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Skinny Gut Shake is an organic shake that contains a high amount of protein and fiber for what is said to be a nutritious drink. They say it can support heathy digestion, support lean muscle growth, aid digestion, reduce appetite, and lead to a healthier gut.

They provide a total of 140 calories, Skinny Gut probiotics, prebiotic, 20 grams of protein, and low amounts of fat. They offer a skinny gut protein powder vanilla, chocolate, and in a ready to drink version. After taking time to breakdown the quality of several kinds of meal replacements, the one which stood out was the best was 18Shake. It has only natural ingredients and users have been able to lose weight with it. Click here to get 18Shake with a 40% off discount.


Inside of this shake are the following ingredients:

Organic Pea Organic Natural Acacia Fiver Organic Flax Seed Organic Hemp Seed Organic Sacha Inchi
Guar Gum Organic Stevia Extract Leaf Papain Amylase Cellulase
Lipase Protease Organic Carrot Organic Blueberry Organic Cranberry
Lactobacillus Acidophilus Lactobacillus Plantarum Lactobacillus Infantis Bifidobacterium Bifidum Lactobacillus Paracasei
Magnesium Oxide Zinc Oxide Manganese Citrate Nicotinate Gluconate Chelate Ferrous Sulfate
Natural Flavor Xanthan Gum Ascorbic Acid Tribasic Calcium Phosphate Cholecalciferol

Organic Pea: A cheap to source plant based protein that is low in certain amino acids meaning it has to be mixed with other forms to be considered good enough to replace meals. It may lead to digestive issues in high amounts.

Organic Sacha Inchi: A plant that contains a nut why has a high amount of omega fatty acids and protein.

Guar Gum: Guar beans which are commonly added to processed goods to help thicken and stabilize surrounding ingredients. This can promote fiber like effects and it helps to reduce the risk for constipation. It has also been used as a way to suppress appetite and promote weight loss. It is necessary to drink enough water with this as Web MD has said:

“reduces the chance of choking or developing a lockage”

This can also lead to symptoms such as:

  • Loose stools, increased gas, and diarrhea.

Lactobacillus Infantis: Fund within humans intestinal tract, this helps to produce lactic acid and it is important for healthy gut flora. It is one of the most common additives used as a way to promote gut health.

Lactobacillus Paracasei: Used often to ferment dairy, this bacteria is used to help support healthy gut bacteria. Unfortunately, taking this in addition to what is found naturally in the gut has a potential risk for damaging effects.

For example a study by the Division of Infectious Diseases showed it should not be used by those with:

“short bowel syndrome… cardiac valve disease… immune compromise”

Lipase: Enzyme produced by the pancreas which can help to breakdown fatty acids. It is often not needed unless one has pancreatic issues or for some reason cannot pursue this in enough amounts. Still this is rare and would often be the signs of a greater issue.

Papain: An enzyme found within papaya which has been sued to help reduce inflammation, breakdown protein, and support the immune system. Heavy amounts of this can contribute to the follow unwanted symptoms:

  • Allergies, throat damage, and irritation.

Ascorbic Acid: A form of vitamin C often only supplemented to those who are deficient. Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant that can support cells and maintain the health of the body. It is often used to help the immune system from fighting diseases.

Xanthan Gum: A common thickener that is extracted from fermented sugar and bacteria. This can help improve digestive health by regulating stool frequency. When used in amounts less than 15 grams, Web MD has confirm that:

“Xanthan gum is safe”

This is an exceptional amount which is unlikely to be found in this shake.

Our experts have been able to pinpoint which meal replacement shakes were the very best at promoting weight loss; review the top 10 list here.


The company never actually says that Skinny Gut Shake for weight loss would be reliable; they only say it is low calories and has a host of different nutrients. They call it Skinny Gut but they fail to give much more insights other than that claim of weight loss.

While this shake does have an assortment of organic ingredient and a high amount of protein, it would have been best if they added whey protein, and if they skimped out on the unnecessary enzymes which the body either already produces, or which can possibly lead to side effects.


Prices can vary for example if you search for Skinny Gut Shake Walmart it sells for cheap than the official website at $26.24 per 14.5 oz. container.  They offer only 10 servings per container, so if taken at just one ca day this lasts 10 days only.

There is 0 grams of sugar which is good, and the calories are about equal to other shakes. There is 40% of the daily value of fiber which for some may be too much, as this is a high amount that can lead to an increase of bowel movements. When taking this much fiber in one sitting it is important to maintain steady fluid intake to help the digestive process, otherwise it may lead to stomach related side effects.

A concern also lies in the protein used as they add plant based forms of protein. This is often made with many kinds of different forms as by themselves these plant based protein would not provide the necessary amino acids that the body needs.

Listed within this link are the brands which our review experts saw as being the very best meal replacements in terms of weight loss potential and quality of ingredients.


Their company name is Renew Life and they can be reached below:

Address: 198 Palm Harbor Blvd

Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

Phone Number: (800) 830-1800

Their Better Business Bureau page has a total of 2 complaints, one of which was due to shipping errors and another was because they could not schedule a return with the company. This user had problems related to an auto-shipment charge that they didn’t know would occur, as they believed there was only an initial introduction price.

Their terms and conditions reveals that the company does not mention a money back return policy, which likely means that all sales are to be considered final. Without a returns process it is impossible to determine whether or not sales are backed by a guarantee.

Our link here will take you to the top 10 most meal replacement shales reviewed by our experts.


Here are reviews which were found online:

“This just tastes awful…  The container is also way too huge for what is offered; they make it seem big but there are so little provided”

“If somehow you can bare the taste then you’ll have no problem losing weight since you can do anything”

“Very grainy and the flavor is not good at all. I didn’t experience any appetite suppression nor did it provide me with any energy”

“This is gritty but it is easy to digest”

Some users were disappointed there were no Skinny Gut Shake recipes online. There were also issues with Skinny Gut Shake results, as some mentioned they felt there were no benefits from it.

There was also some confusion between this and the Renew Life Skinny Gut Organic Fruit & Acacia fiber, though this drink is meant more for digestive health and appetite suppression, and it comes in the form of a mixable fruit tasting powder.

You can now determine which shakes are the best for weight loss by examining our experts highly touted top 10 list here.

How Does Skinny Gut Shake Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Skinny Gut Shake
  • 28 /100

This shake has what appears to be a wholesome formula at first glance, and it is also god they make sure to add no sugar, but many users were not impressed with the taste and consistency. One major reoccurring concern that people had was that they were unable to drink this satisfyingly enough. When losing weight it is important to be able to stay consistent and not having to eat something one does not enjoy, as this can delay results and it may lead one to stray elsewhere for food. There are great tasting options which have a more complete form of protein.

Our experts were able to determine which meal replacement shake offered the very best weight loss for weight loss, nutrition, and overall flavor by looking at user review sand the formula itself. The brand which has consistent high marks was 18Shake. This meal replacement shake offers a low amount of calories, rich fiber and protein, and just one gram of sugar from a natural sweetener.

Users have also competent the taste and left glowing reviews on how they were able to notice great changes in weight. Find out more on the benefits 18Shake can provide and read testimonials by clicking on this link here.

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