Halocel Eye Lift Serum Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Halocel Eye Lift Serum is an eye product that aims to restore lost collagen and lift sagging skin surrounding the eye. The product description says that this product will help users clear debris from the area and reverse the visible signs of aging with use.

Halocel Eye Lift Serum is made with a blend of herbal extracts, which provide antioxidants and reduce the appearance of blood pigments under the eye. Additionally, the makers of this product claim this formula will brighten the area of application.

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Halocel Eye Lift Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

According to the Halocel Eye Lift Serum website, the product gets its benefits from vitamins and antioxidants.

Luckily for us, Amazon has a picture of the official ingredient label posted online for consumer review. Here are some of the active elements included in this blend.

Cucumber Extract Comfrey Extract Peptides
Chrysin Witch Hazel

Cucumber Extract: Cucumber extract is rich in vitamin C, as well as a substance known as caffeic acid, which works to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Additionally, cucumber may have a soothing effect on the skin, along with some protective antioxidant properties.

Comfrey Extract: An herbal extract used to speed wound healing, reduce inflammation and soothe dry, flaking skin.

Peptides: Small chains of amino acids, peptides work to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and strengthen the skin.

Chrysin: Chrysin is a flavonoid sourced from the blue passionflower plant. It is rich in antioxidants and may help lighten dark circles by improving circulation under the eye.

Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is a natural astringent, used to regulate oil production, as well as treat and prevent acne.

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Halocel Eye Lift Serum Quality of Ingredients

Halocel Eye Lift Serum is the rare case of a free trial scam with a list of ingredients—more on that first part later. Because the website doesn’t list the ingredient label or go into any detail explaining what, exactly, this formula does, we were fortunate that the Amazon listing documented this critical piece of information.

The product contains some good elements—peptides and botanical extracts—but we wish there was a little more to it. Sure, cucumber is rich in the skin-friendly vitamin C, but it doesn’t contain retinol or things like glycolic acid, niacinamide, or other ingredients that would help amplify the effects of the peptide blend found in the formula.

Additionally, based on the reputation of the company, there is the possibility that this product is made mostly of water.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Halocel Eye Lift Serum

Halocel Eye Lift Serum is available by free trial offer from the official websites—there are a few in operation, at this time.

Users get a free trial, but they are required to pay the shipping and handling fee. Unfortunately, this means the company that makes this product keeps charging users who sign up for the trial.

There’s fine print agreement that states that by signing up for the sample, you’ll be responsible for paying for the product on a monthly basis.

This type of scheme is beginning to feel quite familiar. Users get trapped in an arrangement that makes them feel as though they’ve been taken advantage of—it’s hard to get out of the subscription, and can be quite expensive.

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Business of Halocel Eye Lift Serum

Halocel Eye Lift Serum is distributed by a company known as DFLK LLC. Here is their contact information, as per the official better Business Bureau website:

Address: 3422 Old Capitol Trail

Suite 106
Wilmington, DE 19808

Phone: 877.216.4440

Let’s start off with this—DFLK does not have a good reputation. The BBB site features a whopping 103 customer complaints, many associated with the company’s deceptive marketing practices.

As you’ll see below—DFLK sometimes intercepts Amazon’s visitors by asking them to take a survey—incentivized with a free gift. Users must pay for shipping and handling to take advantage of the offer—and DFLK takes this information and charges shoppers every month for the product.

As per the BBB’s complaints:

“I’m disappointed with how this company chooses to do business. They advertise a free trial, then 10 days later charge you for the product. You can’t return open product, so I don’t understand how you can try it.”

“I got an email about a Costco survey, saying if I answered the questions, I’d be able to get a free gift set. Now they keep sending me products and charging my card. This is crazy.”

The complaints go on for pages and pages. The information all strikes a familiar tone—consumers were taken advantage of either by voluntarily signing up for a free trial program on the website or by getting tricked by one of the survey scams.

Aside from the offensive customer service practices, this company doesn’t provide website visitors with any information about the product or tell them how much it costs. Rather, they just bank on the fact that people want to get something for nothing—which, is understandably true for most of us.

What’s a little scary about Halocel Eye Lift Serum is, DFLK incepts users by posing as trusted stores—Costo, Amazon, Walgreens. Never give your information through a pop-up survey like the ones employed by DFLK—the stores we just mentioned, they don’t do this.

Customer Opinions of Halocel Eye Lift Serum

Halocel Eye Lift Serum has very few reviews associated with its use. Amazon has a couple of accounts recorded on the website, and there’s little talk of this product elsewhere.

Unfortunately, that makes evaluating this product a bit more challenging—we don’t know the ratios of any of the ingredients in the mix—it could be mostly water, or it could be really potent. With that in mind, here are the couple of opinions we were able to uncover during our search:

“I thought I bought this through Amazon—but found I was duped by a scam stating I’d receive a free gift for filling out a survey. All I had to do was pay shipping. Well, now I’m on the hook for $164 a month.”

“As far as the product is concerned, it worked a little—but caused some redness around my eyes as well. Obviously, the small reduction in fine lines is not worth the irritation. Not a good deal.”

“I was allergic to this cream, so I returned it. Followed the directions, yet no refund. After about a month, I contacted the company—and was told my order was closed. There was nothing they could do.”

Most of the comments associated with this product refer to their deceptive business practices. We don’t really know whether this product is any good, but we did see that at least two past users experienced a reaction with use.

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Conclusion – Does Halocel Eye Lift Serum Work?

After doing some research on the formula of Halocel Eye Lift Serum, as well as the reaction this product got from consumers, we can’t recommend this product to our consumers. Based on a number of factors, it’s clear that all users get from engaging with this business is an ongoing stream of charges.

This company is worse than many of the free trial scam eye products we’ve encountered—and there are a lot of these. Again, there are over 100 complaints posted on the BBB website. There are also reports on RipOff Report and other consumer watchdog platforms. More alarmingly, DFLK is posing as other businesses to lure people in.

While the traditional free trial model is deceptive and is better avoided—the survey portion of this “business model” does not come with the same fine print protections offered when customers visit the website.

In the end, we do believe that Halocel Eye Lift Serum is a scam. It might contain those plant-based ingredients listed on the label, but the fact is—of the few accounts of people who tried the product, there were a couple of mentions that this product caused irritation or redness with use.

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6 Responses to Halocel Eye Lift Serum Review

Desiree hall says:

Learned a hard lesson in the life of corruption!!! Always search before you buy!!! Got duped!!! With this crap!! They tried to extort money from my account on several attempts, finally succeeding for $90.00!! Had to change acct to get away from them!! All over a SAMPLE!!!!! So run the other way!!!! Do not do wat I did!!!

Mary Miller says:

The company is using the same scam a lot of other products do – free trial for 10 or 14 days, and then wham, it’s costs about $90 and you get charged for it However, I like the product very much. It worked fantastic. But it’s too expensive.

Michael Koetting says:

HaloCel is a complete scam. Product does not work on any level. Only thing positive I can say is that I was able to stop them from sending second and 3rd orders. But totally useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann says:

What a sham. This company sends stuff and charges your credit card without your knowledge. So much for a free sample! They just charged me over $93.00 for something I never ordered or for that matter received. I want my money back!!!!!

Anne Caenn says:

I’ve had the same experience as the person who said they took a a survey and received a trial sample for only the cost of shipping. I thought I’d only get the free trial, but before I could decide if I like it, I’ve received another shipment. There is no contact information or the name of the company who is shipping it. Any advice of how I can solve this problem will be appreciated.

Rick Manago says:

Hello, do you guys still sell this product? And if so, what’s the price?

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