Youth Sense Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Youth Sense Eye Cream is an eye cream made to address issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. According to the official website, this product firms the skin and improves elasticity with use.

Youth Sense Eye Cream is made from a peptide-rich formula—which stimulates elastin and collagen production. Unfortunately, we never get to learn more about the other ingredients featured in this formula.

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Youth Sense Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Youth Sense Eye Cream is made by a company that has chosen not to provide any clear details as to what this product is actually made from. The site talks at length about the importance of collagen and how this product stands to help you produce more of the essential protein.

Unfortunately, we never get to see any official ingredient label, so beyond peptides, there’s nothing much to this formula.

Regardless, here is a little more information about what peptides can do for the skin:


Peptides: Peptides are small chains of amino acids that join together to make proteins like collagen and elastin—responsible for giving the skin its structure and elasticity.

While peptides are used in a ton of anti-aging products—and for good reason—we’re not sure that they can really provide the benefits advertised on the website all on their own.

The best eye creams bring more skin-soothing nutrients to the table—moisturizing dry cells and protecting against further damage.

Additionally, peptides need something that penetrates deeper into the skin—think vitamin C or retinol—or even just a potent collection of antioxidants.

Without these supportive elements, Youth Sense Eye Cream makes little sense as an anti-aging product. It’s likely loaded with filler ingredients and may not even contain enough peptides to provide any benefit to the skin at all.

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Youth Sense Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Youth Sense Eye Cream could be made from almost anything. The website states that the product is made from peptides. Which apparently, do everything from rebuilding collagen molecules to replacing things like Botox or plastic surgery.

The people behind Youth Sense Eye Cream market this product like some kind of miracle serum, yet fail to ever explain how it works. There is no science there, backing the claims, nor are there any customer accounts that vouch for this product’s safety or efficacy.

For that reason, we believe that this product has the potential to cause some adverse effects on some users’ skin. We don’t know if the product contains any known irritants, whether there are petroleum products or parabens or other elements consumers may feel better avoiding.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Youth Sense Eye Cream

Youth Sense Eye Cream is available exclusively by free trial, meaning, you can’t just buy this product outright from a standard e-commerce channel.

Like many similar products, one can get a sample of Youth Sense Eye Cream by visiting one of a handful of pages offering a free 30-day supply. But, you’ll have to hand over your credit card information, as shipping is not included.

The just pay for shipping arrangement means shoppers will be charged once a month indefinitely. There’s supposedly a fine print agreement included on the website intended to notify consumers of the terms, but most people report that they never saw such a thing.

Customers reported unauthorized monthly charges in the amount of $89. Based on the absence of clear information about this product, we feel this is not a good value.

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Business of Youth Sense Eye Cream

Youth Sense Eye Cream is made by a company the Better Business Bureau has identified as Youth Sense Skin Care. We’re not sure if this is one of many brands under a larger company umbrella.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any contact information for this company, though according to a long list of consumer complaints, customer service may not provide much assistance.

“I believe the people selling this product are rip-off artists. I thought I was getting a sample and didn’t realize I needed to cancel the agreement. I didn’t know I signed up for anything. Terrible service, too.”

“I did not agree to pay anything other than the shipping fee for the sample. This company pushed through two charges I did not authorize and were hostile when I contacted them for a refund.”

“The website fails to disclose its terms and conditions. I was surprised to see two charges on my account for Youth Sense and its companion face cream. This is fraud—stay away from these people.”

This company has angered an awful lot of people by failing to disclose their terms and conditions on their website.

It seems that they only reveal said terms after the customer tries to cancel the subscription service they did not intend to sign up for—refusing as the customer should have known what they were getting into.

There are countless other eye creams, face creams, and supplements that operate this way, and the best advice we have is to avoid buying things online without first knowing the price and what you’re getting.

The people behind Youth Sense Eye Cream use emotional language instead of hard facts, claiming that customers can expect to look younger and more beautiful if they start using the product. They never explain how it works, as it likely doesn’t work at all.

Customer Opinions of Youth Sense Eye Cream

There are hardly any reviews posted outlining the quality of Youth Sense Eye Cream. So, we don’t have a clear sense of how this product works, if it causes any allergic reactions, or if anyone has a better sense than we do as to what’s actually included in this particular formulation.

That said, there’s no denying it’s a bad sign this product is part of a well-known free trial scam. All comments we encountered, as you can see in the above section, centered around how poorly this company dealt with customer complained and their abuse of the subscription service arrangement.

There is no compelling evidence that giving Youth Sense Eye Cream a try is at all worth the risk of continuous billing charges and uncooperative customer service reps. With plenty of eye creams available at literally all price points, it’s smart to skip this product and others like it.

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Conclusion – Does Youth Sense Eye Cream Work?

Unfortunately, Youth Sense Eye Cream appears to be yet another scam. This product comes with a website that fails to clearly disclose the terms of the free trial arrangement, the regular price of the product, and has a long list of customer complaints associated with its use.

Like many similar products, this eye creams seems to derive all its benefits from one blend of peptides and nothing else. It’s common knowledge that an eye cream can’t rely on one single active ingredient to deliver a refreshed appearance, minimized dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

Aside from the vague description of the formula, there are countless complaints posted on the Better Business Bureau’s website, as well as RipOff Report and others. Customers felt deceived and complained of being ripped off—according to many reports, the terms of the free trial agreement were not communicated to those signing up for the free trial offer.

We also don’t really know if this product has good reviews or if it poses the risk of an allergic reaction. There are virtually no reviews of this product anywhere—despite the fact that this product is sold globally across multiple channels.

In the end, we do believe that Youth Sense Eye Cream is best left alone. There’s no reason to get involved with a scam like this one, especially when there are over 100 accounts posted on the BBB website alone.

According to our expert review team, Kremovage is the perfect eye cream for users seeking a topical solution to saggy skin, age spots, wrinkles, and more. This anti-aging formula contains ingredients like glycolic acid, Matrixyl 3000, retinol, and plant stem cells—which come together to hydrate, lift, and firm.

Kremovage is a cruelty-free product designed with consumer safety in mind. This product has been tested extensively and has been deemed safe for all skin types. For the full scoop on Kremovage, click this link here.

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