Juice Plus+ Review: Does This Supplement Really Work?

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What is it?

Juice Plus is a brand that sells powders and capsules that are designed to supply the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables in a quick, easy fashion. The product states that it is intended to provide the nutrition the user needs for a healthy diet but doesn’t necessarily eat daily.

The formula that makes up the product features over 20 different fruits, vegetables, and nutrients that are key for a healthy diet all in the form of a capsule. It states that it is the next best thing to actually eating fruits and vegetables.

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Juice Plus+ Ingredients 

Here are all the ingredients that are included in the Garden Blend version of the product:

Carrot Parsley Broccoli Spinach Kale Tomato Garlic
Oat Bran Rice Bran Beet Cabbage Gelatin Glucomannan Calcium ascorbate
Natural Tocopherol Blend Natural Carotenoid Blend Calcium Carbonate Sprinulina Natural Enzyme Blend Folic Acid Lactobacillus Acidophilus

The product website allows the user to view the full list of ingredients used in each of their featured blends, and also makes the supplement facts label available, which lists some of the specific dosage information that was used for some of the ingredients.

For most of the fruits and vegetables that are included all it states is that it was derived from the pulp of those fruits and vegetables.

Quality of Juice Plus+ Ingredients 

Rice Bran: A plant of which the bran can be used for medicine and is also a part of healthy diet. It has many potentially uses health-wise, such as treating high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. Furthermore, it also can strengthen the immune system and increase energy which can lead to better athletic performance.

Kale: A leafy vegetable that is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy source of food. It functions as an antioxidant and can be used to treat breast cancer, heart disease, colitis, constipation, and diabetes among other things. Additionally, it is believed to contain chemicals that can prevent cancer.

Broccoli: A vegetable of which the parts that grow above ground are used to make medicine. It can be used to prevent different kinds of cancers, such as prostate, breast, colon, and stomach. Furthermore, it can help regulate and boost the immune system and its ability to fight off disease.

There is no question that Juice Plus utilizes a lot of quality ingredients that are key to a healthy diet, but independent studies have shown that it offers far less nutritional value than most multivitamins. Many multivitamins that are available online or even in stores are much more affordable than what Juice Plus charges and can provide far more nutrients.

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The Price of Juice Plus+

Juice PlusThrough the Juice Plus website, though it is a bit unclear, it seems that there is only one option for purchasing their product. They offer it as a monthly auto-renewal program in which you are charged $44.50 a month for four months. They handle shipping and handling, which equates to a total of $178. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your last shipment.

In exchange, you receive a four months’ supply of the product, 240 capsules a piece of Orchard and Garden blend capsules, of which two are supposed to be taken each day. It is also sold through Amazon as a one-time purchase price of $134.99, also with free-shipping, though they state that they only have a few left in stock.

These prices do not compare favorably to many other supplements that are currently on the market, particularly given that many other supplements or multivitamins will provide more nutritional value for less money, and they do not require that the user to commit to a monthly auto-pay system.

Juice Plus+ Intended Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that are promoted by the product:

  • Makes achieving a healthy diet simpler
  • It can save you money
  • Can help user maintain or lose weight
  • Provides vitamins and antioxidants
  • Can start user on the road to a happier and healthier life.

Although it may just be two capsules a day, the manufacturer claims that Juice Plus is a key on the road to a balanced and healthier lifestyle. Because eating healthy consistently can be expensive and time consuming with all the preparation and cooking, the product actually allows the user more time to balance and improve their lives in other ways.

According to them, time that used to have to be devoted to cooking can now be used for other aspects of maintaining a healthy and balanced life, such as exercise, rest, and personal relationships.

Additionally, their formula that is full of vitamins and antioxidants, that can keep the user’s body healthy by strengthening their immune system and making them more resistant to illness and germs, while also helping the body to function more regularly and efficiently. With the body functioning at closer to its capacity, it can achieve more in several areas of life.

Only some of these benefits have actually been backed up by independent clinical studies, many of which found that it had the most substantial effect on younger boys who struggle with obesity or an unhealthy diet. The benefits were less noticeable and defined within adult users and could all be found or replicated with easily attainable or cheaper multi-vitamins or supplements.

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The Science Behind Juice Plus+

Juice Plus touts several clinical studies on their website from a variety of different universities throughout the country, all of which attempt to sell the benefits of the product, but if you look closely you’ll find that all the clinical studies were funded by Juice Plus themselves. It is difficult to trust the validity of clinical studies that are funded by what is being studied.

Most independent studies and reviews of the product have come to different conclusions. Specifically, that while Juice Plus does hold some benefit health wise, it cannot replace the value of actually eating fruits and vegetables. The company essentially admits this when they state that it is the goal of the product to bridge the gap between what you should be eating and what you are eating. But research has shown that it only provides small amounts of a handful of nutrients, while a generic multivitamin will can provide over 30 nutrients to the user, and they also disclose the quantities and specific dosages of the nutrients that they are providing.

