Organic Juice Cleanse Review: Does it Work?

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What is it?

Organic Juice Cleanse is a powdered formula said to cleanse, slim down, and rejuvenate the body. It’s made up of an assortment of green vegetables, fruits, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants.

The intendedbenefits includeincreased energy, improved liver and immune function, and better colon health. It’s intended to give the same benefits of juicing, at a reduced cost. There’s also organic, GMO free, gluten free, and vegan ingredients added. Our review experts have rated many weight loss shakes, and the most effective overall was found to be 18Shake. It has a high amount of protein and fiber to suppress appetite for hours, as well as a wide array of essential nutrients the body needs. Discover more information about 18Shake when you visit the link here.

Organic Juice Cleanse Ingredients and Side Effects
Organic Gum Acacia Organic Flax Seed Organic Apple Organic Barley Grass Organic Spirulina
Organic Wheatgrass Juice Organic Barley Grass Juice Organic Carrot Organic Oat Grass Organic Kale
Organic Broccoli Organic Spinach Organic Parsley Organic Chlorella Broken Cell Wall Organic Strawberry
Organic Cranberry Organic Beet Organic Tomato Organic Raspberry Organic Black Currant
Organic Inulin Organic Apple Fruit Extract Organic Acerola Cherry Extract Organic Blueberry Organic Acai
Organic Green Tea Leaf Extract Protease Amylase Glucoamylase Invertase
Organic Flavors Organic Stevia Leaf Extract Citric Acid Xanthan Gum

Organic Acacia Gum: A source of fiber that is used to help lower cholesterol and appetite. Potential side effects can include:

  • Nausea, bloating, and stomach cramps.
  • Gas, lose stools, and indigestion.

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Organic Spirulina:A blue-green algae that is used to improve blood sugar metabolism as well as brain and liver health. This ingredient can be potentially toxic and unsafe to take if not extracted from clean waters. Web MD adds:

“Contaminated blue-green algae can cause liver damage, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, thirst, rapid heartbeat, shock, and even death”

It can also be difficult to eat for those with weakened immune systems. Since it is a form of bacteria, it can strain the immune system.

Organic Chlorella Broken Cell Wall: This algae comes from fresh water and it’s used due to its fats, protein, carbohydrates, and nutrients. Potential side effects include:

  • Allergic reactions, breathing problems, and sensitivity to the sun.
  • Gas, diarrhea, and nausea.
  • Discoloration of the stool, stomach cramps, and ill feelings.

Organic Green Tea Leaf Extract:Commonly brewed tea extract that is rich in antioxidants. Any possible weight loss effects are due to caffeine, which can raise metabolism. However, this is only short lasting, as the body creates a tolerance which dulls this effect. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has also warned:

“There have been some case reports of liver problems in people taking concentrated green tea extracts”

This includes green tea extracts used in weight loss formulas. Due to the added caffeine it may cause:

  • Anxiety, jitters, and irritability.
  • Nausea, diarrhea, and insomnia.
  • Frequent bathroom use, headaches, and tremors.

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Organic Juice Cleanse Quality of Ingredients

There are organic ingredients used which are healthy, but the added green tea leaf extract adds unknown levels of caffeine. There’s also the added spirulina and chlorella which may cause side effects if it’s not form a pure source. It’s unknown if the makers of Organic Juice Cleanse assure where they extract these ingredients from is tested for contaminants.

Another major issue is the lack of a vitamin and mineral profile. Though there are many vegetables and healthy fruits, there’s no mention as to the total amounts of vitamins A, K, B, or any other nutrient besides vitamin C. The protein is also low at 2 gram per serving. This is coupled with a decent amount of fiber at 3 grams, but it’s unlikely to help suppress appetite.

The lack of a well-rounded vitamin and mineral profile means that either the ingredients used are only in low levels, or that they’re processed in a way that strips their nutrients. In either case it’s a very poor vitamin and mineral profile. For a list of the top ranked meal shakes for weight loss, click the link cited here.

The Price and Quality of Organic Juice Cleanse

Pricing for Organic Juice Cleanse is complicated as the official website offers an auto-renewal plan. It’s stated clearly on the website that:

“By accepting the free bottle order (15 day supply) you will be enrolled in our Super Saver program, locking in the low Super Saver price of just $46.95 per bottle”

They also add:

“you will receive three bottles every 90 days”

In order to cancel this company states one should call within the 15 days to cancel the auto enrollment. So the total price is $46.95 and the company will charge up to 3 bottles at one time unless one calls to cancel. A disclaimer is offered at the bottom of the website in small print to help explain all this information.

The company mentions on the official website that it is much less costly to drink Organic Juice Cleanse than it would be to do one’s own juicing or to buy premade juices. While this may be true, it’s not the same experience as one is getting fresh fruits and vegetables. This formula has an array of dehydrated foods which are added in low amounts. This is why the vitamin and mineral content is low.

