is a wide range of products out there that won’t irritate sensitive skin and that provide customers with the level of transparency they deserve.

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Peggy Sue says:

I have been ripped off by this company! And they put nothing in the shipped product to cancel the orders. The month of October alone I was charged three different amounts. $89.75 on Oct 1st, $84.75 on October 10th, $84.75 on Oct 31st. I just called again to cancel this subscription which is a total scam. Someone needs to investigate this company. If it is not canceled this time I am married to a judge I am sure he has a better solution to this.

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