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What is it?

TestX Core is a testosterone booster and overall physical performance supplement meant to help one avoid the risk of low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

This is meant to give users a boost in testosterone to improve workouts, reduce the amount of recovery between exercise, and support lean muscle mass growth. The increased stamina and libido effects are meant to aid heathy sexuality.

Our review experts found that Viritenz produced the best male enhancement support and all with a natural mix of ingredients. It has a studied formula shown to be effective at boosting male sexuality.

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TestX Core Ingredients and Side Effects


Horny Goat Weed Maca Extract Korean Ginseng Tribulis Terrastris
Zinc Citrate Fenugreek Microcrystalline Cellulose

Horny Goat Weed: Herb known as epimedium that is used to boost testosterone and provide aphrodisiac effects. This has been lacking in reliable clinical studies to show whether or not it’s actually effective in humans.

Maca Extract: Plant native to Peru which is used to provide aphrodisiac effects and treat infertility. It contains a rich source of amino acids and fatty acids.

Shown to be safe and effective in the amounts typically found in foods.

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Korean Ginseng: Herb added to help provide numerous benefits. It’s been shown effective for aiding the immune system and providing energy. Though more forms of ginseng would be best for promoting healthy libido.

Tribulis Terrastris: Plant that has fruit with spines on it used to provide numerous benefits. In it are chemicals which can raise testosterone. This is considered safe to use when taken in controlled amounts.

Zinc Citrate: Mineral found in many foods which can help raise testosterone. This is also often used to boost the immune system.

Fenugreek: Spice that has a maple syrup like taste and is also used to treat some conditions. This can control blood sugar levels and aid digestion. While this is used to promote healthy libido, studies on this effect have been lacking.

Microcrystalline Cellulose: Used to prevent the caking of ingredients inside the pill. This is made from wood pulp and can also provide texture.

This is commonly found in many similar kinds of pills as an inactive and safe ingredient. It is also effective and shown to be long lasting.

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TestX Core Quality of Ingredients

This has to be taken before a workout, meaning one has to dedicate themselves to a fitness regimen to see results. It’s unclear if it would have similar effects without exercise. This can be potentially worthless to those who don’t have the time or energy to exercise.

There are some ingredients in this which can help aid the healthy growth of testosterone, but questionable ingredients are also included which should be best avoided.

This includes additives that are understudied like fenugreek and horny goat weed. More information needs to be provided to ensure these would actually be beneficial, as it stands only claims are made about the effectiveness of these ingredients.

Another clear indicator of the poor quality is from the reviews such as the one’s featured in the “Customer Opinions of TestX Core” section.

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TestX Core Price and Quality of TestX Core

One 30 day supply is sold on Amazon.com for $71.50 currently. The company does offer direct sales and they redirect one of their websites to Amazon.com to sell this supplement.

While there are some ingredients in this which can help aid the creation of testosterone, it’s not added in strong enough amounts, and some of these are not proven effective.

Without there being any comprehensive clinical studies on these additives, it leaves much doubt as to what they can truly do. Find out which male enhancement pills were seen as the best overall by clicking here.

Business of TestX Core

The creators are known as Phenom Health and their contact information is:

Address: 14603 East Moncrieff Place Ste 100

Aurora, Colorado 80011

Email: [email protected]

A 30 day refund is offered for purchases made from their website. Rip off Report.com has also negative customer experiences about the business practices.

People mentioned that they were ticked into thinking they were going to partake in a free trial. This instead extended to an automatic charge without mention.

One customer added how they returned their package unused and was still unable to get their money back. It’s unknown whether or not this is common, but it is known that this user mentioned they had a foreign sounding name on their account.

This is strange as the company is said to operate of out of the US. See which male enhancement pills made the top 10 list.

Overall it’s hard to gauge if this is a legitimate company, as some customers complained about the lack of support from the customer support team and of the failing return policy.

Customer Opinions of TestX Core

The vast majority of reviews are incredibly negative; here are a few noteworthy opinions:

“it does not do anything at all”

“completely ridiculous, it has no benefit it’s a complete joke”

“made ma actually feel worse, stripped me of my manhood”

“seems to benefit muscle mass but it has no effect for sexual enhancement”

19 out of 21 reviews on Amazon.com were extremely negative. People often added how they had no effects and some added they experienced side effects.

One person also added how they noticed they lost testosterone and fell less manly. A common recommendation is from users who said it’s best to avoid this supplement. People felt they wasted their money on this, and that it did not deliver on any of the claimed results.

How Does TestX Core Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • TestX Core
  • 27/100
Conclusion – Does TestX Core Work?

There are many comprehensive claims made about the overall benefits of this supplement. While they do use common male enhancement ingredients, there are also some additives which have not been shown effective. There’s also the question of them adding the truly useful ingredients in low amounts. There is also the odd use of 2 websites for this product, one of which only redirects to Amazon.com. It’s unclear why this practice is offered, and in looking at customer reviews there were issues with scams and a lack of effects.

After analyzing several kinds of male enhancement pills our review experts found Viritenz was the most effective and safe supplement of its kind. They only add natural ingredients which have been proven to be effective for aiding male sexuality. This has been highly rated by users who added it gave them noticeable benefits in the bedroom.

It can help treat erectile dysfunction, increase the girth and power of erections, and help provide more energy without stimulants. It has no preservatives, stimulants, fillers, binders or any cheap ingredients.

They also make it in a GMP certified facility that ensures this is produced in a controlled environment. Discover what Viritenz can do by following this link.

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Rob says:

Did use this for few days and ave me tribble head aches. Didn’t see the effect and have since stopped taking it.

Lee says:

What’s the price difference? Is their a store that cares the product?

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