NEW Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan is a total package weight loss plan that emphasizes reducing carbohydrates, calories, and all while eating smaller meals through the day. They offer meal replacements in the form of shakes, bars, smoothies, and soups.

They also provide practical tips for weight loss such as making sure to get enough water daily, tracking your BMI, and making sure to incorporate moderate exercise daily, and all for free. Bundle packages are offered for the core foods including breakfast bars, snack bars, and varied shake flavors. Different phases are also recommended for people looking to lose more weight, and those who want to make sure their weight is stable and under control. The meal replacement plan we liked most was from the great nutrition offered by 18Shake. The great blend of ingredients is enough to satisfy weight loss, lean muscle gains, and overall health. There’s a lot more to learn about 18Shake which you can better understand by clicking here.


Key Ingredients:

Skim Milk Powder Whey Protein Concentrate BioFibre Complex Fructose Soy Protein Isolate
Glucose Syrup Solids Green Tea Extract L-Carnitine (Carnipure) Anti-Caking Agent (551) Natural Sweetener (960)
Maize Starch Calcium Caseinate Vegetable Oil Sugar Skim Sweetened Condensed Milk
Thickeners (401, 415, 412) Glycerin Natural Color (160b) Emulsifiers (471, 472c) Potassium Iodide

Skim Milk Powder: Processed dairy that is dried and manufactured in a way to help preserve it. This is a cheap additive often used in processed foods in order to provide a stabilized form of protein. This still keeps many important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids however.

This is the first listed ingredient in the companies nutrition facts for their shakes, making it a likely major ingredient which is most used. The amount of carbohydrates is higher in this than whey protein.  Milk powder is slower absorbing which can help provide lasting protein, especially during sleep.

Depending on where this is sourced, there is concern that Chinese imported milk powder may be contaminated and potentially unsafe. The safety standards are much different and since it’s difficult to track all imports, there is the potential for serous contamination. This is why in 2024 there was a melamine issue which caused many to die and become sick.

Whey Protein Concentrate: A rich protein taken from the left overs made by cheese. This is an often used source of protein for athletes who need a good dose of healthy amino acids. It is also a useful way to lose weight since it’s often low in calories, and is filling enough to satisfy appetite for hours.

Bodybuilders will often use it due to its active support which can help the growth of lean muscle mass, while improving the recovery needed after a hard workout.

As the second ingredient added to their shakes, it’s likely the second most used ingredient.

Fructose: A simple sweetener and common carbohydrate which is found in many kinds of foods. This is known for its high potential of causing weight gain, since the human body cannot use it as an efficient fuel source when it is eaten quickly. This can cause a rapid spike of blood sugar, which may be needed in some form when after exercising, but typically it shouldn’t be too much.

The difference in getting fructose straight like this as opposed to in fruits and vegetables is that in this form it lacks the necessary whole nutrients. Typically there is some fiber which also helps with the absorption, instead of straight fructose which can have many negative effects on health.

When the liver is overloaded with fructose, the rest of it is stored as fat. This can potentially lead to things like diabetes and insulin resistance. This also has a negative impact on leptin, the hormone responsible for sending signals to the body to let it know it’s full.

The American Heart Association has made it clear that reducing sugar intake is critical for general health. They advise having a limit depending on gender:

  • Male: A grand total limit of 36 grams is advised daily.
  • Female: Total amount of only 25 grams a day.

It’s also highly recommended to keep this number as limited as possible, since the only benefit of sugar is a rapid energy increase. This can cause a major dip in blood sugar which can lead to a sugar crash however.

If you take a total of 2 daily servings of the company’s rapid phase shakes you’d be getting around 28 grams of sugar a day or upwards of 48 grams for the daily variety pack which offers weight maintenance results.

Anti-Caking Agent (551): Also referred to as silicon dioxide, basic filler which can felt prevent the clumping up of ingredients. This is often added to seasoning since it can prevent trapped grains which are hard to take out. It is often seen in nature and is a common ingredient within processed foods. The FDA has granted it GRAS status to show its likely safe in regulated and common amounts.

There still is some concern however from consumer watchdog groups that this ingredient may be a cause of certain long-term health issues. For example, Live has made it clear that this has had:

“Inconsistent… contradictory research”

There is a clear lack of solid information to know if this can be relied upon.

Glucose Syrup Solids: A basic carbohydrate which is made to be easy on the digestive system, and readily absorbed. This often comes from GMO corn unless otherwise stated. The way it’s made is by breaking down starch into its smaller molecules, then extracting out the left over sweetener to make it easier to absorb and less corn tasting.

