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Quick Weight Loss Centers

Quick Weight Loss Centers

A diet plan catching the eye of celebrities.

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  • Established: 2001
  • Headquarters: Florida
  • Accessibility: In-person or online private counseling via email or phone
  • Diet Type: Low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, supplements and prepackaged meals
  • Gender: Male, female, children
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Rush Limbaugh

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Quick Weight Loss, founded in Florida, provides individualized weight loss therapy. The program boasts no exercise and you eat the foods you love including the diet program's own line of diet foods and herbal and thermogenic supplements.

Made popular by Rush Limbaugh who in 2009 lost a remarkable amount of weight in a short period of time following a Quick Weight Loss created just for him, this southern Florida company has helped many lose weight.

Currently, the only bricks and mortar Quick Weight Loss Centers are scattered around southern Florida but there is an online program that you can join from anywhere in the country. This home-based program is a six-week program in which you receive support and counseling via email and phone from Quick Weight Loss Center specialists.

Once you have signed up for either program, you work individually with a Quick Weight Loss Center expert in order to create your own customized diet plan.

In general, the Quick Weight Loss plan provides participants a diet that is low calorie (up to 1,500 calories/day). You buy the foods you like to make and supplement with Quick Weight Loss brand's bars, beverages, soups as well as supplement s that are intended to facilitate weight loss.

You can expect to lose three to seven pounds each week while following the Quick Weight Loss Center programs.

  • Doctor clearance shows they are being responsible
  • Helped Rush Limbaugh lose 80 pounds in 2009

  • Offers an individualized program to weight loss

  • One-on-one support provides motivation and accountability

  • Weight loss claims may be exaggerated
  • Required to buy program's special line of foods increases costs
  • Herbal supplements and other stimulants are required
  • Supplements do not require FDA approval; check with your doctor before taking
  • Brick and mortar locations are limited to southern Florida and Texas
  • Low calorie diet plan may lead to rebound weight gain
  • Diet program rules are not scientifically founded

While all Quick Weight Loss Center diets are custom-designed, there are a few benchmark features that are applied to every participant's diet.

Most diet plans include a low-calorie and low-fat daily eating plan that is comprised of about 1,500 calories a day.

And while the company remains pretty hush-hush about what their diet looks like, a few secrets slipped through the cracks thanks to Rush's public discussion about his experience with Quick Weight Loss Centers.

There are a host of other food rules that you must abide by while following the program such as eating green peppers but not red bell peppers and not combining two different kinds of proteins in one meal. For instance you can have seven ounces of grilled chicken breast but not three ounces of white fish and four ounces of turkey breast in one meal. In addition, alcohol, sugar, refined flours and fried foods are not allowed.

You can also supplement with Quick Weight Loss Centers proprietary foods which can be purchased online or at one of the Center's Florida locations. Such foods include special puddings, shake mixes, nutrition bars, soups and oatmeal.

In addition, you are also encouraged to take Quick Weight Loss Centers own line of dietary supplements like essential fatty acids, herbs and carb blockers, all of which are supposed to facilitate speedy weight loss.


You can engage in moderate exercise while following the Quick Weight Loss Center diet but hard-core exercise is not a strong feature of this plan.


Made popular almost overnight by conservative radio-host Rush Limbaugh who lost 80 pounds in just a few months, Quick Weight Loss Centers is a Florida-based customized diet plan that helps you lose weight quickly with its low-calorie and highly structured eating plan. But it is exactly this stringent plan that lands this diet in the category of countless other plans that take off a lot of weight in a short amount of time and then risks gaining it all back once you are no longer on the plan.

But with this rather mysterious diet plan filled with specific eating rules and special supplements that contain hoodia and ephedra-like stimulants, you might want to think twice about spending the money on Quick Weight Loss Center and instead think about incorporating more natural, practical and long-term strategies for successful weight loss.

