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What is it?

Q96 is a supplement used to improve mood and brain function. The supplement claims to help users increase clarity, memory and more with regular use.

Q96 claims to work by using a combination of 35 micronutrient ingredients that the body needs for optimal function. The makers of Q96 also claim this product stays in the system for 96 hours, which enables maximum uptake by the brain.

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Q96 Ingredients and Side Effects

Q96 contains a long list of ingredients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Here’s a look at some of the most potent items on the list, and the benefits you can expect to receive:

Gingko Biloba Selenium Glutamine
Choline Grape Seed Extract

Gingko Biloba: Gingko biloba has long been used in traditional medicine for a variety of conditions and ailments. This herbal ingredient is thought to improve memory and cognition with use by bringing blood flow to the brain. Gingko may have an effect on users with Alzheimer’s or dementia, as well as depression and ADHD.

Grape Seed Extract: Grape seed extract is thought to help improve circulation and overall cardiovascular health. This ingredient is often used for its high antioxidant content, which could reduce inflammation in the body.

  • Side effects may include headaches, itchy scalp, nausea, dizziness or an allergic reaction.

Choline: A substance that acts much like a B vitamin in the body, choline is found in a number of foods such as eggs, meat, fish and beans and is thought to treat conditions like depression, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Choline plays a critical role in the function of the nervous system, as well as a number of chemical reactions in the body.

  • Side effects may include sweating, a fish-like body odor, diarrhea and vomiting.

Glutamine: An amino acid found naturally inside the body, glutamine may be used to treat anxiety, depression and irritability, as well as improve athletic performance.

Selenium: A mineral found in the soil, selenium is used as a supplement for its antioxidant content, as well as its potential to improve metabolism when taken in small amounts.

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Q96 Quality of Ingredients

There are a lot of ingredients listed in this product, many of which are vitamins and minerals. Because all the active ingredients used to make Q96 are part of a proprietary blend, it’s hard to know how much of each brain-boosting ingredient is included in the mix. Plus, when considering how many other key items are used in the product, it’s unclear if users are just getting a bunch of trace amounts in their product because it sounds better than a product with less components.

Based on the information we have, there’s nothing here that suggests this product is dangerous, we’re just not sure how much better than your average multivitamin Q96 really is.

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The Price and Quality of Q96

Q96 is not available for sale directly from the website unless you are an enroller with the ability to sell to people in your social network. Non-enrollers, or those unaffiliated with an enroller do not get to order from the website or even view the list price.

This product is, however, available from one Amazon seller for $69.95 for a single bottle, and is Prime-eligible, while Q Sciences (the company that makes this product), has an Amazon account that shows the product listed at $119.

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Business of Q96

The company that makes Q96 is called Q Sciences, or Quintessential Biosciences, and their contact information is listed below.

Phone: 385.374.6400

Address: 2162 W. Grove Parkway,
Suite 150 Pleasant Grove,
UT 84062

The Q Sciences website looks professional, with a lot of white space and information about their line of products — all of which are micronutrient-based vitamins aimed at improving both physical and mental health. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a challenge to get a closer look at any of the products.

There’s another component to the site as well. The makers of Q96 have included a statement on their webpage that says they empower independent business owners and much of the website is dedicated to language suggesting that they have growth opportunities, or opportunities available for “your friends, family and neighbors.” It looks as though Q Sciences is a multilevel marketing scheme.

If you try to purchase any of the products from the website, there is a prompt that asks you to “find an enroller,” rather than allowing you simply purchase the product directly.

Aside from the extra hurdles involved, it’s confusing to try to get more information about Q96 in general. There’s a scrolling list of products, each with a video and some bullet points, but no information about pricing.

Customer Opinions of Q96

As one might expect after learning that there is no company information for Q96, as well as nowhere to easily purchase the product or obtain a sample, there are virtually no consumer reviews for this product.

“I got this product for my depressed and anxious husband who was experiencing some issues focusing and staying on task. Since he started, there’s been some changes to his mood and more.”

“I think it’s working, but I’m doing all kinds of stuff, like the bullet proof coffee thing, as well as exercising. I think the combination of Q96, and other stuff is helping reduce my ADD symptoms.”

“I like this. I really only use it to reduce my mild anxiety, but it’s definitely been helping. Would recommend this to a friend for sure.”

“I’ve been taking Q96 for a few weeks. So far, the only thing I’ve noticed after taking this product is more headaches than usual. I’m giving up on it.”

Overall, the reviews were mixed. Q96 has clearly helped some people, but there isn’t a huge amount of reviews to draw from in order to get a sense of how consistently this works. One person would claim it helped with ADD, others anxiety and several with nothing at all.

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How Does Q96 Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Q96
  • 25/100
Conclusion – Does Q96 Work?

After our closer look at Q96, it’s hard to say whether or not we’d recommend this product to users. On the one hand, it does have some pretty good reviews. Yet, we’re a bit suspicious about the company’s referral program.

Q Sciences doesn’t provide much information as to how their products actually work, and much of the website is dedicated to getting users to sign up to sell these items to their friends and family. Users without an account or a referral number given by someone in the program are unable to view pricing. While it’s easy for users to shop on Amazon, the price seems a bit high and there’s nothing to compare it to.

We’d recommend users who’d like to try this product shop through Amazon rather than becoming a sales rep through this marketing scheme or playing a part in this. While it doesn’t seem as though Q Sciences is a scam, it’s wise to be wary of any type of multi-level marketing schemes.

As far as the product goes, Q96 could very well be a good product that many users find useful. It contains a long list of vitamins and minerals, which is always a good addition to any diet, plus there are some ingredients that do help support brain health. In the end, it’s more of a matter of whether customers want to pay for what is essentially an improved multivitamin or find something with more of a specific goal toward cognitive enhancement.

We’ve learned after trying countless different brain enhancement products that Memotenz works best for helping users think more clearly, improve their memory, thinking and more. A blend of diverse ingredients like bacopa monnieri, DMAE, glutamine, gingko biloba and others offer a holistic approach to brain support, lifting brain fog, improving mood and helping consumers work more efficiently.

The makers of Memotenz take great care in providing people with a product that can be trusted. Made in an FDA-certified facility, this product is subject to regular third-party inspections, ensuring users receive a product both safe and effective. Learn more about the science behind Memotenz by clicking here.


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I read your review,, Honestly I have not found any of the issues you have, No one tried to sell me anything, in fact I had to ask if they have the products to purchase, There staff, has been very helpful and supporting… I have no contact with the company, no intrest, just that this product is working

Kelsey says:

You should NEVER recommend costumers to order these products on amazon!!!! (You never no what you are going to actually get that way, could be expired!!, or no money back guarantee).

Become a preferred customer through a distributor (you don’t have to be a distributor to get products) so you have REAL information about what you are getting and HOW to correctly take!

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