Because it’s often easy to absorb the FDA has given it GRAS status, declaring it likely safe when used as directed. Much like any other sweetener it’s important to limit use since it can lead to metabolic issues and weight gain. This is why Live has said it can:

“lead to extra calories and weight gain”

It’s not essential to get this and its only use is to make the taste more satisfying.

Calcium Caseinate: A protein taken from milk which is often used in processed goods. This is a cheap form of protein which is sometimes supplemented by athletes who need a slowly absorbed amount of amino acids which can enrich the body.

This is really cheap to source and it’s well-preserved since it is processed. This is often seen in coffee creamers, soups, and other meals which need extra protein in a blend requiring water. It also has a rich source for certain amino acids such as glutamic acid, which is essential for general health.

L-Carnitine (Carnipure):  The patented version of the common amino acid known as L-Carnitine. This is specially formulated to help improve sustained energy, to nourish the body, support healthy aging, and in promoting proper weight management. This is intended as a way to help the body better use fats as a fuel source, thereby burning calories at a faster rate.

Typically L-Carnitine is often high enough in a protein rich diet where additional amounts are unnecessary and excessive. The protein from the whey and milk protein concentrate should have already been enough to satisfy the demand for this ingredient.

The company that makes it is known as Lonza, and they have been around since 1987.

Green Tea Extract: A common tea taken from a lightly caffeinated plant. The dried leaves are often brewed into a tea, and its flavor is often described as mild. Depending on how much is used it can contain a lot of caffeine, but this is rare as it can overpower food.

There are antioxidants in this tea which are often touted as it can improve the immune system and general health. Often this is included in some meal replacement shakes since it can provide an additional boost which may increase metabolism and general calorie burning.

If you want to fully understand what the best meal replacement shakes are in terms of nutrition and weight loss potential, check out our full top 10 list.

Natural Sweetener (960): In Europe this is number is known as the more common steviol glycosides, a natural plant based sweetener. In Europe however, they do not allow any additives to be labeled as being natural. Stevia is a low-calorie sweetener which does not have the same impact on blood sugar as what’s offered in regular sweeteners. This also requires lower dosage strength in order for it to provide a sweet taste.

Steviol glycoside is the active chemical which provides the sweet taste of stevia. Since this is chemically extracted, it’s not as pure as the full stevia plant.

471,472c Emulsifiers: A mixture of mono-and diglycerides and citric acid fatty acid esters. Both work at increasing bulk and in thickening the product. The citric acid also has added antioxidant benefits which can reduce the amount of time it can take for the other ingredients to spoil.

Mono-and diglycerides are used often as a substitute for animal based fatty acids which may not be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This is a cheap way to help make the shakes easier to mix, and more satisfying as they can become thicker and richer. This has no effects on nutrition, and instead is only used to make the ingredients blend a certain way.

Glycerin: A slightly sweet tasting liquid that is easy to absorb, and which can help preserve ingredients. This has multiple uses including thickening, and it can act as a solvent. The human body can often process this well, preventing the risk of side effects in controlled amounts.

It’s unclear if this is added in the shakes as a preservative, sweetener, or both.

Thickeners (401, 415, and 412): This is a blend of different additives in the form of carrageenan, xanthan gum, and sodium alginate. While xanthan gum is considerably likely safe, there are major concerns over the use of the seaweed extract carrageenan. Even though it may help reduce appetite as it gels in the stomach, there is worry it can cause serious digestive issues.

A notable clinical study by the University of Iowa declared that carrageenan was:


This is the reason why some health groups have advised the ban or heavy regulation of this additive.

Sodium alginate also works similarly and it is used to help provide thickening to paint. This is considered far easier to digest however, and there doesn’t seem to be any issues with regulated amounts.

What’s particularly strange about this thickener blend is that the company adds it to their BioFibre Complex, stating that it is a good way to provide fiber. Xanthan gum can help but the other 2 ingredients are rarely ever used to help improve digestion or to suppress appetite. It’s also very cheap to add these ingredients, and they make it seem like it’s a part of a greater fiber blend. This is far too basic to consider it a reliable source of filling fiber.

Natural Color (160b): This is the European way of saying Annatto, a color additive which is used to help make the food appear a certain color. This is sometimes taken from the annatto plant, but often it’s extracted or made synthetically. According to an analysis by Web MD, this ingredient is lacking information to know:

“how it works”

While it does not mean it’s likely to be unsafe, there is concern that we don’t quite yet know what kind of an impact it may have on general health.

