Bioslim Review: Does it Work?

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What is it? 

Bioslim is a weight loss system offering supplements, a cookbook, activity guide, and full reference guide. It claims to offer the nation’s best natural weight loss program that works with your body, instead of forcing the body to lose weight unpleasantly and with much struggle.

They add that your metabolism will be increased, and that the entire Bioslim system offers a supportive weight loss system. Inside this system you get information on how to exercise and eat properly. They mention that there’s no added stimulants, food substitutes, or unnatural ingredients. It’s claimed to be a long-term solution to weight loss that can support overall health. Are all these claims true? What kinds of effects are truly possible? In this Bioslim review you’ll learn everything you need to know to make a decision.

Bioslim Ingredients and Side Effects 

The complete system has 3 supplements. Here are the ingredients added:

Green Tea Cotinus Quercetin Calcium-pyruvate Potassium-Pyruvate
Coenzyme Q10 Vitamin B5 Vitamin C Glucomannan Chromium Polynicotinate
Oriental Ginseng Root Atractylodes Astralagus Chinese Thoroughwax Gardenia
Balloon Flower Licorice Root Dong Quai Sargassum Laminaria
Vitamin B Complex Pantothenic Acid Siberian Ginseng Choline Inositol
Bromelain Calcium Selenium Magnesium Zinc
Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin E

Cotinus: Also known as smoketree, this plant hasn’t been well researched. One study was conducted on fish to test the effects on their growth rate.

Though it’s used in Bioslim as a way to enhance the absorption of green tea. No studies have shown this effect to be true.  

Quercetin: Known as a bioflavonoid or vitamin P, it increases the absorption of green tea.

It can lead to side effects:

  • Upset stomach. 
  • Headaches. 

The University of Maryland Medical Center adds that:

“can lead to a loss of protein function” 

“Very high doses… may damage the kidneys” 

So intake of this ingredient should be taken with caution. 

Coenzyme Q10: Molecule found naturally in their body, it’s used to help produce energy. When added to supplements it’s meant to help with fat burning as well as other effects.

Though confirms that:

“no evidence that COQ10 improves life expectancy or is able to induce fat loss or muscle tissue growth” 

Glucomannan: Thickener used to help suppress appetite and improve cholesterol levels.

Peninsula Medical School ran a clinical study and confirmed:

“does not show that Glucomannan intake generates statistically significant weight loss” 

It can also lead to side effects that includes:

  • Flatulence and gas. 
  • Bloating, stomach discomfort, and dehydration. 
  • Diarrhea, increased bathroom usage. 
  • Loss of vitamin and mineral absorption.

 Choking and blocking of the esophagus and throat. 

It’s also advised to drink enough fluids in order to prevent a choking hazard. 

Atractylodes: Used in Chinese herbal medicine as a way to reduce swelling and improve digestion. Though not enough research is available to prove these claims.

Web MD mentions:

“isn’t enough information to know if other atractylodes products are safe” 

Possible side effects include:

  • Dry mouth and a bad taste.
  • Nausea. 

Chinese Thoroughwax: Herb used in Chinese medicine that is used to reduce liver problems and inflammation.

Web MD confirms:

“isn’t enough information to know if bupleurum is safe” 

“none of these (effects) are proven in humans” 

Side effects may include:

  • Drowsiness. 
  • Increased bowel movements and gas. 
  • Lung and breathing issues. 

Gardenia: A flower that is grown in parts of Africa and Asia. There are no clinical studies showing whether this is safe or effective for weight loss. 

Balloon Flower: Roots of this flower are used as medicine. It’s claimed to help with inflammation, cancer, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Though no clinical studies have been performed o humans, and it’s unknown if it is safe or effective. 

Licorice: Plant used as a flavoring agent. It’s added to help with reducing swelling, and for overall immune system support.

Web MD adds:

“Consuming licorice daily for several weeks or longer can cause severe side effects” 

These side effects can include:

  • Low potassium levels. 
  • Paralysis. 
  • Brain damage. 
  • Paralysis. 
  • Water and sodium retention. 

This is why it’s advised to take this with caution and only for short periods. 

Dong Quai: Plant used as a way to change hormones such as estrogen. Though this effect has not been replicated in humans.

There’s also a potential fear for carcinogens, Web MD confirms

“Dong quai contains chemicals that are considered to be cancer-causing” 

Very little information exists about the use of this ingredient.   

Sargassum: A brown algae that is fond in tropical oceans across the world.  Though it’s used in Bioslim to help improve thyroid function, no studies of this effect exist online. 

Laminaria: A type of brown algae found in Japan.  It’s used to help support thyroid function. Web MD adds:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth” 

This is because the level of iodine that affects the thyroid can be high enough to cause damage. It’s known that this effect can lead to weight gain and malfunctions.

There’s also extracts of this that contain arsenic, a poisonous chemical. 

Inositol: Vitamin like ingredient that is used to help with mood, high blood pressure, triglycerides, and skin disorders.

Side effects can include:

  • Fatigue.
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Nausea. 

Bromelain: Enzyme extracted from pineapple juice that is used to help with digestion. Side effects can include:

  • Diarrhea. 
  • Stomach pain and discomfort. 
  • Allergic reactions.
Bioslim Quality Of Ingredients

BioslimMany of the added ingredients in these formulas are either understudied or potentially unsafe.

Health and science organizations have mentioned that the kinds of effects possible include malfunctioning thyroid, mood swings, headaches, and even brain damage.

There’s no indication that the makers of Bioslim put any research into these ingredients, as they fail to provide any clinical studies proving their many claims.

There’s no way to determine what kind of an effect these supplements may have on health.  They also provide no information as to what kind of diet is allowed by the nutritional cookbook.

