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What is it?

TestX180 is a male enhancement supplement claiming to improve the body’s production of natural testosterone in aging men. The manufacturer claims to address sexual performance, muscle loss and increased body fat.

TestX180 is made from a proprietary blend of herbs and a supplement called Testofen. The combination of natural and scientificly tested ingredients work to increase muscle mass, control body fat and improve sexual performance by increasing blood flow throughout the body, which is thought to enhance sexual performance. After reviewing countless male enhancement solutions, our review experts have found Viritenz to be the most effective. Made from a variety of potent, yet natural ingredients selected for their combined abilty to improve all-around sexual performance. Click here to learn more about Viritenz and its many benefits.

TestX180 Ingredients and Side Effects

For unknown reasons, the makers of TestX180 have failed list all the ingredients in their entirety.

Testofen Ginseng Vitamin D Vitamin B6
Tribulus Cordyceps Vitamin B12

Testofen: A testosterone-boosting ingredient made from fenugreek extract, a clinically proven means of increasing testosterone levels dramatically. According to WebMD, side effects may include:

  • Diarrhea, gas, bloating, upset stomach and a maple syrup odor in urine.
  • Coughing, wheezing, congestion, and in some cases, allergic reactions.
  • Additionally, Testofen may lower blood sugar.

Tribulus Terrestris: A fruit-bearing plant that comes from the Mediterranean, tribulus terrestris is used in patients looking for a boost in both sexual and athletic performance, as well as a supplement for those with heart or circulatory system conditions.

Ginseng: Herb used in traditional Chinese medicine as a way to produce erections when ingested. Additionally, ginseng is used as an energy boost, a way to promote relaxation and a treatment for erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

Cordyceps: A fungus found in certain caterpillars, cordyceps is used to treat a variety of problems as wide ranging as male sexual issues to coughs, colds and anemia. According to Web MD, cordyceps may have the following side effects:

  • An increase of auto-immune disease symptoms in patients with lupus, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis. Cordeceps may also slow blood clotting or increase risk of bleeding during surgery.

While cordeceps is likely safe for most people, it would be wise to consult a physician before taking this supplement.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is essential for muscle growth and repair, as well as regulating metabolism and neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. According to WebMD, side effects may include:

  • Nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, tingling, headaches and loss of appetite.

Vitamin B12: This vitamin, typically found in meat, eggs and come root vegetables, works to benefit the nervous system, boost red cell production and fight fatigue. According to WebMD, side effects may include:

  • Anxiety, swelling, itching, drowsiness, tingling, headaches and loss of appetite.

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TestX180 Quality of Ingredients

The primary issue with the ingredients in TestX180 is, the manufacturer has failed to disclose a detailed list of the ingredients and their respective amounts to the public. The amounts for Vitamins D and B12 are the only ingredients with quantities listed, making it difficult to evaluate this supplement based on dosing information.

However, the ingredients label does not appear to include any “filler ingredients,” and there appears to be a blend of useful ingredients alongside unproven and potentially unsafe additives.

Ingredients such as tribulus terrestrus have proven themselves useful as a male enhancement supplement, while ingredients like ginseng and B vitamins are consistently used in a number of health foods and multi-vitamins. However, testofen and cordyceps may have some negative effects when ingested. It is also unclear how all of these ingredients, safe or not, interact with one another. The main problem here is, there have been no clinical trials run on this supplement as a full package, meaning, the herbal ingredients, while reasonably safe on their own, may have some adverse effects when mixed together.

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The Price and Quality of TestX180

The price for a single box containing 60 soft gels is $69.99. This seems a bit expensive as compared with other male enhancement supplements.

TestX180 has not been clinically tested, nor does the manufacturer offer any money back guarantees. While there are few dangerous side effects associated with this product, it has not proven itself to be an effective male enhancement solution. This reduces the overall value of this product as it can possibly cause serious side effects.

In addition to its official webpage, TestX180 is available in a number of retail stores including GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe, as well as online platforms like Amazon. But keep in mind, just because this product can be found just about anywhere, does not mean that it’s a safe and effective solution.

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Business of TestX180

The name of the company that manufactures TestX180 is Force Factor and their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (877) 204-3263

Address: 105 Commerce Dr.

Aston, PA 19014

While Force Factor does provide customers with the option to try TestX180 through a free 14-day trial period, some customers have reported they were automatically billed for the full amount after the initial trial period had lapsed. The website clearly states you can return the unused portion and receive a refund, but it may be difficult to get charges removed.

When looking into Force Factor’s Better Business Bureau listing, their page mentions that it is currently being updated. However, there are plenty of accounts detailing shady business practices and problems with their automatic billing system.

Here are some of the complaints submitted on RipOff Report and Complaints Board, respectively:

“I have not received my credit for both charges that I had canceled several months ago. I do not recommend ordering anything from this company.”

“Once they’ve got your credit card number on file after ordering the free sample, they enroll you in automatic billing — $75 every 30 days.”  

Customer Opinions of TestX180

While reviews for the supplements have been mixed, there have been a number of complaints citing poor customer services practices, as well as a lack of positive effects associated with taking this supplement. Here’s what online users had to say about TestX180:

“Didn’t notice any difference with use. A complete waste of money in my opinion.”

“I threatened to report Force Factor to the Attorney General of Colorado if they failed to cancel my subscription. Customer service refused to honor my request.”

“Do not waste your money on this product. Buyer beware—I ordered the 30-day trial and the company decided to charge me for another $80-dollar bottle without my permission!”

“I’ve taken the recommended dose, and have yet to notice any effects. Do not recommend.”

While the available reviews have revealed varying results in users, most of them had a negative bent toward them. There was little anecdotal evidence that suggested any serious side effects, but also very little in the way of positive reviews or any meaningful solution for boosting sex drive and enhancing performance as advertised.

Additionally, the customer service and billing issues alone make this supplement seem like a risky purchase.

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How Does Test X180 Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Test X180
  • 31/100
Conclusion – Does TestX180 Work?

While TestX180 has yielded some positive results in some users, the verdict seems that claims of physical improvement both in and out of the bedroom have little scientific evidence to back them up. Force Factor, the manufacturer has also had numerous claims against them from users who say they were either duped into signing up for a monthly subscription to the product, or that the company failed to honor the money-back guarantee outlined on the official webpage. Not to mention the countless people who have experienced none of the benefits this supplement promises to deliver.

Additionally, there’s also the issue of the company neglecting to provide a detailed ingredient list, one that includes the full amount of all active ingredients, which makes it impossible to evaluate the dosing information and overall efficacy of the formula. All these factors combined – the price, the poor customer service practices and unknown effects – have led us to the conclusion that we do not recommend this product.  

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Shona Q. says:

My friend had a bad response through feeling upset stomach and issues with the customer support!

Don K. says:

took their 14 day trial, by the 12 day my brain started bleeding (stroke).

Casey says:

Since I’ve been taking this I’ve noticed a few positive things but I’ve been doing a lot of itching lately will this eventually go away

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