Yoli Unbiased Shake Review: Is it Effective for Weight Loss?

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What is it? 

Yoli YES Shake is a meal replacement claiming to help offer benefits through muscle development and maintenance, healthy amino acids, and healthy weight loss. It’s available in both chocolate and vanilla, and the manufacturers promise a nourishing, easy to make meal offered in either packets or canisters.

There are 2 added patented blends with one being LeanImmune; this combines both fruits and vegetables. The other patented blend is PuraWhey, a form of whey protein. It promises both high protein and high fiber in just a low 90-calorie serving. Is Yoli YES shake truly effective for weight loss? Is it enjoyable to eat, and are the ingredients healthy and worth the price? The answers to all these questions will be answered in this full review. To find the top 10 diet shakes click here.

Yoli Shake Ingredients and Side Effects 



PuraWhey native whey protein Inulin Natural Flavors Xylitol Guar Gum
Stevia Extract Luo Han Guo LeanImmune Bacillus Coagulans

 PuraWhey: A form of whey protein that is extracted from the cheese making process. It comes from grass fed cows, and it’s free of any GMO’s or hormones.  There’s also minimal processing done to make this ingredient.

Whey protein is a quality easy to digest protein. However, the added benefit of it being grass fed does not affect the nutrients. Grass fed is not only pricier, but there’s no need for it in whey form.

Whey protein is often extracted of its fats, and grass fed milk’s intended main benefit is it having extra healthy fats. So you don’t get this benefit but still have to pay the increased cost of making this ingredient.

Also, the company fails to mention whether they use whey concentrate or whey isolate. It’s important to know what is added, since they have different benefits.

Inulin: A form of starch that can be taken from many kinds of fruits and vegetables. It’s not absorbed by the stomach, and instead is fed to bacteria in the bowels.

Web MD mentions that the:

“most common side effects occur in the stomach”

Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re not taking too much.

Guar Gum: A common thickener that’s often found in processed foods. It’s used as a laxative. You have to take it with at least 8 ounces of liquids; otherwise it can lead to digestive problems. Possible side effects can include:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Loose stools.
  • Blockage in the intestines and esophagus.
  • Increased gas and flatulence.

The FDA banned supplement pills containing mainly guar gum back in 1992. This is because when used in large amounts for weight loss, it’s known to cause unwanted side effects. Live Science.com also adds that for weight loss, guar gum was:

“as ineffective as they were dangerous”        

Luo Han Guo: A fruit native to China that is used due to its low glycemic sweetening properties. Drugs.com mentions:

“No trials have been conducted to establish appropriate dosage” 

So it’s unknown whether or not this would be safe with repeat and heavy use. To find the top 10 diet shakes click here.

Yoli Shake Quality Of Ingredients 

yoli-shakeThis shake does have some interesting and beneficial properties. It has 12 grams of whey protein, which is a good source of protein. Though it does raise the overall cost unnecessary, since it’s grass fed. As mentioned, grass fed whey loses most of its beneficial fats.

Also, it’s sweetened with stevia which is healthy, as well as luo han guo with xylitol. Luo han guo still hasn’t been thoroughly researched, and it’s unknown what a safe dosage strength would be.

There is also controversy with the use of guar gum, since it’s known to cause potential digestive issues. It requires a dose of liquids to help limit the possibility of side effects.

Another problem is the use of their LeanImmune blend. Though it has many fruits and vegetables, the nutrient content of this shake is low. This means that it’s unlikely that there’s any nutritional benefit to these added dried fruits and vegetables.  According to the company, LeanImmune:

“Combines whole superfoods… to improve your digestion” 

Though they fail to provide any supporting evidence to help prove this claim.

This shake has both good and bad qualities, though overall it’s an over priced mixture of ingredients.

The Price and Quality of Yoli Shake

When purchased direct from the manufacturers, one canister in either chocolate or vanilla offers 30 servings, which sells for $80.

This means it’s on the higher end for pricing. The kinds of ingredients used aren’t the best. They use additives like guar gum that can cause side effects. Also, the form of whey protein added is unnecessarily expensive.

Though it’s good they have a decent amount of protein, this shake lacks many key nutrients. There are less than 7% of many vitamins and minerals, and some are completely missing. When purchasing a meal replacement Web MD advises it to be:

“Fortified with a third of daily vitamins and minerals”

 This means that Yoli Shake does not meet these basic requirements. It’s essential when choosing a meal replacement to make sure that what you’re getting amounts to a healthy shake. This product has a total of vitamins and minerals that equal to:

  • Vitamin A: Less than 1%
  • Vitamin C: 4%
  • Calcium: 6%
  • Iron: 2%
  • Magnesium: 1%
  • Sodium: 2%
  • Potassium: 2% 

It’s missing chromium, zinc, folate, b vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin D, and many others. 