The Price and Quality of Bioslim 

The full Bioslim package comes with 3 supplements, a reference guide for the plan, a video guide, cookbook, and activity planner for $89.95.

The supplements come in a months supply of their vitamin and mineral complex, 12 day supply of their accelerator weight loss pills, and a months worth of their health support supplement.

Without knowing what kinds of exercises or foods are allowed, it’s difficult to judge these two important details.

Though judging from their supplements, there are far too many questionable and untested ingredients. It’s unknown what kind of effect this may have from person to person.

Business of Bioslim 

The name of the company is also Bioslim and they can be found via:

Phone Number: (800) 246-7546 

Address: 16869 SW 65th Ave #318

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035 

Email: [email protected]

They currently have 64 complaints on the Consumer Affairs website for a lack of customer satisfaction:

“even if you do attempt to cancel within the time… (they) continue to bill you anyway” 

“This is a total scam” 

“They said they will not refund me” 

“sucked into this scam by the free trial” 

Many mention that they used the free trial and tried to cancel within the 14 days allowed, but that the company will often not respond to calls.

Of the 64 complaints, it’s often repeated that they don’t allow returns and they continue to automatically charge one’s credit card without notification.

Customer Opinions of Bioslim 

There are reviews on many websites from online customers:

“I was throwing up” 

“paid nearly $600 for something that does not work” 

“products did not work” 

“caused me to have breathing problems” 

Customers have listed several extreme health problems. This includes stomach problems, headaches, flu like symptoms, and body discomfort.

These same customers mention that there was no money back guarantee offered.

How Does Bioslim Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Bioslim
  • 39 /100
Conclusion – Does Bioslim Work?

Bioslim might seem like a good option due to its comprehensive sounding solution to weight loss, and its scientific sounding explanations. Though before you make a decision, it’s important to keep in mind the numerous negative reviews from customers. Not only did many say it wasn’t worth it, but there’s been several complaints about the lack of money back return.

When looking for a diet plan you have to make sure the company reveals information about what foods you’ll eat, and that the supplements offered provide ingredients that have been studied thoroughly. Bioslim fails to provide information about their ingredients, and many of these additives have been shown to be ineffective and potentially dangerous.

The number 1 ranked weight loss diet plan is the 18 Diet Plan. Not only does it offer an all natural meal replacement and supplement, but also it contains ingredients shown to be safe.

These ingredients have also been proven by multiple studies to be effective for real noticeable weight loss. This is why many customers have agreed, this plan is easy to use, safe, and effective for real sustained weight loss.

The 18 Diet Plan is trusted by its manufacturer, and that’s why they back it with a solid 30-day money back guarantee for their supplement and meal replacement.

12 Responses to Bioslim Review

Hal I. says:

My friend disgust this product this company customer support is worthless! I had a disgusting reaction to this shady product with upset stomach and had an issue with a shipment!Under no circumstances take this supplement unless your medical adviser authorizes Bioslim.

Lyn McFarlane says:

They suck you in by offering a trial for just £2-99 and once they get your card details they just keep on sending the pills. I have stopped my card and my bank is instructed not to pay out to this bogus company. I only ordered the trial as the website said the Dragons Den had all bought into it and so I thought it was genuine. How wrong was I. They are based in US so not a UK company. My advice is steer clear!!

Aileen Chase says:

I wanted to try the slimming version of Bioslim so sent for the ‘free sample’s. They sent the wrong product, laxative. The postage was taken twice before I could get the bank account blocked. I intended to conduct a serious test and then publish it as an article. Despite repeated reminders over the next two months they failed to send the slimming product so I can only assume it is a dud. There are no slimming pills that I would recommend. Control your calories and get as much exercise as you can manage. Don’t waste time and money looking for a miracle!

adrian walford says:

Absolute rubbish do not buy.

Emma Corbett says:

Gave me really bad stomach ache and diarrhoea and bloating

Anonymous says:

Is bioslim restricted for children, what age?

Helen Liverpool says:

Thanks you so much you e st least stopped one person for Being sucked I literally got he order set up and I’m about to submit my card detAils but won’t now

Amanda Browne says:

I ordered the trial and they have taken for loads more need to contact my bank once money has gone through as it is sunday and they can’t stop it ? I’m so angry . I will have to talk to my bank and make sure it’s sorted on Monday, but difficult as I do shift work, I’m so cautious about what I buy on line but like a lot of others saw Dragons Den and thought it was English based and safe. Will have to see tomorrow

Anonymous says:

Not impressed either!! I’ve been taking really bad headaches; had pain in my back hard to determine wether it’s my kidneys or lungs this has been since taking the product. Do not recommend it at all. I was stung by the “free trial” and then at the end of purchase tells you it’s deducting £80.

Clive Nelson says:

Do NOT get involved. With these people,once they get your details they are rip of merchants.

tracey peskett says:

I have taken bio slim for 1 week now and my apatite has gone down allot. I am now feeling very sleepy and sick so I think I will stop taking theese tablets now.

Carol says:

I don’t give a monies a… whether you print my email this company has just scammed me taken £79. 31 from my bank account without my consent
I’ve stopped any transactions from their phone business reported them to the fraud squad and I gave all my evidence to the bank and I will prosecute this nonsense a company search gives directors one in USA that company dissolved two British directors please save your evidence and give it to your bank I’m a 75 year old disabled pensioner they just took half my weeks pension I’m lucky I have three wonderful sons so I won’t want but I want these people stopped. And my money back .Can u imagine as if the dragons den would entertain the likes of these scum bags. I hope the directors who stole from me read this and how proud your families must be of you.

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