Wei East Eyes Alive Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Wei East Eyes Alive is an herbal eye cream designed to make eyes look more awake with use. This product works to brighten the complexion and treat various signs of aging affecting the area.

Wei East Eyes Alive contains a number of plant-based ingredients like green tea, cucumber, mulberry, soy, and more. These ingredients, according to the website, work together for a balancing effect on all skin types.

Kremovage is an eye cream designed to firm and lift sagging skin, while repairing damage through a blend of antioxidant-rich fruit extracts, peptides and retinol. Our experts have found this product consistently outperforms other top-rated eye creams and works well for all types of skin. Check out the full Kremovage review by clicking the link here.

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Wei East Eyes Alive Ingredients and Side Effects

Wei East Eyes Alive does have an ingredient label featured on the official website—so fortunately, we get a closer look at the full scope of the formula. We don’t love some of the inactive ingredients in this blend, but before we dive into those particular issues—here is a look at what you can expect from the active ingredients featured in this eye cream:

Green Tea Extract Seaweed Extract Cucumber Extract
Mulberry Extract Soy Ozokerite

Green Tea Extract: Green tea is thought to provide the skin with soothing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient protects the skin from damage, as well as improves the appearance of sun spots, fine lines, and dry skin.

Seaweed Extract: Seaweed extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, working to reduce skin sensitivity with use, as well as protect from environmental damage and firm and tone. Seaweed also is a good ingredient for people with dry skin—it helps retain moisture with use.

Soy: Soy contains compounds known as isoflavones, which work to boost collagen production—firming skin and smoothing out wrinkles. Soy is also used to brighten skin, reduce redness, and improve tone and texture.

Cucumber Extract: Though cucumber is primarily made of water, this ingredient is rich in nutrients—vitamin C and caffeic acid, most notably—which help soothe skin and reduce swelling or puffiness—which is why you’ll see cucumbers used on the eyes.

Mulberry Extract: Mulberry extract is thought to have a skin lightening effect with use. This ingredient may help with dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation, plus it contains antioxidants for

Ozokerite: A type of paraffin wax mined in several of the world’s countries, ozokerite is used as a binder and as a way to improve viscosity in cosmetics products. While it has little chance of causing an adverse reaction, this ingredient is a petroleum product that has been linked to some effects on the body’s organs.

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Wei East Eyes Alive Quality of Ingredients

Wei East Eyes Alive is marketed as this sort of herbal, natural product, relying on soothing ingredients like green tea extract and cucumber to deliver the advertised effects.

So while we were not surprised to find that this product did a good job loading this up with skin-nourishing ingredients, we were disappointed to see a number of potentially harmful ingredients included here.

Wei East Eyes Alive is kind of a contradiction—ultimately, users might see some positive effects, but they also have to reckon with the fact that the product contains completely unnecessary dyes, parabens, and petroleum products.

There’s also the issue that, the most potent anti-aging elements are things like green tea—there’s no peptides or retinol that work to kick this formula up a notch and provide users with meaningful results.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Wei East Eyes Alive

Wei East Eyes Alive is sold through a few different platforms. The official website sells this item in two different sizes—$19 for 0.5 ounces and $36 for a full ounce.

Amazon shoppers can find the smaller size for $22.95, plus a few extra bucks for shipping. Additionally, users can buy this online through the Home Shopping Network’s e-commerce platform. They’re also offering this item at $19 and $36, plus $3 shipping and handling. Home Shopping Network customers have the option of enrolling in a flexible payment plan, breaking the payment into four installments of $4.75 each.

The reviews for this product are kind of all over the place—According to the Home Shopping Network’s review section, only 28% of users would recommend this product to a friend.

Based on that, in combination with the formula, we’re not sure this product is a great value—sure it’s not very expensive, but you have to consider the fact that the formula isn’t 100% clean and it doesn’t come with a potent dose of anti-aging elements.

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Business of Wei East Eyes Alive

Wei East Eyes Alive was created by a company specialized in creating nature-based skincare solutions, also known as Wei East. Here are the contact details for this business, as well as a bit of background on their philosophy, reputation, and more:

Address: Wei East

PO Box 525

Newtown Square, PA 19073

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-WEI-EAST

Wei East was founded by Wei Brian, a Chinese-born engineer-turned cosmetics formulator who set out to make a skincare line based on an East-Meets-West philosophy.