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Jim Heeter


Where can I sell Quick Weight Loss Center supplies other than ebay? The Quick Weight Loss diet proved too restrictive for us, but we had already paid for all visits plus the supplements and snacks. Since there is no refund, we would like to sell the supplements and snacks. Does anybody know of a good place to sell these supplies other than ebay?

posted Aug 5th, 2011 10:31 am

Rodney Farzier


Ive been gaining 5 lbs a year for the last few years and when I hit 290-lbs and got tired just walking a short didstance. I signed up and followed it by the book but I do drink a few beers lol. 5-weeks later ive lost 30-lbs well it works and I am never hungry. I haven't had this much energy in many years! What I like about it you can go to a nice restraunt and eat. There is only 1 down side you have to buy new cloths lol. 35 more lbs to go then I can have Ribeyes agin /yahoo!

posted Aug 3rd, 2011 10:29 pm

Nicholas DeMaio


I had a very bad experience with Quick Weight Loss Centers, and I recommend that nobody consider doing business with them.

The bad experience began at the 59 & Kirby location in Houston with manager Paula Martin.

Firstly, Ms. Martin's sales pitch was fast, robotic, and pushy. Her attempts to connect and build rapport were fake and contrived. I felt strongly that she only cared about one thing: getting me to sign. The experience felt altogether icky.

The cost of the program happened to be prohibitive for my particular budge at the time, so I chose not to sign up. But then I impulsively decided to purchase some of their snack foods, and then later regretted the purchase because I determined it was not a good value for my particular situation.

The next day I went to return the unopened goods for a refund, Ms. Martin coldly and insensitively informed me that FDA regulation does not permit QWLC to accept returned items and that company policy does not allow refunds. She told me the next step I could take was to fax in a written complaint, which I did.

I then received a call from the district manager (DM) over that store, and I explained the situation. She explained that it's company policy - not FDA regulation - that disallows receiving returned items. The store manager's and district manager's stories were inconsistent, demonstrating blatant lack of integrity. I respectfully appealed to the DM to grant me one exception to company policy and to refund my money - money that was precious to me in a time of financial hardship. But, as it turns out, goodwill towards dissatisfied customers is a non-priority for QWLC. She stubbornly refused to grant an exception or refund my money. Instead, she gave only inadequate, unsatisfactory excuses.

This district manager clearly does not value me as a future prospect. I want to purchase QWLC's services in the near future when my budget permits, but not if QWLC stubbornly refuses to resolve this situation to my satisfaction.

Until QWLC adopts a "customer-is-always-right" mentality, I recommend everyone stay far away. If you become dissatisfied, they will be right, and you will be wrong. They are needlessly forgoing sales to the detriment of their own profitability, not an intelligent business model.

posted Jul 21st, 2011 12:45 am



Been doing fad diets for years. Heard so much buzz about this program I had to check it out. Decided for health reasons I really needed to lose 30 pounds and drop my cholesterol and blood sugars to normal levels. Well its been 6 weeks and I've lost nearly the 30 pounds with 4 more weeks of weight loss to go. This to me has been the easiest weight loss plan I have ever tried. I will admit it is not cheap but you see the results and that keeps you motivated not to cheat. The diet supplemental products taste pretty good and you hardly ever feel hungry during the day. If nothing else it has taught me to eat better and incorporate fruit into my daily regiment.

posted Jul 10th, 2011 11:05 pm



Stabilization and Maintenance I started the QWL program, and got halfway to my goal weight and lost my job and could not finish paying. So I stayed the path of the program, and I am close to my goal weight and scared to death of gaining all that weight back. Can anyone please help me by giving me the stabilization and maintenance part of this plan? I would very much appreciate it.

posted Jul 4th, 2011 1:20 pm



I agree, more calories in than out is important. But, you also do have to have enough of the right calories to keep your metabolism going, and not lose muscle. I was never a big eater, and didn't do a lot of snacking, but as I got older, kept gaining more weight until I finally said I had to do something. Tried to exercise, but could not fit it in my schedule consistently enough to lose the weight fast enough. Dieting would not work alone, as my metabolism was wacked out. Decided to give this "diet" a try, as I was at my wits end and didn't want to do an unhealthy HCG with 500 calories and such. Also chose this one over Jenny Craig and others that require their food, and I would gain a lot back once I stopped. This one taught me how to eat healthier. For me, having the counselors guide me in the right mix of foods and learning to CONTROL the balance of what I ate and when is what worked for me. But I did make commitment to do exactly what they told me and not cheat or skip things. Sure, it was not cheap, but I am now almost 70 lbs lighter and never thought I would ever be at this weight and size again in my life. That, to me, is worth it. This diet is great for people who have more than 30 lbs to lose and have tried all the others. Then you have to commit and it works.

posted Jul 4th, 2011 11:54 am


It puzzles me when people say a diet "works" or "doesn't work." Diets are not magic. .It's just a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn. Most woemn burn around 2,000 calories a day (more with exercise, less without) and will lose wt. on 1500 calories a day or less.

