Rockin’ Wellness Review: Does it Work?

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What is it? 

Rockin’ Wellness is a meal replacement shake made with non-GMO ingredients for increased energy, a pre or post workout drink, and weight loss benefits. The shake is available in both vanilla mocha swirl, and chocolate cacao.

It’s a certified vegan and gluten free shake, and the company mentions it can improve your focus and mood. There’s a natural amount of caffeine added due to the coffee bean as well. They also advise up to four scoops a day to make a shake. Is this truly a nutritious weight loss meal replacement? What have other customers experienced? You’ll see in this Rockin’ Wellness review just what this shake has to offer.

Rockin’ Wellness Ingredients and Side Effects 

Here are the full ingredients to their chocolate cacao shake:

Raw Organic Non-GMO Cacao Bean Organic Non-GMO Goji Berry Organic Non-GMO Hulled Hemp Seed Organic Non-GMO Brown Rice Protein Non-GMO Lecithin
Organic Non-GMO Maca Root Chia Seed Organic Non-GMO Evaporated CANE Juice Organic Non-GMO Banana fruit Green Tea Extract
Organic Non-GMO Yerba Mate Leaf Guar Gum Organic Non-GMO Flaxseed Lactobacillus, Acidophilus Stevia Extract

Raw Organic Non-GMO Cacao Bean: The dried and fermented bean of which chocolate is made from.

It has the added stimulants theobromine and caffeine. Theobromine is a diuretic that stimulates the heart. Excess amounts can be dangerous, causing what’s known as theobromine poisoning.

Side effects from this ingredient include:

  • Nervousness and anxiety.
  • Rapid heart rate, cardiovascular damage, and jitters.
  • Migraine headaches.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Constipation, stomach issues, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

The natural caffeine may also produce similar symptoms.  It’s unknown how much of these stimulants are found within Rockin’ Wellness. The company claims it’s in safe amounts, but it’s always important to find out exactly how much is included. 

Organic Non-GMO Goji Berry: Bright red berry found in parts of China. It’s said to be a potent superfruit, though it’s unknown if there’s any unique benefit to this ingredient versus other berries.

It’s an expensive ingredient, and it raises the price of this shake without any proof of it offering unique benefits. 

Organic Non-GMO Hulled Hemp Seed: Easy to digest protein extract made from the same plant which marijuana is made from. adds that it’s:

“not yet linked to unique properties” 

This is comparison to other protein formulas. The flaws with this protein are that it’s low in the amino acid Leucine and Lysine. So supplementing with other protein sources would be needed. 

Organic Non-GMO Brown Rice Protein: Rapidly digested protein source which is low in the amino acid Lysine.

Since both protein sources in this shake are low in Lysine, it’s important to eat additional foods to make up for this deficiency. Not getting enough Lysine can potently cause problems to overall health.

This amino acid is important for providing energy, aiding metabolism, and several other necessary processes. A deficiency might cause severe problems to overall health. 

Organic Non-GMO Maca Root        Green Tea Extract:  Plant native to parts of Peru. It’s used due to its fatty acids and amino acids.

Research on this ingredient is limited, and adds:

“Further research is needed to determine the main mechanism of maca” 

“new evidence… can be manipulated” 

They mention that because of the potential bias from sellers of maca, many of the supposed benefits have not been proven.

This ingredient may also increase hunger, and customers have expressed concern over this ingredients addition within the shake because of the increased hunger. 

Organic Non-GMO Yerba Mate Leaf: This plant is brewed as a tea, and it’s native to parts of South America.

It has stimulants inside like theobromine and caffeine. It’s used to increase energy and improve metabolism.  Though Web MD has expressed concerns over the use of it:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE. It increase the risk of mouth, esophageal, laryngeal, kidney, bladder, and lung cancer”

 “in very large amounts, yerba mate is LIKELY UNSAFE, due to its caffeine content”

 Other possible issues include side effects such as:

  • Upset stomach, gas, and bloating.
  • High blood pressure, increased heart rate, and cardiovascular damage.
  • Irregular heartbeat.
  • Anxiety, mood swings, and restlessness.
  • Insomnia and feelings of paranoia. 

It’s never mentioned how much of this is included within the shake. It’s important to also find out how much caffeine is added in order to prevent possible side effects. 

Guar Gum: Thickener taken from the guar plant. It’s also used as a laxative and stabilizer.

Web MD mentions that taking this ingredient with water is important:

“because it reduces the chance of choking or developing a blockage in the intestine” 

Other possible side effects may include:

  • Loose and frequent stools.
  • Diarrhea and gastrointestinal pain.
  • Gas, bloating, and flatulence. 