Here’s a simple explanation which explains what the best meal replacement shakes are for fitness and weight loss.


The Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan meal replacement is offered in the following flavours (also known as flavors, but worded differently since it is an Australian company):

  • Chocolate- With cocoa and chocolate flavours.
  • Strawberry- With natural colour 162.
  • Vanilla- With added vanilla flavours.
  • Caramel- Colour 150 and caramel flavours.
  • Café latte– Colour 150, cocoa and café late flavour.
  • Banana – With added natural colour 160a.
  • Chocolate mint –With cocoa and chocolate mint flavour.
  • Berry – Colour 162 added.
  • Chocolate orange – Cocoa and chocolate orange flavour added.
  • Cookies & cream –Cocoa and flavour added.

They offer a 10 day variety pack single serving which has all the above and this is offered alongside different bars as well as the rapid shakes which are in tubs. The tubs are formulated for faster weight loss and they are only offered in a few flavors including chocolate, vanilla, café late, and banana.

The tubs offered allow customers to pick and choose their select flavour, and there’s an easy scroll section to see what’s offered. The 1- day package already has flavors which cannot be mixed and matched, so you’d have to try every flavor repeatedly if you were to use it for weight maintenance.

The amount of sugar can vary as well as the calorie total depending on which specific version you select. This can vary form upwards of 14.9 grams per serving to 13.8 for their rapid phase shakes, or 24.4 grams of their assorted pack daily shake for sustained weight loss. Virtually all the ingredients are the same for each shake version; the only major difference is total nutrients dosage strength.

The bars are also offered with only chocolate nut and apricot, almond and yogurt which are all packed into a single bar. Soups also come in a variety pack and you can’t choose what the individual soups are, they are already pre-mixed into a container.

Here’s a great recap on what the best meal replacement diet shakes are and why.


Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan has a lot of varying ingredients depending on which specific shake you get, and whether or not you get the bars and soup. Most of the information offered in on the shakes alone, and to learn about the other foods you have to go to select sections of their website to learn more.

To American consumers and those outside of Europe it may be initially tricky trying to learn about each ingredient. There are numbers used instead of the actual ingredient name for many of the additives like the colors, thickeners, and other additives. There’s also a different standard for labeling in Europe which can make it difficult to know what’s being discussed until further research is performed.

The good thing about the protein added to the shakes is that there is whey protein concentrate, the bad is the cheap skim milk powder which can be found for a lot less elsewhere. They also added soy protein isolate which is likely GMO, and should have not been included to the base formula.

It’s also hard to find much value in this when it relies heavily on thickeners, fructose, glucose syrup, and cheap starches. There is no need to ever introduce fructose into a person’s diet, since it has a high potential for weight gain, especially when taken in excess.

All the best meal replacement shakes were fully reviewed and according to our review experts, offer the best support for weight loss and general health.


It’s a bit tricky getting the selection which works best for you, since for whatever reason the company fails to bundle the shakes, bars, and soups together, at this time only the shakes and bars can be mixed. The most convenient bundle is also their most expensive. Here’s a brief description of each and the going price:

  • Re-Shaping Plan Bundle: $188.99 for the 16 pack of bars, 3 tubs of the rapid shakes, a 10 pack variety, and 7 days of the shake pack.
  • 10 day variety pack: $49.99 for maintained weight loss at different flavors. You can’t pick select flavors as they are already mixed.
  • Healthy Habits Plan Bundle: $145.01 for a 16 pack of breakfast bars, 20 packs of the low carbohydrate nut bars, and a 14 day pack of maintenance shakes.
  • Total Transformation Plan Bundle: $239.00 for their biggest package containing a 16 pack of bas, 20 back of breakfast bars, 2 tubs of the rapid shakes, 2 of the 10 flavor mixed package, and 14 days’ worth of shakes. This is currently the largest offered package but it does not contain any soups.

They do offer a lot of customization in terms of what kinds of shakes and bars you can get, but they fail to list the soup. This is also very expensive for the kinds of ingredients they offer. Relying too much on cheap milk protein, unhealthy amounts of sugar, and basic additives you’d find in many cheap shakes.

It’s hard to see much value in this as a weight loss tool when the sugar content is 23 to 26 grams depending on what kind of shake you get. This is far too much sugar when you consider the fact that other meal replacement shakes have typically less than 5 grams per serving. Eating excess sugar can be a major factor in developing weight gain as the liver cannot store too much fructose in a single sitting.

