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Ephedrine P57

Ephedrine P57

Diet pills containing Ephedrine are now banned by the FDA.

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Please be aware that the FDA overturned the federal judge's ruling to allow Ephedrine sales in the U.S. The FDA has put a complete stop to Ephedrine sales, not allowing any companies to sell this supplement.

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Ephedrine-P57 was one of the strongest over-the-counter weight loss supplements on the market. Ephedrine-P57 was highly recognized and the only supplement with both Hoodia and Ephedrine, two of the strongest natural products available.

There is a wealth of information at the Ephedrine-P57 site, including touching consumer stories with photos documenting their success. This is also the only place Ephedrine-P57® is available for purchase. You can buy Ephedrine-P57 in 60-count bottles and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

The Hoodia, with active ingredient P57, found in Ephedrine-P57® is the only form that can say it has substantiated research proving its weight loss results. It's also one of the rare products promoting genuine South African Hoodia, the plant's native country. This is the only product in America available in this form and with these high quality ingredients.

Ephedrine-P57® uses a proprietary process to remove only the strongest particles from the herb Ephedrine to guarantee results like increased metabolism and energy and the ability to burn fan naturally.

Ephedrine is highly sought-after as quality forms of the herb are hard to find. A recent ruling in Utah lifted a restriction of Ma Huang, an herb producing Ephedrine, stating that the it is safe when consuming less than 10mg. Ephedrine-P57® meets this criteria. However, the FDA recently stepped in and overturned this federal judge's ruling, ot allowing any Ephedrine sales in the U.S.

Hoodia was the newest breakout on the supplement scene, with coverage on news magazine 60 Minutes. Hoodia produces a molecule called P57, found to relay "I'm full" messages to the brain 10,000 times more loudly than glucose. Unlike most diet supplements, Hoodia doesn't leave you feeling nauseous or like you're speeding. Users have seen results of a three percent drop in body fat and ten pounds.

For all of the positive praise of the Ephedra P57 product, there is concern that it won't stay on the market for an extended time. In spite of being a truly advanced natural supplement and proven results for losing weight.


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Ephedrine (EPH) is a sympathomimetic amine commonly used as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, concentration aid, decongestant, and to treat hypotension associated with anaesthesia. Ephedrine is similar in structure to the synthetic derivatives amphetamine and methamphetamine. Chemically, it is an alkaloid derived from various plants in the genus ''Ephedra'' (family Ephedraceae). It is most usually marketed in the hydrochloride and sulfate forms.

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I'm not a real doctor but I play one online. ---Who here hasn?t heard or know that Doctors get paid to push drugs onto their patients. I'm sure not every doctor does this but there are a good number of them out there that do to make it an issue. One of the most profitable if not the most profitable businesses in the world is pharmaceuticals. Even Oil Company Giants like Shell don't even make the profits they do. Go to CNN and see the recent interview with the Shell CEO who just said this the other day (11-15-07) --- So with such an industry it shouldn?t be a surprise to anyone that shady deals like these go on. --- I actually have a friend that works as a sales rep for a large pharmaceutical company. He goes around to different private practices and leaves samples of their new drugs with the doctors. If these doctors choose to prescribe their meds over the other prescription meds from competitors, these doctors get paid a commission. Don?t take my word for it; check it out and do some research. You?ll see that this is the case.

Shelley Belly

I just received my order today, after like a week. They never returned my email either so I called and the guy was very helpful, and even gave me a tracking number. Im really happy theres ephedrine back on the market, a few years ago, I lost 120 pounds with the help of ephedrine and diet and exercise..then gained half back due to pregnancy and the things that go along. I've been taking ephedrine a long time and the best advice I can give anyone from personal experience, is stay hydrated... and dont take it on an empty stomach and then get into a tanning bed..I almost died because I wasnt thinking...other then that no problems. Good Luck everyone!


I wrote before I was finish one bottle and didnt had any difference I opened another bottle they were difference colour yellow capsules and inside was white as soon as I took I felt difference other once were clear capsules and inside brown and did not work at all did anyone had this problem those with brown povder inside the capsules difference than those with white powder inside the capsules I phoned and they told me they same but they are not same I m sure about it

Lost Weight and Keeping it off (NY)

I have lost 37 pounds since I started exercising and eating right and have kept it off for about a year now. The ephedrinep57 definitely helps but it's also a commitment to eating right and staying active. My problem was not having enough energy after work to start working out. The EphedrineP57 gave me energy all day and enough left over after work to get my routine going. That was the hardest part for me, starting my workout after a long day at work, but once I get going I build up the moment to finish. If anyone has this same problem, I recommend that you try the ephedrinep57. You?ll get home from work and will actually have energy to do stuff, I swear. You will feel lazy sitting down in front of the TV eating snacks and junk food (does that sound familiar?). For the people who want some pill that will allow them to eat anything and lose the weight, don?t even bother. This is not a miracle drug that will let you eat whatever you want and still lose weight, that doesn?t, that just how other supplement companies market their products to trick customer into buying their garbage.