This is a nutritionally low shake, and makes it an inefficient meal replacement. You have to make sure you get a balanced level of these nutrients, as without them there could be serious deficiencies. This might require you to have to take additional vitamins and minerals while using Yoli Shake.

It’s also important to note that their patented LeanImmune blend is not properly explained. It’s a combination of 12 different ingredients that are used for fat metabolism. Though there are no studies that prove this claim.

The company makes claims like these and provides no evidence at all. The only thing known about this product that you can determine from their supplements facts list is that it’s deficient in key nutrients. The top 10 meal replacements are featured in this list.

Business of Yoli Shake 

Yoli LLC owns this company and they can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (801) 727-0888 

Address: 2080 S Industrial Rd Ste B

Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

They run what’s known as a multilevel marketing business, which means they recruit regular people to sell their products.

This can often lead to many fake reviews on the product, as the people who claim it’s good also sell these brands.

It can also make returns difficult, since you have to work with these people instead of the company directly. Some negative review about the company were posted on their Better Business Bureau page:

“have zero scientific studies to substantiate any of their claims” 

“This is all a fraud and should be investigated by the FTC and DOJ” 

“Upon calling customer service, all they did was tell me it was my fault”

 For those who left complaints, there was a lot of arguing back and forth with the company.

Customer Opinions of Yoli Shake 

Since it can be hard to get legitimate reviews on this brand, it’s important to make sure people reviewing it are real customers.

Here are some reviews from Amazon.com customers who are certified buyers:

“Too expensive for what you get” 

“Tastes ok. Way too expensive” 

“Did not satisfy my hunger or work as a meal replacement” 

“tried a few meal replacement shakes and these are probably the worst” 

Opinion on the taste was mixed, though many agreed its way to expensive for what you’re getting.

I couldn’t find reviews complaining about side effects, but there are those who mention there was no benefit. No hunger satisfaction or weight loss was a common opinion. The top 10 meal replacements are available in this list.

How Does Yoli YES Shake Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Yoli YES Shake
  • 92 /100
Conclusion – Does Yoli Shake Work? 

You might be interested in purchasing Yoli Shake, but before you make that decision make sure to understand a few important things. It’s one of the most expensive meal replacements, there are less than 7% of all essential vitamins and minerals, and returns have to be handled through the person you purchased this from.

If you want a truly backed meal replacement that is made with all natural ingredients, a combination of healthy whey concentrate and whey isolate, and a healthy dose of nutrients, you can find this all in 18Shake.

Out of all of the meal replacements coming out, it’s truly the best option available. This shake comes with a customer-approved taste with the nourishment you need to properly replace a meal. It contains several vitamins and minerals, and has only all natural ingredients free from artificial additives, colors, or preservatives. That’s why many people have left extremely positive reviews of all the properties of this shake. From the ease of use, quality fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, to the low calories that is still satisfying enough to replace a meal.

18Shake is even backed by a great money back return policy that its makers offer with no questions asked.

5 Responses to Yoli Unbiased Shake Review

Marleen U. says:

Thank you for the warning.
Aldo hate it their website is sleazy!
My friend Aldo had a bad effect to this fake Diets in with upset stomach and had a problem getting money back! Mom aware me never taking this product!

Ken Burton says:

I’ve been taking the Yoli YES shake that comes in my transformation kit to start my 28 day Yoli challenge. So far so good its been only 6 days I’ve dropped almost 5 lbs and I have 23 more days to go. So far so good, its a slight change to the way I use to eat but its for the better and I actually feel better also. I’ll come back for update after my 28 days.

steve danon says:

I have been ordering Yoli Truth for ten-years. This last batch tasted bad. I called Yoli and they gave me some ridiculous story about product contents and it was a known issue. They said I could ship it back at my expense. Add on the original shipping charge that they would not refund. They are sending out bad product knowing it. DON’T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN. WHO KNOW’s WHAT YOU ARE GETTING !!!!!!

Michelle Sandven says:

Best tasting shakes I’ve ever had!!

dee says:

Happy Shake!! So good for your brain cause it has GABA and precursors to make glutathione chocolate and vanilla flavors are equally good.

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