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Business of Organic Juice Cleanse

The company is called Purity Products and their contact information is:

Phone Number: (888) 769-7873

Address: 200 Terminal Drive

Plainview, New York 11803

They currently have around 168 critical reviews on their Pissed Consumer listing, and 156 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. Here are some quotes from those who reviewed the company:

“When I called, the lady I spoke to was very rude”

“I have tried to cancel my automatic refill of a product… I either get redirected to a robo call that will not let me cancel or a recording that says they are experiencing technical difficulties”

“they continue to debit our account”

“The company committed fraud”

Many people have complained that the customer support staff is rude and unhelpful, that they often left voicemails with no response back, and that the company automatically charges without warning.

There were serious allegations from numerous people who felt that the company cheated them out of money. Some have tried to dispute charges only be told they were wrong. Customers most often complained about not being able to resolve issues with the business. A majority of people often mentioned how they were never told upfront of what the true cost is of their purchased products.

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Customer Opinions of Organic Juice Cleanse

Here are some select quotes from customer reviews:

“sort of grainy, does mix well with plain water and I didn’t like the flavor mixing it in milk”

“Not for me, Used for a week, didn’t notice anything”

“Tastes and smells like grass. Yuck”

“it gets so sweet and tastes artificial that I do not want to drink it anymore”

Customers often mention that it has an unpleasant taste and smell. Some have described it as being artificial tasting, and that it’s far too sweet. Texture was another issue people had, as some felt it didn’t mix well and that it had a grainy taste. People didn’t like the vegetable taste either, as some said it had a grass like flavor profile.

How Does Organic Juice Cleanse Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Organic Juice Cleanse
  • 44 /100
Conclusion – Does Organic Juice Cleanse Work?

Organic Juice Cleanse has organic ingredients and a wide array of vegetables. While this seems healthy, little to no nutritional value is offered. There’s only a bit of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamin C. It’s lacking in other essential nutrients the body needs. The company that makes this has also been criticized for having poor customer service, and for charging people without notice. The company enacts an auto enrolment plan that automatically charges one’s credit card. Some have said that it’s hard to stop them from placing hefty charges automatically. This is why there are hundreds of negative reviews all over the internet.

Our review experts have rated many kinds of meal replacements, and the most effective was found to be 18Shake. It has a well-rounded vitamin and mineral profile alongside 15 grams of protein for hours of appetite suppression. It’s also free of any stimulants, fillers, binders, colors, preservatives, or any kind of artificial additives.

18Shake is made with natural ingredients and is produced in a GMP certified facility, to ensure routine quality. Customer testimonials and reviews are available on the official website to showcase its weight loss benefits.  Learn more information about 18Shake by clicking the link provided here.

8 Responses to Organic Juice Cleanse Review

Calistoga Collins says:

Too expensive and have to buy 3 bottles at a time.
Too bad they try to use trickery marketing techniques.

Johnny G says:

Buy on E-Bay

Molly says:

I have used a couple different kinds of Green Powder products for the last few years to add to smoothies or to drink mixed in water. This one is a better tasting one. When I purchased OJC Plus I understood it to be a supplement for better nutrition…not a meal replacement. I don’t understand why people are thinking it’s a meal replacement. I would recommend the product. It is good mixed in water and in smoothies. Not sure why anyone would think they should mix it with milk! Don’t do that.

Gabriela says:

So true Molly! I also had bought the OJC Plus for added nutrition to my diet. I don’t see it as a meal replacement. Even though it does tend to curb my hunger to a certain extent and I have seen it help with my stubborn belly fat. Trust me, I don’t think I would have bought it if I truly believed it would help me lose weight, because honestly I’m not trying to lose weight. Believe it or not, not everyone wants to shed pounds. I already try to eat healthy enough and excercise so I believe the OJC Cleanse is great as an added boost of nutrition that you may not be getting otherwise. Especially, those who don’t already make healthy choices and try to take the easy way out by taking pills or supplements that promise quick results. I found these reviews extremely biased! No wonder there was a coupon for the one he “liked” the most. C’mon! Don’t try to scare people that it can be dangerous just because you weren’t happy with it. It’s not necessarily for weight loss! They can’t even compare. I use other products from their line as well and I feel great so far. I do notice better energy, no cravings, and it helps so much with regularity. I also love the natural ingredients. I would have gave it a good rating because it does help with appetite, contains natural ingredients, and I believe it tastes great. It’s fruits and veggies guys! What do you expect it to taste like!?

Owen says:

terrible product

Dennis Tee says:

I like organic juice cleanse. NEVER charge my credit card for anything I did not want. Also customer rep. gave me a discounted price when I didn’t ask.. Love it been drinking it cor over 6 years.

Chary says:

We have used OJC for several years as a boost to our diet not a meal replacement, which I’m not sure why it’s compared to that. It isn’t touted as a meal replacement or a shake. My husband & I both like the taste & just mix it in a small glass of water in the morning. We use the “green” one & are planning to add in a couple more, just deciding which ones.

Catherine Mayers says:

I drank my first 12 ounces of the product and approximately 20 minutes later I experienced episodes of projectile vomiting accompanied with nausea, stomach cramps and headache for an 8 hour period. I did not thought that it was the juice cleanse. However, two weeks later, I drank my second cup. I had the same experience 10 minutes after drinking the juice. On two occasions my days was ruined for with bouts of projectile vomiting nausea, stomach cramps and headache . I was absolutely sure that it was the juice cleanse and immediately placed it in the trash. After such experiences I will no longer purchase powered juice.

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