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What is it?

Powerzen is a male enhancement pill that promises confidence and stamina in each dose. This supplement targets men with erectile dysfunction and aims to improve both potency and ejaculatory volume.

Powerzen is made from herbal ingredients that are thought to improve blood flow to the penis, making it easier to produce and maintain an erection. Rather than a daily supplement, Powerzen is an alternative to prescription ED pills and should only be taken before sexual activity.

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Powerzen Ingredients and Side Effects

The Powerzen website does actually post an official label for consumers to review before they buy. Here’s a look at the ingredients used in the supplement:

Yohimbe Lycopene L-arginine Guarana
Tribulus Terrestris Maca Damiana Zinc

Yohimbe: Yohimbe comes from an African evergreen tree and is often used for its organic treatment of impotence. Yohimbe caused dilation within the blood vessels, which leads to more energy, and heightened sexual arousal with use.

  • Side effects may include dizziness nausea, heart palpitations, diarrhea, anxiety and trouble sleeping. It may also cause tremors, irritability and increased sweating.
  • In some cases, yohimbe may cause heart attack or kidney failure.

Tribulus Terrestris: An herb that may have an effect on testosterone levels, tribulus is frequently used by body builders looking for a natural boost, as well as those looking to improve sex drive and function.

Lycopene: A chemical found in many foods, known for producing a red color, lycopene is used for preventing heart disease and certain cancers, and may prevent cell damage.

L-Arginine: L-arginine is an amino acid used to bring more nitric oxide to the blood, improving blood flow, which improves muscle building and recovery, as well as erectile function.

Guarana: An Amazonian plant, guarana seeds are used as a stimulant to improve energy and metabolism, as well as enhance sexual arousal.

Maca: A root crop grown in South America, maca is used to boost energy levels and increase sexual function and athletic performance.

Damiana: A Mexican and Central American herb used to make a variety of medicines, damiana is typically used as an aphrodisiac.

  • Side effects may include symptoms similar to those of rabies or strychnine poisoning, including convulsions.

Zinc: An essential trace mineral, zinc is used to help the body fight off illness, as well as help reduce stress and keep the digestive system healthy. Zinc is also thought to help maintain prostate health and boost sperm quality and production.

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Powerzen Quality of Ingredients

After reviewing the ingredients used to make Powerzen, there may be some significant risks with using this product. For one, it is not manufactured by a reputable company. The FDA issued a warning on this product in December 2024, claiming it contained undeclared sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

There’s no evidence that they’ve changed the formula, as it’s still for sale, but there were no announcements citing an update.

Sildenafil may be dangerous for men taking medications for conditions like heart problems or diabetes, as they typically contain nitrates, which interact with this drug. Because some men taking medication look toward herbal ED solutions as a safer alternative, undeclared sildenafil can be extremely dangerous.

Second, if the ingredient listing above is accurate, yohimbe poses its own list of problems and can be harmful to men with heart conditions, as well as people who are otherwise in good health.

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The Price and Quality of Powerzen

Powerzen is available through powerzengold.com and a pack of two pills is $11.99, and comes with free shipping. Powerzen can also be purchased through a number of third-party websites, like Bonanza, eBay and more. Bonanza is currently offering a pack of 24 pills for $35.99 and eBay has an offer featuring 10 2-packs for $66.99.

Powerzen has been the subject of some issues with the FDA, and there are some negative reports on this company readily available through an online search. A third-party site may be the best way to purchase this product if you’re looking to give it a try.

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Business of Powerzen

The name of the company is Powerzen, and they have not provided any contact information other than a form consumers can fill out if they need assistance. There’s no company information available at all, no phone number, no indication of where they are based, aside from a mention that they offer free shipping to US customers.

The Powerzen website is really unprofessional looking, it reads like a blog from at least a decade ago, and doesn’t present much in terms of data or product information.

It does highlight some of the key ingredients, and talks a bit about yohimbe, highlighting the benefits of the controversial herb, but none of the more adverse effects. We do have to give them some credit for acknowledging in the FAQ section that there are some potential side effects that may be linked to Powerzen. Unfortunately, these effects are downplayed considerably, and the overwhelming user complaints suggest side effects may be quite common.

Customer Opinions of Powerzen

Customer reviews varied, citing a range of experiences using Powerzen. A lot of people experienced some negative side effects, while other felt it worked for them, but at a cost. Here’s a look at how users reacted to this product:

“I’ve used Powerzen about three times now, and it does work. BUT, the next day, you’ll definitely be feeling achy all over. Like you’re sick or have been beat up. What is in these?!”

“Powerzen made my body hurt for several days. It said no side effects on the package, but my head has been throbbing and I feel like I have the flu. It’s been three days, and I definitely don’t want to have sex.”

“I took as directed, on an empty stomach, with a glass of water and everything. Not 30 minutes later, I got this terrible headache, and my body has been extremely sore for the past few days. Don’t take this.”

“Yes, Powerzen does make it easier to have sex. Rock hard erection, etc. But, it makes you sick. Like, I had to call out of work the next day. It’s really not worth it. The prescription stuff is much easier on the body.”

Almost every review we found cited some kind of combination of headaches and severe body pain – back pain, aching joints, etc. While it seems to produce an erection, the tradeoff makes it seem like one sexual encounter is followed by a few days of terrible pain.

What’s too bad, is, many people are probably under the impression this product helps with ED naturally, with less side effects than the prescription stuff. However, while prescription medication does have risks, they typically don’t produce this level of side effects in such large volumes.

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How Does Powerzen Compare?
  • Product Name
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  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Powerzen
  • 26/100
Conclusion – Does Powerzen Work?

Based on what we learned about Powerzen, we do not recommend anyone seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issue use this product. The evidence suggests that it may be dangerous.

First of all, when we looked at the ingredients, we saw this product uses yohimbe as one of the key ingredients. This herb is known to cause a number of adverse effects ranging from headaches, dizziness and nausea, to more troubling symptoms like heart palpitations, migraines and aches and pains. People with heart conditions should avoid this ingredient altogether.

Additionally, even though an FDA warning was issued back in 2024, there’s no evidence that suggests that Powerzen has changed the formula and stopped adding sildenafil to the blend. While sildenafil can be safely used under the care of a doctor, it’s unregulated use can pose a serious threat to consumers who may be taking an herbal supplement to avoid side effects.

Sildenafil may be harmful for men who have experienced cardiovascular issues, as can yohimbe. The consumer reviews we found revealed an alarming amount of people were ill after taking Powerzen — migraines, dizziness and days long body aches. A lot of these men felt the lingering side effects were not worth it all, and certainly didn’t make them feel like having sex.

Between FDA warning, and all the negative reviews, we also found that the company behind Powerzen seems to be hiding to some extent, whether that’s to dodge customer service problems or avoid any action following the FDA warning, we’re not sure.

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