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What is it?

AlphaTest is a testosterone booster made to deliver results in as little as 6 days. Its all-natural, maximum strength formula is said to be made with real science.

Studies are said to have been published to ensure that each ingredient is added in potent doses to ensure results. They provide a video showing a bodybuilder working out to prove how it can help one maximize their gains in the gym. 2 capsules are advised in the evening and morning each day.

In analyzing male enhancement formulas of many kinds, our review experts noted how Viritenz provides the most comprehensive coverage.  It has natural proven ingredients which can aid sexual health without any unwanted additives.

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AlphaTest Ingredients and Side Effects


Zinc Gluconate Fenugreek Extract Tribulus Extract Shilajit Extract (PrimaVie) Boron Citrate
Broccoli Powder Gelatin Titanium Dioxide Rice Flour Magnesium Stearate

Zinc Gluconate: Mineral which is vital to ensure the functioning of many important body processes. This is often used in male enhancement pills as a way to help boost testosterone naturally.

In the gluconate form however, it can cause antibiotics to become less effective. Potential side effects can also include upset stomach and nausea.

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Fenugreek Extract: Herb which is native to the Mediterranean. This is often found in cooking and it can help create insulin while slowing the absorption of sugar.

In larger amounts it can cause:

  • Coughing, swelling, and allergic reactions.
  • Low blood sugar, nasal congestion, and gas.
  • Bloating, diarrhea, and upset stomach.

Tribulus Extract: Plant that produces fruit covered with spines for creating testosterone. It has also been shown to be effective and safe when added in controlled dosages.

This can treat erectile dysfunction and prevent premature ejaculation.

Shilajit Extract (PrimaVie): A patented version of a blend of different minerals which contains what’s known as Fulvic Acid. Though it has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine, it has yet to be thoroughly studied.

This is used to provide energy and help create a balance of hormones. This is made to also give support to libido and aid endurance exercise. Until more studies are unveiled by unbiased sources, it’s unknown if this would be safe and effective.

Boron Citrate: Mineral that is used to raise testosterone. In its chelated form it is activated so it’s easier to use, and better absorbed in the body. This has been proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies, and is a potent ingredient for male enhancement pills.

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AlphaTest Quality of Ingredients

There’s no doubt that the added boron and tribulus would be effective for aiding healthy testosterone. The questionable additives include fenugreek, the patented in gradient PrimaVie, and broccoli powder.

Broccoli powder may be far too processed to enjoy the same benefits as unprocessed broccoli would.

PrimaVie or Shilajit has not had many western clinical studies to ensure it’s actually scientifically proven for safety and effectiveness. Due to the lack of quality data, it’s impossible to recommend the use of this.

Overall there is a split in this formula from known healthy ingredients and under searched or underperforming additives. See which male enhancement pills were found to be the greatest for increasing libido and improving sex life by clicking here.

AlphaTest Price and Quality of AlphaTest

You can purchase this from many online distributors which are offered via the official website. One website sells a 120 capsule bottle for $19.96. This averages to $0.33 per serving.

While this is low in cost, there needs to be much more added to ensure users are able to benefit from it.

Only 2 proven ingredients are used, and the rest are understudied. To ensure real results when it counts one needs to have much more benefits.

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Business of AlphaTest

MuscleTech are the owners of AlphaTest and their listed contact details are:

Address: 2422 Broadway St

Lubbock, Texas 79401

Phone Number: (806) 749-7867

No money back return is offered from the creators, and they have had many lawsuits filed against them. A class action lawsuit found them guilty of making false claims about the dosage content of their supplements.

Due to this proven false tactic, they had to pay up to $300 to each affected consumer. This averaged out to a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit.

They have had multiple FDA recalls due to contaminations as well.

An infamous creation of theirs was Hydroxycut, which was shown to contain ingredients which could cause serious negative reactions in some. Find out about the top ranked male enhancement solutions by clicking here.

Customer Opinions of AlphaTest

Here are some reviews found online for AlphaTest:

“thought it was just OK”

“didn’t notice any effect at all”

“there are some quality control issues as there are many broken capsules offered”

“think it’s working but not really sure”

Some users did mention how it gave them some slight changes, but overall there weren’t many who noticed great benefits. There were a few who ended up not receiving any noticeable gains in testosterone or energy.

Results were lackluster overall even from those who noticed changes.

In reviewing customer complaints there also seems to be a repeat issue with the handling and manufacturing of this. Customers received bottles with pills which were leaking out of their capsules, or which remained crushed and unusable. It’s unknown if this is a cause of the 3rd party sellers handling, or if it’s an issue with the company itself.

How Does AlphaTest Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • AlphaTest
  • 37/100
Conclusion – Does AlphaTest Work?

It’s not that AlphaTest won’t work, it’s that half the formula has not been proven effective. So it’s likely only delivering mild results, it any at all. This is apparent from the majority of people who left reviews. The company does not offer any money back return policy, and they’ve also had numerous issues in the past over contaminations and in not providing actual claimed dosage strengths. You also have to take a lot of pills a day in order to experience any changes.

After analyzing countless male enhancement pills our review experts came to the conclusions that Viritenz was the best solution. It has in it natural ingredients that have been shown effective for raising testosterone, increasing the strength and frequency of erections, giving sustained energy, and supporting a healthy libido.

It has potent ingredients like boron, tribulus terrestris, oyster extract and much more without any added fillers or stimulants. Their formula has been studied and shown to be effective in the dosage strength provided. The benefits have been shown to be comprehensive as many customers have said it improved their sexual experiences without the fear of side effects.

They also manufacture it in a certified GPA approved facility which ensures routine quality control inspections. Gain an advantage in the bedroom with Viritenz; learn more about its benefits by clicking this link.

3 Responses to AlphaTest Review

Bobby Scott says:

Third day on Alpha test and my energy and motivation has improved beyond what I expected. I’m 50 years old so my test production has slowed. I haven’t experienced anything labido wise but it is just my 3rd day taking only half of what it recommended, 1 pill a day. I don’t think a younger person will benefit from it as much as an older person would considering that their testosterone production is already at its maximum.

Stephanie Brown says:

I ordered this for my husband who is 12 yrs older he is 49. I will let y’all know if it has any affect on him. He’s never used anything else before so will let u know.Thanks Mr.&Mrs.Madden

Shane korytko says:

This is a scam.

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