It’s a cheap ingredient that is often found in processed foods.

The Price and Quality of Rockin’ Wellness 

rockin-wellnessOne 30 serving bag costs $59.97. Though the company mentions you can take up to 4 servings a day. So this breaks down to a price of $14.99 per day.

It’s an incredibly expensive shake, and the nutrient profile is lacking.

The two protein sources don’t provide the important amino acid Lysine, so extra supplementation with other proteins is need.

There’s also only 2 grams of fiber, and the nutrients are also low.

You get 0% vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, and no traces of other important minerals.

Also, the kinds of ingredients used may cause issues since the guar gum may harm the stomach, and the added caffeine may also cause unwanted stimulant effects.

This is one of the most expensive shakes, and it’s not supported by a well-rounded nutritional profile. You have to make sure you supplement with other nutrients and protein sources to make up for the lacking amounts. 

Business of Rockin’ Wellness 

The company name is also Rockin’ Wellness; you can reach them via their contact information:

Phone Number: (855) 876-2593 

Address: 150 Oser Ave #11354

Hauppauge, New York 11788 

Email: [email protected]

They only offer returns on unopened products within 30 days. They also have to pre-approve each return before it can be sent.

There’s currently an F rating on their Better Business Bureau page which helps track customer satisfaction.

Also, a total of 24 complaints have been filed against them on Pissed, which lists negative customer reviews.

Here’s what people have had to say:

“I never signed up for auto ship” 

“They do not answer their emails” 

“take your money but can’t answer calls to cancel”

 “I ordered a product and without my knowledge was put on auto delivery” 

A total of 57 complaints are listed on their Better Business Bureau page for the same reasons. Many were automatically charged each month for bags of these shakes without their consent. People were frustrated to deal with the company, since they don’t answer emails or calls.

The common complaint heard is of the company failing to allow for returns, and that they charge high prices automatically each month.

Customer Opinions of Rockin’ Wellness 

A few reviews are available online, here’s what customers have had to say:

“very expensive and not worth the price” 

 “increased my appetite like crazy” 

“does not live up to its claims of feeling great” 

“It tastes awful!!! I was expecting more” 

Common complaints include the shake being thin and not very filling. In fact, there were quite a few customers who actually had increased appetite.

People were disappointed with the lack of weight loss results. Those that used an entire bag full of product will often say they regret the purchase.

Customers were also disappointed to find out that dealing with the company can be difficult, and they rarely answer any messages for a return.

How Does Rockin’ Wellness Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Rockin’ Wellness
  • 35 /100
Conclusion – Does Rockin’ Wellness Work?

Before making up your mind on Rockin’ Wellness, make sure to keep in mind that it’s been rated unfavorably by customers. Though this shake does have non-GMO ingredients and a vegan friendly ingredient list, it’s incredibly expensive and not well rounded enough to provide a true meal replacement.

This shake has stimulant ingredients, and it’s unknown exactly how much exactly is inside. People have often complained about auto billing practices, which automatically charges one’s credit card without notice. People have also had issues due to a lack of weight loss benefits, which is likely due to the low protein, minimal fiber, and the lack of amino acid rich protein.

Proper meal replacements should provide not just great customer service, but an all-natural, amino acid rich, appetite suppressing formula. The very best of these shakes is 2024’s top rated meal replacement 18Shake.

Not only have customers been consistently impressed with its weight loss benefits, but people say it’s easy to make and great tasting.

In this shake is a quality blend of whey proteins which have all the essential amino acids. You can now enjoy a great tasting, customer approved meal replacement that can help you lose weight.

18Shake is even backed by a great 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying this product and losing out on any money.

4 Responses to Rockin’ Wellness Review

Francis Leeland says:

Not worth the expense. Please keep your money while it’s still in your possession.

Thomas Fox says:

I was fine for the first couple of weeks, and lost about 5 lbs, but the stomach problems I experienced afterward was horrible. I have stopped taking it due to the stomach trouble.

Lavera says:

My friend hate it, this company diet is worthless!
Johnie had a bad reaction to this product with problems in digestive system and had an issue getting a refund. Brother recommended me never buy the supplement.

Elianny says:

This product made my heart rate increase and gave me terrible headaches. I couldn’t use it after the 3rd day. Bought it from a clothing store in Southampton NY where this bizarre blonde woman had set up a little table. She promised all kinds of results. I should have followed my instincts because now I’m out of close to $60. Can’t imagine this company lasting very much longer. Total garbage.

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