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The active ingredient in the prescription diet pill Phentermine.

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Adipex Phentermine (Adipex P) diet pill is a prescription diet pill that is used to help people lose weight who are obese (have a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher) or have serious health risks due to their size. It is more commonly known by the brand name Phentermine. It works as an appetite suppressant. It is taken in conjunction with certain food requirements and an exercise program. Adipex P is only used for a few weeks (less than 12 weeks) since its effectiveness decreases with prolonged use.

The drug is taken one time each day either in the morning or 10 hours before bedtime, because of its known effects of interrupting sleep.

You should take Adipex P only and exactly how it was directed to you by your physician.

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  • Prescription Phentermine has been approved by the FDA
  • Clinically shown to aid in weight loss in obese individuals
  • Long-term use can cause irritability, skin problems or sleeping difficulties
  • Can become addictive
  • Various and numerous side effects are associated with Adipex
  • Be sure to read the lengthy disclaimer regarding health conditions that do not support taking Adipex P, such as high blood pressure, anxiety or heart disease
  • Side effects include raising blood pressure and heart rate

While taking Adipex P, you are to follow a sound diet of balanced meals and snacks. You are also to avoid alcohol while you are taking this drug. The drug is most effective when it is accompanied by a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise regimen.


It is recommended to follow a regular exercise routine when taking Adipex P. Be sure to discuss with your physician first and get his or her approval. Given the stimulating effects of Adipex P and its effect of raising heart rate and elevating blood pressure, following an exercise plan that has been suggested by your doctor is highly recommended.


Adipex P is a prescription weight loss drug that may help in weight loss, but it also comes with a host of side effects and risks. Since it can only be used for a small amount of time, the individual is then responsible for learning how to eat sensibly once the prescribed amount of time for taking the drug is complete. Given its side effects, its drug interactions and its risk for addiction, Adipex P must be taken under the guidance and observation of a medical doctor.

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gellan moses

Does Adipex work better then Redotex? I loss 90 pounds and my kids lol. Hit me up on Facebook

posted Feb 26th, 2013 4:58 am



It's the start of my 2nd month and I have lost 20 lbs! It suppresses your appetite. If you decide to take it give it a chance to work before stopping!

posted Feb 7th, 2013 6:06 am



I began a low-carb diet and lost 12 pounds in 1.5 weeks. THEN, I started taking Adipex. The Adipex helped suppress my appetite and definitely gave me energy. I have been taking it for about 3-4 months now and will not get a refill once I end this bottle, because it doesn't really work anymore. The biggest thing I will miss is the energy. :/ But I have continued the low-carb diet and have lost 34 pounds all together. I am a 22-year-old female, 5"6', who began weighing at 176 lbs. and am now down to 142 lbs. I recommend Adipex to anyone, but you must change your lifestyle and eating habits, too or it won't work 100% and you will return to the same place once you stop taking it. It does make your heart race some and gives you dry mouth, but it's not nearly as bad as, say, energy drinks and 5-hour energy shots. Good luck to everyone!

posted Feb 6th, 2013 9:42 pm




posted Jan 30th, 2013 2:01 am



posted Jan 30th, 2013 1:04 am



What type of foods can I eat on Adipex? I just got the Adipex today. My doctor somewhat briefed me about the foods that I can eat. I am 5"4 and i weigh 192 pounds, and about two years ago i was 125 pounds. I have tried every alternitave that I can possibly think of. I am only 19, and I know its not very ideal that I am taking it, but I dont really care. If someone could please tell me some of the foods i could eat, I would greatly appreciate it!

posted Dec 13th, 2012 10:11 pm



Why use Adipex? I'm 34 yrs old, I am 5'8", currently 190 lbs - was 197lbs a week ago. I am not taking Adipex although I have scheduled an appt. twice and both times canceled because it just doesn't make sense. This pill is too addictive and some even refer to it as speed....that is beyond scary to me. However, the reason I lost 7 lbs is because I drink vegetable/fruit juice. For all of you that take adipex, I just have one question - why are you taking it if you have to excercise and watch what you eat? Can't you just do that without this pill and get the results? Believe me I am not trying to preach or tell anyone what to do but after many conversations with myself, I was asking myself the same questions. Why would I pay buku money for someone to literally give me addictive pills and it might or it might not work, when I can do this the healthy way. Watch Sick, Tired and Nearly Dead. You will be definitely motivated. I know it's hard to excercise, and believe me I just can't make myself go walk for 30 min, but with vegetable/fruit juice in about 2 weeks I've lost 7 lbs the healthy way.