The bars, shakes, meals, and supplemnts these places give you are the same thing as you can buy at the store. Calories are marked on them.

If they were reasonably priced, I'd say go for the motivation if you want. But, geez, this price is highway robbery for something you can do at home! For motivation, join an online wt loss club or get a "diet buddy."

I lost 22 lbs. last year and plan to lose 20 more this year, for a total of 42 lbs., by counting calories. Sometimes I went up to 2,000, other days I'd be busy and only east 1200. But over the long run, if you average 1400=1500 calories a day, you can do this yourself.

(Don't mean to sound like a know-it-all -- When I was younger, I paid tons of money to Jenny Craig, nutri-Systems, Weight Watchers, doctors, etc., myself. Then I wised up.)

P.S. The food doesn't matter -- only the calories. I knew this, but now there's proof -- a prof who ate only Lil Debbies and Twinkies and stuff -- 5, 6 packs a day, for 1200 or 1400 calories and lost about 50 lbs. So if it's ony for a 6 mos or less, eat what you like -- just count calories.

posted Jul 1st, 2011 5:06 pm


I have been doing the HCG diet for the past month and a half and although I have lost a bunch of weight I was only allowed to eat 500 calories a day and the bottom line was I WAS STARVING! i was up to pay for my second round of shots ($350) and decided instead of going back I would go to QWL. My location was running a special 30lbs for $30 but then you do need to buy there supplements, my total came to $364 and I GET TO EAT BREAD! I am happy with the accountability I get and it would be great if I could do it on my own with out having to pay any money but if i cam going to pay roughly $400 I would much rather spend it on a diet that teaches me what to eat instead of a diet that says you cannot eat anything!

posted Jun 30th, 2011 11:39 am

Kebert Xela

This isn't a review of the product or system; this is a review of the consultation. I am writing it because, if I had known these facts before hand, I wouldn't have wasted an hour and a half of my day. I have absolutely no idea if this program works and I must admit that, if I had the money, I would be willing to try it. I just want to help others out by letting you know about the program and its costs. First, the sales consultant was very friendly and seemed interested in really helping me to lose wait, I'm sure that she is a good person, but all they appear to be are SALES PEOPLE. They take your measurements and ask you a lot of personal information, everything from health history, to your favorite actives and why you want to loose weight. While this may seem like a nice way to really get to know you and your personal needs, they use the information you give them to push the sale at the end of the meeting. After taking your measurement, she left me in the room for a few minutes to go "calculate" what it would take to lose 25 pounds; she came back with a sheet and a manager who sat in the back of the room. This made me feel a little awkward, in a small room with two sales people and a closed door, but I stayed to see what she had to say. So, she went over a scripted (yes they actually read from a script) PowerPoint presentation where they tell you about how the program works (basically its a 3 step program over a year or so - guess that depends on how much you have to lose- You start with a meal plan to follow for a few immediate weeks to lose the weight followed by a transition period and then a maintenance period.) They also tell you about each and everyone of the supplements that you will be taking. For me, they said I could lose 25 pounds in an 8 week loss program, followed by a 6 week transition program and then 38 weeks of maintenance (where you weigh in once a week and they make sure you don't gain back the weight you lost.) I can't say this price would be for everyone, since I was only on an 8 week loss program for 25 pounds, but it was $610 for the full year (all the weeks combined) of service and "almost" (I'll go into that in a minute) one month's of supplements to get you started. That in itself would have been okay with me, it's about the same a gym membership, so I was fine, but the problem with the SALES people is they try to make you pay up and get signed in believing that you are only paying that much money. When she gave me the total, I noticed at the very bottom of the contract there is a list (in small print which they don't point out to you) that listed the prices of the supplements. I HAD TO ASK about the additional supplements that you had to purchase every month and then add up the total by myself! Please forgive me as they didn't give me any papers with all this info to take home, but there was a carb blocker, tea, vitamins, omega oils, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Most of the supplements were in 30 day supplies but there were two that came in 13 day supplies (try to figure that one out - I can understand 7, 10 or even 15, but a 13 day supply?) So, like I said, they didn't have any pricing sheets or anything with cost information to take with me. I didn't get a chance to match the names with prices but I took the scratch paper I had to borrow to write down and add up the individual prices, so here they are: There are four 30 day supplements and the prices are $140.00, $15.00, $25.00 and $17.00. The two supplements in 13 day packs are $40.00 and $26.00. Plus the snack packs are $17.00 each for a week's work of one per day, since you are supposed to eat two snacks a day it's about $34.00 per week or $136.00 per month. So the grand total just for supplements? $400 before tax (and that's with only purchasing the 13 packs twice a month). So this is why I wanted to write this review. So my $610 would have covered the year of service plus one pack of each item to get me started. This is why I said earlier "almost a month's worth" I would only get 1 each of the $13 packs and 1 weeks worth of snacks, so I still would have to shell out more money in a week for snacks and a second set of 13 day supplements. So here is my conclusion: If you can afford $610 per year and $400 PER MONTH for supplements, then go for it. I'm not going to try and tell people to stay away; all the reviews of the program itself say they work. I am only trying to say that, if you want to go in for a consultation, be prepared to pay up before you leave!