The Wei East website is attractive, showcasing the comprehensive line of products from cosmetics to skincare solutions. Shoppers can easily navigate through the menu and learn more about the company if they’d like.

With Wei East Eyes Alive, as well as the other products, users don’t get as much information as they might like. Yes, there’s an ingredient list, but there’s very little in the way of product descriptions, nor is there a deeper look into why certain ingredients were included in the blend.

There’s a lot to like with Wei East, in general, the products are affordable and do contain some ingredients known to have a positive effect on the skin.

But we’re not totally sold on the quality of these items. Wei East Eyes Alive, for example, contains dyes, parabens, and petroleum products—which goes against the commitment to nature advertised in almost all of the promotional copy.

Customer Opinions of Wei East Eyes Alive

Wei East Eyes Alive doesn’t have a whole lot of reviews associated with its use. While the product is sold on several channels, there’s only a review here and there—with the exception of the Home Shopping Network. Here’s a look at what consumers thought of this eye solution:

“I don’t see any changes after using this cream. I’m a little disappointed as I purchased three tubes at once. Lesson learned, I suppose.”

“Didn’t notice much of a change after almost a month of use. I have this on auto-ship and will probably cancel—it feels really nice, but that’s about it.”

 “I like this product a lot, I just really wish Wei would stop using parabens in their products—they are hormone disruptors. Disappointing, as I thought this product was nice and hydrating.”

“Great for fine lines, but I wish it did more for my dark circles.”

Interestingly, this product has pretty good reviews, but only 28% of reviewers that commented on the HSN site said they’d recommend this product to a friend.

Many of the reviewers were in their 50s or older and were happy with the results they got from using this product. That said, many other users reported irritation with use or just a lack of results in general.

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Conclusion – Does Wei East Eyes Alive Work?

Wei East Eyes Alive has a number of positive reviews associated with its use, but we have some reservations about recommending this item to our readers.

The product contains a number of plant-based ingredients, and even bases their whole brand identity on harnessing the power of nature to deliver the results consumers are looking for. The problem is, this sets the expectation that the product is “all-natural.” It isn’t. It contains parabens, dyes, and petroleum byproducts—all ingredients that a large percentage of the beauty community doesn’t want in their products.

Wei East isn’t necessarily being deceptive about the ingredients—they clearly display the label on the website, as well as on the other platforms where this product is sold. But, we can’t help but feel a bit disappointed in the formula—it’s a missed opportunity to provide consumers with a plant-based product that’s also affordable.

Kremovage is our favorite eye cream for many reasons. The formula contains a diverse blend of ingredients from green tea and aloe to tough-on-wrinkles retinol and peptides. The product also features jojoba and avocado oils, along with squalane and hyaluronic acid for a soothed, hydrated glow. Visit the Kremovage website for more information on how this product works compared to other solutions.

6 Responses to Wei East Eyes Alive Review

Pamela Nicely says:

I read this but have been using eyes alive since 1999 when Wei came to HSN! I have been really happy with it over the years! I have lupus and allergic to so many products and this herbal has been the best products for me but that said my grandmother lived to be 102 yrs old and never used nothing but Dove soap on her face and up until the day she passed her complexion was like a baby’s behind so may be genes play into this ! But aleast does not break me out like her other products! I can only use this 1 line! I know it’s getting harder and harder to purchase! I cannot even find her online site to buy any more and HSN carry very little!

Rosanna Jackson says:

I have been using , eyes alive for many years, 70 years old, no wrinkles under eyes!

Linda Shawhan says:

I am 72 and love Eyes Alive. Best eye cream on the market in my opinion. Now that it has been unavailable, I’ve tried eye creams costing three times the price, including Lancome, and am yet to find a product that makes my undereye wrinkles disappear. Wei East, please bring your product back to HSN and your Web site.

Y says:

Not Yet ok WEI EAST IS THE BEST!!! Shift next line thank you weight is the best East

Shery says:

I used Wei East products when she first started on HSN, but then I read the ingredients and was shocked to see she used the same ingredient in laundry detergent. I called the company to make sure I was reading right and was extremely upset when the girl said they used just the right amount of ingredients as to not cause problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want to use anything used in a laundry detergent on my face. Unbelievable. Stopped using and now use Beekman 1802. Clean beauty.

Anna says:

I love her product.i am 64, white but after using her product I look 10 years younger. Never had a problem with any products.

HSN please bring her back.

My husband loves too.
Many people adore me.

Please come back.

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