Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer is an eye cream that works to give users a younger-looking appearance when used as directed. This product claims to take the place of invasive procedures like Botox injections and promises to be a better value than your typical high-end eye cream.

Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer does not declare the specific ingredients used to make this, but claims the product is ideal for boosting collagen production and new cell turnover. According to one website, this formula contains a blend of peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants—no word on where those ingredients are sourced from.

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Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer Ingredients and Side Effects

Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer doesn’t appear to have an official website associated with the product. One site, has included a substantial amount of information, including a vague ingredient list.

While we never get to see an official label or learn more about the specific ingredients used to make this product, here’s a look at what you may be able to find in Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer:

Vitamins Peptides
Antioxidants Collagen Booster

Vitamins: We’re not sure which vitamins are used in this formula, but because this formula claims to focus on collagen production it could be vitamin C—which promotes cell turnover and has a brightening effect.

Or, it’s possible this product contains vitamin A (retinol), which works to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance wrinkles and age spots.

Peptides: Peptides are used in several anti-aging products—they work to fill in the gaps left by the natural loss of collagen—strengthening skin and smoothing out imperfections like wrinkles and fine lines.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants combat harmful free radicals—protecting the skin against damage associated with aging and environmental pollutants. The problem with listing antioxidants as an ingredient is, they come from a number of sources—vitamins E and C, fruits, green tea, and so much more.

Collagen Booster: Unfortunately, the only explanation we get for this ingredient is the name. Some ingredients do improve collagen production, but the makers don’t say which items are used to produce this benefit.

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Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer Quality of Ingredients

Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer fails to include any information about the ingredients used to make this product. The web copy is quick to sing the praises of their unique solution. It’s better than Botox; it will dramatically increase collagen production and make you look younger and more radiant than ever.  Sure, all of that sounds great, but you wouldn’t read such baseless claims linked to products with a good reputation.

While the website where we found this information attempts to describe the ingredient profile, we don’t learn anything new. For example, one key ingredient listed is collagen booster—the collagen booster description just describes why collagen is essential “it maintains skin cells,” “keeps skin looking young,” and so on.

It’s hard to evaluate this product based on the information that we do have available. Typically, we’d check the label and evaluate the claims, based on the ingredients listed—pretty basic, right? But, with Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer, the best we can do is see what this one, not exactly reputable, website has to say.

There’s no way to verify the claims put forth on the website. So, there’s the chance this product contains harmful ingredients or is made entirely from fillers.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer

Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer is supposedly available through a free trial offer, but we were unable to find an official website for this item. It seems the company that makes this product is utilizing social media channels to get the word out about the product.

That said, it seems that there are sellers on eBay offering this item—but all listings are posted in the bid format, starting at $3.99 per unit. Keep in mind, purchasing Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer might not be the best idea.

Should this product still be available through the free trial method, shoppers will be enrolled in a monthly billing cycle, costing between $80 and $90 on a 30-day basis.

Fraudulent practices aside, the fact that this company charges that much for a product with no verifiable claims, no website, no ingredients and no pricing structure raises multiple red flags.

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Business of Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer

Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer is made by a company that has neglected to provide consumers with any information. We don’t know who is responsible for this product—we do know several free trial schemes are circulating the web—there have been for years—and many of them are manned by customer service staff in places like the Philippines, India, or Tanzania.

In looking closer at Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer and the people who make it, there isn’t a whole lot that sounds good. Consumers reported that the support staff wasn’t helpful when they tried to dispute fraudulent charges and that the product was low in quality.

Nearly all the reviews we found were negative—consumers felt as though they had been duped into paying for recurring shipments of product they never ordered.

Beyond the apparent customer abuse at play, the makers of this product fail to explain how this product can improve signs of aging with use, including no ingredient information or links to credible studies that offer some truth to these claims.

Customer Opinions of Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer

Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer is not widely reviewed at all. This product has not experienced widespread use, likely due to poor reviews on platforms like RipOff Report and the Better Business Bureau, as well as the fact that they do not appear to have a working website.

Below, we’ve included the few comments that bring up the quality of this so-called revitalizer:

“This is an ok product, it’s basically like a lotion without any benefits. It moisturizes, but I never saw any changes with use. Business practices are atrocious. Terms are confusing and reps are not helpful.”

“Doesn’t do anything for your skin—this stuff burns a little upon application and doesn’t lift, firm, or boost collagen in any capacity. Really deceptive company.”

“Ugh this stuff is a scam, they get you to order samples and nowhere does it say that in doing so, you’ve agreed to their terms. Plus, the product doesn’t work—everything about this is a lie.”

“This product is truly the worst. It’s a scam, plain and simple. The stuff doesn’t work and they try to charge you every single month.”

There were only a handful of comments linked to the use of this product. Most people that left feedback focused more on the fact that this company wronged them in some way.

But, some past users were kind enough to share their thoughts on the product. According to several people who used this item, the product either doesn’t do anything or causes an adverse reaction, such as burning, itching or general irritation.

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Conclusion – Does Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer Work?

Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer doesn’t provide users with any concrete information about the ingredients used to make the product. They don’t support any of the claims made on the website with facts that users can look up. The free trial offer isn’t free.

Based on that information—or rather, the complete absence of credible information, we’d advise you to avoid this product and seek out something that is both more affordable and made by a company that thinks higher of their target audience.

Beyond the fact that Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer was created to trick people into spending money—often without their knowledge, the consumers that did give this product a try reported adverse effects with use. In some cases, the serum caused dryness or irritation. Best case scenario, the product didn’t do anything.

As you can see, Allure Rx Eye Revitalizer is a scam, and despite the many claims this company makes, there’s no evidence demonstrating that this is, in fact, a quality product that’s worth the risk of damaging your skin and your bank account.

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i love this product and my eyelids are not as puffy with it. I can’t find it anywhere and had purchased it at Ulta Cosmetics.

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