posted Jun 27th, 2011 1:55 am



I think all QWLC are connected, but I am a part of one that is around the Atlanta area. From what I can tell, it is the same as this.

I just started this program over a week ago and have lost 5 lbs so far! I love it! I think it is totally worth the money and time if you are serious about your weight loss. If you are not ready to fully commit, then do not join. You HAVE to measure and you have to follow your specific plan. It can be confusing at first and seem daunting, but once you sit down and think about it and get organized, it's not so bad. I went ahead and paid for all of my supplements in full so I don't have to keep playing for them. I also can bring in anything I don't like to exchange.

I have done EVERY other kind of weight loss diet and plan and never had the support I have had here. Some of the complaints talk about the sales people being clinical and just sales people...but I have not seen that at all, at least at my center. I mean, in essence, yes, they are sales people and they are going to push their products and are suppose to be cheery and happy about it all. But I NEED that support, even if it's just an act. I feel like I can talk to them and ask questions. If you use them as the resource they are paid to be, then you will get the results and your money's worth.

You do have to measure your meals and plan ahead for sure. I am only in my first week so I am still adjusting, but it hasn't been too hard. I know once I do this long enough it will be 2nd nature. It IS expensive, but I feel it's worth it to change your lifestyle for better.

posted Jun 17th, 2011 10:17 pm


You entice with 30 lbs.30 days for $30. Then you charge $500+$600=$1100 next visit on a 90 day plan. Diet is working,, but I question the lifestyle change... need more exercise orientation and..dont mislead your patient/client. You mislead my wife and I am not happy.

posted Jun 11th, 2011 2:23 pm

Sunshine Boca


30 days, 30 lbs, $30 .... quickly turns into... 90 days...30 lbs, $650... the on the next visit turns into 90- days 30 lbs.. $1100.

Very misleading. Feeling taken advantage of. No exercise...so I question the lifestyle change required to achieve lasting results.

Spend the money with a personal trainer...you will get lifestyle change.

posted May 15th, 2011 11:08 am


I love this diet it really works IF you dont cheat!! My question is ive been cheating little every day and some days real bad. I desperatly want to follow this program whole heartly like before so should i start back with the 3day prep or just follow diet plan perfectly. Ps Ive gained back 2 pounds from my deviations. Ugh...

posted May 6th, 2011 8:23 am



Stacy, Just stick with it. If you really do NEED to lose weight (over 30 lbs) and you have found nothing else works, this one will work for you. But you do have to commit to it and read that booklet they gave you over and over. If you are hungry in the Prep phase, you are not eating enough. It is Unlimited meats and veggies. I was never hungry on the diet at all, except in the morning when I first started the first week. But that did go away. I did get a few little headaches at first. I think that was from either the quickboost of the Gold Trim, but that too went away...and so did the pounds. Really, eat more during the prep phase. Follow what the counselors tell you to a tee! Drink all the water they say and don't cheat. You have been eating unhealthy and now it is time to do something good for your body. I lost over 53 lbs already and still losing. I feel great and so much more healthy. My BP was 182/136 when I started. I am consistently 126/75 now. Don't give up,like you did on all the others (I know because I did too. This one works and you won't be hungry. Email me if you have any questions.

