Reawaken Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Reawaken Eye Cream is an eye cream that claims to yield similar results to Botox or other injectable solutions. Additionally, this product aims to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and more.

Reawaken Eye Cream
is meant to be used on a daily basis, relying on a collagen-boosting peptide blend to deliver the desired outcome. According to the official web page, this product rejuvenates dead and dying skin cells and increases elasticity with use.

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Reawaken Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

The manufacturer of Reawaken Eye Cream has not provided an ingredient label or even a clear list of ingredients. The official site vaguely states that this product is made with collagen-boosting peptides, but never mentions whether this product contains anything else aimed at treating wrinkles and fine lines.


Peptides: Peptides are short amino acid chains—not quite proteins—that serve as building blocks for the skin’s structure—making up keratin, elastin and collagen—which give skin its natural structure and tone.

Like proteins and amino acids, there are many different types of peptides. This product does not specify which peptides are present, though some may be used for wrinkles, others for acne fighting and improving texture.

It’s worth pointing out that peptides tend to work better when paired with other antioxidant-rich ingredients—think, vitamins A or C, green tea extract, caffeine or countless other options. As per the language on the official webpage, it seems that peptides are the only selling point for this cream.

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Reawaken Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Reawaken Eye Cream does not have many reviews. The opinions we found from past consumers suggested that this product wasn’t necessarily very effective.

We mention this now, as we don’t have a product label or even an informal list of ingredients to draw from. Peptides, in general are a good antiaging ingredient, but consumers need to keep in mind that there are a number of different types of peptides and they are not all created equal.

Since we don’t know anything about this formula, we cannot recommend this product. It’s a red flag when any company presents claims such as the people behind Reawaken Eye Cream have. For example, the website states that this product

That said, there’s nothing in the blend that users should be wary of putting on their face. There are no parabens or filler ingredients in this product—which may be enough of an incentive for some users to give this cream a try.

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The Price and Quality of Reawaken Eye Cream

Reawaken Eye Cream is not sold through the official website, rather, the company that makes this product relies on a free trial scheme to get people on the hook for an automatic payment cycle.

According to several customer reports, users enter their information in order to receive a free sample—they only have to pay for shipping. From there, users are charged a week or two later, then once a month in perpetuity.

Per several past consumers, the monthly cost of Reawaken Eye Cream is about $90 a jar—way above what one can expect to pay for a similar product stores like Sephora, Ulta or your local drug store.

Like most of these free trial scams, the makers of Reawaken Eye Cream do little to justify the monthly cost of this product. They site claims the product is more effective than Botox or plastic surgery, but fails to explain how and why. The active ingredients listed on the page are limited to peptides—just general peptides, not a specific type of the amino acid chains.

Users who, in spite of all the red flags, still would like to purchase this product might be able to get a hold of one through a third-party Amazon seller.

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Business of Reawaken Eye Cream

Reawaken Eye Cream is made by a company who has not made their name or any contact details public.

Unfortunately, whoever is responsible for making Reawaken Eye Cream has created several duplicate pages. All are laid out in the same fashion and feature the same claims, lack of ingredient lists or labels and similar language.

All of these pages are unsecured and do not provide basic information like how much the product costs.

There are several comments posted on RipOff Report, mostly from people who felt they had been deceived by the questionable sales strategy offered by this business.

For your reference, we’ve included some of the complaints posted online. Here are some examples via RipOff Report:

“Be careful with any of these website offering free products. The cost is far from free—charging about $80 per month. Found this offer in an email blast, with the company pretending to be Amazon.”

“It’s hard to tell who this company is and where they are located. Aside from Reawaken, there are many other “free” offer pages that trigger a monthly billing cycle if you get sucked into their trap.”

“It’s hard to tell, but this company disguises itself as reputable companies like CVS or Amazon offering free products in exchange for completing a short survey. Stay away from these scams!”

And from there, comments echo the same experience. Most people said they had trouble getting through to customer service and even more difficulty getting out of the automatic payment cycle they had unwittingly agreed to.

After coming across the myriad complaints against the company behind Reawaken Eye Cream, it is obvious to us that this company only has its sights set on profits in the short term, not making quality products and building customer relationships.

Reawaken Eye Cream is not a great option for people who just want a straightforward anti-aging eye cream. This company should be avoided at all costs, as they are duping people into buying this product, rather than letting its quality speak for itself.

Customer Opinions of Reawaken Eye Cream

Reawaken Eye Cream, unlike many similar products does have a few reviews posted on its Amazon page. Given the poor reputation of this company, we don’t know if these reviews are legitimate, so keep that in mind when reading what’s listed below.

“Pretty good eye cream. Even my kids have told me they’ve seen a difference. After three weeks, so far so good.”

“This product left the skin under my eyes feeling dry and crepe-y. For the high price, I was expecting something a lot more luxurious and of a higher quality. Feels a bit scammy to me.”

“On my third jar, but I’m starting to feel as though this product is more of a lotion, with few benefits. It’s a decent moisturizer, sure, but it’s no Botox replacement like it claims to be.”

Reviews were few and far between. They suggested, as we expected, that the quality wasn’t exactly in line with the high price point.

The reviews, in combination with the fact that this company is not trustworthy has led us to the conclusion this is not a good product.

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Conclusion – Does Reawaken Eye Cream Work?

Reawaken Eye Cream is yet another scam product, roping people into long term payment contracts by under the guise of offering a free gift set or a free trial offer.

Aside from the clear violations of consumer trust, we don’t actually know what this product is made out of, or if it can actually make good on any of its claims. The few reviews we came across suggested that at the very least, this cream may work as a decent moisturizer.

But, there were so few people talking about the quality of the product, especially when compared to the amount of people who felt as if they had been taken advantage of.

Users should be careful, especially when presented with pop up surveys from Amazon, Facebook, Kohls, CVS or others. These companies don’t offer free gifts to consumers and are also victims of a data breach of sorts.

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Doris Kubanyi says:

I thought I was just getting a free sample and didn’t read further. Was I ever surprised when my credit card was charged for the full price a couple weeks later. I have tried this product two times, around a year apart and beneath my eyes are the driest and numerous wrinkles have appeared. I would give this product a “1” on a scale to “10”, with “10” meaning I liked it.

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