Sukin Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Sukin Eye Serum is an eye cream designed to brighten under eye circles. The eye cream is tinted and provides a two-pronged approach in eliminating dark circles—fighting both hyperpigmentation and the buildup of blood pigments.

Sukin Eye Serum relies on a combination of herbs—specifically butcher’s broom and arnica, along with vitamins and antioxidants. This product covers existing dark circles, while improving circulation and fading darkened skin below the eye.

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Sukin Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

Sukin’s official website clearly represents the active and inactive ingredients for potential consumers’ evaluation. This product is unique in that it relies exclusively on herbal extracts to deliver benefits. Here is a quick look at what you can expect to find inside this product:

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Burdock Oil Borage Oil
Cucumber Rosehip Oil Evening Primrose

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: Aloe vera is most commonly used to help the skin heal from sun damage, burns, acne and wounds. It is also thought to have a tightening effect on the skin.

Cucumber Extract: Cucumbers are rich in polyphenols, minerals and vitamins and have hydrating, anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Cucumbers are known to soothe skin, providing a cooling effect with use.

Burdock Oil: This ingredient is often used to get rid of dandruff. It is thought to help itching, redness and irritation with use.

Borage Oil: Borage oil is used for a number of skin disorders due to its soothing properties. It’s also rich in fatty acids, which work to fight inflammation.

Rosehip Oil: Rosehip oil is used to treat wrinkles, age spots and discoloration. It’s rich in antioxidants, as well as fatty acids—a combination that makes this ingredient so effective in treating tone, texture and fighting free radical damage.

Evening Primrose Oil: Evening primrose is rich in GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid with anti-inflammatory effects. Evening primrose oil is thought to be effective in treating skin irritation, itching, redness and eczema.

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Sukin Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Sukin Eye Serum is one of the more holistic under eye treatments we’ve come across. For better or worse, all active ingredients are herbal oils.

We like that this company has clearly presented a list of what’s used to make this product, and that the formula looks really clean upon further inspection.

The main issue we see with this formula has little to do with quality. It’s more than this product isn’t very potent if you wish to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, offset dark circles, repair damaged skin cells and so on.

Aloe vera, for example, is thought to tighten the skin—which may have a youthful effect on the skin beneath the eye—but these effects are likely temporary. That’s not to say aloe isn’t a nice ingredient—we’d just like to see it paired with ingredients that are proven to

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Sukin Eye Serum

Sukin Eye Serum is made by an Australian company, and sales are limited to Amazon inside the United States.

This product is currently available from Amazon for $29.99, with free shipping—not bad for an eye serum, but offered at a higher price point than Boots Pharmacy in the UK–£9.97.

The official website does accept direct orders, but delivery is limited to Australian consumers only.

Sukin Eye Serum is priced fairly reasonably as compared to similar products, but it’s worth pointing out that most eye serums contain a different set of ingredients with more data backing their ability to have an effect on aging skin, dark spots and circles and other concerns.

This product may be attractive to a range of consumers concerned with the ingredients in more traditional creams—and this product may have some potential to make good on the claims promised on the website.

The problem is, there aren’t enough reviews available or studies performed on the ingredients listed above to know exactly how effective this one is.

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Business of Sukin Eye Serum

Sukin Eye Serum made by a company known as Sukin Organics. Their information can be found below:

Phone: 1300 858 898

Address: Sukin Australia Pty Ltd
58 Logis Boulevard,

Dandenong South, VIC 3175

Email: [email protected]

Sukin Eye Serum was made by an Australia-based company known as Sukin Organics. This company makes exclusively natural products—oil based skincare free from preservatives, petroleum and parabens.

The site is green, with the branding echoing the ingredients on the label. There’s a blog that discusses the use of natural oils, and everything is presented in a straightforward, friendly and attractive manner.

Based on our look at the website, it seems it may be a bit difficult for US consumers to track this product down. Availablity is concentrated in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and China—US consumers may be able to find this on Amazon or eBay—or order internationally.

Sukin Organics looks like a good company. We like their commitment to using plant-based ingredients and that the products are carbon neutral.

That said, we don’t think this product is potent enough to have a significant impact on deeper wrinkles and fine lines.

Customer Opinions of Sukin Eye Serum

Sukin Eye Serum had very few reviews written about its quality or efficacy. While the lack of documented feedback could be due to the fact that this company is based in France and has more of a following there, it is worth pointing out, it’s pretty easy to find this cream in the United States and elsewhere.

Below, we’ve included some of the comments people have shared about their experience with this product. Keep in mind, we’re working with a small sample size.

“This serum goes on smooth and absorbs quite easily. I like the way it smells and keeps my skin feeling hydrated without being too heavy or greasy. Not sure how my fine lines will fare, but I do like it so far.”

“I’ve only used this product for about a week, but so far, I can feel the skin around my eyes tightening up. It’s a good value and seems like it’ll last me a long time.”

“I’ve been using Sukin products for a long time. I like their ethics and that they use carbon-neutral ingredients. This product does have a “natural” smell. So far this has helped my hyperpigmentation.”

“This eye cream is a little too watery for my taste, but it does help keep my skin hydrated and soothed. I don’t yet know if the benefits extend beyond moisturizing.”

There aren’t too many reviews to draw from, so it’s hard to know what kind of results people experienced after using this product over an extended period of time.

Few reviews showcased a negative opinion of this product or company. The worst we saw were the mentions from people who said the glass bottle broke in transit, which isn’t really a commentary on the efficacy of the product.

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Conclusion – Does Sukin Eye Serum Work?

Sukin Eye Serum has a lot going for it. It’s made by a company that demonstrates a high level of environmental responsibility—using carbon-neutral, vegan and cruelty-free  ingredients.

US user do have to pay a bit more than their counterparts in the UK or in Australia, as there currently aren’t any stores that sell this product in North America. That said, users can buy this item on Amazon.

For all that’s good about Sukin Eye Serum, it seems to be more of a face oil than an eye serum. There are no really potent components in the mix, and it doesn’t offer the same targeted approach to aging or damaged skin as you’d find in a traditional serum.

Sure, aloe, rosehip oil, vitamins C and E—are all really great for the skin—providing nutrients and repairing damage with use. But, the effects could be compounded significantly if these ingredients were paired with something like glycolic acid, retinol or peptides.

In the end, this might be a good product for younger users who wish to prevent free radical damage, or people looking for a soothing moisturizing oil to add to their existing regimen. Users who wish for something more potent may want to look toward a more aggressive attack on wrinkles.

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Jackie Prem says:

Why sukin eye cream not found much help? I been using more than 6 months but no changes

Joanne K says:

I’m finding Sukin not that great. My eyes look darker especially upper eyelids, this is after 2 weeks of daily use

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