You’d expect that most of the support comes from the mix of meal replacement offerings but in order for this to work users have to reduce their overall calorie and carbohydrate content. You’d still have to prepare meals and make sure to eat up to 6 small meals a day. They do offer additional tips for free, but this is all general information you’d find in the most basic of website offering weight loss support.

There are a lot of practical tips given which can help with weight loss, but realistically this could be followed without having to take any of their prepackaged foods, and the results might be even better. We have to keep coming back to the excess amount of sugar in this which is not a good way to support overall health and in particular, weight loss results.

The research we performed makes it easy to see which meal replacement shakes can deliver the most noticeable benefits.


They are known as the Celebrity Slim and they can be contacted via the following:

Phone Number: (800) 620- 898

Email: [email protected]

They offer free shipping if the order amount totals $49 or more. Otherwise, a $5 flat rate shipping fee is applied. Since this is sent via Australian Post, international orders may take a lot longer to be fulfilled. They do not have any stores which sell this unless you live in Australia or the UK.

Returns are offered in the package is mishandled and damaged, and if the customer has a problem with the products in any way. They don’t fully explain what their returns process is like, and we don’t know if there is a window for returns. We can’t determine for certain if they even offer a full return for used products as they keep the description for returns brief.

Their website also gives some basic but solid recommendations for weight loss, stating that it can only occur when you burn more calories than you take in. 5 distinct diet plans are laid out for people to read about which are focused in on supporting people who have different goals. They offer the following:

  • Kick-Start Plan: For a total of 3 weeks people can follow this to use weight quickly, such as in the case of a special event.
  • Re-shaping Plan: 6 week duration in where people who want to lose a fair amount of weight, especially those looking to get back into shape.
  • Total Transformation Plan: Total of 8 weeks where people looking to improve their health, especially for those looking to lose a lot of weight and keep it off.
  • Healthy habits plan: In 4 week’s users can enjoy better eating habits to help them control their weight.
  • Toning plan: In a 6 week time span people can gain extra muscle and tone their bodies. This was made partially for people who are near their goal weight but just need an extra push to give them a better definition.

To sign up for this you have to become a member which is free and offers a forum, tools, meal and exercise plan, and offers on different foods. There are also 3 different tiers of workouts including light, moderate, and heavy, and it is catered towards 5 to 6 workout sessions a week. This can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in that time frame, and it focuses on cardio and resistance training.

We couldn’t find much information about what specific exercises are recommended, but it’s known that they do advise making sure to follow their exercise and healthy eating habits tips to lose weight. It’s important to mention they also highly recommend using their supplements in order to lose weight, but they only bundle the bars and shakes at this time, require users it pay extra money if they want the full support.

As far as the company practices, they don’t offer much information about themselves. We also couldn’t find much data about how they function, or if they are reliable.

Learn more about what shakes can offer the most satisfying weight loss results by seeing which made the top 10 list.


Here’s some independent reviews found on 3rd party websites for their shakes:

“works well when you add some water and then you can take it on the go”

“Good taste but I haven’t seen any weight loss results thus far and I’m almost done”

“Really enjoyed the taste but I have yet to lose weight so it only does half the job”

“Didn’t really suppress my appetite, I felt like eating right after every shake”

Here are some reviews for their bars:

“taste like some artificial crap, not at all satisfying”

“kind of sweet and OK flavor wise but I don’t see myself getting this again”

Finally here are reviews for their soups:

“Really powdery and not at all like a soup, hard to drink”

“most of the soups had a good taste but the mushroom in particular was really bland”

“Taste is just OK and it will fill you up”

“don’t really see how this would help for long-term weight loss, this is just a quick fix on not sustainable in the future”

It’s hard to get much of a consensus for the flavor and the actual weight loss potential, since there were many mixed reviews online. What were especially strange were the many different experiences related to taste. Some people really liked the shakes, and others felt it was too sweet. Typically when this is the case, it’s often because it is sugary but some prefer this over others.

The bars had less reviews but they had the most negative reviews. Often people said it was not filling at all, and that the flavor was not good.

The soup was often described as filling, but also the mushroom soup in particular was described as being flavorless.

Overall a lot of people who didn’t like this diet plan said that it did not feel sustainable long-term, and that it’s unlikely to be a reliable way to lose weight. This was because of the lack of variety in taste, the lack of appetite satisfaction, and the lack of weight loss. Rarely was there any mention of weight loss for users, many said it actually had no effect at all.

