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What is it?

GRockME is a male enhancement product the manufacturer calls an erection pill. This product claims to offer 72-hours of sexual enhancement with every pill, providing stronger erections and an increased libido.

GRockME is made exclusively from herbal ingredients and is advertised as an alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction medication. Additionally, the website claims this product will renew your sex life and does not cause any side effects with use.

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GRockME Ingredients and Side Effects

The GRockME website lists the ingredients included in the formula on the webpage. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much of each herb is used in each dose—which may have an effect on the side effects associated with this product.

Goji Berry Clove Rehmannia Poria Fennel
Zizyphus Cassia Bark Black Sesame Seeds Chinese Leek Seeds Epimedium

Goji Berry: A bright red berry that has enjoyed superfood status in recent years, goji berries are dried and used to make medicine aimed at treating blood pressure and circulatory issues, cough, nosebleeds, dry mouth and more. These berries are also thought to have an effect on erectile dysfunction.

  • Taking too many goji berries may cause nausea or vomiting, though most people won’t experience any issues.

Zizyphus: A shrub from used to make medicine for improving muscle building and strength, preventing liver damage and ulcers, as well as keeping the skin looking young by preventing wrinkles.

Epimedium: Epimedium, and herb known as horny goat weed can be used to treat a range of illnesses and ailments like nerve pain, cancer and arthritis. Epimedium is commonly used to induce sexual desire, improve athleticism and performance.

  • Side effects may include muscle pain or spasms, a racing heartbeat, insomnia or an allergic reaction. Epimedium may also cause dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness and headaches.

Rehmannia: A plant used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines, rehmannia is thought to help strengthen weak bones, treat anemia, allergies and diabetes.

Clove: Typically used as a flavoring, clove is used to treat pain, freshen breath, and soothe upset stomachs. If used on the skin, it may also help men delay orgasming too soon.

Cassia Bark:  A variety of cinnamon, cassia is used to treat joint pain, prevent bed wetting, relieve stomach aches caused by gas, and help alleviate cramps and joint pain.Cassia may also have a positive effect on men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Poria: A fungus used to eliminate dampness naturally, poria has long been used in Chinese medicine to treat several conditions like insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, coughing and stomach issues.

Fennel: Another herb used frequently in the kitchen, fennel is used to treat minor ailments like gas or heartburn, and may have the potential to increase sex drive.

Chinese Chive Seeds: Aside from a potential use for removing parasitic worms, it’s unclear what benefit these seeds provide for male reproductive health.

Black Sesame Seeds: In Chinese medicine, black sesame seeds are thought to help lessen signs of aging like grey hair, loss of vision and more. They are also thought to help maintain strong bones and prevent cancer due to their high antioxidant content.

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GRockME Quality of Ingredients

After checking into the ingredient profile, it seems that GRockME has taken a slightly different approach to the male enhancement formula, using some ingredients you don’t see a lot. While this sets it apart from the competition, it’s hard to say whether ingredients like cinnamon and cloves can do much for the user.

The supplement does rely on epimedium to deliver results, which means it does show some promise of actually providing users with the erections promised on the website, but may have some negative side effects as well.

Aside from the epimedium, the other ingredients appear to be relatively safe, and are at the very least, good to include in your diet if you’re concerned about your nutrient intake.

But, because the official website claims to deliver the same results as prescription pills like Viagra or Cialis, we’re a bit skeptical. For one, there aren’t any ingredients known to function as PDE-5 inhibitors in the blend, and that’s precisely what those drugs are used for.

Taking that into consideration though, GRockME could potentially be a good solution for men looking to treat sexual functionality issues without resorting to prescription drugs.GRockME does have the potential to help individuals in bed, maybe not to the same extent as Viagra, but something useful for men who need just a slight boost.

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The Price and Quality of GRockME

GRockME sells for $69.95 for a bottle containing only ten pills. The website says this product is on sale, normally selling for $88.95 for the same amount. You can buy one pill at a time for $9.95, marked down from $14.95, or five at $39.95 (regular price, $49.95.)

This price seems really high when considering the formula. There’s nothing in there that’s known to be especially costly, and this is not a prescription drug, where costs are determined by so many other factors aside from the ingredients.