Business of Juice Plus 

The product is formulated and manufactured by The Juice Plus+ company. They make their contact details clear through their website, along with their company terms and policies:

Address: The Juice Plus+ Company, 140 Crescent Drive, Collierville, TN 38017

Phone Number: 800-347-6350

Email: [email protected]

The company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau and their page features only a handful of complaints from over the years. It does not appear that they are currently involved in any lawsuits or litigation.

It does appear that many consumers felt that they were misled by the amount of the product that they thought they were going to receive, believing that they were going to receive four bottles of the product and only receiving two.

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Customer Opinions of Juice Plus 

As with any multilevel marketing company, it’s important to watch out for exaggerated and fake reviews from salesmen.

Here are a few verified customer reviews:

“This is a total rip off” 

“shake seems to create horrible gas” 

“Horrible gas and stomach upset” 

“Couldn’t finish it! Nasty!!” 

Side effects related to stomach health are often listed. People mention it left them bloated, full of gas, and very uncomfortable.

There was concern over the price. People felt for what’s offered, it’s much too overpriced.

Customer Opinions

There is a large amount of customer reactions to the product that can be located online. There are over a hundred customer reviews that are currently posted to the products Amazon page, and the reactions are decidedly mixed to negative. Here a just a few of the things that consumers had to say about the product:

“I completely disliked this product. It claims to give you more energy and help with acne issues. It didn’t do either for me.”

“I followed the usage directions for a couple of days, and both times it made me sick to my stomach. I had to return it for a refund.”

“It doesn’t live up to its description, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and have seen no difference in my body”

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How Does Juice Plus Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Juice Plus
  • 39 /100

Juice Plus+ claims to features a wide-ranging, health conscious formula with big ambitions about improving the lives their users. There is a lot of debate within the science and health community regarding Juice Plus’ value as a supplement and its claims to a healthier life. In conclusion, let’s examine some of their main claims and their validity:

Provides essential vitamins and nutrients: Juice Plus states that it provides essential vitamins and nutrients that can be missed when eating on the go or not taking the time to prepare healthy, balanced meals. Unfortunately, independent studies and examinations of the product have shown that they amount of nutrients it provides is dwarfed by many other affordable supplements that are currently on the market.

It is simple and time saving: The reason it can be so difficult to eat healthy is the time that it takes to shop, prepare, cook, and serves a balanced meal. Juice Plus can potentially save you time from having to prepare balanced meals consistently, but eating fruits and vegetables or taking a more effective multi-vitamin or supplement saves just as much time.

Can potentially benefit other areas of your life: By saving time and money associated with eating healthy balanced meals, the user can devote more time to beneficial areas such as exercise, rest, relationships, or hobbies. While this is all true, it is not unique just to Juice Plus, which can provide all the same benefits for less of the cost.

Manufactured and sold by a reputable company: The company behind Juice plus holds a solid reputation online for quality customer service and trustworthiness. They have a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau through which they are accredited with the exception of the occasional consumer complaint.

Can save you money: Technically this could be true when compared to the amount of money one would have to spend to consistently purchase food that makes up a healthy balanced diet, but as many have pointed out, it actually is more expensive that simply buying a range of many fruits and vegetables or several other diet supplements.

18Shake is currently the top ranked sleep aid that is on the market because of its strong base of satisfied customers and a formula that has shown to be strong and effective. It can provide nutrients that you may be missing from your diet and is simple and easy to use.

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20 Responses to Juice Plus+ Review

JP says:

Former employee

We got the product at work, for home family have used it for a long time.
really no results.
Sorry for the people that think it works, but it doesn’t the combination of working out eating better and taking JP products may trick you that it works but no..

try working out and eat better without JP and see if it did something for you

Kenneth F James says:

CAUTION After you order this stuff once the keep sending it unsolicited. CAUTION. They over drafted my girlfriend’s account $500. Buyer beware!!!

Jenn says:

not True. Customers have control over when their product ships.

Andy Routledge says:

It is difficult to tell the effectiveness of a product such as juice plus if you are in excellent health. Many physical and conditions result from poor nutrition and as a result of a problematic gut. Poor diet over extended periods can make the gut leaky. When the Gut receives better nutition it begins to heal. A leaky gut causes the release of cortisol which is detremental to the health over long periods. Many people eat hardly any fresh food at all and this can lead to hundreds of different conditions, may of which are termed a chronic deseases, some fatal. We already know that in many instances a one miligram pill given by the doctor can effect a persons health greatly. If the technology that Juice plus claims to have of being able to concentrate micronutrients is true, is it not possible that these small doses could also effect a persons health for the better similarly to what happens when we get medicine at the doctor’s office? The difference is that Micronutrients are natural medicines that prevent and cure. They don’t just cure. If you like you could compliment Juice plus with dandelion, ginger, turmeric, cinamon, pollen and propolis in capsules with standardized active ingredients. If you are willing to pay. They will give extra benefit and even more micronutrients. As a food professional I know that modern storage techniques reduce the nutritional value of what we buy at the store. What you buy may have been picked weeks or months ago.

