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  • The Mind Diet

    Irv Brechner's roadmap for getting your mind in shape before you take on a weight loss journey.

  • A Whole New You

    A manual for making lasting changes in your life

  • A Whole New You

    A manual for making lasting changes in your life

  • The Simple Diet

    Reno has written a compelling book about the emotional struggles of overeating, weight gain and weight loss.

  • thumbNice Girls Finish Fat

    Find out how to take care of yourself first, stop emotional eating and lose weight.

  • thumbOverweight What Kids Say

    Find out what is really causing the childhood obesity epidemic.

  • thumbSerotonin Power Diet

    Could carbs be the answer to weight loss instead of the culprit?

  • thumbDiet Detective

    Uncover the barriers to weight loss with this online diet program.

  • thumbDiet Tuffy

    A pre-diet that prepares you to successfully lose weight.

  • thumbThe Emotional Eating Solution

    Gain a better understanding of the reasons you eat when you're not hungry.

  • thumbDr. Phils Ultimate Weight Solution

    The popular no-nonsense TV host lays down the law of healthy living.

  • thumbShrink Yourself

    A reknowned psychiatrist gets to the bottom of your emotional eating.

  • thumbDietWatch

    An online program that stresses the fight against emotional eating.

  • thumbRichard Simmons

    Simmons is synonymous with exercise enthusiasm. He also offers plenty of dietary advice.

  • thumbMaria's Last Diet

    A psychologist team helps you break through the emotional barriers to permanent weight loss.

  • thumbVice Busting Diet

    Julia Havey's life-changing diet plan endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

  • thumbGeek Diet

    No pocket protectors here, just solid weight loss advice.