EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum is an eye serum that works to strengthen the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with use. This product aims to do this by promoting collagen synthesis.

EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum features an advanced formula that aims to improve circulation, keep skin hydrated, and provide the strengthening benefits outlined above. The product is made from a blend of peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants, though we don’t know the specifics of the formula.

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EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum, unfortunately, is without an official ingredient list. The product is featured on a few different websites, most made by the company responsible for this product.

Based on the product descriptions featured on this handful of websites, it seems that EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum contains antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides—not exactly the most descriptive way to talk about this product and its benefits, but it’s something, to be sure.

Vitamins can come from multiple sources, as can antioxidants—and the makers of EcoMaxx fail to dive into greater detail, leaving consumers with nothing much to hang onto.

Peptides, too, come in different forms and configurations. Users can expect firming and wrinkle reducing action from most peptides, but some formulas are more effective for collagen production than others, while different types may focus on firming skin or improving overall tone.

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EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum could really be made from anything, unfortunately. So, it’s a little difficult for us to evaluate the claims put forth on the website in detail.

We’re speaking in vague terms here—vitamins of course, are beneficial to the skin—but does this product contain retinol (vitamin A)? If so, is it retinyl palmitate, retinal, or pure retinol? Does the formula contain vitamins B, C, or E?

What about antioxidants? Where do those come from? If this is all we know about the active elements—the selling points, so to speak, what else is in this formula? Users might be exposing themselves to ingredients that may yield an adverse reaction with use or harmful filler ingredients that may have less pronounced effects—like urea or petroleum products, which are thought to have a carcinogenic effect with use.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum

EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum is available to customers who sign up for a free trial offer on the official website. The arrangement allows people to receive a one-month supply, free of charge.  The catch is, users must cancel their membership within 14 days—despite having two more weeks of free use. If they do not cancel—those customers are then automatically enrolled in a monthly payment cycle, ongoing.

Most people are not aware of the rules of the trial when they sign up for their sample. It’s advertised as something free—but it’s worth noting that the makers of this product, and so many others just like it—fail to disclose how much the product will cost upfront.

In the case of EcoMaxx—users are likely going to be paying $80-90 a month for the eye serum—double that if they opt into the trial program for the co-marketed facial cream.

Unlike most of the competing trial scam eye creams and serums, EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum is also offered on Amazon, for considerably less than $80. The Amazon listing currently offers the item for $23.49, with Prime shipping and additional discounts for bulk orders.

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Business of EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum

EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum is associated with a number of skincare and supplement brands that follow a similar marketing plan. All of these companies fail to provide a clear picture of who the true parent company is, and they don’t sell the product in a way that makes sense to anyone well-versed in how online shopping works.

There are a large number of complaints filed against this company and the business behind EcoMaxx has been awarded an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. As you might imagine, this company has several accounts on record from people who had signed up for the free trial offer—only to learn they’d been charged for an $89 eye cream.

In looking at the EcoMaxx website, we found the company wasn’t especially helpful in any regard. When people are spending money on an eye cream, they want to have an understanding of what’s going on their skin. With EcoMaxx—it could be anything.

In the end, we think it wise to avoid any company that has been linked to a free trial offer scam. Whether the product may be purchased more traditionally from Amazon or elsewhere, it doesn’t matter. This business model is built on taking advantage of the less tech-savvy among us—the elderly and those susceptible to promises of free product.

Customer Opinions of EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum

EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum doesn’t have too many reviews associated with its use. The Amazon reviewers—many of them seem to have given this a positive rating—but knowing what we know about this business—it seems like some of the reviews may be paid for or created by the company responsible for EcoMaxx.

Here’s a look at some of the comments we found on Amazon:

“EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum is alright. I don’t know if ageless is the best descriptor—it seems to have an effect on dark circles, though. Fine lines are firmly in place, though.”

“This eye serum is pretty good upon application. It goes on smooth and initially reduces under-eye bags. As the day wears on, I notice my eyes look progressively worse—it weighs the skin down.” 

“I signed up for the free trial, paid the five bucks or so for shipping, and now am trapped in a monthly auto-payment cycle for what appears to be a basic lotion. This is fraud—I saw none of this fine print.”

“This product is not effective. Save your money and skip this product. I don’t know that it contains any actual anti-aging ingredients—and my dark circles haven’t budged.”

Many of the positive reviews for this product used some strange phrases to offer praise for this product—which might just mean the people sharing their opinion have an unusual way of expressing themselves—or, there’s the chance this company paid for reviews.

In any case, we don’t learn anything new about the formula from the people who have used this product. Those who really liked it didn’t necessarily explain why.

And then there’s the issue that the makers of EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum are operating a free trial scam—making us skeptical of the product’s quality altogether—even when purchased with Amazon’s protections in place.

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Conclusion – Does EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum Work?

Unfortunately, we were unable to dig up any evidence suggesting that EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum is a good product that’s worth a try. Some consumers left positive feedback on Amazon, but the bulk of the reviewers opted for vague input written in an offbeat tone.

First of all, we never get to see an official ingredient label. The list of ingredients we came across in a blog post—so it’s accuracy can be disputed.

Secondly, this company has an F rating with the BBB, and several complaints posted online through multiple channels. While some Amazon users seemed to think the formula was okay—we never heard from anyone who was blown away by the results they got from using.

EcoMaxx Ageless Eye Serum also doesn’t have great reviews. Sure, there aren’t that many, and you have to consider, the product is sold as a bundle, but the consensus was, this product didn’t exactly yield the transformations promised in the website copy.

According to our reviews, Kremovage is the best eye solution we’ve come across in a long while. This product aims to hydrate, lift, and firm the skin surrounding the eye—using a potent selection of skin-friendly anti-aging components. Matrixyl 3000, plant extracts, ocean-based retinol, and soothing oils—work together to produce lasting results in the form of a younger-looking face. For more information about using Kremovage, visit our website today.

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Catherine says:

I bought a sample of ECOMAXX when it first came out I paid $5.00 for shipping. And I was pleased to see the results. Am now 71years young and I am always getting compliments on how young I look. Like I stated I purchased the product when it was frist interduced i not sure what your,but it worked for me.

Catherine says:

What works for me might not work for someone else.some might be on meds. and I think no one should use or put anything on there skin before checking with there doctor. I don’t have any health problems or take any medicine to cause any problems. It worked for me.

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