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Cute Shake is a meal replacement shake marketed towards women who want to enjoy a low calorie and low sugar drink. They offer different flavors as well as a vegan or even whey protein shake blend.

The intended benefits are helping control weight with a balanced meal that can keep you feeling full for longer. The taste of it is described as “delicious” and you can get it in chocolate, cookies & cream, vanilla, strawberry, strawberry cheesecake, and peach. The taste is supposed to be satisfying enough to help even those with a sweet tooth. With far too many brands to look at, our review experts made it clear to see why 18Shake was the best meal replacement shake for weight loss.  All the ingredients in it are useful enough to support general health, while being satisfying enough to provide a filling and tasty meal. See why 18Shake was a top pick by seeing what our review had to say about it here.

Cute Shake Ingredients and Side Effects

The ingredients to their weight loss chocolate shake are:

Milk Protein Concentrate Oat Flour Maltodextrin Cocoa Powder Safflower Oil
Flaxseed Potassium Chloride Sodium Chloride Magnesium Carbonate Ferrous Citrate
Vitamin E Selenium Yeast Zinc Citrate Nicotinamide Manganese Citrate
Coper Citrate Vitamin A Acetate Pantothenic Acid Vitamin D3 Pyridoxine
Folic Acid Biotin Flavouring Natural Colour Xanthan Gum

Milk Protein Concentrate: The only form of protein added to their meal replacement shake. This is made by taking whole milk and the separating it, making a reduced protein which has less lactose in it. This is typically dried and processed in a way to help make it last longer, and to make it usable for things like shakes.

This is very cheap to produce and is usually added as a cheap protein source for many kinds of processed foods. It is most often used in things like protein bars cheeses, deserts, and in goods which need to be more whole as a product.

Flavouring: A kind of substance which is used in Europe in order to give food flavor. This is similar to the US version of a natural flavor. It is typically only added in small amounts and according to the European Union, it is tested for safety.

Sucralose: Artificial sweetener that is mean to be a healthier substitute for sugar. Since it has no calories, it also makes it a more suitable choice for people wanting to lose weight. The amount required is much smaller than regular table sugar, and it’s often ready for long-term storage.

A major problem is seen in clinical studies which suggest that this ingredient could be dangerous to the cardiovascular system, and in causing weight gain.

A study by the Canadian Medical Associated Journal said that sucralose could cause:

“may be associated… increase in BMI”

They uncovered that in long-term use, it could actually have the opposite effect, increasing weight and even damaging the heart.

Oat Flour: A fiber rich source of blended oats which is also rich in carbohydrates. This offers both a way to thicken shakes, and to give it more nutrients.

Found in this link is a detailed look into what the best meal replacements are and why.

Cute Shake Quality of Ingredients

almased-shakeThere are problems in al version of cute shake. The meal replacement shake does have a wide array of nutrients, but it also contains the artificial sweetener sucralose, and only a cheap form of protein.

The whey protein version does have a full concentrate at a rich 23 grams per serving, but it also contains artificial sucralose. There are also no added nutrients in it, which is why it can’t be used as an effective meal replacement.

The most known meal replacement version does only have 130 calories, but it’s a bit low at just 10.5 grams of protein per serving. A more satisfying amount would have been 15 grams in order to improve lean muscle mass and to reduce hunger.

All the best meal replacement shakes were reviewed and we came up with this top 10 list.

The Price and Quality of Cute Shake

Pricing will vary depending on what specific version you end up buying:

  • Meal replacement: 17 pounds or $23.89 at the time of this review.
  • Whey Protein: 20 pounds or $28.11 at the time of this review.

This is about what you’d expect to pay for shakes like this. The major problem with this brand is that the quality of ingredients is poor. It’s a trade-off for every version, as you either get no added nutrients or a blend of cheap protein with an artificial sweetener.

For a brand that markets itself as being healthy, it’s relying far too much on a sweetener which has a controversial amount of research against it.

The quality is also poor due to the low amount of protein and amount of complaints saying it was not filling. When a shake fails to satisfy hunger for so many people, it’s impossible to rely on it for satisfying weight loss.

If you want to not just get a meal replacement shake that can help with weight loss but a brand which tastes good, we recommend checking our top 10 list.

Business of Cute Shake

This European company is owned by a group called Cute Nutrition and their featured contact us page has this listed:

Phone Number: 01753 969077

Address: 71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ

Email: [email protected]

They explain their returns process which requires buyers to send them a photo of the product before mailing it, in order to prevent any issues which may come up in the shipping procedure.

The only way to actually secure a refund is if there is an issue with manufacturing, or if the product is retuned unused within 7 days. This short window is only if you for some reason purchase it and don’t wait it anymore, or if you buy multiple bags and decide on the first shake that you don’t like it. There is no way to get your money back if you only order a single bag.

We provide all the information necessary to decide for yourself what the best meal replacements are.

Customer Opinions of Cute Shake

Here are the most telling consumer reviews:

“must be an issue with manufacturing because it leaked out”

“Super gritty but it did make me feel full, just have to get used to the taste”

“I liked the taste but the amount of protein is so low and it only helped keep me full for a short period”

“Super gritty and chalky, I’ll be searching for another shake cause this is hard to swallow”

Reviews on the taste varied, though a good percentage of people did not like drinking it. The most common issue was with the consistency. It was repeatedly described it as being both chalky and gritty. Although some said it wasn’t enough to prevent them from drinking it, others said they would not be buying it again.

Enough people complained about the package coming open that it seems they have issue with packaging. People ended up having to throw away the package altogether since it was clear it had been tampered with.

Yet another problem is the lack of hunger suppression. People said it only satisfied them for a short time period, causing some to experience extreme hunger leading to their next meal. Because of this problem it may be difficult to rely on it for sustained weight loss.

All kinds of meal replacement shakes were reviewed and the following 10 are widely considered to be the very best.

How Does Cute Shake Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Cute Shake
  • 52 /100

Conclusion – Does Cute Shake Work?

Cute Shake has some different flavors and although the variety is solid, they fail when it comes to ingredient quality. The fact they ad controversial sucralose is a major cause for concern, as it can be potentially dangerous. Their meal replacement shake is also not high enough in protein, and the whey protein version is lacking added vitamins and minerals. There were also a mix of reviews, and because of this, it makes it important for them to have a decent returns policy. No returns are offered on any opened containers unfortunately.

There were many kinds of meal replacement shakes and of all the kinds we reviewed, 18Shake was the best overall. What’s added in it is satisfying enough to keep people full for longer, and the taste was repeatedly described as being tasty. The fact the company added a great blend of vitamins, mineral, protein, fiber, and only uses plant based stevia is an additional plus. Many who’ve used it for either lean muscle or for weight loss often commented on how easy it was to use, and how it gave them lasting energy.

The most notable thing about 18Shake is its well-rounded use, and the fact it’s completely natural. If you’d like to learn what we uncovered about the meal replacement shake 18Shake, click here.

2 Responses to Cute Shake Review

Joanne Carr says:

My daughter was 15 and ordered it herself. When it came I immediately returned it back. I have been on about 4 months trying for a refund. Being fobbed off at every occasion from the md. I have five up
The ghost now.
I’ve sent two PayPal requests to be told they still haven’t received it. He’s was going to sort it personally for me. Still nothing. Told him
To keep it ! Waste of time and £34.50 down the drain

M.S says:

The texture of it is gross. It does not mix well and is super gritty. Needs to be made to mix more smoother.

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