On Product thy have a total of 3.9 stats out of 5 which is based out of 253 current reviews. It’s a decent score, but it also means they aren’t truly impressive enough where the majority of users saw some sort of benefit. In reviewing this website it also became clear that although people on average did like the taste, there was no weight loss progress, and many felt it was not filling enough.

A common issue people with was corrected was having the option to make a selection on the specific flavors. People felt that the 10 day pack was lacking the option to choose, causing some to skip over certain flavors they didn’t care for. This makes it more costly as people will be unwilling to continue to taste certain versions.

There are several kinds of meal replacements to examine and after much review we uncovered which could best support weight loss and general nutrition.


This diet plan isn’t all bad, but there are some notable alternatives which pack in far more satisfying ingredients which can reduce hunger for hours, all while making weight loss much easier. Realistically you’d be able to get the same kind of nutrition found in this diet plan by sampling many of the other types of bars, soups, and meal replacements found in common stores.

There’s other brands which offer much less sugar, a more affordable cost, and all without may of the cheap ingredients added to it. The added fructose is a great example since it should be avoided at all costs if the goal is weight loss. Much better reviews were seen in other brands which customers often said were filling, tasty, and noticeably helped them reduce weight and control their appetite.

They also advise simply not eating if you’re hungry, and to watch out for binging. While this is good advice, the point of a proper meal replacement is to satisfy hunger where a customer won’t feel the need to eat anymore.

With so many different options to choose from our experts have taken the time to research and find out which offer the most support. Learn about all the most popular alternatives to Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan by clicking here.


The biggest difference between 18Shake and the Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan is the amount of support offered but its ingredients. Even though they both offer their amino acid profile, and whey protein, there’s only whey inside of 18Shake.

The Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan also contains much more sugar, and the quality of ingredients is much poorer. The heavy amount of sugar is very alarming since it’s unnecessary and only serves to give it a pleasant taste. Using too much sugar can lead to weight gain and it’s not necessary to make a satisfying meal.

This does offer bars and soup, but customers often said the bars were not filling even though they were mean to be meal replacements. The soup was also often criticized not because it was filling, but some felt that certain flavors were too bland to replace meals. It left many feeling like it wouldn’t be a great way to lose weight over time, and it didn’t satisfy user’s pallets.

Our review experts make it their mission to find all kinds of meal replacement shakes and diet plans to determine which are the most effective. In their studies they concluded that far too many brands fail to deliver on promises, and there are issues in almost all products. See what they determine to be the top 10 best meal replacement shakes by checking out our fully complete review guide.

How Does Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan
  • 45 /100

Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Diet Plan seems comprehensive enough and their added diet tips make sense, as they suggest sensible eating, low calories, low carbohydrates, lots of water, and only eating when not hungry. The problem is that they fail to add much variety to their food, making it impossible to customize beyond the offered flavors.

The company also made the strange decision to add a lot of sugar to their shakes, as well as a cheap main form of protein. They could have made it a lot better had they included only whey protein instead of possible GMO soy protein isolate and skim milk powder.

There weren’t’ a lot of weight loss success stories either and in fact most reviews often said that although the flavor may have been good for some of the shakes, many failed to see any satisfying weight loss. It often failed to curve appetite, and many felt hungry immediately after drinking a full shake. The price is also quite high for the overall quality of ingredients. It’s all essentially the same kind of additives in the bars and shakes, and both are far too sugary, low in fiber, and too high in calories.

For the current best available meal replacement shake we recommend looking at 18Shake. It’s good enough for people looking for a quick source of filling protein, and it can help support weight loss with its low calories and rich nutrient profile. The total amino acids are enough to help support important body functions, which is important when replacing meals.

The fact they make it easy to mix with a shaker cup of water or a blender full of your favorite add-ins also ensures you have unlimited amounts of meals. This is all-natural and does not have anything in it which is likely to cause side effects like stimulants, colors, or GMO soy. It relies on a rich blend of whey protein, all-natural sweeteners, hearty fiber, and a great nutrient profile of vitamins A through K. Many who’ve used it once continue to do so to maintain their weight or to further lose the last few stubborn pounds.

The company responsible for 18Shake also has a great reputation online and they offer it at an affordable cost for the quality of ingredients offered. It’s because of all these reasons that we consider it to be the most supportive meal replacement shake currently offered this year. If you’d like to read testimonials, see what’s inside of it, and learn about what 18Shake can offer, click here.

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