posted May 4th, 2011 9:12 am

Stacy H

I just joined and I'm on day 3 of the prep phase. I was really excited at first but now I just feel yucky. My head hurts .. I'm either so hungry that I want to eat everything in site or I am nauseated. I don't know if it is the tea, the fish oil, or the q-boost but does anyone know if this will pass after the prep phase is over. Also I was told there are no stimulants but caffiene is a stimulant and guarana is caffiene isn't it?? If this combination of supplements are safe then why do they take our blood pressure?? Just a thought that I guess came a little too late since I have already paid. Maybe I am just looking for reasons to quit cause I'm use to eating unhealthy but I really do not feel well!! Any advise ?????

posted May 1st, 2011 5:49 pm



Can i get out my contract on day 2 I just joined but now i am worried i am on my second day and i like it i am eatting better but i didnt calculate everything and seeing ppl write that its going to cost 400 a month really scares me. any advice if i should ask for a refund or what do i do?

posted Apr 28th, 2011 2:16 pm


I did not like the price QWLC quoted and the prices for supplements. So I did the following - 1 protein and 2 raw vegetables for lunch and dinner, 2 eggs and wheat toast for breakfast, fruit for 3 - 5 snacks when hungry, and 80 oz of mineral water a day. I lost 11 pounds the first weeks and 32 pounds the first month. I was 225 when I started and now at 193, my goal of 185 is within easy reach. Keep it simple stupid, is my philosophy. Good Luck, try this simple diet and I guarantee you will lose all the weight you want easily/ Oh, yes, buy the supplements on line for cheap. Especially the B12 oral spray. Worked for me and was easy too.

posted Apr 26th, 2011 2:26 pm


Does anyone know if peanut butter is okay during the prep phase? If so, how much. Thanks!

posted Apr 26th, 2011 12:20 pm



I agree with the Pro's and Cons listed on here... the program isn't explained in it's entirety when you just go for the consultation... I was literally in tears when I went to the nutrition class to find out that it would cost an additional car payment to follow this diet completely. However, take the advice of those who tell you it's a very pricey program but if followed correctly has results... I've been on it 17 days and i've lost 15 so far... I'm a big though, so my weight loss is going to be a little more then a person just trying to lose that last 20 pounds...

Also too me if you don't have more then 30 pounds to lose, I don't think it's worth the money unless you have to have someone to be accountable too... If the diet is listed just try it at home and with entaking 1500 cals or less a day you can lose it on your own!

posted Apr 25th, 2011 12:02 am

Susan Springer Kelly


Amanda, It is hard to give you the entire diet online, and why would someone who is paying so much for the diet give it all out for free anyway. But I will tell you, the list you have is the basic plan. Going to the center and using their consultants is what makes it work better. They watch your daily progress and put you on certain "breaks" that helps to get you through plateaus. But I have never been hungry. If anything, it seems like a lot of food to me. Here is my basic daily intake, with some modifications here and there and then the breaks are different:
Breakfast - Blueberry Pancakes (starch and fruit) with lite margarine, hot tea with splenda (or coffee with Skim milk.
Mid morning - caramel nut bar (or any other Supplement)
late morning - 1 orange (fruit of choice from list)
Lunch - 8 oz chicken and 2 veggies. (can be a salad or I usually get sauteed spinach and steamed veggies at Boston Market)
about an hour later - BBQ chips from QWL(starch)
around 3:30 - Fruit (I usually have another Orange.
Dinner around 7PM - 7-8 oz of shrimp with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and lite salt and sprayed with their Balsamic spray (little olive oil spray in pan) sauteed with 2 veggies ( I usually have mushrooms and zucchini)
Around 8:30 - QWL Hot Cocoa (supplement) Nice way to end the day.

That is a LOT of food!!!
This diet does really work,and it is one you can live with as long as you don't go back to your bad old habits of eating tons of fatty foods all the time. You do eat real food and use supplements and some pills to increase the weight loss. I have lost over 50 lbs already and still losing!
For my beef day I love to make a lean beef patty(with the Balsamic spray on it) and sautee and after browning it in a pan, sautee mushrooms and onions, then put some spinach in at the end. Delicious!!
Go sign up. they are having a special, and it is really worth it to use the consultants to help you out.

posted Apr 19th, 2011 9:12 am


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