For those of you wondering about the difference between ephedrine and ephedra, ephedrine is synthectic (man-made) and ephedra is naturally occuring. I used to take the metabolife 356 and loved it. Lost almost 30 lbs. I have since taken ephedrine and just about every other supplement out there with no luck. The weight stayed off for almost 5 years. I've gained 15 of 30 back.

Paul C.

Hey Princess.....Your heart might start to beat a little faster and you might get the jitters. If you are taking a prescription medication or over-the-counter drug that you think will interfere with the ephedrine, you should probably hold off until you are done with your exams and off these medications before starting on the ephedrine. If you are determined to start it anyway, I would suggest you speak to your doctor first. My girlfriend is actually a doctor (Pathologist) and I asked her about this and she said you should be fine since you are young, but it does depend on your overall health so she too said that you should consult your doctor before doing anything. Make sure you have a competent doctor thought, and remember that just because they have a degree doesn?t mean you should trust them. My girlfriend has told me horror stories of how doctors just prescribe their patients with drugs that they don?t even need because they make money from the pharmaceutical companies for pushing their drugs.


Has anyone actually tried the substitute that the company provides for CA residents? Obviously Californians aren't allowed to decide for ourselves whether we want to take Ephedra or not...*coughbulls***cough*...but I'm wondering if there is any way to get this product...gotta be a loophole! :)

Paul C.

It's common knowledge to anyone that is up to date on current affairs, that Doctors get paid to push drugs onto their patients. Here is one of hundreds of articles about this issue. This ones happens to be from the New York Times: http://news.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/05/09/doctors-getting-paid-to-prescribe-drugs/. ---- I think everyone can see who the idiot is in here ; )


Well, it has been 7 days for me on this pill and I still don?t see any results yet? Can anyone tell me if I should send them back, just be patient or should I increase the dosage?

Jack P

I live in california and last week the order page at http://www.ephedrinep57.com/ wasn't working for me, but now it does. JP


I have been taking these for about 5 days now and it's making me feel extemely dizzy and wired but tired. I don't think it's a good supplement for me and am going to stop taking it today. Anyone else have an experience like this?

GET SMART -Idiots!!!~

WOW!!! Come on people...If you get chest pain from a STIMULANT...do you really need a #^)&%$* doctor to tell you to stop? Secondly, DOCTORS DO NOT GET PAID TO PRESCRIBE MEDICATIONS...who ever heard of that??? If this were true, why bother with the actual medicine...just open a pharmacy...Some of you are likely fat because you are not smart enough to understand the basic tenants of weight loss...WHEN INPUT EXCEEDS OUTPUT, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT!!! That's why it's called a supplement,not a lifestyle...you will have to play an ACtIVE roll...maybe pass on the offer to "supersize"!

GET SMART -Idiots!!!~

WOW!!! Come on people...If you get chest pain from a STIMULANT...do you really need a #^)&%$* doctor to tell you to stop? Secondly, DOCTORS DO NOT GET PAID TO PRESCRIBE MEDICATIONS...who ever heard of that??? If this were true, why bother with the actual medicine...just open a pharmacy...Some of you are likely fat because you are not smart enough to understand the basic tenants of weight loss...WHEN INPUT EXCEEDS OUTPUT, YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT!!! That's why it's called a supplement,not a lifestyle...you will have to play an ACtIVE roll...maybe pass on the offer to "supersize"!

Matt Miller

I'm on my 4th bottle and have lost about 25 pounds. Only 10 more pounds and i'm at my target weight. I give this five stars! * * * * * and two thumbs up!


HI all...i'm having problems ordering from the main site to the uk. Keeps asking me to choose a state....we dont have states....did anyone else experience this??


hi Paul.C. i havent started taking the pills yet, will be starting tomorrow, but have heard from friends that my heart might start beating faster and i might get the jitters. i take tablets @ the moment 2 make my heart beat slower because of exams that im busy with so im just concerned that it would make me get a heart attack or something. im only 17 so is 1 ephedrine pill a day the right way 2 go? i really want 2 take the ephedrine, i want 2 lose weight fast. i take 3 other pills, a multivitamin, the pill to make my heart beat slower (although the doctor said that they even give it to younger kids, so hopefully not that strong), and just a pill so that i dont get sick 2 often. would it interfere with the ephedrine or should i stop taking the other pills?


How do you check on status of delivery? Or, how long does it take to get delivery?


thanx so much Paul C! tell your girlfriend i say thanx for the advice! iv actually taken the ephedrine for 4 days now and still been taking those other pills. hav lost like 2 or 3kgs..but i cant see any difference yet. but il be patient. having a bit of trouble sleeping though and sometimes after exercising, i feel a bit light headed, proberbly because i havent exercised in a while so just need some time to get back on track? i only take one pill in the morning when i wake up. should i take the ephedrine 7 days a week or should i stop for a day or 2 a week? thanx for all your help, i really appreciate it! have a good day!


when I click on the link to order this product I get something called Nuphedrine..is this a new name for this product. I have also tried cutting and pasting from your links above..same result I am in Virginia I dont know if that makes a difference..HELP


I can't swallow pills, do they sell these as chewable?


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