GRockME is sold exclusively on the official product page, and isn’t featured on any major platforms like Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

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Business of GRockME

The name of the company appears to also be GRockME and their contact information is:

Phone Number: 855-476-2563

The GRockME official website is definitely not a work of art as far as graphic design is concerned. Upon entering the site, the user is hit with a wall of text that keeps going, rather than directing them toward any product sales.

The site uses a lot of broad, emotional marketing, claiming one pill can fix erectile dysfunction for 72-hours at a time, that this product will greatly improve lovemaking ability, cure erectile dysfunction, etc. It takes a bit of digging to find any information that actually talks about what this product even does.

What was helpful, is the makers of this product did list out a bunch of information about what causes erectile dysfunction, which could be anything from smoking and eating a poor quality diet to a symptom of heart disease. Perhaps a lot of people are aware of this information, but maybe it could inspire someone to see a doctor if they’re experiencing ED.

The company behind GRockME doesn’t offer any background information. We don’t know where they are located, what their name is, etc. Plus, in the “about us” section, they’ve chosen to just mention they are a “male enhancement retailer.”

Unfortunately, that same level of information does not extend to the product itself. We’re not sure how exactly GRockME produces prescription-quality results with the herbs they’ve listed.

After looking at the above information especially taking into account the high price, we still don’t know if it can deliver the advertised results. GRockME does, in fact, contain some useful ingredients, but we don’t know how potent the formula is.

Customer Opinions of GRockME

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any unbiased reviews of GRockME. There were a few mentions on a blog or two, but it’s clear these mentions were being used to sell something else.

Because this product is so expensive, and has made almost no information available, it’s hard to even consider recommending it to others. The claims made on the site seem improbable, and there’s no anecdotal evidence that says otherwise.

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How Does GRockME Compare?
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  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • GRockME
  • 41/100
Conclusion – Does GRockME Work?

GRockME contains some ingredients that may be really good for the reproductive system. Goji berry and ziziphus both have some health benefits with little risk of side effects, while cinnamon and cloves may offer some positive effects aside from their known use in the spice pantry.

But, this product does not contain anything that can’t be found at a natural health food store, or just about any online supplement shop, for a fraction of the price. The idea that GRockME carries the same potential as Cialis, Viagra or any of their competitors seems a bit ridiculous, as well as misleading.

Finally, we just don’t have the information available that backs any of the product promises. There’s no reviews, no clear record of the company that makes this, nothing. For these reasons, we do not recommend GRockME.

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7 Responses to GRockME Review

Kim ramos says:

grockme is better than anything else make u calm whatever u feel ready have it will come up fast less 30 sec u can have all day or stop anytime if u stop have wait till min go down or 2min

peter says:

There is so much misinformation and so many bogus products surrounding penis enlargement that when they discover the solution, no one will believe. So here goes; any male can permanently increase length and girth in the same way a bodybuilder adds mass and becomes larger. As you stress tissue, the body goes into a natural process of creating new cells making you larger. The question is not whether permanent enlargement is possible but instead, how do you safely stress penile tissue to promote cell growth? The answers can be found at

Anonymous says:

I can tell you as someone who has used grockme nearly 10 times it most definetly does work. 1 pill and you are ready to go within an hour or less. Now it’s not like your walking around knocking lamps over, but once stimulated your ready to go. I can’t really say if it works for the actual 72 hours but for a night of action and even next day yes.

Frank says:

Best pill. Yes I did one time have a backache, but worth it. The wife love it. For years used Cianis it sucks. Grock rules!

Wyatt says:

I was skeptical but desperate and so tried the product. I did seem more aroused, got harder and maintained an erection longer. Lasted 2.5 days. I do have to say that I, that night did experience some diarrhea, had tired red eyes and a little dizzy. I’m not certain it was due to the pill. Nevertheless, i just bought more! It really did work for 2.5 days.

Chris Borrow says:

I have to say that i use this product and it does work. Has worked for 48 hrs and only takes about 30 minutes for it to take effect. A little on the high side price wise, but none of the other products so many claim as better, just say it to get sales, they did not work for me. One side affect if you can call it that is a stuffy head.

Sam says:

It does work, at least for the same day, sometimes the next day too, nothing beyond that. The bad think about it is its side effect. terrible headaches, and flushes.

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