Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula is an eye cream designed to provide hydration and rejuvenation with use. This product smooths away crow’s feet, reduces discoloration and wrinkles, and combats under-eye puffiness.

Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula comes as a packaged set with the Hydroface Anti-Wrinkle Cream—both products work together to reduce wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging affecting the whole face.

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Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula Ingredients and Side Effects

Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula does not have a documented list of the ingredients used to make this product. Unfortunately, this makes it a bit of a challenge to figure out whether or not this product is effective in providing the benefits advertised on the website.

According to the official Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula product pages, this product contains a single active ingredient, peptides. Here’s a little more about what peptides can do for the skin:

N-Hydroxycicinimide Chrysin
Niacinamide Bisabolol

N-Hydroxycicinimide: This ingredient is used to minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eyes by helping “clean up” excess blood pigments.

Chrysin: An isoflavone found in blue passionflower, chrysin minimizes the appearance of excessive blood pigments and iron beneath the eye. For this reason, chrysin is often used in products that promise to eliminate dark circles.

Niacinamide: A water-soluble form of vitamin B3, niacinamide plays a key role in helping the skin retain moisture. This ingredient is also used to reduce the appearance of acne and fight inflammation and redness affecting the skin. Finally, niacinamide is used to minimize enlarged pores and may have a brightening effect on the skin.

Bisabolol: Bisabolol is a compound derived from chamomile, that works to soothe irritated skin and minimize swelling, flakiness and inflammation. Additionally, this ingredient is rich in a substance known as panthenol—which helps promote skin healing.

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Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula Quality of Ingredients

Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula is made with a few key ingredients that do have some strong potential to be effective against the most obvious signs of aging—but it doesn’t seem like it’s a complete formula.

The product aims to tackle wrinkles and sagging skin without the use of peptides or retinol. And dark circles are addressed with chrysin and N-Hydroxycicinimide—but only those caused by blood leakage. There’s nothing here for dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation or genetics, so Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula may not be an effective product for many consumers.

Niacinamide is a good contender as the key element in the mix, but we’re not sure if it’s enough to truly have an effect on its own.

There’s also no mention of the ingredients on the actual website. We found the active ingredients listed in a consumer review—so, we don’t have access to the full formula. It’s unclear whether or not this product contains harmful additives or goes heavy on the filler ingredients and light on the key elements advertised on the website.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula

Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula is part of a two-part set, and it seems you can only order them as such—the eye formula, plus the full face cream.

The set may be purchased from hydroface.com for a total of $45. Seems like a pretty decent deal, but the set up feels a little strange on our end. The order form informs the customer that they are making a “safe investment,” which comes as though there’s a catch associated with the purchase.

Users complete the form by click the call to action button that reads, “I order Hydroface because I want beautiful skin.”

The website offers a lot of before and after pictures, benefits, charts, and so on, before they explain how much the item costs, what it’s made out of, and so forth.

Users who feel uncomfortable ordering directly from the website may also purchase the set through Amazon at a slightly discounted rate—for $36 a piece.

The product might be a good deal, but overall, something about the way the website was written and set up gave us a bad feeling. This projection may be unfair, but without much background information at our disposal, we’re not confident Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula is the best option out there.


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Business of Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula

Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula is distributed through a company known as Ultimate Web Offers. They are based out of Mauritius and offer 24-hour customer service. Here are their contact details:

Address: Ultimate Web Offers Ltd.

Phone: +442037692075

Email: [email protected]

Ultimate Web Offers sells a handful of products offered from different websites—Fulfix Complex and Biolab Mask are a couple examples from their line of products.

There isn’t much information Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit associated with ordering this product. Consumers should be aware that a product that doesn’t come with pricing, ingredients, or contact information likely won’t yield any meaningful results.

The official website for this product isn’t exactly comprehensive. As we mentioned above, there’s little in the way of product information—hard to find pricing information and more in the way of testimonials than factual information.

In all, it seems that the case for Hydroface is pretty weak. We tried to learn a bit more about the company behind Hydroface, but failed to find enough details to establish a sense of whether this is a reputable company or whether people were satisfied with their purchase, customer service, and so on.

Customer Opinions of Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula

Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula doesn’t have many reviews. The primary place to purchase this product is the official website, and there’s no review platform offered for consumer benefit. Instead, we’re left with the limited pool of Amazon reviewers—and within that pool, some of the reviews seem a little, well, off.

Here’s a look at some of the comments we found on Amazon:

“I love this product. I thought only rich people were able to afford creams like these. I look like I’m in my early thirties, not my late forties.”

“Used this product for just a few days and my skin became patchy and dry. So, basically, it looked worse. I kind of think this product is a scam.”  

The reviews were inconclusive. We’re still not entirely sure whether the makers of Hydroface are deceiving consumers or if this is a legitimate anti-aging duo.

There are some mentions on the web linking Hydroface to the automatic shipping scams we’ve seen so many times. But, the difference between Hydroface and these other companies is, Hydroface sells the product outright.

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Conclusion – Does Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula Work?

Unfortunately, the people behind Hydroface haven’t done enough to prove that they’ve created a viable anti-aging solution that consumers can trust.

First of all, we never get to see an official ingredient label. The list of ingredients we came across was found on a blog post—so it’s accuracy can be disputed. While niacinamide and chrysin and chamomile all have a solid lineup of benefits, we don’t have any idea what the concentrations were like, what the less active ingredients are and so on.

Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula also doesn’t have great reviews. Sure, there aren’t that many, and you have to consider, the product is sold as a bundle, but the general consensus was, this product didn’t exactly yield the transformations promised in the website copy.

Finally, we simply couldn’t find any information about the company that makes Advanced Under Eye Formula. They seem to be a smaller business operating overseas—which may make them hard to track down. But, we couldn’t shake the shady tone the web copy struck. We’d advise sticking to making purchases from companies with a better track record of customer satisfaction.

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2 Responses to Hydroface Advanced Under Eye Formula Review

Eunice Muthama says:

You are right. The company appears to be shady. I bought a package of hydroface and have used two bottles so far without any change on my wrinkles. I’m onto my third bottle and when I added a negative review of this product to their comments section, it was immediately removed and I’ve not been able to make any more comments. Their claims about the product effect are exaggerated and the sales are done in clouded circumstances. They don’t approve of any objective reviews and neither do they have a money back guarantee. I thought that the list of ingredients would be posted on the product but there is absolutely nothing. For a while, I actually thought they were selling Nivea! The other thing that is quite annoying about the company is their advertising in which they claim that the scientists who developed the product won a Nobel prize? When they saw my review questioning this claim, they quickly added pictures of celebrities that supposedly endorse hydroface and even that Doctor Oz has supported this product. They are using celebrities who might be completely unaware to make quick sales before the bubble bursts! Here in Kenya, hydroface is delivered at you doorstep once you make a purchase order, yet reputable products can only be accessed in high end stores. There is something that is not adding up!

Anonymous says:

I tried to order the product but got a call back by someone who was rather eager to sell more products. I need to cancel but am not getting through. Help!

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