Betty Dargaville says:

i never lost weight on this and it didn`t help my ibs as promised and now i am bigger than when i started , i was conned to join the franchise but the demands were too great and i never got one client and now i have itchy skin 24/7

Hayley says:

I was taking the capsules for about six months didnt see any change.
Im also a strict veg and realised after without an agent telling me that the capsules are in fact made from geletin

Jody D~* says:

I had a stroke and could not get rid of the Fatigue and Headaches for 2 years. My 2 Neurologists BRAIN Dr’s. BOTH recommended Juice Plus. BOTH said most of their patients take it with GREAT success. After just one month I noticed a HUGE difference –First I was no longer taking daily naps -had energy THEN after 2 months and to date 4 months later I have had ZERO headaches. My family Dr asked what I have been doing My blood work was perfect. So sorry-I know it worked for me and I know of 8 other people whose lives have changed for the better with JP. 39 Clinical studies dont lie-And Dr’s that study the brain would know if this is good for their patients before recommending it. So I believe and I have my life back and I owe it to JP.

Dupe Odubote says:

Juice plus is a one in all. If it’s good for me in my diabetics as highbood pressure it’s just marvelous



David Goff says:

Got absolutely nothing from it. Started taking it at the same time I began a B-complex vitamin and felt better, then stopped taking the B and felt the same as when I started the routine. Took the B again and felt better.

Sharon m says:

For myself when using the capsules I’ve noticed that I havent gotten sick and I have been around others that have had the flu and sinus cold.I drink plenty of water and I feel full after taking them with a small meal

Emma Surman says:

Hi iv been on juice plus for 6months ate healthly it gave me bad constapation i didnt loose any weight sorry but this product really is a fake

Cynthia Nurss says:

You need to update your link again because Juiceplus Orchard and Vegetable are $50 mo, not $44.50. The cost of Juiceplus is readily available on their website – along with many other facts you have not included in your review.

Patti says:

On Juice Plus I do feel more energy but I seem to be having a constipation problem. Has anyone complained of this “side effect”?. I have had to empty the capsules into a protein shake as it also gave me terrible indigestion. The shake thing has kept that problem at bay.

Herb Sparks says:

Each capsule contains how much potassium and phosphate?

sandy says:

The juice plus includes thousands of natural phytonutrients, and micronutrients, enzymes and good bacteria which is why some get gas. New bacteria is being implanted. This is food, not a vitamin which is why vitamins are low.

I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor and this saved my life as I was going through treatment. I’m now almost two years in remission. There are 43 published clinical studies in medical journals now. Over 4,000 medical papers written of positive impact on the body.

We don’t feel our cells healing which is why some think it doesn’t work. I could share many healing stories. It even healed my hubby’s heart after Covid damage. Fruits and vegetables will heal your body. This is simply juicing 30 fruits and vegetables without the water.

Amy Lo says:

I like JuicePlus- gives me
Energy and is good for you!!!

marie h. says:

Juice Plus helped me in so many ways. It took me 4 years to try them because there are so many mixed reviews. I was chorincally sick, seeing specialists monthly and used all my sick and personal days ar work.
After Juice Plus, I took my son on a vacation a year later using my sick days I accumulated and left my specialists stunned with how well I became. My energy was up, coworkers took notice about a month later, and my husband started taking it after trying to convince me not to try it. Here we are 5 years later….I’ve been around many people who are sick and I do alright. I cannot thank this product enough. It really boosted my immune system. If you’re on the fence, try it. The worst that can happen is you don’t like it and get 100% refund back.

Felix Aryee Laryea says:

Thank God l have had JP from my best friend , brother and all from Sweden .
I have just began the jounery with it and from what l see it will work.
Because it terms of everyone of us ,has different health situation and yes , it can be good for Mr A, and not good for Mr G.
It is always the case.
So if it doesn’t work for you do not implies that Juice plus, is a fake.
One can administer this product for just a week and start seeing signs of healing, while others will also use it for months before seeing any benefit. This is due to different health problems we all need have.
The interesting part of it all is that The company published everyone’s comments and to that extent give back or refund ones one to him or her.
That in itself shows how good and honest they are .
In short, we all have different health issues and to Administor the product , to see it’s effectiveness won’t be similar to every one.

Fredrik West says:

U are a realy good friend.
facts dont say they are a scam.
Just that they charge u 3 times the amount as others wich are simmilar.
thats why they do people to people sales….u dont think that ur friend will skrew u ….and ur friend is going on halleluja seminars ,,,so he/she thinks the product will save the world.

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