Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser is a dark circle erasing product that claims to get rid of puffiness and bags. In addition to making eyes look brighter and more awake, this product minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser is made from a blend of ingredients that work to improve blood flow and lighten dark circles. Additionally, this product works to firm skin and improve drainage.

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Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser Ingredients and Side Effects

Unfortunately, the makers of Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser have failed to provide potential buyers with an image of the official label. This formula is supposedly rich in peptides and includes some supplemental vitamins, but beyond that, we don’t know what’s in here. Below, we’ll examine what we believe are the active ingredients in the formulation.

Peptides Vitamin A
Vitamin C Vitamin E

Peptides: This formula contains a blend of peptides designed to firm loose skin and erase fine lines, as well as reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A helps improve the production of healthy skin cells and may be used to treat oily skin, lesions, warts, acne and other conditions, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the skin, it works to stimulate collagen production and hasten cell turnover. Additionally, this vitamin is a potent antioxidant, making it effective in combatting environmental damage with use.

Vitamin E: Like vitamin C, vitamin E is an antioxidant, which may be used to protect the cells against damage and to repair existing skin concerns.

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Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser Quality of Ingredients

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser looks like it contains some potent ingredients suited for both bags and circles, as well as fighting against wrinkles, crow’s feet and loss of collagen.

Peptides are always a great addition to any eye cream. We’re losing collagen all the time, and peptides can help prevent the loss of elasticity and structure that goes hand in hand with getting older. The Mediderm formula reportedly contains multiple types of peptides, which should further improve the overall effect on the skin.

However, we found some problems—more specifically—we don’t actually know the full extent of what this formula includes. There’s no image of a product label on any of the sites selling this eye cream.

The Mediderm website also doesn’t give consumers a closer look at the label. And for all their talk about natural products, paraben and cruelty-free formulations rich in peptides, there is no information available that backs this up.

This product might be a great tool for erasing under eye bags and circles, but we can’t know for sure unless we know a little more about what it contains and how potent the formula is. Without that—it doesn’t matter if this product is plant-based if it features a bunch of fillers.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser is sold directly from the manufacturer’s e-commerce site, for $19.98. The site offers free shipping on all orders over $8.

Amazon offers this product at the same price as the manufacturer, but is currently selling it for $17, with Prime shipping.

Jet also sells this product, but at a much higher rate–$46 for the same container.

Overall, this product seems to be a decent deal, but it’s really designed for one purpose only. We also don’t know the full scope of the ingredients behind Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser.

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Business of Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser is made and distributed by the company, Mediderm Laboratories. Here’s a bit of background information, for reference:

Phone: 888-833-3897

Email: [email protected]

Mediderm Laboratories specializes in personal care products made from plant-based extracts and oils. This company doesn’t use petroleum products, parabens or silicones and offers free shipping on all orders over $8.

The site itself isn’t really glamorous, it has kind of a clinical, no-frills feel, but the navigation is easy to use and the products are affordable.

This company has a lot of repetitive information—these big walls of text that don’t quite sell the products as well as they could, but interested consumers are likely to see beyond the flaws.

Overall, there are some things we would change about the Mediderm website. The names of products are long, and at times off putting. Take for example. Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser. Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser doesn’t exactly read as a must-try eye cream.

They also don’t make it easy to find the ingredient list. Consumers like to see this before they make a purchase—especially if the company is claiming that the formula is free from all these components common in similar products.

Customer Opinions of Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser has decent reviews documenting its use, and it’s worth pointing out, on Amazon, the someone from Mediderm has done a nice job answering consumer questions.

Here are some of the comments we came across during our look at this eye cream.

“I have yet to find a magic eye cream that actually eliminates my dark circles. This is one of the better ones I’ve tried, but it’s not perfect. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and I do look better—I’ll call it a win.”

“I truly am on the fence about this product, I don’t see a huge difference, but there are some minimal effects, to be sure. I’m a little disappointed, but maybe I was expecting too much.”

“I’ll file this one to, “you get what you pay for.” I’ve been using this as directed for several weeks and have not seen anything change. I’m really unhappy with this product, it doesn’t seem to work at all.”

“Been using this cream for about 3 weeks, and have yet to see any reduction in puffiness or dark circles. It has helped a but with fine lines forming around my eye, but was hoping it would help with the bags.”

With products aimed at treating bags and dark circles, there’s always a range of efficacy. These issues may be caused by genetics, a buildup of blood pigments, poor circulation and lack of quality sleep.

The reviewers didn’t mention why they had dark circles, but the results varied quite a bit.

That said, the peptide blend seems to have had an effect on users — many reported firmer skin and an improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles.

This product might be useful in some cases, but it seems to underperform when considered in the context of reducing the appearance of under eye bags and dark circles.

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Conclusion – Does Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser Work?

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser has a decent backlog of reviews, but we’re still not totally sold on this eye cream.

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser did not perform consistently when used to treat dark circles and under eye bags. Users said they saw a reduction in fine lines and improved collagen production, but many saw no change in their tired appearance.

The company that makes this product, Mediderm, seems to have a good thing going—they seem like a smaller company that hasn’t quite figured out their marketing, but their focus on natural ingredients is admirable and something consumers are caring about more as of late.

But, it’s hard to get excited about a natural product when one cannot even review the ingredient label. The product copy cites peptides and vitamins as the key ingredients, but never mentions if there are other components present.

Of not, this product likely won’t help much with dark circles—which often are treated with things like caffeine and skin lighteners—which improve circulation and hyperpigmentation, respectively.

We love Kremovage for its ability to bring fast and painless repair to users who wish to counteract the most obvious signs of getting older. Ingredients like Matrixyl 3000, ocean-based retinol, green tea, jojoba oil and more bring a mix of firming, hydration and rejuvenation with daily application.

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