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Ephedrine P57

Ephedrine P57

Diet pills containing Ephedrine are now banned by the FDA.

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Please be aware that the FDA overturned the federal judge's ruling to allow Ephedrine sales in the U.S. The FDA has put a complete stop to Ephedrine sales, not allowing any companies to sell this supplement.

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Ephedrine-P57 was one of the strongest over-the-counter weight loss supplements on the market. Ephedrine-P57 was highly recognized and the only supplement with both Hoodia and Ephedrine, two of the strongest natural products available.

There is a wealth of information at the Ephedrine-P57 site, including touching consumer stories with photos documenting their success. This is also the only place Ephedrine-P57® is available for purchase. You can buy Ephedrine-P57 in 60-count bottles and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

The Hoodia, with active ingredient P57, found in Ephedrine-P57® is the only form that can say it has substantiated research proving its weight loss results. It's also one of the rare products promoting genuine South African Hoodia, the plant's native country. This is the only product in America available in this form and with these high quality ingredients.

Ephedrine-P57® uses a proprietary process to remove only the strongest particles from the herb Ephedrine to guarantee results like increased metabolism and energy and the ability to burn fan naturally.

Ephedrine is highly sought-after as quality forms of the herb are hard to find. A recent ruling in Utah lifted a restriction of Ma Huang, an herb producing Ephedrine, stating that the it is safe when consuming less than 10mg. Ephedrine-P57® meets this criteria. However, the FDA recently stepped in and overturned this federal judge's ruling, ot allowing any Ephedrine sales in the U.S.

Hoodia was the newest breakout on the supplement scene, with coverage on news magazine 60 Minutes. Hoodia produces a molecule called P57, found to relay "I'm full" messages to the brain 10,000 times more loudly than glucose. Unlike most diet supplements, Hoodia doesn't leave you feeling nauseous or like you're speeding. Users have seen results of a three percent drop in body fat and ten pounds.

For all of the positive praise of the Ephedra P57 product, there is concern that it won't stay on the market for an extended time. In spite of being a truly advanced natural supplement and proven results for losing weight.


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Ephedrine (EPH) is a sympathomimetic amine commonly used as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, concentration aid, decongestant, and to treat hypotension associated with anaesthesia. Ephedrine is similar in structure to the synthetic derivatives amphetamine and methamphetamine. Chemically, it is an alkaloid derived from various plants in the genus ''Ephedra'' (family Ephedraceae). It is most usually marketed in the hydrochloride and sulfate forms.

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wow, you all are putting a lot of credit in some of these responses. Don't you think you should be asking a doctor or pharmacist about mixing medications, and not taking advice from "anonymous?" and shame on all of you that are spouting false statements as fact. ALL NATURAL DOES NOT MEAN IT'S GOOD FOR YOU AND IT DOES NOT MEAN THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS. talk about desperate!! you all are going to scroll through here until you find what you want to hear. Do some research before you throw your money and health away on "fast miracle weight loss solutions."


Why have they discontinued Looking Trim ????


I just start Ephedrine and I need to take some anti depresant Fluoxetine 20mg is it still ok to take Ephedrine pls let me know asap

Paul C.

Hi princess, i'm not a doctor so if you have chest pains I recommend that you see your doctor. with that said, the chest pains could be from anything. Can you be more specific? In the mean time i would suggest you stop taking anything that you started to take recently that could be the cause of our chest pains.

Paul C.

No problem princess....my pleasure. Yes, it will probably take you some time to get back on track witht he excercising. You can take it for the 7 days but might be a good to take a break one day. I take one day off every other week on sunday. Let me know if you have any other questions. have a good one also! :)


hey, when did you cali residents try to order? I live in cali, and ordered from lookingtrim.com, and was able to get it


I was wondering if a 17 year old would be able to take these


i would also like to know about the chest pains...is it normal and should one be worried? pls give advice Paul C.

Paul C.

If you lost 30 pounds and gained 15 back, it's probably not the products you?re using but your lack of commitment and discipline in keeping the weight off. Could it be that the Metabofraud that you were taking was just a placebo and you?re now just not focused anymore on the weightloss and that?s why you?re gaining the weight back? Ephedrine is a great fat burner so if you?re still gaining weight while using it, you?re daily fat intake is probably too high.


a 17 year old can take this product. Why wouldn't they be able to?


I clicked on this product and got another product called Nuphedrine. I guess this is the new name? the product looks good so i will order and let you guys now how it goes.


I just got these pills a week ago and have lost 5 pound combined wih diet and exercise and it is hard for me to loose weight so these pills really work!


What I meant was is their any bad side effects that could harm a 17 year old and not an adult because 17 year olds aren't fully developed yet

Skeptical (jinny)

I was very skeptical on using a diet pill and with some reading I thought i should try these. I've been on them for about two weeks and must say they are pretty good. I really thought i wasn't going to feel anything at all, but you can really feel a difference. i had energy and was more awake. I am losing weight so i will keep with them until i don't need them. Just wanted to thank everyone for the postings here, it really help me in my decision =)


I read the ingredients in this product and they are all natural so there should not be any side effect from them even to a 17 year old


I tried to order this, but the link takes me directly to the Nuphedrine site. Any comments on this? Is Nuphedrine the same thing as Ephedrine P57?


I have almost finished a bottle but not lost anything been taking 1 a day I get some chest pain scared to take more pls give me advice


I received my order and have been taking the pills for about a week and a half. I?ve lost eight pounds with exercise. I?ve been eating my regular foods (5-6 small meals a day) and drinking tons of water. I take two pills at 10am, but think I should take them earlier because it?s hard to fall asleep at night. My package arrived in about a week. I?m really quite happy with the purchase for a few reasons: I?m pleasantly energized; my body is processing food more regularly; I?m dropping pounds and I don?t have any adverse side effect to speak of. If this continues, I will be bragging to my friends.

Matt Miller

I usually get my order in 3 to 5 days. You can probably call their customer service dept to find out where your package is.


I tried it and am about to order my 2nd bottle. It's great for making you not hungry. That's all I needed it for. I've lost a little weight too. But I'm also eating pretty good.


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