posted Jun 13th, 2012 2:13 pm



Since I started Adipex, I barely ate like all day maybe 200 - calories sometimes rarely 500-600...and I have been taking it 25 days now I lost only 13 lbs ...when I dieted without it last time I ate 500 cals each day and I dropped a jean size in a month. It seems like it is actually slowing down my weight loss it is very discouraging... I do not get it ..I also am takink Levoxyl 35.7 mg ...I do not get it

posted May 6th, 2012 2:24 am



Prescription adipex vs. OTC adipex? What the difference if any between the prescription adipex and the one u can get online from places like sears.com without a prescription

posted Apr 24th, 2012 4:20 pm



To day is April 16th 2012 i started adipex Jan 20th 2012 i have already lost 54 pounds it the beginning it gave me dry mouth really bad now i have no side effects at all and i am still losing weight oh and while taking this medication be sure to keep a laxative around!!other then the laxative part i love it have never felt better

posted Apr 16th, 2012 7:49 pm



I have been taking for four weeks or more. Take Monday thru Friday, only drink water & watch very closely what I eat. I also am exercising and I have only lost 4 pounds. Very discouraging!

posted Apr 12th, 2012 12:23 am



It didn't work for me! I took it for three months

posted Mar 17th, 2012 3:19 pm

Terri Venable


When does Adipex work best? Does it work better if you eat exactly 30 mins after taking it or dies it work the same no matter when you eat Adipex 37.5mg

posted Dec 13th, 2011 4:47 pm

Maria E


I've been taking this medicine for 7 weeks. I am having mixed feelings about it. My diet has changed dramatically! I'm NEVER hungry! And I drink TONS of water. Two weeks after the initial visit, I went back to the doctor to weigh in. At that time I had lost 7 pounds. However since then I have only lost 5 pounds. I'm a little discouraged! I was hoping it would fall off faster. I drink absolutely no soda and very seldom eat out (once a week at the most!) My starting weight was 241 and I am currently at 229. I'm thankful for ANY loss, but also a little discouraged. Over the last 2 weeks or so I have tried different things. It seemed that my body was getting used to the meds and I wasn't getting the "kick" of energy that I needed. So for the last 2 weeks I have only taken the Adipex Monday through Friday. I don't take any on the weekend. I still don't go crazy eating, but when I start taking the meds again on Monday, I can actually feel it working. Does anyone else have any other suggestions that might make my weight come off any faster? I'll take all the advice I can get. Yes, I do exercise. I walk a mile every evening with my sister and my daughters. I also participate in a Zumba class twice a week.

posted Nov 30th, 2011 4:47 pm



This great pill is my magic pill! Im 26 years old I m 5 foot so real short! I weighted about 152 pounds and after maybe 3 or 4 months weighted 120 pounds. My goal was 125 pasted that goal now its 115! My husband doesnt like it! Says all the female body parts go away! :( As long as I am happy well guess that is what matters! To anyone who is thinking about taking this pill I highly do recommend it!

posted Nov 4th, 2011 5:50 pm


The food tasted awful.

posted Oct 30th, 2011 1:16 pm



posted Oct 20th, 2011 4:21 pm



WHERE to get Adipex-P ? Could you all tell me where you are able to get the Adipex-P ? I cannot find it online anywhere, and even the doctors say its at no pharmacies ? If you have any advice on how you obtained this, please comment. Thanks

posted Oct 16th, 2011 3:08 am



Great! energy is fantastic... appetite is minimum, but I still eat small portions and frequently. I inlcude working out, lots of water and plenty of patience rest and determination.

posted Oct 7th, 2011 6:16 pm



Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my story and get a little feed back and some helpful tips. I started taking adipex-p 37.5mg. I am 5,5 19yrs old my starting weight was 191 on Aug 6, 2011. I went to my Doc for a check up 4 weeks later and I had lost 12 pounds weighing 171lbs I am going to be honest i honestly thought i was going to have better results, but i couldn't expect much because i haven't been exercising i did change up how i ate a little but still haven't really adapted to it. I want to loose weight really bad. Last year around june 2011 i was 135lbs i got into a relationship and was very comfy with my partner i still am. But i want to have my figure back i want to be the sexy girl she met a year ago and i want to be able to feel comfortable with my self and feel beautiful when i go out and get dressed up :( . I would appreciate it so much if someone can just give me some pointers on how i can loose weight quicker while taking adipex but not being a gym addict if you know what i mean.

posted Sep 15th, 2011 9:15 am


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