Dervina Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Dervina Eye Serum is an eye cream made from a blend of firming ingredients. This solution aims to bring a comprehensive defense against aging to the eye area—reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Dervina Eye Serum does not include an official ingredient list on the official website, but reportedly, the formula contains peptides. According to the web copy, this product was designed to replace invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox with regular use.

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Dervina Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

Dervina Eye Serum doesn’t come with a straightforward product description, nor does the website offer any insight into what is in this product. The web copy says this serum is “blessed with peptides,” and from there, rattles off a long list of benefits.

If this product truly contains peptides, as advertised, we have to wonder, what are the other ingredients. For this product to bring the desired benefits to the table, there needs to be some support system for said peptides. Peptides don’t work in a vacuum; they need other ingredients like vitamin C and antioxidants for best results.

But, in the end, it’s worth pointing out that we don’t know what this product is. It could very well be made from 99% water or contain some preservatives and petroleum products that may be harmful to the skin.

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Dervina Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Again, because we never see any information regarding the contents of what’s inside Dervina Eye Serum, it’s a real challenge to evaluate this product the same way you would a typical skincare product.

This item reportedly is made from a peptide blend—but we don’t know how much of the product is made up of inactive ingredients, water, or harmful preservatives.

Based on the language used to sell this product, we don’t get the sense that users are getting the kind of care that goes into your average eye serum. The copy comes off as uninformed, which doesn’t speak well to the quality of the product.

In the end, you can’t really review a formula based on speculation. This product could be made from water, herbs, petroleum products, really anything that can be packaged and sold as an eye cream.

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Price and Quality of Dervina Eye Serum

Dervina Eye Serum is available exclusively through a handful of websites that first require the user to sign up for a free trial offer. There’s no price advertised for this item and users commit to enrolling in an automatic payment cycle before they ever get to see how much this item costs, simply by paying for shipping via credit card.

For that reason, we’re not entirely sure how much this product will cost, but we’d venture to guess that the going rate is about $89 a month. We’ve seen countless free trial schemes that look identical to the one Dervina is offering. Most charge consumers about $80-90 per 30-day supply–hooking them in with deceptive fine print agreements.

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Business of Dervina Eye Serum

Dervina Eye Serum is made by a company known as RACB Enterprise. Here is their contact information, as per a customer entry on RipOff Report:

Address: Letecia bldg juan luna street poblacion

Tarlac, Tarlac 2300

Phone: +63 917 583 4283

RACB is a company that operates out of the Philippines, though there are some reports claiming the company is based in Tanzania.

This company reportedly makes a few different skincare products, offered through these same old methods—landing pages with broad claims and little proof and tempting calls to action.

The web copy reveals little about the product and never mentions that signing up to receive a free trial item automatically enrolls you in an ongoing membership in their auto-ship program.

There were several reports listed from past consumers who felt as though they were taken advantage of. Here are some examples of what we found on RipOff Report and Scambook:

“Was charged twice for products I thought I was getting for free. There was no mention of any additional charges, but saw two $94.99 charges on my bank statement. This is deceptive and wrong.”

“Was charged for the eye serum and the face cream after signing up for the free trial offer. None of this is free! And, beyond that, good luck getting out of the payment cycle. Customer service never responds.”

“This is clearly a scam. Like others, I was charged repeatedly for products I did not order and found it difficult to remove the charges.”

The comments go on and on like this—which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with this product or so many like it.

We’re not sure how many of these fraudulent skincare products are linked to RACB, but this problem has become fairly widespread. Users should stick to making purchases from companies with a good track record—places that may not offer free sample, but who have received good reviews and share basic product information with their target audience.

Customer Opinions of Dervina Eye Serum

Dervina Eye Serum has very few reviews associated with the actual product in question. There are plenty of complaints posted in regards to RACB’s negligent customer service team and the surprise charges people received after signing up for the free trial.

That said, a few of these complaints did acknowledge the cream itself. Here are a few of the comments we encountered:

“This was little more than a basic lotion. I suppose it softened my skin a little, but there were no changes in dark circles or wrinkles.”

“Okay, this product does not make you look 20 years younger. Stay away from this item and look for something from a reputable company. All this talk about this being a facelift in a jar is total BS.”

Again, we’re not drawing from a huge sample size of past reviewers, but based on the comments we found, Dervina Eye Serum likely doesn’t contain much in terms of active ingredients. Those users who discussed the actual quality of the product said it did very little beyond providing some modest hydration.

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Conclusion – Does Dervina Eye Serum Work?

Dervina Eye Serum is a product we can’t recommend. Based on the vague information given on the official website, the negative experiences consumers have had with customer service reps, and the deceptive ways in which this company makes sales—there’s no compelling evidence that this eye solution is worth any potential risks or the headache of the free trial offer.

It almost doesn’t matter what this product is made out of—the people behind Dervina don’t care to disclose this information to people looking for an anti-aging product—they just say it works, and that’s about it.

The product, blessed with peptides, supposedly offers a “mini facelift” without going under the knife. Yet, they never explain how they’ve developed the kind of technology that takes the place of cosmetic surgery. Additionally, it mentions that the product contains immune-boosting ingredients—which isn’t exactly language you’d use to sell a product designed for topical use. They also never explain what those immune boosters are.

If this were true, this product, and the countless others promising the same results, would see a lot more sales—sales made without conning people into monthly charges.

It’s safe to say, Dervina Eye Serum only exists in order to take advantage of people. There’s no evidence suggesting that this product is effective for treating wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, as advertised.

In the end, the lack of information is enough to completely write this product off as something not worth trying. There are just too many red flags associated with this item. We advise readers to steer clear of products that require you to sign up for a trial without first revealing the price and stipulations of the agreement. Be safe and purchase exclusively from reputable sources.

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