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 What is it?

Man1 Man Oil is a conditioning oil targeted to men who need to maintain and improve their penile health. The oil hydrates irritated skin and restores the appearance and performance of the penis.

The benefits associated with Man1 are twofold, according the manufacturer. The formula works to soothe skin conditions and protect the skin, as well as boosting blood flow and stimulating the nerves in the penis. Our experts have evaluated countless male enhancement supplements, coming to the conclusion that Viritenz is the most effective solution in today’s market. Made from a potent, yet natural formula, users have consistently given the supplement high reviews, seeing great results without the insidious side effects. Learn more about Viritenz by clicking the link.

Man1 Man Oil Ingredients and Side Effects


Vitamin B5 Vitamin C L-arginine Vitamin A


Alpha-Lipoic Acid Shea Butter & Vitamin E Vitamin D3

 Vitamin A: Also known as retinol, vitamin A works to fight signs of aging and is a natural anti-bacterial agent.

  • Vitamin A may cause itching, peeling and scaling when applied to the skin, as well as an increase in skin sensitivity.

Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 helps boost cell metabolism, which maintains penile tissue.

  • The only side effect that has been linked to vitamin B5 is diarrhea.

Vitamin C: Aside from being a vital immune support supplement, Vitamin C is used in Man1 to help maintain elasticity in the skin and promote a healthy blood flow.

  • Side effects associated with vitamin C may include dizziness, diarrhea, redness and warmth on the skin and flushing.

L-arginine: An amino acid that plays an important role in stimulating the blood vessels in the penis, L-arginine is thought to help produce firmer erections.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: Another amino acid, acetyl L-cartinine protects the skin from nerve damage caused by excessing friction or rubbing.

  • When ingested, Acetyl L-cartinine may cause headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping, and high blood pressure. There is little evidence to suggest that it causes any side effects when used topically.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): ALA is an antioxidant that is report to fight against free radicals in the body, which contribute to cellular damage and other signs of aging.

  • Common effects associated with ALA may include skin rash or irritation and nausea (if ingested).

Shea Butter and Vitamin E: These two ingredients, when paired together, provide a barrier that locks in the skin’s natural moisture addressing issues like chafing, irritation and redness.

  • Though shea butter is generally safe for most types of skin, some people have reported instances of cystic acne or itchiness.
  • Because shea butter comes from the shea nut, those who have a nut allergy should use with extreme caution, it may cause an allergic reaction.

Vitamin D3: Used to fight disease and support healthy cell function.

  • Though vitamin D3 may cause nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite when taken orally, there are no reported side effects when used on the skin.

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Man1 Man Oil Quality of Ingredients

Man1 is made with “nine penis-specific ingredients” according to the official website.

While shea butter and vitamin E have little to risk of irritation, applying ingredients like vitamin A (retinol) and acetyl L-cartinine may irritate the sensitive skin on the penis.

If the ingredient list is indeed up to date, it contains a number of ingredients that may irritate the skin.

Additionally, there is little evidence proving claims that Man1 truly addresses more serious issues like erectile dysfunction with its purely topical formula. While it may alleviate scaling, chafing penile skin,

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The Price and Quality of Man1 Man Oil

Man1 is somewhat expensive for a topical treatment. One bottle retails for $39.95, and can last the consumer up to 3 months with regular use. The website offers some bundling deals to first time buyers, but there are no free samples or trial offers available to new customers.

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Business of Man1 Man Oil

The company is known as Man1 Heath, and their contact information is listed as follows:

Phone Number: (855)626-1645

Address: 910 East Second Street
Winona, MN 55987

Email: [email protected]

Man1 Health provides a 60-day money back guarantee for Man1 Man Oil should you find the results less than satisfactory. Refunds are only granted for purchases made directly though the official website and not through third-party sellers.

Unfortunately, the website specifically states that they only accept B2B inquiries over the phone, suggesting that their customer service is sub-par. The contact page does state that they will respond to customer emails within 24-48 hours, however, some customers have complained that they did not receive a reply when they asked about the product.

Customer Opinions of Man1 Man Oil

Customer reviews of Man1 have been mixed. Many users have been pleased with the results, but feel the product is expensive, while others have said the oil did not work for them. It is worth noting there have not been many reports of negative side effects, there don’t seem to be a lot of glowing reviews either.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Asked the company to email me the names of the medical experts who supposedly recommend this product. That was over a month ago, and still have yet to hear back.”

You are better off saving your money, and buying coconut oil instead.”

“Product resulted in an irritating stinging sensation, after applying liberally for a few weeks I saw no improvements on the penis skin’s texture”

How Does Man1 Man Oil Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Man1 Man Oil
  • 26/100
 Conclusion – Does Man1 Man Oil Work?

Man1 is a straightforward topical product that is meant to act as a conditioner for the penile skin. While ingredients like shea butter and vitamins A, B5, C, D3 and E are known to have positive effects on human skin in general, they can be found in a number of lower priced products.

Upon further review, we cannot determine whether ingredients such as L-cartinine are effective nerve stimulants when applied topically. Further, there is no evidence suggesting this product has any meaningful effect when used as a sexual performance aid. Due to the price, mixed reviews and lack of clear benefits, we cannot recommend this product as an effective aid for helping support effective results. There are far too many potential risks which make it an ineffective option.

However, it is worth noting that because Man1 is topical and doesn’t require a prescription, there is a low risk associated with this product. However, if you are looking for a solution to more serious penile health issues, erectile dysfunction or a low libido, a supplement may be a better solution.

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2 Responses to Man1 Man Oil Review

Brian P says:

Helped with texture. Overpriced though.

Chris says:

You’re comparing Man Oil to enhancement pills – and yes, they will lose. It’s not enhancement, rather it’s an oil to moisturize that skin down there to increase sensitivity.

Make enhancements are great to get you “up”, but if you have a sensitivity issue – those don’t address that.

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