WonderSlim Diet Review (UPDATED 2024): Does it Really Work?

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WonderSlim is a weight loss plan providing meal replacement foods of all kinds to help give adequate nutrition and sustained weight loss benefits. They formulate this plan specially to help people not just lose weight, but keep it off in the long term.

Protein shakes, breakfast foods, protein bars and much more are offered. Men’s and women’s options plans are provided as well. There is also assistance on tips for weight loss provided including a support line for conversations. They specially make their foods to help one lose weight without providing any empty calories or nutritionally weak foods. After much research it was found that this diet plan was one of the best for sustained weight loss due to its numerous positive reviews, heathy food options, and its all-around support.

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Here are some ingredients added to their prepackaged meals:

Calcium Caseinate Whey Protein Concentrate Wheat Flour Oat Fiber Whey Protein Isolate
Potassium Caseinate Cocoa Konnyaku (Yam Flour) Rolled Oats Corn Bran
Whole Grain Rolled Oats Fructooligosaccharides Yogurt Powder Beef Celery Juice Powder
Nonfat Milk Gum Arabic Maltitol Eggs Potassium Sorbate

Calcium Caseinate: Protein which is made from skim and 1% milk. This is often used by bodybuilders as a way to provide a slow acting source of protein which can last longer than other forms. This is slowly digested in the stomach, which means it can be used for a steady source of amino acids.

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Whey Protein Concentrate: A 29% to 89% protein by weight form of protein which is taken from the cheese making process. It is highly touted for its ease of digestion and ability to provide a health amount of amino acids. This is highly bioavailable, which means it can be readily used by the body to help provide a nutritious source of protein.

Potassium Caseinate: Made from skim milk, this is used to help provide both flavor and nutrients.

Konnyaku (Yam Flour): A jelly like food which is used for its ability to not be as starchy as regular noodles while also providing the same kind of consistency. It has a rich source of fiber and is easy to digest. It can even help regulate blood sugar levels.

Fructooligosaccharides: An alternative sweetener which is lower in calories and easy to digest as it can stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria. This has prebiotic benefits and is often used as a substitute for potentially harmful sugar.

Celery Juice Powder: A concentrated form of the vegetable celery which his used as a natural food preservative, it can also dehydrate food and make it easier to sustain its taste and texture. This is added as a substitute to harmful nitrites.

Maltitol: Sugar alcohol which is used to substitute sugar. This has less calories and sugar which can be used to provide a sweet taste without having such an impact on blood sugar. It is also not known to produce cavities.

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They make their ingredients and nutrition facts list easy to read about on the official website, as you can click specific categories and read all about each single additive and their full dosage strength.

When you examine these ingredients it’s clear they have dedicated themselves to provide a long list of healthy and nutrient dense foods. Healthy substitutes are also used such as alternative sweeteners, natural preservatives, and many other healthy additions.

Many of the foods are also low in calories which are surprising when you consider desserts, smoothies, and many snacks are offered which typically are not nutritionally dense.

Within this link is a redirection to the WonderSlim website where you can see all their food options for weight loss.


Each plan is sold at a different price, and one can customize it for one’s preferred foods.
Their prices are quite cheap for the quality of foods that they provide. Their plans consist of men’s and women’s systems such as:

  • Basic: The cheapest option which provide 16 boxed and 12 servings of food. You end up saving 23% on this plan at the company’s current rate.
  • Core: A 140 serving and 20 box option which saves one a total of 25%.
  • Premium: Their 196 serving option with 28 boxes and up to 30% off. This has 7 total meals per day offered and it is their most comprehensive plan.

Each one comes in a 4 and 2 week plan. A 3 day plan is also offered for $39.95 for people who want to see how it works and whether or not it would suit one’s needs.

The great part of this plan is that they offer many varietals and several kinds of foods which are not often considered diet friendly. This makes it easier for one to not feel bored or left craving foods in these categories which are not healthy or good for weight loss.

Quality of their foods is therefore high as they don’t just offer solutions which are low in calories, but which are formulated to help satisfy one’s taste buds.

Get a hold of the WonderSlim diet plan by going to their official website which will be provide when you click this link.

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The company is called Diet Direct, Inc. and they can be contacted via the following:

Phone Number: (800) 295-7600

Address: 3200 Corporate Drive, Suite B

Wilmington, North Carolina 28405

Email: A full contact form is offered for direct messages.

They are available Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time. They also offer a 150% money back refund with no questions asked. One can return 1 used box of food to enact this money back return.

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and they maintain an A+ rating. This rating means they maintain a record of effective customer service and prompt responses to any and all concerns.

The company is active on Trust Pilot.com where they respond to users within a timely period. People had the following to say about them:

“Fast shipping and it’s much more reasonable than other diet plans”

“Great rapport with this company they have so much to choose from and I get my orders shipped promptly”

“Could not be any more pleased with the quality of service”

There were several positive reviews left on this website from users who felt the company was easy to deal with, and that they were helpful. People felt that the creators helped them in their weight loss journey and there was often praise of their functionality and ease of use on the website and of shipping time.

To get a hold of the top rated WonderSlim Diet plan you can reach them via their official website here.


Many reviews are available for individual foods as well as the diet plan itself. Here’s what some had to say online:

“been using these foods for years and I really love the taste”

“So delicious I love these foods they are so rich and satisfy my hunger”

“Love the variety pack (of shakes) love the chocolate and I also make the pudding as a breakfast and desert”

“So filling and I feel it’s the perfect snack”

Many foods of theirs have been highlight touted not just for their taste and ease of use, but also because they were filling.

There were also many who said that they could not believe they were on a diet, since they allow for dessert and healthy versions of many kinds of often not diet-friendly foods.

To help you succeed in your weight loss goals you can read about what the top rated WonderSlim has to offer here.


WonderSlim is highly reviewed by users and our review expert’s for a reason. It provides functional support and nutritious foods which are low in calories but rich in nutrients. The company is also reputable and they have been highly reviewed by users for their customer service, great money back return policy, and full accountability. They also post their nutrition facts and ingredients so potential users can read about what their foods provide.

Customizable plans for all kinds are offered as well as a full range of foods which are not often seen as health foods. This includes decadent foods including beef jerky, shakes, noodles chili, chips waffles, crisp, cheddar crunches, pretzels, bars, and much more. For the value of it is also well-priced and they even make plans for both men and women.

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Fil says:

I’ve also found these products to be tasty and help curb hunger and desire for sweets. I eat two light nutritious meals per day and one wonderslim bar as a snack. I drink at least 80 ozs of water per day. BUT if I have more than one bar per day my diverticulitis kicks up.
So beware if you have any irritable bowel problems as these bars can be a problem.

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